The Infinity Codex

The Infinity Codex is a magic book on alchemy and prophecy. It was completed in Pokhara during the Coronation Virus crisis; its creation has no origin, like all work derived from divine inspiration. The actual book consists of images created in watercolor, wax, pastels, feather, and a score of other objects of potency; this made the process of digitization a particularly hard process. Several images require light sources to illuminate hidden layers, and I haven’t uncovered them all yet.

The Codex contains Infinity; it is up to the seeker to empty his or her self and dedicate a significant amount of time to uncover its secrets. The imbued magic will change and mutate with its public release, but the power of one’s heart will reveal all. The world is changing, and it is this change the the codex will reveal to the seekers of Truth.

The book is available on archive.org’s generous platform. I will include a few images here for your enjoyment; an actual study will require a closer look at the images; the viewer will notice that patterns will magically appear and disappear. Certain characters and beings might even interact with you if you are ready.

Download Link: https://archive.org/details/theInfinityCodex

Oh, if you don’t believe in magic, you might want to check out this video:https://archive.org/download/theinfinitycodex-109/214.The%20End.AVI



[Cheers to the Plants: Take me Home, Masters]


Dream Crimes III: An Unveiling of Modern Day Dreamscape-Witchcraft Techniques

Let’s do this again

This is a third take on a research area that I introduced and expanded in earlier waves ; while reading the older essays isn’t necessary to continue reading, it is recommended for those interested in exploring my earlier perspectives and accumulating more information. I do not copy-paste-regurgitate them here.

O’Keefe in Stolen Lightning writes:
“witches using imaginary weapons (such as sending their souls flying through the air to suck out a man’s liver while he sleeps)…”

For the scholar interested in the nature of this essay, it is a combination of real life experiences and academically published accounts; the former comes from the memory of the author-magician, while the latter consists of second-hand accounts by sociology and anthropology ‘experts’ who fit information they have collected through fieldwork and word-processing-work into the worldview or model espoused by the politics of their branch of accepted Science. This is why O’Keefe is forced to specify the means of a witch as being ‘imaginary’ as opposed to that of the Sorcerer who ‘plays the game’ in objective reality. Though I find real experiences to be more valuable than politically controlled academic narratives, I include academic accounts for breadth, depth and universality; but I choose to ‘fix’ their limited and politically-and-scientifically correct occulted-models for the benefit of the reader who may be new to this rarely openly talked about area. Witches astral project and devour the energy of their victims like parasites. My goal is to expose them, neutralize them, and open the mindspace for exploring defenses and counter-attacks; that said, even experienced dream witches may benefit from this research in developing their parasitic ‘art’.

In popular media and art forms, these witches who devour are known by other names. In the Elder Scrolls series, the player can choose to be a ‘Vampire’ that feeds on the blood or life-force of sleeping victims. Vampires cannot go out during the day, and this is a reference to witchcraft initiates who are forced to be underground and whose true nature and abilities are unknown to ‘normal’ people.

Feeding at 4:00

In reality, a vast subset of Priestly Class members who control our civilizations, perform the ghastly predatory act of manipulating people in their dreams. Those who are not members of their power structure were traditionally labeled as ‘witches’ and persecuted. These days, persecutions of witches and even legitimate but independent healers happen in secrecy, so that the materially-scientific working/earning class whose characteristic is that of productivity isn’t drawn into this exclusive world of spirit and power. Thus, by design, the area of dream telepathy and other forms of ‘magic’ is occulted from the eyes of the weak know-it-all-by-design public.

My first revelatory experience with dream manipulation began 7 years ago when I started courting a FreeMason lodge in San Francisco. Although I had successfully managed to astral project when I was 17 or 18, I was too distracted by certain scary encounters and life changes to fully explore the possibilities. One of the members of the lodge, Robert Haines, appeared in a very strange and plastic dream. Certain other people associated with the lodge ‘co-incidentally’ started pushing narratives associated with the dream. This piqued my focus, and as I started publicly documenting some of the startling abilities of our fellow human beings and their veiled demonic nature, I earned more adversaries and their dream manipulations. My journals are littered with too many isolated as well as connected man-made dreams, though there is a small fraction of synthetic dreams from secret well-wishers that could be considered beneficent.

I want to describe a series of connected dreams and objective world simulations in detail so the reader can have a concrete grasp of the techniques of modern day witchcraft. During one of my smaller forest retreats in Ooty, not less than a year ago, I had a Brahmin-constructed dream in which a young man about my age appeared. He showed me the face of someone I knew from my undergraduate years (2003-2007) judging the quality of my earlier unedited and raw writings; i had already known about this, but this was obscure information. A considerate degree of magic was dedicated to make him look charismatic and the memory of his dream lasting. A few months later I found myself in Apex Guest House at Pokhara. One evening while heading back to my room I saw a young man sitting in the common area of my floor. His face was lit as he looked up at me the first time; it was him… his name was Rohit. the first few encounters with him demonstrated that he understood how psychic energy worked and that he was a Kaushik Brahmin employed at a local bank. What followed were a series of ‘games’ that ranged from the base sending-of-sexual energy-to-the-target-to-create-discomfort to spreading outright lies and rumours concerning me. Kaushik knew who the secret masters were, and that he had to stand up in their presence to win their grace. After a month of games, I moved to a different hotel. That wasn’t the end of it. He would later appear in a dream simulation where I punched a random child molester to a bloody mess. He had a secret society watching out for him, feeding him information that increases his power, and controlling his narratives. When one enters the domain of Vampiric attention, with or without one’s consent, they bring to you a constant game of subtle and at times faintly overt Mortal Kombat.

Mute the Audio please … Die Die Die my Darling

I killed Rohit in the Waters; his wailing mother who knew everything appeared in a few hours and left me with a pimple. Good Riddance. I gave him a much gentler fate than what his group had intended for me.

Can we live up to the Sun Flower?

This relatively recent incident illustrates the power of secret societies and their operational abilities in manipulating the minds of the uninitiated. Their power comes not just from mana, but also from secrecy; this is why the best way to fight Vampires is to bring them to daylight. Religious and Tantric literature describe various other strategies such as never losing awareness even when one falls asleep and spells; they haven’t worked well for me, as of now. I find that imagining a true scenario that neutralizes the content of the poisoned dream tends to be very effective. Let us explore this:

In one dream, I saw my mother selling street food to international vampires masquerading as Indian locals; they were trying to ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ me. My mother is a retired Malayalam teacher, and while she is far from what one would consider a Mother archetype like most mothers these days, she ‘sacrificed’ a lot to get her two children educated. Iterating this truth after a synthetic dream negated the subliminal effects of the dream as well as dominated the foolish dream vampires with light.

In another recent dream, a group of girls were enacting a Swayamwaram, a ceremony where the girl picks her husband among a set of suitors. Your sorry author was unfortunately picked by a North-Indian girl called Neha who gifted a cheap stone ring that did not fit. Though I did not consciously play the role of a suitor, the narrative that was forced through dream simulation had a diminishing effect upon waking up. I felt a foreign sense of ‘high school crush’ for a Vampire child I didn’t care about. The ‘spell’ was easy to break: The Boy and Girl have to mutually pick each other, and Neha’s brushing her bosoms against me during our first encounter earned her a very reputable nickname (रंडी Neha) among the shamans who surrounded me and witnessed the dream as well as my spell. Just a thought can affect the Waters that our Vampiric overlords so jealously guard over. Even the act of putting this out into concrete reality in the form of a blog post further ‘sunders’ their beings. They are the true beasts, satanists, and dung viruses plaguing humanity. You scare only the weak, Covid-19.

It goes without saying that one must remember one’s dreams to effective counter dream manipulation. Keeping a dream journal is a proven technique to master this. I knew old ladies in Pittsburgh who documented every single dream they’ve had since the 1960s.

Besides just narrative manipulation through forced telepathic hypnosis during sleep, vampires/witches can also corrupt one’s energy, weaken physical organs, create infections and diseases, and maybe even kill. I haven’t directly seen an instance of dream-related murder yet, which is why I say ‘maybe’; it is a highly probable ability that one cannot easily test. After all, there are shamans who can alter the shapes of clouds and patterns on stone; I could exhaust a few kilobytes and days if I expand the scope to the non-dream related abilities of supreme alchemists.

There are many ways to get out, but statistically limited to the two The Electric Wizard declared

Amulets and Talismans that are imbued with the pranic energy of a shaman who acts as a protector is another avenue of exploration. During any pranic energy manipulation, the imbued pranic energy can act as an intrusion-detection system. I’ve met 2 or more magicians who have claimed to be able to provide such services, but I know of no authentic and beneficent guardians who actually do this with pure intentions. If the Amulet or Talisman is empowered by a malicious entity, then it only extends their power over you. An authentic priestly class’ function should be to provide and develop such forms of security to anyone in need.

Glamourising the Vampires

Unlike the the premise to the movie Inception, incepting ideas or false memories is child’s play to experienced vampires; the first Haines dream scenario is a straightforward example of this. They can do it with just a conversation, a facebook post, or a Google Ad; and if something more core to their target’s being needs to be altered, then they resort to dreamscape magic. The upcoming realms of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality furthers their abilities to unimaginable dimensions.

Head to 1:07:00 [Spoiler at 1:10:30]

The laws of karma are universal; they come into play regardless of whether you believe in universal justice and harmony. Retaliation against vampires may not be always necessary as the Universe works everything out alchemically. This is true even when it comes to our actions towards other forms of life. Within a year after the first dream simulation I covered in this essay, Mr. Haines, one of the perpetrators of the narrative shift, lost his wife to cancer; She deserved better and is probably in a better place now. While it isn’t sensible for us mortals with limited intellects and knowledge to relate events to the laws of karma, what happened to Haines makes narrative sense: The Vampire who was out to destroy families had his taken.

Certain classes of love magic involve a combination of dream manipulation or occulted-forced-telepathic-hypnosis and objective-waking-world suggestions and simulations. One such simulation involved Bhargavi Vishwanath, a Tamil Brahmin NRI then working in China with an American accent. She was incidentally learning Tibetan at the same time as me in Dharamshala. She is also a maid to the Vampire class. An Apex Dream Simulator by the name of David Nyzinski from the U.K (The Queen’s Shed) showed up a week later after I started my classes at Esukhia. I first met David during my Tibetan alphabet and reading exam with Rinchen, the early Director of the Institute. David enjoyed the vocal resonance of my test overtly, but later began to systematically laugh at my early-stage Tibetan skills. David let me know his tar-spewing Jack-the-Ripper-weds-Ozzie-Osbourne form in an early dream. In one of David’s dreams, he had set up a succubus for me; the succubus did not play according to the script when I rejected her advances, and I personally saw David step in and have a conversation with her. Why did David not take a different form? Power, baby. Untouchable Motherfucking Baby Vampires. They’ve built a narrow minded society of know-it-alls where anyone openly talking about ‘dream magic’ becomes a good asylum candidate. The top-level power structures justify the need for hiding or occulting the ‘psychic sciences’ from the masses in the name of preventing misuse. In reality, those in power give zero shits about Justice or the Truth. Hiding possibilities from the realm of our thinking allow them to better feed on us Blood Bags! We’re going to get them all.

One day when David and I were having coffee at a local coffee shop (your classmate’s interruptions during your solitary caffeine-book sessions is socially acceptable), Bhargavi showed up. David was insistent that my face had ‘light up’ as Bhargavi appeared. Around that time, Bhargavi had written down her number and conspicuously handed it over during my one-on-one session with one of the instructors. The Gall Bladder! Several ripped pieces of paper later, another Tibetan instructor (Yonga) chuckled as she watched me literally run away from Bhargavi, the seemingly nice looking passive cow possessed by a hereditary class of bottom-feeding witches. David was lying, and if my body language had deceived me, it was probably because I enjoyed a stray thought. Facing rejection, Bhargavi disappeared from the scene. A few months later in a short-burst dream, a Brahmin Geezer accused me of seducing her with shine. We see the same things and tell each other different stories.

Esukhia, the Gelugpa-facepainted school run by Tibetans-in-exile, was working on a new centre in China last I heard.

Sorry Bhargavi, but Fuck Off. We have enough Parasites in the area.

The Holy Day Of

{Boom!} 6 A.M or something; someone let a big one go. Firecrackers.

Two Gangstas wake up as one to figure out why today is so special.

The Movie! “Dude, Why is Today Special?”

Presenting… The Danger Duo, the Earthly Roo and the Metaphysical Kakini

Today’s pages are very special. The Tower themselves teared up at certain points in the reading. Noses leaked, eyes turned TheNationalJesusChristYouHaveConfusionOfTheOrderedMe

Reflections in Bullet Points after the Image Upload

Nice one, Chromatics, if what the YouTube Uploader is saying is the Truth.

To be read gently to the Cardinal song played once and looped to that transformation wave once again.

I just asked the Tower about post-Card violations of Vampiric Nature. Some Vampires have been damned for a long long time before this reading.
Wish this was True…only the Peasants know the real story… Hit National WaveShift [4:35] at “We should add a note of caution”

[] After some good old fashioned Murder in the Waters, we are left with less intrusive Vampires to deal with []

Now for the Special Day; tis’ New Moon! I would like to dedicate this day to honour a Soul, so Mythic… BUTLERINA EMPEROSSA DAY!

I had to hard-reboot Linux 2 times because this Cursed Image broke the kernel in ways unknown even to Linus.

Let us shower our Adoration and Worship towards this sacred Image … November 14th; Never Forget.

Praise to the holy tunes of

*Wipes Tears*….

May We Never Forget_

This Morning I planned a Keyboard-Melody and Carnival Drama dedicated to the Adoration of Butlerina Emperossa forgetting the day is Saturday. Though we divide the year into a circle and dedicate each day to adore each God, they are adored, at a metaphysical Being level, everyday in the same way. Our tuning may be off… So a Black/White Magician dedicating a day or two for wrathful rituals might not hit the right feeling and ritual power if things are done primarily to conform to an artificially set day for doing certain things. We perform warding rituals because They come and Play wherever you are… All Time is O.K time for sacrilegious acts.

Weird? Yes. This is a Mass Transmission to all the Friends of the Jungle. Artificiality is the Sin, not ‘conformance’ to Inner Being reflecting at the many shards.

Today’s Fortune had some lines that were biased towards a Geographic direction. The East of East is our West; wise Men and Women are found everywhere; Sages and Saginis… Everywhere. The focus is everywhere…the response is everywhere. I’m not just talking about intangible things.

Oof…wordpress app… You don’t have 4 MB locally available for Upload… Got it.. looks like i hit the upload cap for wordpress Free. Time to spawn a new User…what’s in a name, right?

Let’s jump to a New Moon Gate. This Ship is too heavy with Content. Tis’ a New Moon…ARRRR!


ShamanCon (Not related to Comic con)

Two budding Philosophers discuss contemporary media.

Today’s Flower of the Day

Modeling by Hissini

{Acquire a Lemon and some salt for the exercise today. Tower approves.}

{Technical Notes: Migrating the CommsModule Platform failed; Ubuntu sends out fart signals while playing music: bad sound drivers on a pi implementation?} (fortune via yomamma’s phone while I migrate). On Configuration: Mono, it stops crackling… But loses the depth of the Audio… Zeroing in…

So Alexander knew of the Dakota Indian Pantheon #occult #cheezomKaChronology

[Migration Successful: Thanks to Ser Dan Bader who provided the TShed=0 advice]

Before we advance to Nimona and explore the world of Black and White Knights, let us enjoy some Music:

Featuring Joaquin Bennu Bird in a Fan Made Video

The TShed=14kbps Gnomes are working their asses off for a change.

oh! Forgot to talk about the Bhuta Suddhi (Elemental Purification and Synchronisation) ritual adaption without mantras (vocal internalisation). Wake Up after being Kung Pow!ed by Vampires while you’re asleep (not conscious). Do the Morning things, except shower. As you turn on the Shower (bucket of water has more effect, actually, especially if left with Stones) feel the Water and internalise that elemental quality. After a minute or so of that, perform a prana intensive action, like the Kundalini Firebreath or Pushups [as many as you can push up at this point]. Feel the weight or Earth of your Body as you stand up. Turn on the Shower [Water]. Take a Deep Breath…Air….Exhale…. Enjoy the Foundation of Earth. Take a Deep Breath….Exhale and feel the Flames(Igni) [Repeat if you want to elevate Fire/Agni]. Then invoke a mudra… The Eagle You the Eagle Me in the Heart [ask Pokherized] and Invoke Ether.

The Eagle You and the Eagle Me is hard to explain in words. The Garuda Mudra or the Eagle Seal with Palms facing outwards at first (You are)… then without missing the thumb to thumb connection flip the bird inside (Small Puzzle) towards your heart (I Am) with the Palms facing Inwards.

The function (multi) of yesterday’s coconut oil-imageToMusicEncodingOfInnerBeing exercise should prove to everyone that everyone is Shamanic… and invited to ShamanCon.

Bad Name, i know; it evokes certain commonly held ideas concerning the Domain of the Being; if it’s a vocation (as in, currency is conditional for the involvement or the prime focus), it will very likely degenerate into ConWoManShip. It’s the same with any Craft: Engineering Structures or Art.

Phurba BAAARTY!!! Where is Tulyaq Bhai?

Of course, Currency in the form of Money holds weight only to the 99.999999999 percent(ile too). Yes? Woo hooooo! 2+2=5. Power to control the full-experience of Reality is the ultimate Currency that, unlike Bit-Coin or Mambo #5, is sourced everywhere; a homeless kid finds an abandoned puppy! Romeo and Juliet fall in Love in the Phurba Barty! much to the disappointment of Tulyaq Bhai. Controlling that source is the Ultimate Objective of All Orders, Tower or ShedTower.

Doing a Chimp Test for Batcorp, because preassembled goods increase shipping costs. The volume taken by one pi case with Water Element addition to cool the Vortex Comet Pee You.

Bungshop Blues: The Show
The Hagrids/Hags are just as bad, if not exponentially worse, here in Planet Mundane
I haven’t reached here, but that scene with the poo on the shoe… Gold
On Popular Demand, The Shoe Scene:

Starring: Pick people in your Life to play the Lord, and the Dog

Soundtrack: Drink Up Me Hearties by Hans Zimmershinez

Pick Your Fusion Song
Start at “It’s the Earl of Upnor (The Lord of your OfficeSpace or Palatial-Garden-Wine-Space

The Rider played by the Dog (you, or that lackey with no Sol)

No Spoilers at all… Just some fuel

Pumping Spinach before the Play.

Ah, that was good. I need to re-read this book again, and finish the whole series, when I’m Free. Wait? The emphasis on Mental Math addition is too much for my calc.exe.

The Lemon and Salt Scene

This is a Tribute to that Knight who tried to take down Katy Perry; he was off-ed a couple of times, so I have no clue where I left him in the Abyss.

Lick Lemon and Salt (i’m out of Lemons and Bubblegum…so I’ll just pretend to be you) to this Musical Fusion:

Repeated Audio (3:09 < 5:01) of

to the Muted Full Screen Video of

Stop at 3:09 Of Course! Are you Silly?

It really synced up with the Alien Lady Model.

And Perry’s Flute playing was off as a bat out of hell.

Farewell, He who hit the Waters Fighting the Chicken of…. Vosgoth? Termac? Noob Saibot?

Anyway, Come back soon… Katy Perry is now a Lemon Salt thing.

The Lemon Team head back to the Mines of Moria to find a Scroll.

[Exclusive: A new in-game Shield for ya’all to use in Real Life]

A Tale of Two Cities: Thirdeye and Fungii

A group of Intellectual-types gather around Two Elder Scrolls:

Along with the dastardly-duo is the soul of a Musician playing a foreign song:

John da Baptist joins in

Opening Third Eye:

I have no clue what they are talking abooott
Better read this way… South African Clawed Toad… cool
We should invite him to the Party
[Summer Solstice + Deity Fusion]
strange… i think i have another version of this song

Today’s Feature: A Random Character from Shroom City: Mythical Roots and all

7 planets in alchemy… Investigate the Fables authors and the AquaTeenHungerForce show that did that to Dora the Explorer


SEBITTI – According to Babylonian sources, the Sebitti were seven minor warrior gods, sometimes associated with the Anunnaki of the underworld, who followed the demon Irra into battle. The Sebitti were not comprised of any of the major gods but seem to have been associated with Nergal. They are also associated with the Pleiades.

Obscuring and Demonizing old pantheons isn’t a new thing, but Snow White? WTF, Willingham and Buckhingham, Gaiman and other shits. How would you like to be in a Reality Show? Oh wait, you’re already In! Nice Twitter NZ update, Gaimundus; they’re going to cut off Armin Meiwes [plot]?

Seven Sages…yep~ and many others

https://www.amazon.com/switch-card/s?k=switch+card :: can’t buy redemption

Now on to Sher Khan: Kipling has to shoot a Tiger in real life (the narrative in Wave 2?)

[Let’s Skip the Sultan we know all about]

<Next Randomus Pagus>

[[ I want to write a Dark Story: An Imaginary Room Filled with George R.R. Martin, His Wife, His Great Grandmother Shemusini, Gaiman as a Eunuch, 1080 Rusted Nails, a pit filled with Scorpions… and a Chimp that plays the Saw Guy hitting Random buttons and creating wild narratives ]]

Desecrate the Desecrators… I am going to head to Skyrim today and beat the shit out of an old man with a Rusted Mace for just that; it’s more compassionate than starving him to death facing a malevolent deity of the Highest Order. Super Ultra Violence in the Waters. Spoiler: George R.R. Martin dies almost immediately; His Wife and his Grandmother do an Ozzy Osbourne Bat Homage.

Hey! Life of Pi won an Oscar and some book prize: featured Cannibalism and a whole lot of unwholesome chi chis.

low-quality, ei, pappadamPaiBrothers?
I was in 11th Grade during this Tower Ritual: What Configuration were they looking at? 1666-911


8:46 am – Mohammed Atta and the other hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 11 crash the plane into floors 93-99 of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, killing everyone on board and hundreds inside the building. [Sun]

9:03 am – Hijackers crash United Airlines Flight 175 into floors 75-85 of the WTC’s South Tower, killing everyone on board and hundreds inside the building [Moon]

9:37 am – Hijackers aboard Flight 77 crash the plane into the western façade of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., killing 59 aboard the plane and 125 military and civilian personnel inside the building. [5-elements]

https://skymaponline.net : New York at 8:46 A.M on September 11th 2001

Where is Saturn and Mars

In the evening at 6:30:

Mars by the Two Brothers: Hercules and Apollo: Earth and Heaven

That Gemini image in the older painting (two towers-sacrifice-for Srog/Life) is overloaded with newer meanings now.

Did the Tower really save Jackie Chang?

Investigate the Cancellation. Shnopes:https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/jackie-oh/

Shnopes did their best to make Hilllary’s seance real though.

According to the Chinese press, Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan was slated to begin production on his film Nosebleed on September 11. The plot of the movie, which cast Jackie as a window washer at the World Trade Center who falls for a waitress (or bartender) working at the Windows of the World restaurant (atop the north tower), would have had him filming scenes at the WTC beginning at 7 A.M. — less than two hours before a hijacked airliner slammed into the north tower. But, according to the Singapore Straits Times, “because his scriptwriter failed to deliver the screenplay containing the World Trade Center scene,” Chan opted to go to Toronto instead to begin work on another film, The Tuxedo.

Scriptwriter? Interesting.


The book also reportedly had Steven Spielberg in the project. Nosebleed was eventually cancelled due to the September 11, 2001 attacks. 

Didn’t Spielberg connect with Will Smith about Matrix? Without Label-Fuzz, so as to not lead the investigation to a scapegoat-proxy ditch, ask Spieltzer nicely

“In an eerie coincidence, however, the screenplay for Nosebleed had Chan’s character battling terrorists bent on blowing up the Statue of Liberty (or, according to some news reports, the World Trade Center itself).”

just a coincidence, right? who knows? Investigate

Change ‘Murder’ to ‘Murdoch’

[Upgrading FruitBatCorp Comm Module]

Or your favorite wholesome Album of Choice
Random, I Promise
2$ if you get lucky in a bulk sale Fort Mason
Notice the word Violence and an Osiris instrument… Not necessarily Violence in the Ichi The Killer sense
Together we HeadBang

[To the Ritual of taking away the Genitals symbolically of all the Fertility-Haters…Don’t like it? Lose it, then… don’t blame it all on Venus] <Tower Agrees: Applicable to Homophobes too who are too busy looking into other business when the Priests are>

The Holy Switch Card
So Righeous everyone Is! so Shiny, you can’t smell your own Poo.

Let’s go hunt the Devil! It’s in the Thought plane… in everyone’s Being. Mirror, Mirror. It’s Measurable too… How much Anti-Harmony you have inside of you. Click a Button: read(). The real deal, those WoMen1/0, access your every Thought like a nicely indexed Search Engine-1/0.


Und Pokherized Finale!!!! Ya yaaaa !
Imagine all the 9/11 Ghosts in Stir of Souls

[In the Next Ques, I’m going to Ritualize the Biotia/Bohemian Priest[all is conscious, but pixelated-image-fps-ChittaImprintableToo is a transient experience that is Passive-as-per-design: If Jahan goes Rogue in Divinity 2, the PlayerOnes are all 88888324263706t r8gew0fy] as One of the Mustard-Minds behind 9/11]

I know we started the morning off with some swell songs… but this where we have to mirror ourselves now touching both Earth and Heaven… the full spectrum of The Real.

Dance-Writing? Yes… call it LollyGurgling Plz

Now, as an exercise in Synchronization, Write down to the Music your Inner Most thoughts… Burn it, Ice(Internalize) it, read() it, share it, hide it, poke it…do whatever [daft punk?]

[I will skip the draft, because that’s what I do almost all the time. Your turn to lead()IO]

It will be a personal relic, I promise.

Okay…in 20 second countdown…Now

Yes- your tangible chunk of the Infinity Codex!

You can paint too… can be a poeshelmo … or yourShelmo

Or move the lines to the music….when words fail

Colors! Colours!

No, no, no, no
And I know that I have no home
I can feel the pain take a hold again
No, no, no, no
And I think that I’m all alone
I can feel the rain pull me down again
No, no, no, no
And I know that I have no home
I can feel the pain take a hold again

Phew! Let’s take a Breather… and see what’s Inside Our Collective Mind with a different Perspective:

Read Your Shard…feel the energy blend into something else.

If you did it right … the second transmutation will derive Honey.

Third Transmutation: Using the base as the Source… write over some Paper to be dripped with Coconut Oil for transparency to Combine for More Gold!


Yes! It’s the Arts!

Okay… let’s pick the next transmutation Song:

(any oil will do… not trying to increase Shed Export Income)

Didn’t we read about Olive Oil some day ago? #ConspiracyAds

2nd Artifact of Timelessnes

Okay! Now put both pieces on top of each other… the Oily side gets to be head of course. Final Transmutation should combine both songs used in prior transmutations and the below song as a catalyst. See what you get. you can always re-do and compare prana changes or Output changes; it’s all You, right?

Stack 3 with different colo(u)rs… or what you want to do

Final Fusion:

Combine-read Into Both with All Songs (not literally played together)

Blacksmithing LVL99; Aint no nobody got time for dat!

Nice. Reboot(). off to Skyrim after Upgrade. Groovy Gorrila. Ubuntu.

— Someone got really upset by Today’s Programming: You Fail because you did not harmonise with Flow— If you don’t like what you see, Please [do something else:simple]. They don’t like me teaching you Magic. I sense ‘Jealousy’, as in, ‘why are you telling the Muggles ‘our’ trade-secrets’. I picked this up without that secret society (Hooman inc.) initiation code of tell-them-not-OR-PEWPEWDIEDIEBITCH.

Today we will explore an old makuti concerning the Yeti or Bigfoot (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6348138/). The Yetis or Bigfeet(pl.?) really refer to Alchemists who have achieved full synchronisation with Nature (and the Universe). Our benevolent and praise-worthy Tower Team believes that the best way to mask Reality from our fragile little Daffy-Duck-In-The-Cave_of_Wonders mind is to present us with a narrative of how ‘synchronisation’ is really about going backward. ‘Atavism’, as the GRE Vocabulary Chest-of-Blunders teaches us. There is no Mystery concerning the Yeti as far as those who can read are concerned.


They are downgrades of consciousness. Their purpose is not to bring out more light, but to reduce everything to their own state of misery. Before we genocide mosquitos, as one Berlin Museum presented the problem, let us find a way to Prana Blast the Twerps who spy on our Phone Cameras.

Mages Guild: The Mind Control via Camera Prana Scan project. Hack the Thieving Voyeuring Hackers Quest. Whitehats also join :))

Killing Digital Parasites

You see how the flight is dependent on a lot of factors, ranging from Communication Systems to dealing with Trolls who poison pirated files. Somehow they are above all the ‘Rules’ and they get to administer ‘justice’ with Thievery Skills. Hackers who break into systems are no less superior than the average fucking low-life rat thief. I spent most of my career building things to defend against such vanity-oriented holier-than-thou pieces of Human Garbage. I just want to make it clear: I’m an Engineer, not a sissy-pussy-NOPSled-CocaineSlugging-WhorePeddling- H.A.C.K.E.R.

We could do without them, very well actually.

On to more significant things: Democracy!

But First:

Apology Guy: Switch Card, Redemption for All Players. It’s not an enforced Rule, but a way of dealing with:

Not ‘Asian’… but ‘Label’dissolve with LVLed up Perceptronica

At 2:20 she gets caught using her SpellBook Sith-Spells… gets her Mask ripped off… gets a Switch Card prana beam tattood over her Being. Abort, Retry, Fail

Fair enough.

You Don’t Say…

Democrazy: A Graphic Novel Review By Mad Maximillian

I don’t know what prompted me to purchase (and read) the graphic novel Democracy; it is now missing from my book shelves. I remember ‘divine intervention’ and the elevation of certain values; values not to be found or remembered anymore.

https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/democracy-9781608197194/ [to avoid indexing subjective fuzz… there are no Organic search results]

I’m all about the People, Sam. You should know how that Gandhi’s image in Stinky’s Diner still bothers the crap out of me; that energy pulses out and reaches hold of me everytime I switch on the Music. We do not exist in isolation, and the souls of thieving rats and alpha-pumped gorrilaz affect us in the same way as those we share our lives with.

What is up with this Personality Contest, though? It’s like we vote on what Skin the Puppet (they pick for us to choose) should wear when ‘it’ becomes a focus for Power. By the People? Not really. All the People get is accountability for the Failure. It’s like they want us to know we are not fit to rule ourselves… as they still rule over our dumb selves. So do we turn to God-Kings, Heroes or WWE Superstars? No… did you read the damn graphic novel? It is about values. We elect values like “No more War”, “10% discount on Mayo”, “Free Und Raspberry Pi for starving people in Etheropia” and things like that. We have the technology to do it. We, as in people who care about the issue being voted on, can pick an app (unhacked…99999999 but (1/Infinity) when it comes to real world applications) and vote on how we want to spend our hard earned money (at least for some of us). That’s real Democracy. Biden being elected is Demo___ you know what to fill in. How could you let that infant rapper___ backspace backspace… Modi Gujrat Riots…. backspace backspace… Values. Let’s vote on how much money gets put into Science… Will it work? Fuck No. Are you Silly? Let’s be real. In a room filled with 9 mechanics and 1 physicist, there is one dumb-ass. I learned this quote, a variant of it, from the Moral Sciences class in Nims Dubai (6th Grade). Suppose we vote together, without understanding and communication, on how to pick a platform for building the Communications Module, One voice would say “Mac!”, another would say “Pi is cheap and does the job exceedingly well.. you also have a TV so”… Our dispositions and knowledge are not similar, and we also have to deal with the Evil of other competing social aggregates. You’ll end up with something more or less like the-way-things-are, but with some accountability if we focus on maintining an understanding of What is in Power. It’s not the Who… that’s a rabbit hole filled with proxies and proxies for proxies for Shadow Parasites. You might go crazy half way through, trust me. The What is simpler. It’s concrete and you can choose to consume it and analyze how it affects you. The News? That WordDepress thing? Don’t spend your Consciousness on it unless you want to fight back with Symbols or internalize what they want you to believe in. There in lay your power. When that becomes a thing, they will bring out the Curfews and Hot Rods (are you living in a cave, Covid-19). At this point you have to decide whether or not this is a Jungle and what values you want to Externalize. How do you deal with the Stick? It’s everyone’s World; at least energetically, even the most blue-blood of Unicorn family specimens will agree. If they don’t, they can just fuck off.

If you thin <<^^ is how it’s going to be like, you are forgetting the Wave0-? accounts of how reality is different for the Over/Under-World. The ‘Fame’ Curse and other variants are a low-order trap for preventing Consciousness expansion. Not only do you become a ‘Target’ for malicious social aggregates, Butt also you become a ‘Tool’ for those who are proxiying/delegating their Will on to you. I though Rammstein’s Ich Will meant My Will/Wish/Want… Cognate Undershleiken? Yaaaa Yaaaa. It is instructive to ignore the common narratives that you are force-fed into and build something of your own design. Remember that saying that anyone trying to build a new Operating System from scratch will end up with something like Unix. What a Lie, huh? They forgot all about Usability… because their target consumer is not Everyone. But something hard and painful is constricting you from expanding…Fear? Pain? or the inability to Mirror one’s own Truth in a Musical Fiesta of Harmony by the 1/0 Team. When you break that first Wall, before heading to the Moon, or very likely you’ll do it together (as the Old Rules say), then you will say “One Sees for the First Time and Remembers Everything for the First Time”

Old Ro gets on stage with his Tuning Fork()

The Baroness blows the Trumpet: POOOOOOOO POOOOOOOOOOO

Psychoanalyze this Scenario. Why is He dressed like that and why is he so insensitive for a Classical and Contemporary Musician who knew the Haight Renegade-Concert throwing Grateful Dead. How much the Sol did the Street Musician lose to this very-likely-connected-to-some-elite-circles.

yeah, we got the classical music gentleman.

Also, when performing measurements, measure for the current state, not just the old narrative and being [mirrored society]. If one does not have the benchmark current, without mirroring oneselves and the people connected to oneself, then there is a great risk of Self-Image-You[adjustment]SocialImageofYouTheTowerControls component manipulation; sure, they have a scaling problem; but unfortunately for now, their centres and centers are centered on a Bridge, a White Chicken, the legendary Krishna{Negro} Ultera, and a silly Tedious Bearicus[.latin .und] ((Homiebama’s Pain in the Poopin’ Shaften).

The Index Branching System is so Wholesome to the Right thing you’re l0oking for

How are You? How’s Michelle? I am going to watch this tonight thinking about you Both.

Und Shneina Bask! https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2013/09/downton-abbey-michelle-obama

The best Butler of them all… Butlerini Emperossa: Und Michelle Homiebama

Let’s not go to Camelot; tis’ a silly place

Last November, it was reported that Michelle Obama was such a diehard fan of Downton Abbey that she somehow convinced ITV executives to send her an advance copy of the third season so that she would not have to wait for the delayed U.S. premiere or—speculative worse-case scenario—illegally torrent the episodes, as certain other tortured stateside viewers have. 

Und Fact Card, Mentallo

Haha… She wrote a Book and doesn’t know how to Torrent. Homiebama, Drones that Torrent Downton Abbey for the Missus to stream and Cosplay to?

“We were in America in December 2012,” he said, referring to theDownton cast. “And after going to a reception [at] the American ambassador’s residence in Washington, we had a private tour of the White House that Michelle Obama had arranged.” The only disappointing detail in this story is that Obama did not give the tour herself—she left the duty to her housekeeper. Even so, Carson and the Downton gang seemed satisfied. “Not too shabby, really,” Carter noted.

Obama sure knows how to play the Hierarchy Card. That scene where the Butler is offended by the Aria who knew a lot about wine dining next to the cheating Lord? I quit after they killed Christopher Nolan in the series (“My Boy!!!”)

We will now fuzz ‘Matilda’ to ‘MichelleoBama’. Sing along:

The Shamans of your Race (and Others) tell me, ” You sold out like many before you”, Homiebamas; they didn’t have to tell me. Sorry.

I stuck with Matilda, sorry. I didn’t cheat… just went with the flow; plans, shmlans.

Julie Miller is a senior feature writer at Vanity Fair.

Let’s Investigate DB is R/W and Index is ~~

[Quest: Recover the Mind Unleashed.com old article about Annunaki using a Spherical Energy Spectrum to perform Mind-Control <redacted_makuti_TMI>]

Why Sergey Brin has BingIndexesEvilPeopleToGoogleExes.html; I was paid by Them to Test their Fort. Helped strengthen their Build a little, but another Aurora is just as easy for them, not me pi-tainted-theirCode-theirHardware-theirElectricity-ButGlobalHoomanCommunicationsSystem, as a push of a button. Bing! MindControl-Sergey…Bing examine Narrative from 1st Person POV… Bing modify narrative to suit Tower Needs… Click. Yea, that’s your Boss; not fucking Jahan the Demon Hunter


Jahan’s theme song is Tanha Tanha from Rangeela (not the Video plz… Honey Spill!!)

Read Along:

What are you doing? You?

At :50 audio off if you don’t dig the soundtrack.midi

Someone snatches A.R Rahman’s Oscar back. That is mean.

Hai Ajnabe, deserved it better than Und Slimdog Millionair.

Actually, Jahan is very hard to beat, if not impossible, when you meet him for the first time (unless you cheat or bypass the game intended flow). Challenge. Try Beating that NPC when you face him for the first time with Lohse in your party or as Lohse.

They made this just for you:

Lots of people talking but few of them know… Soul of a Ribbet was cratered above.

At 3:20 you stop the music because the Aurum is not good enough. Seventeen is much better, O Music Torrent Indexer.

Und her last 17 message: Under Tryen Shpollkingluingken? Me shinen noney self-imagus totemica arachnidusCentreOf()

Meanwhile in a more Real Universe: FIFA 2008! Up+UP+Down+U.P


I couldn’t find the ending to Smack My Bitch Up on utube… let’s Vimeo later.
if you want to even know Whats Up People! while you let a few Obama Chunks out in a Liberation of the Masses Crusade, Enter with Caution and Lotion.

If it’s an Art Project, It’s better than Game Of Thrones Family Drama, Narcos, ThatSpinOffwiththeNarcosWife:watchitfortheplot?, Zeenat Amman Kuli Scene, Mrgiya From the Waters come Bhairava Christiano Ronaldo.

Tonight’s Movie-Documentary-TorrentVoyeur(don’tDisencodeTheCommonFoodForChimpTests0.01/0)

project Your Mom and You at the right places…thumbnail previews are controlled by __?


So let’s see how Michelle Obama and Julie Miller connect:

Show me how your Tweet, Miss Miller


The music + Tweets (and when you feel the flow, to the original video without starting again)

Strange watching that video because of the person who actually recommended me this song; he died in a strange car crash, believe it or not; the newspaper printed the image of the wrong guy too: Shady..

The Ultima 7: Second Playthrough couldn’t cut it Song.midi that I saw live while Astha was being attacked by fandom of STFU.

Time to fight the Aldemari Federation of Downward-Dogs

Too Cool…to be True

The stage is empty. The Fortune dispensing machine from that Tom Hanks movie is too cool to make an appearance. A music player plays Soulfly’s Innerspirit.

A Voice! “Count your sins, traditions of Vanity!”. The Preacher! “The Gods know of your deeds…leave the things you want to leave behind with your corpse and Ego”. A mob of Stormcloak soldiers grab him and drag him away.

A series of Images begin to paint the stage.

The Enslaved play Clouds
Featuring the Daedra

The late Nujabes remembered in Counting Stars

The fashionably late, to look cool of course, Teddy Bear mans the stage:

He tries to speak in an affected manner because he doesn’t remember his voice… A Bird Interrupts!

We all saw how he KO’d the British Jungle Guy: Attenborough

Bon Iver plays Hey Ma! To the low audio except for the Paradises singing version of the Attenborough

Olafur Arnalds plays Near Light (do broken YouTube links still retain the song name and artist name: no) #archivetips

Trumpet shtasken!! Poo pooooo!
“Ich Will, Mein Fuhrer”

4thWall( The comms module Upgrade is great, but my ISP Gnomes seem to be slacking off. I don’t want to switch to evilReliance and give Ambani more focus than he deserves. That tower has a floor for rituals, i hear)

Roo’s image is too cool for the gnomes to transfer upstream. Making a second attempt:

[Dear @wordpress: Your Android app caches in a bad way. You have a P1 Bug. When a user picks a Story, see If-Modified-Flag is 1 or not before presenting an older version of the story. Some Content Builders use multiple channels to give information to their ___ and their Parasites]

I can just switch to the old-fashioned mode of sending Visions up the sky; but some of yoy trolls might not get access to that; it might be a good thing. If you’re placing electrical networking as a dependency on global communication, Ask NASA or Pokherized about the Built-In Comms System. It is transient, so some of you know-it-all tech trolls might not be able to internalize the understanding in real time. So stop shitting all over your own food, you ‘dispensable’ cogs of the turd-machine. Face it, we aren’t going to miss you. Your hot girlfriends you pay for will enjoy the inheritance and the lesser opportunities to be grossed out. Your cool T-shirts aren’t enough to mask your inadequacy and your ‘life’. Your Ego because you build some complicated shit is beyond that of the Mages. The Tower agrees. If any of you Hackers think that you can just advance in the game with your troll skills, thievery lvl 80 skills, consider yourselves a Pindari to be. Kill the annoying Techboy; he’s probably too dumb to get the Switch Card. At least, your actions are being accounted for; audit-fucking-trails

Okay, now that I’ve handled ol’ Techboy with some truth, let me try to return to cuteness… Next post

Relics of the Past

Who is this guy? I met him once. Never really checked out his Music; came off as a nice guy.

Hmm…maybe SoundCloud a shot and see how the past unfolds itself infinitely

And in Bordeaux I met a nice old man who gave me this:

Beethoven plays Moonlight Sonata

Franz Erhard!!! Another expansion

How Franz led me here, they know

And off we go to the land of Skyrim to learn about Doogons of yore.

Investigate the earthguru Ad that poor Roo ended up in as a Simulation of the Lowest Order. East Empire Company Bottles Poo again, Yale.

Addams Family (imagine your family) Values for .inf… How does one load .sub into mplayergui without ltgtfy. Old Man.

The sequel is strange… Wednesday’s improv-lines are filled with gold. I still don’t want to watch A Serbian Film a second time to give you a social commentary.

We can go there too, if you’d like. Nope says Democracy, as a few_____

Und Player Onne

“Wake Up!”, You hear a Voice, so strange and familiar at the same time. There is someone On[bigfingers-borrowedCameraWebInterface] your bed.

Oh, Facebook and Google are really working together?

Thalayana Manthram aka The Pillow Spell
Golandhara Mantram aka Global Word

Today we will discuss a Vampire Dream-attack defense. We will approach some real vampires who left their trace in this Poeshelmo.

No names will be revealed for maximum investigation involving depth and breadth. Gotta smoke em from the roots and make sure we don’t hurt any Fairy Godmothers from Mommy Market or Gandalfs of Ohio.

The Internet is Down, so please ignore the terseness of the content.

How to Catch a Vampire

Paint something. Leave it by your bed. If it catches the attention of your Vampiric assailant, trace of the malevolent prana will be imbued on the painting. For example (real Vampiric energy…so maybe skip if you don’t want a prana hit)



There are those who can lock on to this energy and find the source. This technique can be extended in many other ways.

Homework: Build a Vampire Defense Shrine; record pranic changes.


Scary! They’re just mind warriors of the nasty scoundrel kind. Bring them to day light, as in uncover their mask, and it’s Game Over.

(A personal message to the Vampires: you’re fucked! Switch card rules. Learn all about) #soitdoesnthavetobeaSurvivalThing


Nobody is untouchable, even those who walk in the shadows preying on children and all the other good things.

A Wolf!!!

with James Dolph of Salesforce Prodsec as the Guitarist
Sorry James for that Birthday Party Hat
K.P.S.C Lalitha playing the Madamma

….gliding to more peaceful skies

[ShedCultural Show Fuzz Removal: Your pick of Jose Gonzales (Junip Guy) – So far away!]

If you want focus, Here you go {Focus + Mirror of the Tower + Up Up or Down Down]

Next Up: Exploring the Relics of the Past [on openSaysme Street]


damn… i should send him an email for Xmas.

Karunakaran Versus Anthony Masonry Achayan

Vallara Paishakavum Mrigiyavum aaya Minsk Conditionethire nammal ganangalode poradunnu….Faints on Stage… Bodyguards pick up the Hero and take him to the Covid-19 Center.

The Bards who go the live meaning of the Song ‘Njan Aara’ demand Butcher and the Witch to Perform. What do you know; we never had an exclusive Post dedicated to one song ever before:

VadaRajan and Co. Perform

The Bards ignore the Tourist Pitch and play the Angry=Real Old Version of the song Nada Nada:

Audio Only:

Video for the Initiated Only…umm Sound Engineering could be better… the Bass is Off

Not this Upload… Bass is killin’ it

I can’t find the Best version, so let’s do Apocalypto again

“The older version of the song has some killer Artillery”, Butcher says as he nods to the Sound Engineers…and walks away to Skyrim.

They integrated their Language-Of-Expression with the Archetypal quality of the Music-Of-The-Age and made us Gold.

Skyrim can Wait a little bit.



آسف آسف آسف آسف آسف آسف آسف

صباح الخير

Gnomes are loading the Greek Translation: Bon Journo, Suprabatham, Nasdrovya, Keeche Keeche! Mechaaaa Streisanduuuuu


Random: I don’t know: Let us Focus:


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khmer_language&#8230; ah, the Khymer Rouge from Enrika’s Homeland!

I have the CD that has this last song: Butcher prepares the ____




















auxiliary verb




have to





object marker



















object marker



















‘All blood donors must pass a physical examination and provide a health history first (before they can give blood).’

The Switch Card Mirror, Mirror


The Khmer Rouge army was slowly built up in the jungles of Eastern Cambodia during the late 1960s, supported by the North Vietnamese army, the Viet Cong, the Pathet Lao, and the Communist Party of China (CPC).[7][8][9][10] Although it originally fought against Sihanouk, on the advice of the CPC, the Khmer Rouge changed its position and supported Sihanouk after he was overthrown in a 1970 coup by Lon Nol who established the pro-United StatesKhmer Republic.[10][11] Despite a massive American bombing campaign against them, the Khmer Rouge won the Cambodian Civil War when they captured the Cambodian capital and overthrew the Khmer Republic in 1975. Following their victory, the Khmer Rouge who were led by Pol PotNuon CheaIeng SarySon Sen, and Khieu Samphan immediately set about forcibly evacuating the country’s major cities and in 1976 they renamed the country Democratic Kampuchea.

Bad Ass, But But …ask Chris Shlaken Mahogany Vampiricus Minionus

The Cake is so good!

As the Bards leave, A Lone Wolf performs: (Became Rob Braveheart before White Zombie)

-Ready Player 1 I haven’t seenPercepetronized yet because of the reviews; purify?

Fflush(); spray()*108

The Bards present the random picks of the day before heading to Skyrim

[The Shed doesn’t want me to play Avial’s Karunakara now because the fflush() didn’t work for them]

So… 1 Kilo Ari….

Butcher wears a Lungi and prepares the other Main stage. His Balls show, like that stockmarket Bull. Lord Peeley blocks the View.

An old-school witch chews on Betel Leaves and Ashen, preparing her voice.

Butcher chews on Gooseberry and drinks Water.

[Oh! An Old Member arrives… They cancel this song for later… he was neutralised because of his Sol in the Music]

He asks us a Question… Who am I: That is, Who are You?

The Bards put on their Headphones-Quantum-Synced with the Sol of the Earth Show [Not Cancelled] and walk to Skyrim smoking like Gandalf The Mithras-Raindeer

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