Fflush(); spray()*108

The Bards present the random picks of the day before heading to Skyrim

[The Shed doesn’t want me to play Avial’s Karunakara now because the fflush() didn’t work for them]

So… 1 Kilo Ari….

Butcher wears a Lungi and prepares the other Main stage. His Balls show, like that stockmarket Bull. Lord Peeley blocks the View.

An old-school witch chews on Betel Leaves and Ashen, preparing her voice.

Butcher chews on Gooseberry and drinks Water.

[Oh! An Old Member arrives… They cancel this song for later… he was neutralised because of his Sol in the Music]

He asks us a Question… Who am I: That is, Who are You?

The Bards put on their Headphones-Quantum-Synced with the Sol of the Earth Show [Not Cancelled] and walk to Skyrim smoking like Gandalf The Mithras-Raindeer

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