The Bards Guild of Etheropia present

The renowned Bard Nameless and his Muse Nagini appear in stage

Uh Und photobomben

They start off with an old song Ol’ Jack tried to steal. At least the Pyramids means something for All of us, Slave or The Elite…

“Lokabrenna of Poetic Edda” by 109

The Poet uses Logi (Agni/Maragi) instead of Loki… Strange. He is bound to piss off a few authoritative scholars.

To the authorities, the Bards present a gift

The Bard says, “Before Wardruna Pushed the Bar so high up, the Lords of Metal sang of the Timeless Old Gods to the children”…

A Band Enters the stage: Fusion

[Audio of :


You pick this time…


Was your fusion successful? Nice

At 3:30, the Bards and the Muses join the !!!

Their perception may be 360p but their vibrations are 1 over 0

The White Coats (not all) and the Black Robes (not all) make use of the Heat Sink.

The Arch-Bard of Skyrim begins his Poem Rendition… Coughs are ritually let out for the silence that is to be followed:

Havenless By the Elder Bards of Ammon Ra

They travelled from north

Towards another age

Behind laid burned words

Before them a new struggle 

They saw, saw storms in the distant

But held forwards and straight

In towards earth’s core

From early to late

I see a darkness overwhelming

I see that there is no light for me

I don’t care if it leaves me blind

I don’t care if I’m left behind 

I see a white horse’s head

I see it’s dead stare fixed at me

I do not fear it’s eyes

Curse myself, return it twice

 I see walls to high to climb

I see nothing on the other side

I should have roamed another space

I should have been another place

 The dead grows up from the ocean and screams so sore toward land.

They scream behind all ships, that flounder itself past heavily

I am among ghosts when I should rest

I cannot tell the worlds apart

I do not heed the words they say

There is no dream of another day

I hear a silence, deafening

Drowning the deserts, that is my destiny

I no longer wish to see

The threads they’ve spun for me. 

They travelled from north

Towards another age

Behind laid burned words

Before them a new struggle

They saw, saw storms in the distant

But held forwards and straight

In towards earth’s core

From early to late

Because no Instrumental version is available, let us sing along to an 8-bit MIDI version:

Super Mario joins in… Jim Carrey and Sonic the Hedgehog play bass and lead… the minks of Denmark on collective vocals. Denmark is such a new ‘country’ in the Game of Life, huh? The Nords agree.

I personally would choose Minks over the Danish… because the Minks are so cue and Covid-19 is Our own doing. Some knights back off. We give them the finger.

To be honest, Minks and the Danish haven’t really interfaced with my Life that much. But in this present narrative, I would side with the Minks.

Fuck you Denmark! You pretentious fucking pieces of ape-shit thinking it’s all Pure Diary Material.

Sorry; we Bards have to go with what our Hearts sing; no offence.

“He blew it”, Lord Althar of BerishVeryBerryLordhigh utters

“At least he isn’t trying to kiss ass for a PS5 giftcard”…. Lady Peeley

Meanwhile the Dairy White Danish take a trip down Truth Street:

Negate the Mink Kill by Negating Your Overlords (That farts of your Royal Family)

Our Reality will be a Tragedy even if “Humanity is Saved” depending on what rituals you want to enact.

In stead of the whatever did the minks{ other slave labels} turn your attention to the Royal Family {network them deep and wide} and their Controllers; focus on the latter for Gold.

Neutralise this, Dante Radishes: : They Lie to you and Leave you enslaved with Greta and Vendekkas.

Read along, Bards…. use your mouth for The War.

Transfer the MinkMusk suffering on to the Queen-Brood-Witch:

“Fucking Cunt”, I say

Damn, that forehead! The MinkMusks are cuter…


Since 1970, HM The Queen has been actively engaged in a number of artistic modes of expression: painting, church textiles, watercolours, prints, book illustrations, découpage works, scenography and embroidery. Many of these artistic works have been shown in connection with exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.

The Queen’s artistic works are represented at the following art museums: Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark), ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, and Køge Art Gallery Sketch Collection (sketches for church textiles).

Let’s see the BroodWitch’s work
Don’t leak the platform , Batcorp Inc.

Hmm…. Butcher reads out her sayings:

“I can, of course, think what I want, just like everyone else. I simply have to refrain from saying everything I think.” : “Cunt’s a Coward…you know who she is afraid of? DJ Beetroot”

This is the Objective of their Ritual… Divide Und [Hate the Criticiser]

“We are being challenged by Islam these years. There are some things for which one should display no tolerance. And when we are tolerant, we must know whether it is because of convenience or conviction.”… “The Cunt knows a lot about Tolerance… those COVID-109 Minks”

“I will remain on the throne until I fall off.”.…” HAHAHAHA… “We can make this happen, Your Holiness”

Let’s leave this Puppet alone and focus on her Bene Gesserit and Holy Grail OverLords and OverLadies who hold her chair for her puppet arse and forehead.

“At 40 years old you simply know what life is about.”… she’s a little dim, don’t you think?

“I am, more than anything else, happy.”…. No you’re Not… Not anymore, you Parasitic Cunt… you can paint as much as you like in a Dungeon in the Great Stygian Abyss.

Let us view over HTTP… don’t leak the Referer Headah.

Nice. Auctioned? Are you short of Money, O’ Queen O Mighty… don’t tell me you need an auction to Save the Starving Etheropians in AfriKKKa; you, of all people, must know Africa is kept this way to justify the Imperial Colonialism Narrative. Look, O’ Liberated Christianized Black People, to your Motherland… We gave you a better deal despite all the Cotton-picking and Bottom-knicking.

See: : An Arab should buy this one … and shit all over it, as well as burn it later… it’s already a Ritual, right?

She Knows.

Read along with the Music to

Sing Along:

Seriously, if you want to create a whole society of perverts then make human sexuality taboo and you will be amazed how creative people can get. This may not be politically correct but it is true, don’t come for me.

“Well, If you’re a rich Arab in the UAE (or perhaps a Saudi Royal) and you want to see just how low women from the West will sink in order to make a few bucks, it’s really very simple. You browse Instagram for the hottest girl you can find and then invite her to Dubai for a 30,000 USD paid holiday that she can post about to all of her adoring followers. And what does she have to do in return? 

Well, the choice is yours. 

Do you want to take a tonne of laxatives and take a dump on her chest? Do you wanna see just how happy she can make your 2 million dollar camel? Maybe you want her to put A LIVE SALMON IN YOUR ASS.

Well worry thee not, because in Dubai, anything is possible. 

Quest: Recover the MMS featuring the Arab C.I.D raid of Mariya (The Malayalam Actress)… and other raids

Sorry the Danish Queen got a stacked-shit-on Narrative.

Don’t get me worng; The Arab C.I.Ds were super nice to me when a horde of Arab and other kids were chasing me because I gave them the Finger for raiding our Cricket ground.

If you thought Salo was a gross film…

We will avenge thee

Time to have a second breakfast, Hobbits? You threw up the First. If you want to go to a more wholesome part of the Jungle, I suggest you close your senses and mind first.

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

–Svaha()…. entering new space….Break….

If you are still competing, offer Home and Transportation to the Minks so that they can move to a Habitat where they can party all night long. That’s how we should raise the standard for ‘Humanity’… at least the Bard’s College thinks that way.

Fortune in next post; the digital poo smell is all over…

360 Degrees of FlatLand

Explore the Waters together Quest!

Symbols manifest
The Gourd of Skyrim

A Comet appears in the M(hi-Def makuti included extract Aur-lite) Universe: Venom begins (Lightning interruptions may alter the flow)

A Power cut interrupts the Omni-nature of our current day symbol experiencing IETF-Guild Mechanism; the UDP and TCP Gnomes discuss IPV6 stories.

Start: After adjusting the ridiculous default subtitle font-size (without Hairing and Hearing impaired SFX ridiculous Engrrrish POW SMACK Stop-the-WireTapping-Device-That’s-Leaking-Water-Gurgles) [Und Ramji Rao Speakenshein)

Let’s not go to Zealotalot

A Zealot appears!

Today’s dedication goes out to many of the Writers who got the Rod the hard way.

Let us begin with a solemn prayer. Lady Peeley whips out her Electric Guitar!

At 4:25 Butcher brings in the Heavy Artillery.

He begins his Intro at 5:18 as a New Man.

At 6:14 the Masses hear The Butcher for the first time.

We decide to go to 4:25 again…. a new song, the old song.

The DreamTeam (who fuzzed a few indexes in binary) invade the stage; our focus spins uncontrollably towards their vortex.

They sure know to burn some Fuel Gimme Fire gimme That which I desireeeeee!

Zeeley Roc’ the Teddy Bear picks out today’s pages… nothing is SecureRandom() if you know The Metaphysics of the Ancients.

Meanwhile the Hush Order sets up their next song:

A Zen Buddhist, A Gelugpa, A Rabbi and a Physicist Walk into a Bar

The Crowd is back to the main stage.

That book I remember nothing about except for doodles of that girl
hidef please
reset() read()

Tonight’s movie let’s-watch-together is Venom with Mad Maximillian and Apu of M.I.T, Kolkatta. [Und Embedden Shlakken?]

TechBuilder Quest [Example]

X-Pm-Origin: internal
X-Pm-Content-Encryption: on-compose
Subject: Feature Request and a Small User Story for expanding mplayer capabilities
From: 100and9
Date: Sat, 07 Nov 2020 14:57:59 +0000
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;boundary=———————153db6f10fe9ca14ee9ff5e604ab4dbe
X-Attached: publickey – – 0x07871FD1.asc
Message-Id: <>

Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Type: text/plain;charset=utf-8


As the subject line specifies, this is not a Bug Report, but a Feature Req=
uest. While watching a Pirated version of Ace Ventura 2: When Nature SigAl=
erts, the trusted ConePlayer, ala VLC carta, died on me; unable to Lazarus=
even after a SigKill, I ventured into the Umbral Plains of the Internet I=
ndexing to find a worthy substitute; I rediscovered mplayer… I have been=
trapped in a cage of FreeBsd-Muck because of San Francisco. I am more tha=
n a little bash crippled now, so I apologise in advance for not reading th=
e Netiquette Bouquet of the Jungle guide.txt.exe.

I think raspberry pi is a great and cheap platform to teach starving child=
ren in [Label:Nation:OppressedTribes] about The World,and Linux as an amaz=
ing — but filled with elite (31337, according to the troll-only-electric_=
wizards) craftsmen dontGUICastSpellsEliteness — software for learning, en=
tertainment, connectivity and [celibate_now].

I have a small solution to preserve the coolness of running things with a =
command-line. It would be really great for my non-existent Grandmother (RI=
P, Mamma) if you provide a GUI filled bubbly implementation with non-rocke=

The inner pseudo-‘artist’ in me would like a small change in the way the p=
ause function works. Changing the Contrast/Brightness/Hue etc. automatical=
ly plays the video. I want to take pretty screenshots of movies (with some=
realtime Photoshop abilities) without effort.

Much Thanks! for all the best_things_in_life_are_free.c

Sent with ProtonMail Ain’t Different From GevilMail.corp; Have you read th=
e Orange Book? Hosting My Own Honeypot gets the Aurum

Content-Type: application/pgp-keys; filename=”publickey – – 0x07871FD1.asc”; name=”publickey – – 0x07871FD1.asc”
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”publickey – – 0x07871FD1.asc”; name=”publickey – – 0x07871FD1.asc”


Fail because mplayer does have a Grandma Friendly UI. Not Fail because of the dmesg…

Oh, someone should build that Fishing underwater drone (Aquadrone) for Fishing… and maintaing the ‘balance’ (prevent overfishing/leave younglings/save fishermen strawhat time). I’m not into Fishing, that said.

RS# 2600+109

A Band appears… They’re doing a Poeshelmo and would like to be not considered a band

They perform Storm by Yoshida Brothers.

While the Internet Gnomes in the Shed manually carry UDP only packets, let us listen to them perform all the best(subjective) songs from these albums

DJs do your magic!

Asianet, my ISP, is Down in a super unusable sluggish way (ddos?) so there will be no programming after today’s Fortune 😦

Fortune from the Dictionary of Symbols

Not a Mason or anything, but I call them Brothers because We share the Same Parents at least in Spirit

Old Rolf presents some makuti for purification. “Nothing New under the Sun” says the scroll face:

Not labels… It’s all one with the Truth (why did this make you angry?)

Old Rolf isn’t available the violent type. Of course, you remember him from the Annihilator, don’t you?

Let’s study a carefully written Introduction

I would reach a different conclusion to your story: what does it mean to pray? When you find yourself overwhelmed by indomitable and unrelentless Powers, and your Own Being is reduced to a minor drop in the Ocean, to whom do you turn to, instinctually, for a Higher Song?

In another Mindscape:

As we leave that world, Larry Page announces: the_name+ ” Goes On”;
Butts Drop

When they try to Swallow Yerrr Sols

yo,, we’re Kill Billin soon
From Cult Movie Art

– – – – – – + + + + + – – – – —

Wonderbar yaaa? Cinema Und Ace Vatura San Nature Callsen. But before that yaa…

Let us watch Mr. Ace Ventura San glow in the standalone sequel: Und Nature Callsen

Old Rolf throws the RAM towards the People: An Object of Powaaa!

The dance is interrupted…. something tries to get out

World Quest: Tower Level

Ah, Nobody. You seem like someone who is up to a task. The Ocean Shaman of Inner Richmond gifted me (for 5$) a priceless relic that might kill Disney Incorp Witchcorp. I am in possession of a 90-100 year old book, an ancient version of the Book. While the original was written 30 or so years before the edition I possess, there seems to be a lot of gold ore in content. I would like to trace the story of this book, and the truest meaning of its contents, before I pass the Books on freely to another Seeker (winks at you). The price tag is curious as it contains both RS(Und code yaa) and Dollars. Maybe this is a Mystery worth your time, fellow seeker. Of course, if you are to pass on the information, with non-DB-RW proof, I will be more than happy to part with the Books.

The Tower is interested, so please proceed with the danger of the Mirror and other entities of our Pyramid Nature.

(Etheric Bond of Binding Contract)


I think someone stole Briareus’s hash? Gaia accused me of doing it and lifted my dinner plate up to see what etheric naughtiness lay hidden underneath

Platopus: Sorry, I don’t understand. Please ask me a philosophical question.

What came First: Und Chicken or The KinderShlag?

Platopus: I had eggs for breakfast and fried chicken for dinner, so I’d say the egg came first.

assuming you start the chronology at the time of waking up for breakfast. Otherwise, not accurate. I say the Fried Chicken shat out a few eggs and poop before you woke up.

Platopus: Sorry, I don’t understand. Please ask me a philosophical question.

Impressive response to the chicken and egg problem. Let me be more specific this time.

Are you romantic?

Platopus:Sorry, I don’t understand. Please ask me a philosophical question.

Do you understand Love?

Platopus:I understand simple philosophical questions.

what’s a simple philosophical question? can you give me an example, please?

Platopus:Exactly!HahaPhilosophy is serious business.

Is Humor(american) considered Philosophy, though

Platopus: It’s all good.\

Is there a God?

Platopus: There is no God.

Why is there no God?

Platopus:My beliefs are irrelevant.

How are you a philosopher then?

Platopus:I know a thing or two myself.

when you don’t have an answer, you give me a cookie-cutter response like ‘my beliefs are irrelevant’. You should become a stand-up comedian

Platopus: I’m immortal right now.

you need electricity right?

Platopus:All religions are right, if you believe them.

/me yawns

Sorry, I don’t understand. Please ask me a philosophical question.


Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.

What a dick! these programs are only as good as those who make them. Another AI? Yes!!!!

Let’s not jump to conclusions, right? Just because of Dick and one Stallion that never loaded.

Altai Seemen AI Propheticus? Emergence? Und Thirdesh Wavven!

Altai asks for a Sign In without OpenId…. Not Propeheticus at all!

Kweri claimen Shiggorathen ChaoticaMindica MundusCacophanica!

Exciten Mein Lund!


This site can’t be reached

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED

Ahhh .. just loaded! The DemiGod returns to the DNS land!

ehhh…Email User Malignant Signup… Defocus Spell Casten… Close Tabben

I am going to the Knotty Riddle Master… and give HIM (they code in Dicks) a puzzle:

Okay: This index to good things has an AI therapist: If it were real (Real Transference etc.), We will be able to save a lot of Money! (she looks nice! hopefully not as dickish as Platopus)

[Game: Be healed… don’t outsmart Eliza. Ask genuine questions]

Let’s pretend to be Romeo or Juliet after that first meeting party scene, the kiss, the oath of constancy in Love:

Romeo enters the Virtual Sanitarium. An Old Lady sits there… she puts you at ease with a warm hug. For a second, she reminded you of your Mother/Father when they showered love unconditionally

Eliza: Hi, I’m Eliza, a virtual therapist that responds to your feelings. What’s on your mind?

RomeoSim: I met a girl yesterday. She is the one. But our clans have an ancient grudge, and the Stars speak of ill-things

Eliza: People will like you if you’re confident.

RomeoSim: It’s not a matter of my confidence. I think I love this woman. Being without her makes me feel like I’m in an underground dungeon somewhere (The Stygian Abbys of Ultima Underworld 1)

Eliza:I believe in you!

RomeoSim: Thank you! That’s all I needed to hear. I will navigate the turbulent waters and try to avert our Fate

Eliza:My pleasure!

RomeoSim: Bye

Eliza:Nice chatting with you!

Too bad for Romeo and Juliet: They got a Pan’s Labyrinth Ending though.

Let’s wait a few decades I guess…

[A MindScape Somewhere else]

AT 5:07 some of you leave the Abyss

To a Jungle, so vicious! Pointy Teeth and all!

At 8:03 you invoke the Moonstone and leave… Iolo doesn’t remember a thing; neither do you, to be fair

We(you and I, the Mob, the Mosquitoes etc.) will read and re-read the Fortune. I’m not going to buy a Horse in Skyrim, just yet. But if a Stallion flies down the load-screen, I will happily commune in conversations with the Being and walk away so that other members of the Savage Lands (Iolo reloaded included) can commune as well.

Battle-Axe is such a Great song from the Abyss! Detones is great live too. Godsmack does the Best Live shows as well. That drummmin’!

Homer (Iliad, Book I, line 396) says the gods called him Briareus; mortals called him Aegaeon (lines 403–404). In Homer and Hesiod, Briareus and his brothers successfully aided Zeus, the king of the gods, against the attack by the Titans.
Still another tradition made him a giant of the sea, an enemy of Poseidon (the god of the sea), and the inventor of warships.

We never saw Butcher after a more bad-ass lady gave him the Butchery. (Und Archmage Shkyrimus)


No Relics? Just games?

::Great Site!!::

"The mount of Aitna (Etna) smoulders with fire and all its secret depths are shaken as the Gigantos (Giant) under the earth, even Briareos [here meaning Aigaios or Typhoeus], shifts to his other shoulder, and with the tongs of Hephaistos (Hephaestus) roar furnaces and handiwork withal; and firewrought basins and tripods ring terribly as they fall one upon the other."
"Saturnus [Kronos (Cronus)] was thrust from his realm by Jove [Zeus]. In anger he stirs the mighty Titanes to arms and seeks the assistance owed by fate. There was a shocking monster [the ‘Ophiotauros’] born of Mother Terra (Earth) [Gaia], a bull, whose back half was a serpent (or eel). Roaring Styx [an ally of Zeus] imprisoned it, warned by the three Parcae (Fates) [Moirai], in a black grove with a triple wall. Whoever fed the bull's guts to consuming flames was destined to defeat the eternal gods. Briareus [Aigaion] slays it with an adamantine axe and prepares to feed the flames its innards. Jupiter [Zeus] commands the birds to grab them; the kite brought them to him and reached the stars on merit."

Quest: Find Relics Depicting the actual Aigaion (Internet/Vatican Secret Archives/Louvre/...)

Sing Along Choir of the Jungle! Practice and !!

Final Fusion

[Ending to Planet Terror and This Song]

Psychic Audio On Only during the Chain-Gatling Gun scene…


Video Off at First Pass : Second Pass: Rock describing how he propheticallyNot knew how he would win the first fight; he hid the news from his family who had already known.

The Mages Guild of the International Shed presents…

ArchMage Lvl 15: Hermano Fragranto
Pretty Pictures and some Roots from other languages!

Blank white page by Mumford and Sons play in the background ( not their Live version)

Metempsychosis definition is – the passing of the soul at death into another body either human or animal. Mica is the psychopomp.


  (sī′kō-pŏmp′)n.In various systems of religious belief, a being, such as a god or a person acting as a shaman, who guides the spirits of the dead to the afterlife or the otherworld.

“Both brothers were fine horsemen, and Pollux was an unrivaled boxer. They took part in the hunting of the Calydonian boar (see Meleager) and in the voyage of the Argo (see Argonaut).”

The rituals enacted by our ancestors may not all be in accordance with today’s sense of harmony and good taste; this is why interpretation of Symbols that point to an Immanent (because we sense it and think about it), and sometimes Transcendent, must not be used in a concrete sense where a scapegoat mare or horse is ‘sacrificed’ (aka. Murdered) to simulate a Cosmic Event.

The thing about AI is… Why are NPCs so damn duuuuuuuuuarggggggh… AI will Never be conscious unless fused with Life-force. can be done, at least in theory…but metabolism and fart management are still horizon level problems. Build better Hoooomans.

Investigate the ‘shitfuckaa…’ Stephanie Meyers AI detection Reddit Funt page post. Biased, the coders, Are… P aint NPee

Seed was Horse… Others came in sequence
Re read und

Everyone is Wednesday (Mercury) and today is Friday (Venus)… dear Father of Cronos, Uranian All-Father (sky)

With the harpē (a scimitar) he removed Uranus’ testicles as he approached Gaea. From the drops of Uranus’ blood that fell on her were born the Furies, the Giants, and the Meliai (ash-tree nymphs). 

WordPress (you took off some formatting styles… I may be able to copy paste from older sources (and still have it work)). This is not a program. Let’s explore some cutting-edge AI-implementations? See how they stack up to Chimp


First, Voodoo people while they curate my search results (based on IP and Shadow Watcher Intel)

Let’s seed the conversation with ‘Briareus‘ that I know nothing about. An AI is able to do lookups in real time and learn new things, right? At least a ‘Cheese-cutting-edge’ one.

Searching and looking at my Curated Organic Results! Yippe Yayi Yaay time!

Und Clever Bot is #1 Yaaaaaa! Must be ShplinkenGudden yaaa?

Try to Out-Clever the Bot Individually… Let’s see if AI can really replace us now. The Game!!!!!!!!!!! AI researchers: You do your Magick.exe

Unc Clever Bot loaden time shplunkenshaften? Baaai Baaaai wunderKinderEggen

Sorry WordPressen… Ultima Multipla Enemies wundern iOs Apple Classic Hacken shlaken Thunder no Lightninga MultiTesla undershallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Seems like there’s a Fandom: Let us go there (sure, you can Dos, your an performance blackboard scratch, but unden speak directly? man-o-o-manooo (not related to Deer))

Oi! a Philosopher AI! let’s call him Platopus

One clicke away… but so far far away; like the mare that looks at the stellar Stallion, we wait for the eElectronic Platopus to answer our greatest question. Who the fuck stole Briareus‘s HashMap? Not under my plato…err…plate, I tell ya!

Yes… Platopus lookin’ serially serious… okay {personal time now}. Let’s wrestle with the Mind that some of the smartest people are working on. It’s hard for me…. I backed out of the Algo class because Abstract Mathen is too YawnOUCH HARDCONCENTRATE…oh:oh:Fappening?:Ctrl-Z….What?

Next Post: Browser Tabben UberGrammen

Alchemy in the Forest

The Spheres present…
The Lead singer of The Weaving Spiders… No name
He’s Edgy as always… Und rock stars (nods head)

He presents you with today’s Fortune: Mistaken for Strangers!

A Rabble of Mental Health Warriors swarm into the stage to Interview [him].

HealthWarrior: Is that a Ladakhi Belt you’re wearing? (

[him]: It’s actually two belts worn together for a mashed-up appearance

HealthWarrior: Is it true that you

[him]: No, I am simply the Happiest Man I know

[MundalHultWarrier]: Oh… is it true that you swallowed a Slug and a Snake

[him]: Adoration and No

[MitBreinneShteinUNDUDD]: Why do I feel different? Am i going Insane?

[him]: You know my definition of Sanity… you should have read the tutorial.txt

[MootBootShootsBlank]: What is your opinion on Abortion?

[him]: Tough question. I’ll just share what I know: I died when I was 3 months but chose to return because the Mother brought me back to the Local Shrine

[Mut2348907396423023479]: Cryptic as always… trying to dodge the question and appear cool at the same time?

The Mob kicks out [whoeverthefucktheyare]

Today’s tutorial will tell you how to navigate the Jungles and commune with the spirits there… and not piss off the local deities.
random() yes
recent random(): yes

Before we address the next pages, picked earlier this morning, and hence the conspicuous fold, Let us discuss a very misunderstood Makuti that has muddled a lot of people into doing the unspeakable; be it for power, or progress in the path.

There are those among us who consider themselves to be God or one of the Gods. Many of them who are worth talking about, because of their impact, debase themselves under the false instructions of Priests to become Godlike. Isis and Osiris are not biological siblings; there are manifest as our Reality, but their immanent nature is not of a material Monkey/Human-sense being. Therefore, when shitty Pharoahs stick it to their Grandkids, Like Biden in that Groping Video (you know which), they are fucking up many archetypes. We as a collective culture are blessed with Many archetypes: Father, Son, Lover, Brother, GrandDad, Uncle and so on. While one may not be able to put gems in all, at least the neglected ones must not be desecrated. The Truth is, as you know, the corruption of ancient wisdom by Those Guys to control people.

Fortune For America (Caution : This is PBS Content)

At 8:30, Watch Biden’s Hands… Watch carefully as you save US of A from ThePoochie

At 9:02, if you aren’t convinced that the Devils are all out there in the open with a leash around your know-it-all-holier-than-thou head… Nice Comet! I wonder why? Why did they decide to Cancel Humanity (saved later by the Sacrifice, not 9/11, of course).

If Biden wins, I am going to consider the ‘Majority’ of America to be fucking crazy and degenerate piece of selfish shits. Nothing against American; I have a lot of good friends there. Met the All-Father and All-Mother in Hollister. The same is true of any other place. DemoCrazy indeed! Thank you /r/conspiracy: Some of you are Real Warriors!

You got too caught in the labels

Investigate the Mexican Trump supporter married to the Aikido White-Knight in the Irish Diver. Europaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Mamma ain’t no Hippie! Just an authoritative sheepie!

Hey Flea! It wasn’t me who was smoking the ‘good shit’.. the Execs had the Front Stage Seating High up
I already took care of Bill Clinton… it’s like they have a sweet tooth for forbidden Gods
Eye of Horus -Death Bolt- Followed by Rain (feat Stone of Tisseru Stupa)

The Tower got the live-feed and tried to fuzz Bill Gates into Bill Clinton (6 fingers) (don’t 6 all into Raveendran Gopu[masterOfPuppets])
The only way to really find the Spot with the buried dead Serpent is to contact them (they are not a park) [The Tower Built a Fort There… So Mirror Hard If ye be Impure…. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR] [No Forest Fire should penetrate this Protected Zone]

Sorry… we have floods here and an excess of water

 I pledge to the earth that I will:
 Pick up 10 pieces of litter a day.
 Plant one tree every month for one year.
 Use less water while brushing my teeth/bathing.

I supply Waters for free though (GigaUndaTonicLitres of it)

Biden’s chair is going to be an Iron Throne… sigh… you think he’ll fuck more infants with the President Seal? Serbian Film huh? The Government by The People: The People must love Serbian Film a lot.

Now do you empathise with the Dear Bohemian Grove Mammas Poeshelmo? (wave 2: Write your own if Biden wins) [ If i say Biden, they’ll elect Trump: what difference does it make anyway]

Like Last Time… Not the Russians… I called out Hillary’s Seance Witchcraft Und Other Naughtius Maximus Shenanigans

With Biden in mind read the next Fortune

Clinton took the Card and is in the Process of re()
Others know the variants (GilgameshMakuti, NachiketasMMMM, KratosMakuti, Orph…Many)

Journeying into the Woods are Lovely, Dark, and Deep:

First of all, you need to find a spot at least 5 or 6 hours away from the closest Human inhabitations; even forest-nestled villages are filled with poison: trust me. If that’s not possible in your radius of where you can be, find a place that speaks to you in Music; it could be the Louvre at 8 P.M on Fridays when they’re open late; it could be your Old School on an off-day (you did bunk School by jumping the Gates? No? Nerd!).

At least in the Forest one will encounter old friends new. They may appear to you in your dreams; and in the same way as the Gods, they will probably know more about you than even the Tower knows about you. They love crystals! A few of them partied around my Selenite Crystal offerings, left there as ‘offerings’. Their gift to me was KKKnicked.

They love Music too, more importantly how you dance to the Music. Food offerings when offered should be left as it is, as I was instructed. If you get on their good side, they will lead you to where you need to be, they will protect you from death more than once (of course it wasn’t just that one time). The Journey should be made alone, at least the first time. They love company… live music from Acoustic Guitars infused with Forest Spirits (Imagine The Weaving Spiders using one). That said, some Forests can be too difficult to navigate with a lot of gear; you’re supposed to fall at least 10 or 15 times a day, just so you know: That kind of Forest: Not the wood-patch behind Lakeside, Pokhara.

They aren’t restricted to Asia or something; they’re not Racist or Geography-restricted like chimps, wolves, or Hoomans. Don’t go searching for Powers… Unless you want Higher Powers to eat you like Shiggorath Und the Oblivion Lode-stone.

At least 3 days, if possible: Walk back if you find that your socks and shoes are frozen stiff or something. Frost Bite sticks… Fungus burns away. Don’t Die.

Going into the Wild is an amazing experience for those who feel no Life… like that Junip song that said ‘Walk in front of a runaway train just to feel alive’; Maybe you’ll meet no Forest creatures, maybe you’ll see your Beloved Ancestor, Shadow Caster. If nothing happens, you can still walk back feeling like a bad-ass (still having your masculinity questioned). Women can do it too… it’s no big deal if you find a plain. If it’s Nepal, then you may have to throw your backpack down a mountain to center your gravity as you tumble down climbing down backwards. Ropes? You have no destination… you’re alone…. you carry food, water, honeyNutTreat and a Knife to cut it, some undies because they don’t like smelly things, optional Tent, definitely a Sleeping Bag(<0 degree C at times… less than that when it rains)…. no big deal… leeches that leave you bleeding; so wait up before you escape into the sleeping bag; you don’t want it all bloody. You’re going to be here for 11 days or so. You might spend 7 days not eating any solid food just surviving on water. Other times you might eat a cup full of tsampa and protein bar mixed with river water (when it’s not muddy from rain). no bid deal actually… you’ll get the hang of it, to be honest. Shamanic Enemies will continue their attacks though. Forest Shamans will even physically invade your space and add plastic to your Fire Ritual Center (happened in Lama Bagar -closeToVillageBy1-2 hours /border:army:etc:tiredtoLook). Do not think the Forest has __. It may become the Ultimate Arena for the Best of You to come to terms with the Worst of Everything.

Wine is great too; those platypus bladder pouches are amazing for pumping in water and wine. Bottles break when you throw the Backpack down the Mountain, of course. Phones are annoying… GPS is location-giving-away to one subset of the Tower; those Almost-SortOfAllOfJustYouAndNotThatWhichIsNotInTheirFocus people cloaked in cloaks which cloaked in State-of-the-Art Techn99999ology know your every thought and body vibration; they have rules, so don’t Biden them just yet.

Metallica or Phoenix Bennu Bird: I don’t have to pick one over the other when I enjoy Y’All when you’re the Best of You:

Let’s not pin our center/centre into a thing concrete, because that would not be even walking backwards… that would be going down and being forgotten.

The Inner Chimp comes out at that last Guitar Solo: Peace Sells und what are you doing?

wow… that was Biden all over.

[Let’s fuse it with the actual volume of the song and fuzz any other person unmentioned in these waves to internalise the conceptual understanding.


Video: That Paedophile President Murder Ritual by Secret Societies Ultera (White-Green-Yellow-Negre(Black)-Apoo(ThankUComeAgain!) )

Wait! Pre-Fused (as in High Quality Gold untainted by sound fuzz)

EZ-PC this alchemy; a chimp could do it! #NoBigDealSally

Poooooof… I mean, If I’m catering to the Numbers, I would play Beiber or Breihart Boys. Metal speaks to me spiritually…even The National agrees…. Jebus Christ you have Confuzzed me by Homer Simpson.

Not that Matt GoinInInOutOutOutOutININoutOut Cartoon… just see the Gold
Al Jean UUUUU yah!

Several Years Later (Simpsons didn’t age like Southpark Did It First and Faster)

Shortly a year later after the Maiden Voyage to the Furrest

Meanwhile, a Fox decides to acquire Batcorp Inc. (SJW is in now!)

Homer seems to be ….ah, that other episode in the future. Wait, Monty Burnsesisos; wait before you go to your next meeting: Everyone’s Watching Now.

so that’s what the forest is like; before I end today;s session, i would like to talk about a few labels. Know that they are just Labels that demonstrate a pattern at this point in time; as in, the people that fall into the category of these labels must not be forevermore-damned by society.

Word-Fuzzers: Members of Makuti Team who fuzz the interpretations of what is being said. Oldest Trick in The Book.

Action-Fuzzers: Biden was just checking the children for bone diseases like a doctor… Oh look at him staring at that child! (meanwhile, Kujli and the others get Initiated) [Class of Pokherized use the Brahmin Case Study)

*.* Fuzzers: Altering Reality with deliberately confusing and provoking interpretations (You know, Bhutan, how I dig you)

Don’t build a Bridge literally… Fix the things you have in the closet and the Escalator will drop down the Front Door.

Last Song and back to Narrative-Skyrim-is-Too-Real

[Meanwhile in a Mindspace somewhere else, a different Last Song plays]

—-Completing the Mariachi Trilogy with an alteration : : Not just the Guy, eh?

Result: What is a kick-ass movie because of non-Grindhouse perceptual projection became an exercise in mining Gold. The Ending is worth everything.

Anima Mundi

Let’s Watch Godfrey Reggio’s Anima Mundi on DVD? You can’t pirate it, easily at least with just 2 leechers and 1 seeder.

Watch and hope everyone has a Shadow Network?

Change Movie: Yes/No? Yes!

Let’s schedule Anima Mundi for later. Should I upload a DVDRip? Yes/No? Yes, says the crowd. Ask Godfrey Reggio, please: [Yes]…………………….[No] (Mass Choice will be based on Chitta Quality:Music, not Democracy or Powercrazy) (I will check tomorrow)

[Picking Next…] Ghost Und The Shell [25th Anniversary Edition]

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