ShamanCon (Not related to Comic con)

Two budding Philosophers discuss contemporary media. Today’s Flower of the Day {Acquire a Lemon and some salt for the exercise today. Tower approves.} {Technical Notes: Migrating the CommsModule Platform failed; Ubuntu sends out fart signals while playing music: bad sound drivers on a pi implementation?} (fortune via yomamma’s phone while I migrate). On Configuration: Mono,Continue reading “ShamanCon (Not related to Comic con)”

A Tale of Two Cities: Thirdeye and Fungii

A group of Intellectual-types gather around Two Elder Scrolls: Along with the dastardly-duo is the soul of a Musician playing a foreign song: Opening Third Eye: Today’s Feature: A Random Character from Shroom City: Mythical Roots and all SEBITTI – According to Babylonian sources, the Sebitti were seven minor warrior gods, sometimes associated withContinue reading “A Tale of Two Cities: Thirdeye and Fungii”

Too Cool…to be True

The stage is empty. The Fortune dispensing machine from that Tom Hanks movie is too cool to make an appearance. A music player plays Soulfly’s Innerspirit. A Voice! “Count your sins, traditions of Vanity!”. The Preacher! “The Gods know of your deeds…leave the things you want to leave behind with your corpse and Ego”. AContinue reading “Too Cool…to be True”

Und Player Onne

“Wake Up!”, You hear a Voice, so strange and familiar at the same time. There is someone On[bigfingers-borrowedCameraWebInterface] your bed. Oh, Facebook and Google are really working together? Today we will discuss a Vampire Dream-attack defense. We will approach some real vampires who left their trace in this Poeshelmo. No names will be revealed forContinue reading “Und Player Onne”

Karunakaran Versus Anthony Masonry Achayan

Vallara Paishakavum Mrigiyavum aaya Minsk Conditionethire nammal ganangalode poradunnu….Faints on Stage… Bodyguards pick up the Hero and take him to the Covid-19 Center. The Bards who go the live meaning of the Song ‘Njan Aara’ demand Butcher and the Witch to Perform. What do you know; we never had an exclusive Post dedicated to oneContinue reading “Karunakaran Versus Anthony Masonry Achayan”

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