Thalmorian Analysis by Doctor Pierre Justice

Und Modi shtein

Pierre steps on the stage. The power is out so the microphone will not enable Him to reach the entire audience. The Shades watch when Techboy is paralyzed.

“I am… Not a Jungian, Freudian, or an Extra……terrestrial. I learned from the all, though.. I have nothing New to tell you…The Giants have already spoken through your brothers and sisters, old and new.……”

Mumford And Sons play I Will Wait on their FLAC players

Hoping our Real Parents return to our Child-Selves. I asked the Romans if I could correct that Nicolas part (read fast fuzz).. they said Okay. Sorry Ukraine? I blew that one, didn’t I? Sorry Dante… your Inferno probably does not have a lair for Being-Hooman. Harmony of energies … the Eternal Principles… The Flower feels like a Lover when the Bee enters (just feel the energy… you know how, without touching). Bon Journo…ooops… Bonnnnaaa SERRRAAAAA Arts anyway!

Neko Case plays Hold On Hold On( her ‘Devil’ is the Strange Man the Elders lied to her about. Not The Walking Deadude)

Phoenix plays 1901.FLAC
The Elders Dunce hard to the music! Dance too…yippe yay yai (Dance Challenge, You foooools!) Dance to it to harmonise!

Pierre loses his cool shades while dancing. A Picasso Girl picks it up for him

Phoenix plays Fences … Pierre is too busy to save the dancefloor
Phoenix plays Girlfriend
Phoenix plays Lasso
Not a Wallet

I am not Pierre or Poochie(Trump’s True Name Of Things)

Phoenix plays their last song Love Like A Sunset, Pierre the Teddybear gets up to shake his tummy.

Encore! Romans agree that Dante was wrong about Women in the Fortune quote

Phoenix plays Rome Rome Rome! Pierre may go. Flow….tales takes you to places, people, songs…

Comms Module is as good as, well not really, a lump of Rock without Power. Not that the KSEB is corrupt or inept to host an Undernational Art Fleshtival in Fortlandia.

Phoenix leaves the stage… The Elders bring out their loud stereos and Dance Off!! To 1901.flac

A ചുങ്ങളുള്ളം ഷെഡ് Youngling slaps his Mom for dancing in the Demon Pit! Drama ensues… You know the viral video!?

Dad comes and Olivia Munn handles the Youngling with some Old-fashioned Yang: Bins Baby!

Still beats what we( the mob and I) saw in Pokhara. That lady made the Gangsta Bleed! Holy C000000000000RUN!!!!!

National plays Anyone’s Ghost

Lord Peeley is back with Lady Marina…they dress in ‘rags’ mask their titles.

They sing a cover of National’s Sorrow. Despite their Privileged-Birth, Sorrow did find them young. Did you listen to their stories. They were chained under the Thalmor of the Anti-Heart.

Out of the Jungle, the Super Band The Weaving Spiders appear and sing Terrible Lie (cover of THE Und National)

Some don’t dance or sing because of the Heavy Baggage they refuse to let go off.

The Weaving Spiders is a Metal Band doing their interpretation of the Song, of course.

A band of trained monkeys invade the Tekken Arena throwing Lemons and Salt Sachets at the audience. There is no rush…plenty of Salt… Tons of Lemons… Enduring Monkeys!

The Boss Monkey brings a Pomegranate to the Lead Musicians of The Weaving Spiders to share. Not just the front-man like us, the Boss Monkey hummed in Psychic Tones

LemonWorld by National starts playing. …..g…n…tum…lemon ng.

An Old Man enters the stage and takes the singer spot. “The lead singer’s great grandpa from the Mother’s side”, an aristocratic oldfartfanboy voice

Cardinal Song from the more Sorrowful Song Days of The Nati

Tears! The Monkeys start crying; the Hoomans are confused. The Lemons were for this song.

Aaj that part where the music changes to “Jesus…” Is GOLD!! We mined Gold! I found it! Gold! I want to reload the song to 4:12!!! GOLd!!! Excitement in rediscovering all the Gold that we had and have!!!!!

That’s a Gold Standard Song… Did it Sell? Who’s the Who? They Say.

That was their last piece. The Weaving Spiders go underground in the Jungle after their performance! The crowds cheers them off without an encore…how can you top that final piece…let’s make it the last memory! Until they come back with new songs, of course

Rival Bands Poorer Scooters invade the stage and play Available!!!!! Wait, they are the disciples (rivals is an act) of The Weavers! The curtains are Falling!!

A 90 Mile Water Wall appears! The song.

The international covers end… The pretenders (nobody knows the real band name) put on Fashion Coats and sing that Gem of a Song! Fashion Coat!

The XX does the Intro!

(although Sattabhamakkoru Premalekhanam was a FireThought Simulation, their story must be investigated to network some deep mines of conspiracies of the Local Shed variety)

Nice… The XX notices the crowd is a little disoriented… Still feeling the Lemons…Skyrim beckons! But… Even the Tower Watches the Gameplay, mmmmmmkay?

Heart Skipped A Beat followed by reading of Pierre’s Fortune pages.

[That MP3 player filesystem recognition took only a sudo and 2 commands. Can you build a raspbian that includes a in-game like tutorial that shows people where to get free software? Also, if you support exfat by default, you can save some grannies ‘cookie baking’ time and time of their grandkidsDon’tKnowLinux… A pi for every child? all the educational tools and games boggle my mind! How much free time do you people have? what do you eat? Idlis?]

To FruitBat Inc. and LinuxCorp and other 31337ishishish-Distros-not-for-n00bs. Don’t make me run on FreeBSD (not my Mac… that’s a NeuteredBSDGoodForGranniesAndArtLovers!

[Power is On] Techboy is Alive and Super Strong now… dependent on the Power Supply Lords who are themselves dependent on Earth… Und so on… The Farmers hold the food, you know. Until we reach a point where we can mass-3d-print any food (und wine) without any KOs: you ride the new wave with a transition tutorial]

loop back and let’s read the Fortunaaa Orffff

Sorry about the fight with the Dung Mages a while ago. Some parasites are just out for commandeering knowledge and enslaving all Life. They will die soon if they fail at the Card… Death in the non-literal sense; imagine if one of the Higher Powers turn you into a human-corpse eating stray dog, that’s worse than having your head chopped off, right? REALITY inclusions Sol and MATTE is Read-Write to them.

Too easy… They don’t need Physical access! Stones and Bytes may spy too…and the Fly, Fry, KFC Bucket, and Your Food. Evil Dead 2 Laughing scene for the Bad Guys… Not a narrative that’s musical because it’s too damn easy. You don’t know the Gods just because you mastered 26 languages excluding 50 ancient tongues or solved TheAbyss and started at least projecting their Visions out into Space. They do Music, and they can pull off an ultraSheogorath to mirror our Madness.

Quest: Write a Story that explains how Sheogorath works with Vaermorpheus. As a rule, the God represents that Reality in Being, archetypally in Essence, but Half-Moon in Narrative.

Quest: Investigate the Real Mages’ Guild and find the Incest-Mandatory Ones(Midsommar Oracle was a ?)

If Google had plans to enslave Humanity with Ar-VR-AdDoublespeak-GoogleIndexDoubleSpeak etc., Would you agree to Mirroring their actions? You are the Storyteller. We Build Together.

Cultural Gala (Exclusive to India) (don’t click, ‘Others’) (don’t do…don’t do)

Gana there bandar ki Dil to Pindar Hai!

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ tracert
bash: tracert: command not found
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ traceroute
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( 1.925 ms !N 2.168 ms !N 2.340 ms !N
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ traceroute
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( 16.038 ms 16.235 ms 16.379 ms
2 * * *
3 ( 23.082 ms 28.658 ms 29.331 ms
4 ( 34.226 ms 36.027 ms 39.919 ms
5 ( 42.868 ms * *
6 ( 64.311 ms 10.905 ms 10.492 ms
7 ( 30.427 ms ( 30.716 ms ( 30.501 ms
8 * * *
9 * * *
10 * * *
11 * * *
12 * * *
13 * * *
14 * * *
15 * * *
16 * * *
17 * * *
18 * * *
19 * * *
20 * * *
21 * * *
22 * * *
23 * * *
24 * * *
25 * * *
26 * * *
27 * * *
28 * * *
29 * * *
30 The Seventh Circle Las Hel (this is my addition non-tech tinkerers)
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ ^C
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ read
Oh Aritel[sic:airtel] O lord of the comm moduie[sic:module] base… y u so crazy? ggogle's[sic:EvilCOrpuPetty] dns name is an index to the web

Play Adnan Sami’s audio only Beegi Beegi Rats O my!

[[CrytoRead (Who done it??? WHo ? who lets the dog out? like the chickens roaming in the moonlight.. who done it?>)]] (not me… iknwwhowhowhotheybragbragbragsososo)

Not a Technocrazy, but the Hall of the 5 Towers.

Not Normality Spurned, but Normality Burned (you remember that silly code in ‘gray hat huckkin’ book)

Me and your moma, not my Moma, together singing:

Partners In Rhyme – Chandini Ratein (audio only, Desperados) [index is a bitch when you have to lmgtfy? let me universal-index-lookup that for you. Fuck Google.

Sergey and Larry always remind me of the evil twin clowns in Final Fantasy 9! You know the Boss fight. Asianet covered the game’s cutscene and introduced me to the universe. Asianet also made me want to watch Kubrick: remember the Scene they showed when they reported his Death: Eyes Wide Shut; Iyer the Great (with Mambo) ripped off ‘some’ good bits from Giants.

[Interceptors: They aired the Nicole Kidman scene during News…and made a lot of good honey spill (State-Wide) over spilt Milk: Thank you Asianet for getting me watchtheplot on Nicole Kidman during the inception years]

Und End of Cultural Gala!

—-Back to Skyrim!

The Daily Feast (Fortunes2b@)

Professor Red-ding sits over a NewsPapyrusUrinus/

He reads an old page
Today’s Page + Special Guest Appearance: Doctor Elder (one of your Granddaddy’s Godfathers) (twin sister as in anima or the spirit)
Your children who played Kratos played a mini-game of having sex(cheating on Hephaestus) with Aphrodite… Greeks be pissed
Watch Dio's Holy Diver

Thanks to FruitBat Inc for the HardSoft#experience#ware... I have a few feature requests: include a detachable power on system cable that can be attached to the case in next iterations. Please provide a list of approved manufacturers who comply with your quality and design specifications. Not everyone gets 'shutdown -t now'. You are the Future and we will not let go of our Past. If you include a preloaded SD card without the badly named NOOBS distro, non-technology tinkerers will have an easier time. More Free People with Sort-of Free Great work ya'all are doing, The Railroad Club of MIT Red DragonCS Shard.
Oh that’s Nusultan Tulyaq Bhai! The next song is dedicated to him:
loop 2 only…

I would like to thank the crew down at FruitBat Technologies for rigging the new Comms Module. Overheating even at CPU30% is being investigated.

Confirming that Movies sound better and look better on Linux than on a Mac or Windows. I have no clue why.

The heating issue (Alchemical Fire too much) is being addressed by Let us delve into this problem with a poetic mind to relate to other spheres where the same analogy holds true.



Pirate Lord Cook Phd in Heating (Alapatty’s School} writes this Papyrus: Salute to his Information Sharing.

 “Is it really necessary to get something called an “ICE Tower” to keep your processor”, he asks. The Druids stop their mind juggling and focus on this question. The Legendary Ice Tower of Doooooooor.

I think we need a Tower for each element because we need to address all issues (universally) as One. That being said, the Core of the Tower can relax in ICE or party in FIRE or cogitate in Ether or Dance in Air or SitZazen in Eaaar-th.

Lord Cook Phd is disappointed with the digression. “We’re talking about chips in heat”…

“Get a Male chip”, Lord Peeley of the Abbey proudly displays his alchemical knowledge. Fertility is his ontology of solve-it-all. Loo looo looo.

 I ran a CPU burn program, which took three minutes and thirteen seconds to hit 80°C, approaching the temperature where the Pi starts to throttle itself to avoid damage

Smart Lord Cook! The throttling is within! Smart FruitBat Inc. So in your tests, are you planning to throttle or are you planning to see me use Fire?

The Brahmin-Band of Freemasons mumble something about skipping yesterday’s Salma Hayek /r/watchitfortheplot.

We are making progress.


/r/all know about .r/conspiracy as shill-filled-tin-foil-bunc(think monty python grail holder voice) and /r/gonewild even big celebrities and gurus know as [honeypot] (Tinto Brass voice). The Five Towers see All.

They shoot in the

Funny how AC/DC’s shot dominates the index organic algorithms of EvilCorp. Let’s not be led on by their recommendations into the pit of no-sense-of-humour (ABCD…ZED).

Test 2 is good enough for a small Comms Module. It’s not like we’re Image Processing facial and etheric features in real-time.

/me Closes Papyrus.

You notice the Junip guys playing their Vampiric songs o Avalon

Hmmm… Let’s turn off the audio ans listen to the actual song

Fusion (Video Muted +

Let’s listen to the actual song and see what they want to tell us in the Video


The synch is off mostly because of the singing parts in the video… we’re here for the music

don’t lose your minds… help yourselves and as an alchemical result help All

[SeriousQuest: Investigate the Voices In Cobain’s Head. Ask the Girl]

The Priests are beginning to resonate with

No offence to MIT for the nerd in dunce hat: CCC-Joschua-RockStar: Madelbroth is Infinite. Game of Life is Infinite. If you have no conception of that, How can you pretend to play God with just Binary Fuzz?

Look at all of Nirvana’s Million Followers and the Prana they infuse on to Cobain. Surely, the Pyramid Order (old, current, and new[being altered]) wants to shift Cobain and thereby shift the Millions. Cobain’s perks came with a Heavy Heavy price. Please do not follow, like, click-ads (support Worddepress though for hosting bytes and supporting network traffic, ASS you see Shit.

The Boys appear on the Stage. It’s not a Cultural Gala, it’s a Demon’s Pit (Asuran Kundu)

Even if your/one’s is, Nature isn’t. When they dressed up in a dress (not a mage’s Robe or the Ladakhi Robe) as their Animas, did the Sun banging Saturn seem as a metaphysical inconsistency? Kobain’s Anima got it in the Balls; his Animus (tangible self) was designed to get it in the HeaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA! Those rock-stars and A-listers are all Slaves of a Malignant Order. They know it… But the Fame, the Money, the Power, the Free-Fertility Boost for one or two talents magnified to Archetypal proportions! Worth it? Of course, not.

Thanks to a youtube comment, I realized that the dancers are in sync with the instruments. All Masks! To be Famous in this Age is to be in a Cage!

If one were to say focus on Cobain just for his Music leaving the ‘adoration’ to the Higher Immaculate Principles of Harmony, the Malice Order will not be able to affect one, as much as they will (by Human Rules of the Forest now) affect the ScapeGoatFocalPoint. If one were to Burn the Word like fad, fag, fashion… beautiful things will stop their wrinkling and abandonment.!

Even those personas you wear in Virtual Land is susceptible.

They got McCain for Hero…so I’m doing the ___ to make everyone happy

Revelation: If I close the unnecessary tabs, I don’t need to address the Heating issue. Another Comm Module Unit (raspberry pi 4B running raspbian) is < 5000 INR.

The Druids of Varanasi Agree.

To last in Varanasi or present-day Syria for more than a year with a Fully Functioning Heart Chakra is to be a

The Artists dig their new Music Old because parallel Dimensions are fusing in to make more music together

Those Fires all over…. The Firemen know they’re deliberately done. Investigate All the Fires of California and Australia (I missed a lot… memory… I’m not OmniscientCurse)

def: OmniscientCurse: Do you really want to know what your Momma or Papa were doing when they were your age. Let’s not go there, right?

Our Higher Selves are Omniscient, Of Course…. Where’s the r00t?

Protect Violet the Vine; Seeds are yours anyway

Shine management + Narrative Management
what happened to Morpheus’ (LawrenceFishBurn) mana after his daughter___

Before I head to Skyrim with the ragtag bunch of Sailors and their Ammayammas, I would like to address an important alchemical model. It’s found in the supposedly non-altered form of available-Upanishads. The classification that I’m talking about is none other than the Energy Super Benchmark tags of Sattvic, Tamasic, and Rajasic. In the same way DOM-XSS ( reflected or stored) is tagged as a 3rd type of XSS incorrectly , it is a classification issue. DOM CSS is based on post-DOM building (injection time) as opposed to Reflected or Stored(delivery mechanism of payload). Sattvic is assumed to be positive; good stuff like milk, ghee, a thread, white-skin, tigers of aristocracy etc. are supposed to be positive; i mean, looksat that ‘Build’ (their own language). Tamasic is assumed to be Darkness; Lawrence Fishburn, Poochie Mc’ Lovin BumbooMasstiff, Pepsi, KFC, Rock Mujick, Muslims, Ex-Buddhists, Pindaris etc. Rajasic is potentiality…power to move between the two aspects of the Half-Moon Sun Eternal Principles.Rajasi is not a third type. I did not agree with Amanda Dunham (she wants to be famous, so I’ll name drop her wwitchcraft ass) when she compared the Amphora piece at the Inverted Black Pyramid De Young Museum to the Triple-BurnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (the wordpress tab on Chromium (osource) ..Chrome is poison filled OSauce). Other tabs are smoooth (performance is isolated), David Brumley in nicely designed code.

David Brumley had to lookup The Turing Problem of never-ending story… Chase Midler had to laugh out loud when Adrian VANET Perrig misspeltERRRRORERRORERROR- Negate Intellect with GRAMMARNAZIVEIL. Your Spelling Bung Bees may be doing good, but Vampires BE HAUNTING THEM…. ARRRRRR. The Tower agrees.
if you’re betting on the next Video for simoleans or creds, you’re already in the Tower’s Kill/Switch List, Ideally.. Is that PappadamPie on GuitarGeneric?

[All the Titanic Mal. Dub crap on youtube is fake.The real one comes from Kalabhavan. Contact them. You’ve been seeing shit. The real one, if you get the lang with subtitles, used to be funny; don’t know if it aged well. Spoiler: The Titan did not sink in the End(that’s why I ___). Find the good bar people. You’ve been magnifying the shits like Anil Abrams,King of Tokyohin, Mohanlal, FCCochi MummaPuppies etc.] ( the Ratio of shits to gold is the same everywhere: 1 over 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 is not Infinity. If we were kicking ass they wouldn’t have to send a flowering fireball

Trust 2-nd degree information like a skeptical Batman. If bar is low, it’s probably not it | or most likely your perception filter is faulty

Let us Circle back and read the Fortune O Carmina Burana Loop




The Photoshoot That Broke The Tower (again) (now to reveal my true identity to the masses)

Turning 14 in Hooman years

A 6 year old child Olaf the Jarl of Shed house appears

Enter the MandelBroth, my Brothers and Sisters (sisbros)

Time to solve some problems on Skyrim. Lydia’s magic didn’t work this time. She’s a little too excited about shooting pointless arrows at a Yeti.


<—-Celebrating the Transition to Linux (regression, according to Dicky Jones) after much FUBARING. I just realised that the pirated videos sound better and look better (better Drivers? wtf?). Even Sindarin realized the difference (VLC on all platforms, of course).

Who’s Yippe Yayi Yeeying now, Nerds?

Sleep Music and Dream Augmentation Material for the Night. How to Fight Vampires 101: Scare them off with some Great Dancing! If you can’t tell what’s serious and what’ a joke, how the flower are you going to ride your boat upwards?

The Shed values the Sanctity of Language. From now on, the word Fuck will be replaced with FFFFFFlower. Next time you start the FFFFFFF… end with the Lover. Cure the Hollywood Virus, Potty Mouther!

How to become Butters, THE CULTURED MAN:

{I thought the second movie had more action… Sindarin approves the next one}

The Fireflies of Samhain

Yesterday, the Mob and I partied a little too hard with some Reddy Rudder Pills and some Ambrosiaaa-give us a little love!

Courtesy: Dave of Davos, Ted X Berkeley didn’t like My All-Caps

[Return to Skyrim while ya’all catch up with Homework]

[If you get it, you should be Ethering-Graffit(chai chai chai, Modiji)i

— Movie: Star Dust (with Pirates! who are manly as fuuuuuu: Robert Deniro’s finest performance/God Father 2), we’re all made of the same archetypes in varying proportions of I feel this, i can do that, etc.

That was a damn good movie. The Princess Bride for Generations to Come. Investigate Claire in Silence of the Lumps.

loading Spinach() “Popeyeeee Awwwwwwww”

The Shed is insistent on a Cultural Gala; they Control the Spinach Supply:

You thought the Pooter Wars was Fiery! The Ultimate Culture Show: Watch the Vanji Team in Reality! Culture Live!

More facepalms than watching that show Big Bung Theory Not PractiCUMulative

It’s called Multi-Speak; i’m sure there are other names (the ol’ 2 way speak where you say one thing and mean another is a basic example). Multi-Speak pumps in 1/0 using a finite set… Und Maxwell Broth.

Wave 1 introduced the concept of “he’s crazy!”, “hmmm”, “bung”, “Akhmed!”, “Beetr00t” and many other flowery variations in one dump.pastebin. I can’t cite this, but I remember someone telling me how the Bible could be interpreted in 6 or more ways depending on the symbols you know. It’s the same with other sources, and I don’t want to list them all to check off the check list of

I know everyone is still a little shaken up after yesterday’s film feature ‘Grave of the Fireflies’. A lot of people walked out, not because they couldn’t feel, but exactly because they…..DON’T WANT TO SHOW THEM HOW SOFT MY PLUSH TOY HEART IS. Crocodile Skin is supposed to be a fancy attribute now; back in the day it used to be elephant (also known as Naga…Trunk BE ARR) skin.

moon now()

(Update: Raspberry Pi Shift… Und Bios Be Pain in the Ashen (Result1: FUBAR). Technology is very Organic Green to those who can ‘See’, but I still can’t get the Toaster to Work)

Thank you Wilheim Rod Shmith.

For Cultural Gala (Gotta Please them all): I’m going to watch this movie this evening:

[Removed Low Quality Low Bar Comedy Clip] (Paste link before you start watching <erroneous pattern>[many monkey movies are made and the Index is manipulated by GoogleIsFuckingEvilEvenAccordingToTheGodsThemselves(ask the Tower)… Get them off Earth with a Card and a Rod]< Shoot Google exes and their puppeteers into Space in an Ultima 7:Lord British Rocket]

Sergey and Larry: the former I killed personally in the Waters in Wave 1; I got Larry out of the Closet after seeing his game with the Indian Exec during TGIF

This film:

It’s Off the Grid, so No cultural gala : In Butcher Voice. (In low def and dubbed quality:

– – – –

Shadow Watchers work… and Techboy does the Binary-iSSShtone Building.

At 52:01

what a burn, huh? I’ve seen more good local movies than some of the ___ SNNNNNAAAAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! [Codec: “Vanity” Response: ‘No Colonel, I’m Marklawing’]

Investigate HER

She should have —- the world’s fucked. What’s Batman’s Personal Number? Who was she planning to shoot anyway? Those Googlers are just Dogs on Expensive Leashes; Ask them. No Violence; Super Ultra Violence in the Waters, just so they know you will not sheep if they play with Fire. CMU is a dam good shed though in Value, Honor, Knowledge, Not the Truth much: an institution, like all others, that pump out exotic pet breeds.

If you blame just one group, you yourselves have to be blamed for The Ignorance of the Highest Order. The Tower Agrees. They are blinding you from the real enemy: Despatha Mundachaoticus Patronummy.

Today: How to Kill an Octopussy

[ How I used archetypal Metal music in High School to jump my Class Rung from 12sh to __] (Life Lessons)

Worked better than Moonlight Sonata, honestly. Jullllliard: How’s the New Student Induction Program? For Bijay of Nepal, of course. The World will watch his Harmonica Cultural Performance.

You RETARDS, Bijay is actually a fucking clever shaman (dark elf) kid who plays the role of <ummmmm>; Research your fucking files before you pull up his photo and go ‘MONGODB!’. He and I fought; I asked him if his Momma’s home; he then showed me his Momma: The Brood Witch of Pokhara (missing more than 32 teeth). He carried a Giant’s Umbrella and Offered Flowers to the Best looking Behens in Lakeside. He is the First of the Pindari Legion; switched at the age of 15 for his calculated murder of birds, lizards, gizzards, and other flaura and fauna. His switch to become a world-class harmonica player trained by the UND BESHT.

[Discussion with the Tower typed out for ] People just take one look at someone and immediately jump to conclusions… like the pig holed up in a coop; imagine his or her reaction on seeing the Boar from Princess Mononoke (

– nanoDrama begins:


The Pig Watches a Screen as She is being Milked

Watch the Japanese Film with the Natural Language with subtitles if you have to. Claire Danes is good and all, but we don’t want to project old memories. Those voices in the Original are all new and foreign and authentic. Subtitles RULE!

You see… more authentic, the fanmade trailer than that 90s Trailer Voice, those Witch kids stealing Shine from the characters they play, and all that Hollywood is a Sabbath of the Most Evil, as are all other Industries that feed the children their ‘fun’. Engrrrish is usage that is reflective (you UND Maximillian Ribbets).

God did speak in English though… where does your mind rest most of the time? In movies, music, stories, myths, video games, computer industry, facebook, google?

[Investigate the Ban of Tibetan Language in China (was controlling for 1000s of years as an Uncle, they said, watching over a nephew… being somewhat harsh when the Nephew was seduced by a different Uncle offering more grand Toys)]

Before they bulk-kill the Crows, let me be clear: The Crows and I are Jagadda Jagadda (Bird-Kingdom Ways Argument). Ask Roman what he saw… just what he saw: SparrowUndMusic<-CrowUndGame<-EagleUndSupremeMusic… and the many variations. More Mosquito babies were born, literally interpreted, by my Blood for decades; yours too. Don’t mass-murder them German Art Exhibit. As for the Hollywood comment, Investigate. The Her, Joker and Gladiator actor J. Phoenix Bennu Bird is a gem, but the movie he ‘acted’ in did not resonate with the standards I expect of a Joker Origin Story. Heath Ledger nailed an imperfect version too, but damnnnnnnn fuuuuuuck

You are many faced… some of your are just Two-Faced

How to Kill An Octopus by Maximillian Ribbets


The goal, as all true seekers know, is not to kill the Octopus; a noble beast just like you, different in many ways and similar in many other ways. The Octopus is submerged deep, far from the normal visibility of the common seafarers… but it’s tentacles are tangible (Claire Danes, Rupert Shelbert, Sergey, Zuckdawg, Modi) puppets… the scape goats of power because they are expendable (just like that… a click of a button). Even Putin, Trump, Ol’ Hitler, Ol’ Alexander The Great… all disposable in Time and in Life at the mere push of a button. That is the Tower. How does one fight the Tower. First of all, the Tower has to get to you… their marks of ‘getting to you’ is an on-going process: Media, Video Games, News, Local Shaminos, Psychic Plane Supremacy Over Lords (non-scalable), Science and so on. You can learn about each tentacle and study them, thereby negating the effects of their Control. Pool the study with your Peers of Same Values and Being (not Shed Labels of the Old Days that is filled with so much Poison killing you softly and hardly, as they see fit).

As you unearth the Waters slowly, the Core parts of the Octopus will begin to appear. They need food, water, a place to stay and all that: they are humans after all, no matter how much Supreme Power they wield. I don’t need to map the rest… I’m done with the Project (how many years); at this point, I am a little too Universal, to pick sides. True seekers will know that You, YOU! The Reader!, are the Storyteller… you build the world the way you see fit. Chaos is a lie; Chaos is just the limitation of Intellect. This is why a good grounding in the Heart is the first step to any process of elevation (or expansion). Trust me on this one, brosisos.

Let me hear your Stories while I sip some wine and mash Up+DOwn+ H.P (for now) and _____________[End of Transmission].

(not now)… (for later)… the goodbyes were in Wave 1 as well. I couldn’t see the Moon yesterday Night because of the clouds… well, for a short period, yes. I don’t like Spoilers! I also love Surprises! Everyone’s telling their story… so are They (The Tower) … so are THEY (The Gods)… So are THEIR [ ]

Meanwhile, in a Mindscape Somewhere

[ Watch this

to the Music of:

The Original


“Nice, I loved the Symbolic Gameplay” to SilentQuick-X and the Mysterious Gamer who Co-Op Played the Game with me that Night in Nob Hill.

Turbo C++ Sound.h

Don’t read into the next song title and name that much; except in its beautiful construction, musical and makutoxical.

[[ Defense Against the Dark Arts: Proceed with Caution]]

On the matter of Nightly sexual beings who torment you with hypnosis and real-time etheric stimulation, there are simple things to be discussed. In Tantra there is an erroneous notion that all of Sukra(essence) or Semen is to be pumped up the spine through the waxings and wanings of the All-Water Moon. You can translate this into a metaphysical understanding of your ancients with a little research. If this ‘pumping claim’ is true then Sukra-Charged Asexual Geezers and Geezerinis would be levitating to Mount Shastha every Sunday for Brunch and Munch. In Tibetan Systems, and in Experiential Systems, your mental-activity=chitta-activity will be in synchronous with body activity, ethereal and tangible-real. So if your pumping the Gems out, the Treasure Chest will have 10 or so broken lockpicks and some heat. Fuck O Show! It’s not a Show! Investigate O’ Show(deltaT[0 profit][underground fame MAXed out in Tibet]). I digress (stares at Und Maximillian Ribbets). The method I will describe has side-effects of an esoteric nature, which is why I do not employ it. Get a Cat is the easy solution but the Cat’s not going to be able to take the heat and games. They mess with Animals too; the Dogs of Adayar Simulation:Investigate. If you LVL up the Cat too hard, you’ll become the KittensRuleTheInterWebzOurOverlords!AllHailOwlKitty!

So you’re asleep and the Driver(real you) is with the undeys (fruit of the loom), and the hypnotized zombie (during all hypnosis, forced, overt, pervert, subvert etc) is dreaming of Sarah Palin mowing down the fields for crops, the region in the Nethers will tingle more than a little! HO HO HO! Santa is up the Chimney! If one dreams of Einstein’s World, Santa will be up in the Eye. So divert the flow of prana and create a block in the Nether. It works, but expect down-time in shitting which is not comfortable. Charged Stones and an Elephant Bung Bag around the region can block incoming, but Not Super Incoming signals. It’s a shied-strength thing. So if you’re in the High Circuit, consider getting wakeful night guards; or the ancients, new and old, talk about the creation of ‘elemENTARYNot’ (not a sub-reddit affiliated work… just because I buy National Geographic (hypo) doesn’t necessarily mean I support MurdoC Foxxers. But this is to be remembered:

Nothing is Untouchable… that makes no sense. You think of the Sun, and you’re there. at least in the sense of energy/chitta being One.

No Aliyans… just higher modes of Understanding. I still have a conference call during the morning liberation-of-the-masses. Specify the Ontology. Mexican? Russian? Last time I checked All my Mater Madre is Earth Material; that said, Moby once said, We are all made of Stars. Hypocroooosis Krosis Bal Bahadur Shahstiri Svaha().

Flash News: Ancient Extra-Solar System Svahaahahaha detected.

Investigate the Indian coverage of the Three Moon Discovery and the debate between an Asstronomer and a Gastrologist. [I’ll have my assistant [your perception] fix the spellings; if you’re so good, keep reading, and stop being blocked by simple words you understand. Glyph

—– This stone construction might be useful before you do a ritual: wedding, shedding, ayahuasca, solstice etc, Samhain, and this thing called Balloween.

Samhain, Samhain….

Let’s read:

“Because the Celts believed that the barrier between worlds was breachable during Samhain, they prepared offerings that were left outside villages and fields for fairies, or Sidhs.

It was expected that ancestors might cross over during this time as well, and Celts would dress as animals and monsters so that fairies were not tempted to kidnap them.”

There is no barrier or two worlds. It is all One. No Hell. No Heaven. A Spectrum of all there issssssss in flux. It is one’s perception into the self-well of Truth that one can bring the Truth out, as we do naturally with growing-up(not an age thing: you already know that).

But there is a significance to every ritual: Time set aside to do the Things that really matter Eternally, at least in the memory of those who were, and those who still remain.

May be you know them in other names as other people past unreal real archetypal anti-archetypal-ifSuchAThingExistsEternally, children of the same Soil. This isn’t Physics, so leave your Intellect down by the first step to reach Higher. You let go nothing because you stand on the step of Intellect that will grow with the other layers if you do it right… that’s very very hard because you are not going to be able to do it alone in the woods one with just a small part of the forest.

Sorry ButtTube Indexing Awesomeness and my not-specific-enough-lazyFirstClickCozSearchEnginesSoSmart

You have to pay em some Brittoleans, but BUTT too these days. They’re occulting more things in this short time span than in any other periods. Yes, they agree.

Not a Sinister thing; ask the real Druids (not a Lineage thing)… if they don’t speak to Animals and Plants, dafuq kind of Druid are you?

[My Life Story not your Butcher Cultural Gala programme [Biennial herbs flower] sponsored by Parle-G, Onida TV, Don the Game, KamasutraOutOfStockIn5000Prints[Kamasutra Playing Cards!], Amitabh Bachan’s Crocodile Beanie during the CoviD-1999 simulation]

Yes! Modi is indeed the Fashion King, that even makes Madam Merkel turn her head in serene compassion for the memory of that trip to varanasi where she sipped 10 rupee chai for the first time with Herman Boneshlinger.

Did you recover the Crocodile Hat of Athanor from the Interweb?

Let’s make a meme with that hat: Let’s put it on your favorite fashion peoplefacebookSubredditNot4ChanBoardThing.

Did you Investigate Him, at all? Before you march underwear over your lungi, if that’s even possible…. yes…not quite swimmingly.

I joined the crowd during Halloween, you know. In Rome, do as the Romanarians do. Or do the Touch Naga Temple in Nettur and They Divine a complete purification of that temple section. The Joke is on You. Abraham Lincoln, PirateBro(bad pic by Santell..actually got very lucky in the club[betterThanYourHubbySonBrofloski], Hannibal Lecter Caricature of Society in The Downward Spiral class play for Non-Majors Non-Graded Acting EXTRA++ FREE Class, Sub-Zero, and the AssTronaut with the Globe (Globe was destroyed when Alberto confused the Globe for Fifa 2000).

Do what ya want to do, Candy-Hungry ChocolateVampires.

“Belief in Common-Old truths is for the weak, they say”, Maximillian utters

A Shell I say is

It’s kind of strange, isn’t it? When you think you Samhain, you think of Vikings Party Episode when they all Shroom Hard… nothing evil. When you think of Halloween, you remember the film Hocus Pocus, that is now being screened in The U.S ‘sellingly’.

Campy so blends with Maynard’s acting skills (ask the Experts)… That Grudge SCREEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! is 1/0
Mine yourself because Some people just love the Samuel L Jackson SNAKES ON THE MUTHAFUCKIN’ DAVOS!

Good thing I can interface (have fun doing it, not always, Porattu Kochi) without faking it.

Caste System (Not Leary’s Ontology):

There is a thing called Disposition and the change in it, and the need to do what one has become. It’s not in the Genes, Ninja’s Big (little) Sister said in MGS:1. Hideo Kojima is a Visionary fighting vision-pission not-capitalists but Cultists.

The Mindfuck, which is based on the real, that Raiden goes through in the final combat will (and must, if it is good game) affect the psyche of the player. If your girl-of-your-dreams is a spy designed and the General you trust is an AI, how the fuck are you going to fight SolidusWasAPresidentOnce.

Your voice adapts to the Baraka of the who-do-you-speak-to-the-most. My Dramyin Instructor’s Baraka (i felt it up the spine) affects (in a good way) the nature of my singing, his songs. However, I don’t think I’ll ever take up the career of entertaining people; like somehow, some people, want you to cater to their needs of being amused. If you think, this is a Show of some sort, then Hallelujah! It’s all a …….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmexperiencewith1hundredpercentInternalTruth5percentBridgeIsARiotTruth

and 109% of You Interfacing with a Billion Truths all claiming to Know It ALLLLLLLLL!

Not that there is a problem in having an original opinion! That’s actually what we need to fix all the mess we’ve created in our quest to win FIFA PerpetualControl!

[The Surprising thing to those-they-cannot-internalize-A-Foreign-Language is that There are Many who get it… Many… I don’t want to give you a number. If you understand, really understand, then you BE that which you are meant to be. No Clones in Wonderland.]

I seem to be communicating better than your best mates, to some. Are they infected with an Idea because they are Surrealists or Live in Magic Realism (Carrington: Thank you Doc. Haines)? They will implode your imperfect models with process-fuzzed conversions (Makuti, you know) to keep you where you are, as they evolve faster. It is a Race in the Pyramid; I don’t race, I interFaaceUPUPDOWNDOWN.

You may see many dominant cultural influences in this project. As I said, this is not a Cultural Gala. Your kids are raised by the Internet, Mommy and Daddy Market. Truth?

Their Game (with Berserker Intensity with hyper-advanced Technology that beats 100 Kyle Broflovskis (you know the episode) ) is Always On. Thoughts, Energy, Threads that bind you into their cage of Limit-The-Mind-of-The-NotOurGroup.

They Agree. It’s a Jungle, so why are you surprised. You created Terminator 2 and the cool-swearing among the Manos Maaa Ruined.

In Battle, there are those possessed by a Raven, not just in Alaska, but also in Ghana; they reflect Old Things New. Did Obama get a real time update on his Drone strikes? Noble Peace Prize. Do you look to authoritative established figures for your archetypal story? Or do you look into the OverRealm of Possibilities?

I enjoyed Joker but not the Archetype of Pure Chaos and Evil he Became in his ‘First-Homicidal-Artist’ Project

The Joker out-shadows Batman in one sense, the Gaming Sense. The Joker has nothing to lose; But Batman is still a Human with ties to the past, present, and future. He has no value for Privacy in his role as a Dark Elf… to the disappointment of even Morgan Freeman OtaoKoN (should I know the label and its required dressing material?).

You know that scale, Hermes Price Tag photograph. Was that an exercise in Vanity or a realistic estimation of how you see the World, In Its Entirety.

Even Seth Rogan, who got paid more than another Joker Actor Candidate in the Sony Hacks Film: KOREA WINS!, is wooed by Tom Cruise’s? Keanu?’s Bike Collection.

So before you bring your yard stick, perform the following rituals: Spend some time in the mirror, Tailor yourselves in the Truth, and walk out , if IDareU.

Halloween Tonight! So no one will think you’re Crazy.

Grave of Fireflies if you’re not Mooning every now and then like it’s a procession every second.

In the next Joker Film, give the Joker the ability to empathize with everyone like psychomantis, but without losing his Inner Reality of “Hahahahahaha”, to outmatch Elon Musk Sergey Brin Arthur Wayne Bruce Bane’s immense wealth and privilege. It should feel like a game, to keep the tempo up, but as a Song in the Infinite possibilities of playing music in the Cabin In The Woods: Make Batman a Shaman for Brownies, like that special comic release Doctor PyschoactivePlantsBible can’t stop raving about.

I haven’t read it yet, but the Old Doc keeps yapping on about it in the book (in a gentle funny friend kind of way… not as a pompous academic who shits guld).

Max Leyf and Amanda Slaymaker have soome Alaskan roots, and their actions made me write down the nexus of many groups. We’re still not even if you want to crib about the DosAndDonots that I was not Hoooman-Initiated into. I am under no initiation contracts or affiliated with any secret societies. You don’t become a Republican by going into Trump Tower New York, do you?

… Phew! Sorry the teleconference thing distracted me from the movie for some time; this movie made me sad and very very angry at the same time. Angry not at this thing with that name or that nameless thing that’s everywhere. We discussed the metaphysically non-viable option of the Butchery Land where consciousness dimnishing Vampires can all gloomily live their version of Reality; but do you think Earth or Mars would want to host such a self-focused Cancer? That’s what some of you are … A Cancer to Good Things. It’s True. That’s what Many of Us have become, BY DESIGN. Next time you feel sorry for yourself, remember that the Grave of The Fireflies is happening right now, not in Japan, but in other Khajit and other group places. That American Syrian Lady spy was gaming, but she was telling the Truth when she told me that the refugees were not fleeing from ISIS, but from American and Russian Military Gifts.

I wrote this guide as an experience in managing certain emotions by chaneling them when required in the Jungle of Malice. I just picked out two label Nations; if you were offended, get an Education! Free Now For PROFIT!

If you were expecting a party, this is it… and many other things too. What do you want to do?

Not a spoiler: Some members of the Vampire class opted to head straight to the SpiritWorld’s Metaphysically Efficient Section for <their Mirror Reality:CustomizedWIthInfinitePowerByAnInfiniteForce> (kill themselves) as opposed to the Switch Card Sacrifice.

Let’s lift our Wine Cups for their Exit. At least Mother Earth can rest better without those rusted nails.

Smile solemnly. Salute to the Fools.

[Builder Quest: Establish Communication with them to Learn of that world… mark energy-maintain-shadow etc.]

I don’t know, when War Pigs kill themselves, it warms me up, like a Teddy Bear that’s always Happy, that you can Hug or something.

I salute the Lady who agreed to the idea of Killing Rupert Murdoch outside of the Botanical Garden of San Francisco. She told me about the National Geographic Acquisition. The Snuff Film Department of the Overworld is excited by this prospect.

True Story, Dude. WhiteLabel Lady Mid-40s Expressing Her Heart.

I am a non-violent guy, but i’d watch that snuff film with coke and grilled chicken. 500$ is reasonable for a copy, if this is not going to make it to the Internet.

[I’d like to personally work with the Scorpions (Assassin’s Guild) in making their activity strictly non-violent; but they think I’m a wuss…]

After Grave of the Fire Flies, I am forced to write a Hit List down that’s too outdated-too filled with scape-goats. I’m guessing the war criminals are incarnated as those tortured canis familiaris that hang around funeral pyres in Varanasi.

Invest in Investigation so you don’t look like a Duck, in hindsight.

Moon Shine Time… Let’s Enjoy the Real Costume on Halloween Night.

Makes you lose your appetite for Sushi, sorry. But Shawarma YUM YUM!

Citing Wiki: (you make it academic by fixing the issues in references, additional investigation, newspaper clippings, psychic Overloaded Mentats etc.)

“Settle Down, Shamino”, a Brittania Voice.

The BreakAH:

Things got a little heavy with the Boys yesterday. There was a lot of fighting, The National, Randy Marsh, Gossip, Skyrim and other things.

I think we all agree that we need to take some time off to reflect. Focus on the eternal principles rather than the Pooter Patent will enable you to level up faster. For Real.

Until then, I will re-enter the lands of Skyrim, pretending that the Bad Dragons in the game are a reflection of our own (not so finely tuned) lack of resonance with the Grand Play. I am not going to stream my gameplay because I like to fool around a lot. I will very likely join the Thieves Guild and get the Imperial Guard’s Low Caste Veil. I will also join the Assassin’s guild and commit ultra-video-game murder if I find the character is worthy of the Coin dropped in the Temple. I will pick that gal companion, Lydia? Hopefully you haven’t animorphed her face to something else.


[Bookworms can refer to old content or look at the Ton of references and references in the references to be Productive]

This isn’t Davos.

Thank you for Your Music! Your Movies! Your Games! Your Sacred Texts! Your Images!

I’m feeling less and less like a Swedish Party Pirate now.

It’s not Hereditary, so switch your learning-environment to a foreign location, if you want to maximize your learning.


Tonight’s Movie: Grave of The Fireflies (Anime): It was a really old idea to combine reaction gifs to the movie’s ending in one massive Turbo gif; at least 10,000 people. Did not ‘steal’ that from Codame or anything.

People crying to Grave of The Fireflies {best gifs} {global} in one big-ass GiF file. You host. You produce. Crowdsource. Us.

Movie Start Time: 7Sh (Ask the Boys to sync up) (or the Shadow Watcher Girls to sync up).

I have a Choice. Delta T for the watchers. I want to maximize our output without burning too hard and sucking at Live Shows, Momfortlandia and sons.

it is highly recommended to buy songs that you like if you can afford it; if you have a wide spectrum of taste, use the Interrrrnet. It is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to get the music OFFLINE, rather than using Parasitic Streaming Services like Youtube and ShutupFly! Fox (National Geo) on Google Youtube.

Google is the biggest Pirate group hosting (knowingly) many weird content… CSRFing views because their Database is Read-Write for many r00ts, including Aurora(China!).

I killed Sergey and Jesper in the Waters in Wave 1. Know the difference between [admit you don’t get i-imaginary numbers]

I am not some retired fart with a plaque that says “remember when I used to be Batman”; The Boss fights and the ChakraVyuhams are imperceptible to those who only see gossip.

I aim my face at some of you; just some of you; Gurgle some sputum (Titanic Style):


Now Wear That As A Badge, Mother Killers

Enjoy the standard of the Original Memes, Internet:

Totem is *

Lydiaaaaaaaaa! (Guilty: Communication not Profit, actually a lot of profit in terms of Names-I’ve-Been-Called)

I know Lydia is a program; but most girls I was romantically involved with during the inception of the Antares Revolution started to act weirder than Windows95YipppeWHATWHATNOW?

*Ratan liked my inappropriate Philosorapter Corporate Upload

* hit Reddit front page 2-ce; hows’ that for a Lurking Parasite?

Username Unknown… meh

Don’t use Google’s Image Index, if you can’t filter past their Narrative-Push. What a Fucking Evil Company! Phew!! At least I saw Zepperela Live! Fuck your plan to control humanity with Tech.




>join #worldLobby

>nick player1

They want to remind you that we are all Animals and that Predator-Prey relationships exist not just between species. In a way, you do the same, less elegantly, with your children, friends, neighbors, Comrades, Bros, SIsos etc. Will that Change? That’s their White Flag. They know, so don’t answer.

>Question? Follow-Up?

The Supreme Law is that of <nods head><cries><laughs><…>

Question? Follow-Up?


>The Forest has no_____

This is why, everyone agrees, Metal is inducted into The New-Old-Timeless-Classical School of Expression; not Dullards.

[Since this isn’t really working out for Everyone->

??? Your problemo man

They are still dwelling in 15 year old things from the pssst, because if the Focus is on Pokherized or some of the recent shenanigans, they’ll build a more real (current) picture.

The Eagle, The Snake, The Bear all come from the Primordial Ones who are Children of the One most High (Up Up Boss Guy and Wife who are really One)

You don’t get Totems, Anthropologists[generallySpeakingNotTheMasked2Timers]… you’re just fan boys and fan girls.

[Not all the Cops are ___ ]

In the land of Surya Nelli, the Detectives (Akkare, Akkare, Akkare) try to pin a tail on the Aunty Christmas of Babylon.

Send your baggage to Yo mampampersmas, not the UPS Man!

[The Mother Father Fidelity Test for Everyone: let’s explore all bios in the Arcanum. Your Mom = How Many, Your Dad = What Did He Do (what’s in a number() some interviewer asked Mohanvaal ]

The Shed gets a Progress Report on AristoCrazy…[Let’s not go to that parking Lot]

The year is 2020, peeps. You are jaded faded memory-alteration(free) exotic machines for them. Very Exotic! That’s it! Like that Paradise Bird:

Who interrupted his Morning Singing (Time to say Gooooooosball)
many years ago… so appropriate to joke about

Our Communication Skills have Leveled up Immensely!

Jam that Thumb Up that Word essence correlation (BUNG)

Burning of the Word is the act of liberating true meanings out of <kuuu kuuu jyaa jyaa yippe yayi yoooo>

Sing Along

Nailed it: Biology Labels

Spiritual Labels agree!

Shed elders agree

Jungle… Download:

Ads… The Game does not exist here… spiders weave and they have been replaced/are being replaced. Not your Numba 1: Mirror, Mirror, the Veil brings out The Truth.

Fort Cochin played very well that day; even the Overlords could not take it with inaction. Ask the Vatican.

Intentional for-focus alchemy and ‘some people’, their Good Sides, their Bad Sides, Hoooman! Hoooooman!

Thanks for leaving the In-game narrative more interpretation-flexible!


You’re in the List because ____ [ABCD..ZED not ZZZZ though Zee makes sense].

You see what I meant by having a Commentary Overlay. Those Philosophers really read into The Matrix in the BlueDisk version.

Walkthrough Built=In right?
Dragons are Immortal Beings- Seraphim/Naga/John3:14/___all the other variants i did not cover!


I waited in line even though steam! Make it a Ritual!

This is my 1st time watching a Snuff version of this on Youtube… the old stuff was very American Funniest Home Videos; the Internet Remembers, only conveniently.
Who’s the only one laughing now? Everyone

Woah! That is a knockout everytime, especially when things get National.

Reminded me of a few things, but this i want to push:

He cut the best part and posted his Disciple Hair ISHTYLE Facebook

I want that Archetypal boost that Randy gets in the end!

At 19:07 (Matt and Trey Pirate their own shit, but damn it feels good to host your own content): at 19:07

Used to be the Best… Randy; till he went on a tour to China with Mickey and caused Bovine-1forSomeSomeForNone

Feels like a remix after so many Years…. [Astral Sensor]

Better than Death Stranding, I am told by Reviews.

The Philosophers are pretty LVL 80+ you-don’t-need-to-meet-them-in-person-to-be-gamed material. They wield all occulted ancient knowledge; though there is much debate in its interpretation back in the day, everyone is clear on some essential things. To the Makuti Department: They’re still 5000 B.C ing hard; no one is surprised.

Good thing there is an excellent system in place, since ancient times, to keep track of all HOOOOMAN activity; let’s make sure the Mystery Men do not throw fine cutlery at the Elder House Party. Psych Profile PanTera’s Box.

ei, ye ol’ cuckoo pinches are nothing compared to the Auswitch TEKKENTAG IQUITOSBRUJOLEAGUE. Know the ol’ mid-wives’ tale?

Auswitch was discovered by the Gelugpa after the Chakra Garlic Manipulation Incident.

I’m just the Map creator… scanning the Organism, never One at a Time. Buzzzzzzz.

Proceed with Caution, Player 1 (YOU)… The Safest Path for Everyone Is Through Water (ApprovedRulesSchmoolezMyTABALARASAGULLA (still being schemed) by your Pyramid Top) 🙂 We ya’ll at Davos!!!

They will (as expected) enjoy their liberty (and knowledge) of the not-so-cool Shadow Watching and Parasiting as their perceived goals of Guarding the RowdyBunchOfKindergartenersByDesignShineLimited.

[Roaring Approval!]

What is your response? or question?

[They believe in G_d/0 and all the principles; they also believe in their divine self-worth and their artistic responsibility and instinct for fashioning the World in their Image]

Q? Follow=up?

They Know. They e-read, bio-read, ether-read etc. They know each one of you (potentially) better than you know yourselves. That is Power.

Q? Follow=up?

The Oldest Trick in the Book: Oh, the Mirror of How worthy art thou in measuring [self-worth/ethics/goodthings/love], when they can do the same with you more accurately. You don’t even know who they are. Bill Gates is a puppy who yippe yayi yees; Zuckdawg is a dollah-chump; you don’t know their names, and you do. The Janitor? The Lottery Ticket Person? Not a Class thing… that is a [benchmark-Lego] thing the kids play around with.

What did the Philosophers do to Angie? Written before the Song was written. Obv! oCD BSD

Are they running things or let things run the way they want to run? Human Resources Department :: Employee Success Head (ex) was a Cougar (Salesforce). Nope.

Not another Monica Fallbush; not a Bill too… Just a honey eyed tease.

Including results for monika employee success salesforce
Search only for monica employee success salesforce

Search Results

Web results

Monika Fahlbusch

Copy Pasta…. Investigate Her Firing and the Executive Boards for a modeled reality of their mindset without the $ component.

Things are changing…

You decide or They decide?

Is this a School? last time I checked, this is We’re All Living In Rammstein Land!

“The UPS Guy Kicks Asshen”, a squeaky grinding turbotonic voice from the distance.

Who Really Runs Things? That is the Question.

[ who is Jiffy of Nepal? Bad Joke…. haha]

Something Very Creative, at least the Skeptics will agree.

A little Out of Date:


Meanwhile the Makuti Department sponsors Music that Defines many Generations! Great stuff! Some bits of xyz and Gold! Lots of Gold, Francium, and Ultra-Tutonium-m93

The Oculus Rift Girl

What’s her Story? A lot like Mr. Jackson. A Pedo was busted in the Team… Investigate the Webscape Goat

7:54 of Global Communication Maiden Voyage. Unofficial Extension? Let’s see how good it is… with the Waters.

Lift OFF… LIFT OFF… That Signature … That curve before the Ascension… feet to the ground head to the crowning polestars of Infinity.

Everyone! Fly! Until Gravity becomes a matter of ‘Grounding Something’ to all possible harmonies.

We stopped…. landed somewhere high.

Nice Song-Expansion!

Lunch Break with Sam Und Maximillian Rubbits

Live Action Star: James Dolph as Sam (just his Angelic Cyan side please: they have the same voice PLZ)

Watch when you’re free… let’s take a mini-fun-pill for now IN

Johnathan Brossard as the Brood Witch (authored RakshasaPaysam Combilllerrr)

2:53: That was the work… Sybil is FREE as opposed to the finely catered set of options. That guy from Conversation 16 Mad Men Salesforce Co-Founder

3:57: It’s not literal… i know I’m a little annoying in interrupting you (that data paraglideweeeeeeweeelike mmeeeemeee). They don’t literally eat brains, the Minions. Psychic spies from ___ Try to steal your mind’s elation… They push their messages… no Get out of Here for Facebook Family Time (like Count measurement analysis selfie ops)

Skip to 8:34: Don’t do LlVE cos people can click hyperlinks to their place for a fresh() everytime not all the time… the pool! … it’s all weaved

At 11:09 I want to Mirror the commentator’s experience with Bath Salts.. What? You mixed me up with MaCappaccuninochio.

How about a dual-audio track overlay for Game Music-GameplayFocus and Narrator YipYap in case we just want the former. Quality Control.

I’ll play the damn game! with or without blockers that kill the flow of the experience. If you want to be seen as mr. smarty pants find solutions to real world problems, not pindatonic 112 IQ Score or GRE Bund Results.

wooaw… didn’t expect that in a Children’s Game. I’m not a Brony but that Brony presentation at work. UFFFF.

It is… the chimp in Svayambhu

Investigate his Count++:++Count;Count=Cunt*Count123;

At 0:56 I induct Hollo-Korn to the cult of people putting things on top of things. The Juxxxxxxxxtapoooooooozzzz-er-s-and-inis

Induction is Solidified with that ENDING! That was Pokherized Realoded for me.

All is Alchemy, not just the Patros of Sarvam among the other Patros and Madres of the .

I used to like Jung; it only changed when I realized that he was forced to hide things that have to stay ‘occult’ for his own well-being over the collective elevation of Knowledge.

Don’t Pry Open… when you’re ready, the System knows ahead of you in infinite time units. Those who know. Those who play. Etc. Etc.

We addressed the Label issue together in previous mind-games: It’s not so much about what you call a thing –Romeo and Juliet– it’s more so about its essence in Being, Though, Action, Pseudoaction=Simulation, Emulation(SubconsciousNarratives) and Degradation(Oh! Diana… you got the Monroe Song when you were a Tigress of Royal WTF BRAVE Actions)


Lot of Brittania Biscuits were dipped in Lover-Archetype Loss among the men (I was in 5th?th grade)

Balls made Classy. Without the Swearing and all the other tools of the E-Trade.Bung

Or this Song:

For Diana or other Fallen ——> who? nusaalthan thulyaaq bhai? dafuq is he?

Diana was/is a Lover Archetype… had it all, could have kept it hush-hush no blush-blush, HERE”S THE TRUTH, YA’LLLL; but lost it to Dominion.

Walk in NO FEAR (Brand Logo)
Head to DianaLand?

Rivers of Live(as in be fully)

Watch not in Chrome because of their weird layout ADSS etc RecoMundations

Music is a Ritual in Vibration? What’s new, Doc?

No Cussing…. Liberate your Minds MumboFrickenschlaaang! [in Rammstein Voice]

I didn’t pick the album art; all religions now are more or less twisted by design. They play Twisted Metal Gear Solidus Ultera with people [MindCraft].

Seatbelts tight, alllalala right?

[Multiplayer Support was already installed… they gave you a Boss Fight Narrative, so you belched first]

“Oh! Jeepers!” That Internet Meme Old Lady voice…

Read along then Watch along

What channel is The Netflix?

I made more memes than all of you parasitewonetheScars!


/me mehs

opens jpegviewerinASCIIDafuqLinux?

Saw them Live at Slim’s [WIN]

Underrated would be the best available word.

They looked a lot different from the end of the Slim’s BEEEEEER! BEEEERR! VOLKERDING! alert(109);

Yeh- without the edits, it’s kind of very telling, huh?

Those Guitarists speak in overt secrets… guess guess the lead?

You can Always Leave, CalifornicationHotel. Who is Parasiting whose click-click-nom-nom Plaza? Everybody, Nobody, Somebody, Mrs. Peabody chuckles gurgling her wine (Chablis). Mr. Pindahar (the Nepali Kid who is being puppeteered by forces ) sits in Julliiard (for real) to master the Harmonica. The Guild Challenge for the Card. Comfortable Life learning the Harmonica under the Masters. Teach him to play his own song, and I will admit you to be the True Mustards of Music.

Accept ?YES! #childabuseStoppedElevatedSlumdogBilliardonaire

It will be like that Pip story from Dickens. Arthur Nepali National Anthem Re-Creator Narrative.

chant “Para E-Sites” as you walk up the
The 9th Gate BE OPEEN ARRRRRRRRRRRRR… where be my apple? Roberto! you stole the … FUUUUUUU[Insufficient Memory 1028 (2 powa 10?calc.exe>py) ) MUGGING Perks, 1028… Turbo C++ Jaizmon Traps

[American History Lesson: People had the right to bear arms Not against Covid-19… The people didn’t level up to the evil]

They have caves and ISSes, you know

Current Definition of the Word Sudra: People who need to earn Money and use resources in a limited fashion…. you define. Eg: Bezos, Gates, Muskrat(homiebama4.0) etc.

ALWAYS THE SAME, sorry Granny meme, Pyramid, huh? New faces, New skills, New songs, and bungs with cups.

[The ads reflect the nature of reality… i can’t unyoutube adblock for you: your sticker world… post em all]

Don’t Literal, preggers

[[ For the rest of the old timers here, watching the Shed reaction is like watching “stop the device you are operating” during a kidnap comedy! wholesome film. They Muslimgauzed you a long time ago, Chungakullam Shed ]]

Movie Night: The Warrior /Saw it in Theatres/ 2ice? But will ARRR it for now. Cast Okay with it? Thumbs-Up.

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