Sing Along

Nailed it: Biology Labels

Spiritual Labels agree!

Shed elders agree

Jungle… Download:

Ads… The Game does not exist here… spiders weave and they have been replaced/are being replaced. Not your Numba 1: Mirror, Mirror, the Veil brings out The Truth.

Fort Cochin played very well that day; even the Overlords could not take it with inaction. Ask the Vatican.

Intentional for-focus alchemy and ‘some people’, their Good Sides, their Bad Sides, Hoooman! Hoooooman!

Thanks for leaving the In-game narrative more interpretation-flexible!


You’re in the List because ____ [ABCD..ZED not ZZZZ though Zee makes sense].

You see what I meant by having a Commentary Overlay. Those Philosophers really read into The Matrix in the BlueDisk version.

Walkthrough Built=In right?
Dragons are Immortal Beings- Seraphim/Naga/John3:14/___all the other variants i did not cover!


I waited in line even though steam! Make it a Ritual!

This is my 1st time watching a Snuff version of this on Youtube… the old stuff was very American Funniest Home Videos; the Internet Remembers, only conveniently.
Who’s the only one laughing now? Everyone

Woah! That is a knockout everytime, especially when things get National.

Reminded me of a few things, but this i want to push:

He cut the best part and posted his Disciple Hair ISHTYLE Facebook

I want that Archetypal boost that Randy gets in the end!

At 19:07 (Matt and Trey Pirate their own shit, but damn it feels good to host your own content): at 19:07

Used to be the Best… Randy; till he went on a tour to China with Mickey and caused Bovine-1forSomeSomeForNone

Feels like a remix after so many Years…. [Astral Sensor]

Better than Death Stranding, I am told by Reviews.

The Philosophers are pretty LVL 80+ you-don’t-need-to-meet-them-in-person-to-be-gamed material. They wield all occulted ancient knowledge; though there is much debate in its interpretation back in the day, everyone is clear on some essential things. To the Makuti Department: They’re still 5000 B.C ing hard; no one is surprised.

Good thing there is an excellent system in place, since ancient times, to keep track of all HOOOOMAN activity; let’s make sure the Mystery Men do not throw fine cutlery at the Elder House Party. Psych Profile PanTera’s Box.

ei, ye ol’ cuckoo pinches are nothing compared to the Auswitch TEKKENTAG IQUITOSBRUJOLEAGUE. Know the ol’ mid-wives’ tale?

Auswitch was discovered by the Gelugpa after the Chakra Garlic Manipulation Incident.

I’m just the Map creator… scanning the Organism, never One at a Time. Buzzzzzzz.

Proceed with Caution, Player 1 (YOU)… The Safest Path for Everyone Is Through Water (ApprovedRulesSchmoolezMyTABALARASAGULLA (still being schemed) by your Pyramid Top) 🙂 We ya’ll at Davos!!!

They will (as expected) enjoy their liberty (and knowledge) of the not-so-cool Shadow Watching and Parasiting as their perceived goals of Guarding the RowdyBunchOfKindergartenersByDesignShineLimited.

[Roaring Approval!]

What is your response? or question?

[They believe in G_d/0 and all the principles; they also believe in their divine self-worth and their artistic responsibility and instinct for fashioning the World in their Image]

Q? Follow=up?

They Know. They e-read, bio-read, ether-read etc. They know each one of you (potentially) better than you know yourselves. That is Power.

Q? Follow=up?

The Oldest Trick in the Book: Oh, the Mirror of How worthy art thou in measuring [self-worth/ethics/goodthings/love], when they can do the same with you more accurately. You don’t even know who they are. Bill Gates is a puppy who yippe yayi yees; Zuckdawg is a dollah-chump; you don’t know their names, and you do. The Janitor? The Lottery Ticket Person? Not a Class thing… that is a [benchmark-Lego] thing the kids play around with.

What did the Philosophers do to Angie? Written before the Song was written. Obv! oCD BSD

Are they running things or let things run the way they want to run? Human Resources Department :: Employee Success Head (ex) was a Cougar (Salesforce). Nope.

Not another Monica Fallbush; not a Bill too… Just a honey eyed tease.

Including results for monika employee success salesforce
Search only for monica employee success salesforce

Search Results

Web results

Monika Fahlbusch

Copy Pasta…. Investigate Her Firing and the Executive Boards for a modeled reality of their mindset without the $ component.

Things are changing…

You decide or They decide?

Is this a School? last time I checked, this is We’re All Living In Rammstein Land!

“The UPS Guy Kicks Asshen”, a squeaky grinding turbotonic voice from the distance.

Who Really Runs Things? That is the Question.

[ who is Jiffy of Nepal? Bad Joke…. haha]

Something Very Creative, at least the Skeptics will agree.

A little Out of Date:


Meanwhile the Makuti Department sponsors Music that Defines many Generations! Great stuff! Some bits of xyz and Gold! Lots of Gold, Francium, and Ultra-Tutonium-m93

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