The Bards Guild of Etheropia present

The renowned Bard Nameless and his Muse Nagini appear in stage

Uh Und photobomben

They start off with an old song Ol’ Jack tried to steal. At least the Pyramids means something for All of us, Slave or The Elite…

“Lokabrenna of Poetic Edda” by 109

The Poet uses Logi (Agni/Maragi) instead of Loki… Strange. He is bound to piss off a few authoritative scholars.

To the authorities, the Bards present a gift

The Bard says, “Before Wardruna Pushed the Bar so high up, the Lords of Metal sang of the Timeless Old Gods to the children”…

A Band Enters the stage: Fusion

[Audio of :


You pick this time…


Was your fusion successful? Nice

At 3:30, the Bards and the Muses join the !!!

Their perception may be 360p but their vibrations are 1 over 0

The White Coats (not all) and the Black Robes (not all) make use of the Heat Sink.

The Arch-Bard of Skyrim begins his Poem Rendition… Coughs are ritually let out for the silence that is to be followed:

Havenless By the Elder Bards of Ammon Ra

They travelled from north

Towards another age

Behind laid burned words

Before them a new struggle 

They saw, saw storms in the distant

But held forwards and straight

In towards earth’s core

From early to late

I see a darkness overwhelming

I see that there is no light for me

I don’t care if it leaves me blind

I don’t care if I’m left behind 

I see a white horse’s head

I see it’s dead stare fixed at me

I do not fear it’s eyes

Curse myself, return it twice

 I see walls to high to climb

I see nothing on the other side

I should have roamed another space

I should have been another place

 The dead grows up from the ocean and screams so sore toward land.

They scream behind all ships, that flounder itself past heavily

I am among ghosts when I should rest

I cannot tell the worlds apart

I do not heed the words they say

There is no dream of another day

I hear a silence, deafening

Drowning the deserts, that is my destiny

I no longer wish to see

The threads they’ve spun for me. 

They travelled from north

Towards another age

Behind laid burned words

Before them a new struggle

They saw, saw storms in the distant

But held forwards and straight

In towards earth’s core

From early to late

Because no Instrumental version is available, let us sing along to an 8-bit MIDI version:

Super Mario joins in… Jim Carrey and Sonic the Hedgehog play bass and lead… the minks of Denmark on collective vocals. Denmark is such a new ‘country’ in the Game of Life, huh? The Nords agree.

I personally would choose Minks over the Danish… because the Minks are so cue and Covid-19 is Our own doing. Some knights back off. We give them the finger.

To be honest, Minks and the Danish haven’t really interfaced with my Life that much. But in this present narrative, I would side with the Minks.

Fuck you Denmark! You pretentious fucking pieces of ape-shit thinking it’s all Pure Diary Material.

Sorry; we Bards have to go with what our Hearts sing; no offence.

“He blew it”, Lord Althar of BerishVeryBerryLordhigh utters

“At least he isn’t trying to kiss ass for a PS5 giftcard”…. Lady Peeley

Meanwhile the Dairy White Danish take a trip down Truth Street:

Negate the Mink Kill by Negating Your Overlords (That farts of your Royal Family)

Our Reality will be a Tragedy even if “Humanity is Saved” depending on what rituals you want to enact.

In stead of the whatever did the minks{ other slave labels} turn your attention to the Royal Family {network them deep and wide} and their Controllers; focus on the latter for Gold.

Neutralise this, Dante Radishes: : They Lie to you and Leave you enslaved with Greta and Vendekkas.

Read along, Bards…. use your mouth for The War.

Transfer the MinkMusk suffering on to the Queen-Brood-Witch:

“Fucking Cunt”, I say

Damn, that forehead! The MinkMusks are cuter…


Since 1970, HM The Queen has been actively engaged in a number of artistic modes of expression: painting, church textiles, watercolours, prints, book illustrations, découpage works, scenography and embroidery. Many of these artistic works have been shown in connection with exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.

The Queen’s artistic works are represented at the following art museums: Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark), ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, and Køge Art Gallery Sketch Collection (sketches for church textiles).

Let’s see the BroodWitch’s work
Don’t leak the platform , Batcorp Inc.

Hmm…. Butcher reads out her sayings:

“I can, of course, think what I want, just like everyone else. I simply have to refrain from saying everything I think.” : “Cunt’s a Coward…you know who she is afraid of? DJ Beetroot”

This is the Objective of their Ritual… Divide Und [Hate the Criticiser]

“We are being challenged by Islam these years. There are some things for which one should display no tolerance. And when we are tolerant, we must know whether it is because of convenience or conviction.”… “The Cunt knows a lot about Tolerance… those COVID-109 Minks”

“I will remain on the throne until I fall off.”.…” HAHAHAHA… “We can make this happen, Your Holiness”

Let’s leave this Puppet alone and focus on her Bene Gesserit and Holy Grail OverLords and OverLadies who hold her chair for her puppet arse and forehead.

“At 40 years old you simply know what life is about.”… she’s a little dim, don’t you think?

“I am, more than anything else, happy.”…. No you’re Not… Not anymore, you Parasitic Cunt… you can paint as much as you like in a Dungeon in the Great Stygian Abyss.

Let us view over HTTP… don’t leak the Referer Headah.

Nice. Auctioned? Are you short of Money, O’ Queen O Mighty… don’t tell me you need an auction to Save the Starving Etheropians in AfriKKKa; you, of all people, must know Africa is kept this way to justify the Imperial Colonialism Narrative. Look, O’ Liberated Christianized Black People, to your Motherland… We gave you a better deal despite all the Cotton-picking and Bottom-knicking.

See: : An Arab should buy this one … and shit all over it, as well as burn it later… it’s already a Ritual, right?

She Knows.

Read along with the Music to

Sing Along:

Seriously, if you want to create a whole society of perverts then make human sexuality taboo and you will be amazed how creative people can get. This may not be politically correct but it is true, don’t come for me.

“Well, If you’re a rich Arab in the UAE (or perhaps a Saudi Royal) and you want to see just how low women from the West will sink in order to make a few bucks, it’s really very simple. You browse Instagram for the hottest girl you can find and then invite her to Dubai for a 30,000 USD paid holiday that she can post about to all of her adoring followers. And what does she have to do in return? 

Well, the choice is yours. 

Do you want to take a tonne of laxatives and take a dump on her chest? Do you wanna see just how happy she can make your 2 million dollar camel? Maybe you want her to put A LIVE SALMON IN YOUR ASS.

Well worry thee not, because in Dubai, anything is possible. 

Quest: Recover the MMS featuring the Arab C.I.D raid of Mariya (The Malayalam Actress)… and other raids

Sorry the Danish Queen got a stacked-shit-on Narrative.

Don’t get me worng; The Arab C.I.Ds were super nice to me when a horde of Arab and other kids were chasing me because I gave them the Finger for raiding our Cricket ground.

If you thought Salo was a gross film…

We will avenge thee

Time to have a second breakfast, Hobbits? You threw up the First. If you want to go to a more wholesome part of the Jungle, I suggest you close your senses and mind first.

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

If you are still competing, offer Home and Transportation to the Minks so that they can move to a Habitat where they can party all night long. That’s how we should raise the standard for ‘Humanity’… at least the Bard’s College thinks that way.

Fortune in next post; the digital poo smell is all over…

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