The Holy Day Of

{Boom!} 6 A.M or something; someone let a big one go. Firecrackers.

Two Gangstas wake up as one to figure out why today is so special.

The Movie! “Dude, Why is Today Special?”

Presenting… The Danger Duo, the Earthly Roo and the Metaphysical Kakini

Today’s pages are very special. The Tower themselves teared up at certain points in the reading. Noses leaked, eyes turned TheNationalJesusChristYouHaveConfusionOfTheOrderedMe

Reflections in Bullet Points after the Image Upload

Nice one, Chromatics, if what the YouTube Uploader is saying is the Truth.

To be read gently to the Cardinal song played once and looped to that transformation wave once again.

I just asked the Tower about post-Card violations of Vampiric Nature. Some Vampires have been damned for a long long time before this reading.
Wish this was True…only the Peasants know the real story… Hit National WaveShift [4:35] at “We should add a note of caution”

[] After some good old fashioned Murder in the Waters, we are left with less intrusive Vampires to deal with []

Now for the Special Day; tis’ New Moon! I would like to dedicate this day to honour a Soul, so Mythic… BUTLERINA EMPEROSSA DAY!

I had to hard-reboot Linux 2 times because this Cursed Image broke the kernel in ways unknown even to Linus.

Let us shower our Adoration and Worship towards this sacred Image … November 14th; Never Forget.

Praise to the holy tunes of

*Wipes Tears*….

May We Never Forget_

This Morning I planned a Keyboard-Melody and Carnival Drama dedicated to the Adoration of Butlerina Emperossa forgetting the day is Saturday. Though we divide the year into a circle and dedicate each day to adore each God, they are adored, at a metaphysical Being level, everyday in the same way. Our tuning may be off… So a Black/White Magician dedicating a day or two for wrathful rituals might not hit the right feeling and ritual power if things are done primarily to conform to an artificially set day for doing certain things. We perform warding rituals because They come and Play wherever you are… All Time is O.K time for sacrilegious acts.

Weird? Yes. This is a Mass Transmission to all the Friends of the Jungle. Artificiality is the Sin, not ‘conformance’ to Inner Being reflecting at the many shards.

Today’s Fortune had some lines that were biased towards a Geographic direction. The East of East is our West; wise Men and Women are found everywhere; Sages and Saginis… Everywhere. The focus is everywhere…the response is everywhere. I’m not just talking about intangible things.

Oof…wordpress app… You don’t have 4 MB locally available for Upload… Got it.. looks like i hit the upload cap for wordpress Free. Time to spawn a new User…what’s in a name, right?

Let’s jump to a New Moon Gate. This Ship is too heavy with Content. Tis’ a New Moon…ARRRR!


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