RS# 2600+109

A Band appears… They’re doing a Poeshelmo and would like to be not considered a band

They perform Storm by Yoshida Brothers.

While the Internet Gnomes in the Shed manually carry UDP only packets, let us listen to them perform all the best(subjective) songs from these albums

DJs do your magic!

Asianet, my ISP, is Down in a super unusable sluggish way (ddos?) so there will be no programming after today’s Fortune 😦

Fortune from the Dictionary of Symbols

Not a Mason or anything, but I call them Brothers because We share the Same Parents at least in Spirit

Old Rolf presents some makuti for purification. “Nothing New under the Sun” says the scroll face:

Not labels… It’s all one with the Truth (why did this make you angry?)

Old Rolf isn’t available the violent type. Of course, you remember him from the Annihilator, don’t you?

Let’s study a carefully written Introduction

I would reach a different conclusion to your story: what does it mean to pray? When you find yourself overwhelmed by indomitable and unrelentless Powers, and your Own Being is reduced to a minor drop in the Ocean, to whom do you turn to, instinctually, for a Higher Song?

In another Mindscape:

As we leave that world, Larry Page announces: the_name+ ” Goes On”;
Butts Drop

When they try to Swallow Yerrr Sols

yo,, we’re Kill Billin soon
From Cult Movie Art

– – – – – – + + + + + – – – – —

Wonderbar yaaa? Cinema Und Ace Vatura San Nature Callsen. But before that yaa…

Let us watch Mr. Ace Ventura San glow in the standalone sequel: Und Nature Callsen

Old Rolf throws the RAM towards the People: An Object of Powaaa!

The dance is interrupted…. something tries to get out

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