The BreakAH:

Things got a little heavy with the Boys yesterday. There was a lot of fighting, The National, Randy Marsh, Gossip, Skyrim and other things.

I think we all agree that we need to take some time off to reflect. Focus on the eternal principles rather than the Pooter Patent will enable you to level up faster. For Real.

Until then, I will re-enter the lands of Skyrim, pretending that the Bad Dragons in the game are a reflection of our own (not so finely tuned) lack of resonance with the Grand Play. I am not going to stream my gameplay because I like to fool around a lot. I will very likely join the Thieves Guild and get the Imperial Guard’s Low Caste Veil. I will also join the Assassin’s guild and commit ultra-video-game murder if I find the character is worthy of the Coin dropped in the Temple. I will pick that gal companion, Lydia? Hopefully you haven’t animorphed her face to something else.


[Bookworms can refer to old content or look at the Ton of references and references in the references to be Productive]

This isn’t Davos.

Thank you for Your Music! Your Movies! Your Games! Your Sacred Texts! Your Images!

I’m feeling less and less like a Swedish Party Pirate now.

It’s not Hereditary, so switch your learning-environment to a foreign location, if you want to maximize your learning.


Tonight’s Movie: Grave of The Fireflies (Anime): It was a really old idea to combine reaction gifs to the movie’s ending in one massive Turbo gif; at least 10,000 people. Did not ‘steal’ that from Codame or anything.

People crying to Grave of The Fireflies {best gifs} {global} in one big-ass GiF file. You host. You produce. Crowdsource. Us.

Movie Start Time: 7Sh (Ask the Boys to sync up) (or the Shadow Watcher Girls to sync up).

I have a Choice. Delta T for the watchers. I want to maximize our output without burning too hard and sucking at Live Shows, Momfortlandia and sons.

it is highly recommended to buy songs that you like if you can afford it; if you have a wide spectrum of taste, use the Interrrrnet. It is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to get the music OFFLINE, rather than using Parasitic Streaming Services like Youtube and ShutupFly! Fox (National Geo) on Google Youtube.

Google is the biggest Pirate group hosting (knowingly) many weird content… CSRFing views because their Database is Read-Write for many r00ts, including Aurora(China!).

I killed Sergey and Jesper in the Waters in Wave 1. Know the difference between [admit you don’t get i-imaginary numbers]

I am not some retired fart with a plaque that says “remember when I used to be Batman”; The Boss fights and the ChakraVyuhams are imperceptible to those who only see gossip.

I aim my face at some of you; just some of you; Gurgle some sputum (Titanic Style):


Now Wear That As A Badge, Mother Killers

Enjoy the standard of the Original Memes, Internet:

Totem is *

Lydiaaaaaaaaa! (Guilty: Communication not Profit, actually a lot of profit in terms of Names-I’ve-Been-Called)

I know Lydia is a program; but most girls I was romantically involved with during the inception of the Antares Revolution started to act weirder than Windows95YipppeWHATWHATNOW?

*Ratan liked my inappropriate Philosorapter Corporate Upload

* hit Reddit front page 2-ce; hows’ that for a Lurking Parasite?

Username Unknown… meh

Don’t use Google’s Image Index, if you can’t filter past their Narrative-Push. What a Fucking Evil Company! Phew!! At least I saw Zepperela Live! Fuck your plan to control humanity with Tech.


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