>join #worldLobby

>nick player1

They want to remind you that we are all Animals and that Predator-Prey relationships exist not just between species. In a way, you do the same, less elegantly, with your children, friends, neighbors, Comrades, Bros, SIsos etc. Will that Change? That’s their White Flag. They know, so don’t answer.

>Question? Follow-Up?

The Supreme Law is that of <nods head><cries><laughs><…>

Question? Follow-Up?


>The Forest has no_____

This is why, everyone agrees, Metal is inducted into The New-Old-Timeless-Classical School of Expression; not Dullards.

[Since this isn’t really working out for Everyone->

??? Your problemo man

They are still dwelling in 15 year old things from the pssst, because if the Focus is on Pokherized or some of the recent shenanigans, they’ll build a more real (current) picture.

The Eagle, The Snake, The Bear all come from the Primordial Ones who are Children of the One most High (Up Up Boss Guy and Wife who are really One)

You don’t get Totems, Anthropologists[generallySpeakingNotTheMasked2Timers]… you’re just fan boys and fan girls.

[Not all the Cops are ___ ]

In the land of Surya Nelli, the Detectives (Akkare, Akkare, Akkare) try to pin a tail on the Aunty Christmas of Babylon.

Send your baggage to Yo mampampersmas, not the UPS Man!

[The Mother Father Fidelity Test for Everyone: let’s explore all bios in the Arcanum. Your Mom = How Many, Your Dad = What Did He Do (what’s in a number() some interviewer asked Mohanvaal ]

The Shed gets a Progress Report on AristoCrazy…[Let’s not go to that parking Lot]

The year is 2020, peeps. You are jaded faded memory-alteration(free) exotic machines for them. Very Exotic! That’s it! Like that Paradise Bird:

Who interrupted his Morning Singing (Time to say Gooooooosball)
many years ago… so appropriate to joke about

Our Communication Skills have Leveled up Immensely!

Jam that Thumb Up that Word essence correlation (BUNG)

Burning of the Word is the act of liberating true meanings out of <kuuu kuuu jyaa jyaa yippe yayi yoooo>

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