World Quest: Tower Level

Ah, Nobody. You seem like someone who is up to a task. The Ocean Shaman of Inner Richmond gifted me (for 5$) a priceless relic that might kill Disney Incorp Witchcorp. I am in possession of a 90-100 year old book, an ancient version of the Book. While the original was written 30 or so years before the edition I possess, there seems to be a lot of gold ore in content. I would like to trace the story of this book, and the truest meaning of its contents, before I pass the Books on freely to another Seeker (winks at you). The price tag is curious as it contains both RS(Und code yaa) and Dollars. Maybe this is a Mystery worth your time, fellow seeker. Of course, if you are to pass on the information, with non-DB-RW proof, I will be more than happy to part with the Books.

The Tower is interested, so please proceed with the danger of the Mirror and other entities of our Pyramid Nature.

(Etheric Bond of Binding Contract)

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