ShamanCon (Not related to Comic con)

Two budding Philosophers discuss contemporary media.

Today’s Flower of the Day

Modeling by Hissini

{Acquire a Lemon and some salt for the exercise today. Tower approves.}

{Technical Notes: Migrating the CommsModule Platform failed; Ubuntu sends out fart signals while playing music: bad sound drivers on a pi implementation?} (fortune via yomamma’s phone while I migrate). On Configuration: Mono, it stops crackling… But loses the depth of the Audio… Zeroing in…

So Alexander knew of the Dakota Indian Pantheon #occult #cheezomKaChronology

[Migration Successful: Thanks to Ser Dan Bader who provided the TShed=0 advice]

Before we advance to Nimona and explore the world of Black and White Knights, let us enjoy some Music:

Featuring Joaquin Bennu Bird in a Fan Made Video

The TShed=14kbps Gnomes are working their asses off for a change.

oh! Forgot to talk about the Bhuta Suddhi (Elemental Purification and Synchronisation) ritual adaption without mantras (vocal internalisation). Wake Up after being Kung Pow!ed by Vampires while you’re asleep (not conscious). Do the Morning things, except shower. As you turn on the Shower (bucket of water has more effect, actually, especially if left with Stones) feel the Water and internalise that elemental quality. After a minute or so of that, perform a prana intensive action, like the Kundalini Firebreath or Pushups [as many as you can push up at this point]. Feel the weight or Earth of your Body as you stand up. Turn on the Shower [Water]. Take a Deep Breath…Air….Exhale…. Enjoy the Foundation of Earth. Take a Deep Breath….Exhale and feel the Flames(Igni) [Repeat if you want to elevate Fire/Agni]. Then invoke a mudra… The Eagle You the Eagle Me in the Heart [ask Pokherized] and Invoke Ether.

The Eagle You and the Eagle Me is hard to explain in words. The Garuda Mudra or the Eagle Seal with Palms facing outwards at first (You are)… then without missing the thumb to thumb connection flip the bird inside (Small Puzzle) towards your heart (I Am) with the Palms facing Inwards.

The function (multi) of yesterday’s coconut oil-imageToMusicEncodingOfInnerBeing exercise should prove to everyone that everyone is Shamanic… and invited to ShamanCon.

Bad Name, i know; it evokes certain commonly held ideas concerning the Domain of the Being; if it’s a vocation (as in, currency is conditional for the involvement or the prime focus), it will very likely degenerate into ConWoManShip. It’s the same with any Craft: Engineering Structures or Art.

Phurba BAAARTY!!! Where is Tulyaq Bhai?

Of course, Currency in the form of Money holds weight only to the 99.999999999 percent(ile too). Yes? Woo hooooo! 2+2=5. Power to control the full-experience of Reality is the ultimate Currency that, unlike Bit-Coin or Mambo #5, is sourced everywhere; a homeless kid finds an abandoned puppy! Romeo and Juliet fall in Love in the Phurba Barty! much to the disappointment of Tulyaq Bhai. Controlling that source is the Ultimate Objective of All Orders, Tower or ShedTower.

Doing a Chimp Test for Batcorp, because preassembled goods increase shipping costs. The volume taken by one pi case with Water Element addition to cool the Vortex Comet Pee You.

Bungshop Blues: The Show
The Hagrids/Hags are just as bad, if not exponentially worse, here in Planet Mundane
I haven’t reached here, but that scene with the poo on the shoe… Gold
On Popular Demand, The Shoe Scene:

Starring: Pick people in your Life to play the Lord, and the Dog

Soundtrack: Drink Up Me Hearties by Hans Zimmershinez

Pick Your Fusion Song
Start at “It’s the Earl of Upnor (The Lord of your OfficeSpace or Palatial-Garden-Wine-Space

The Rider played by the Dog (you, or that lackey with no Sol)

No Spoilers at all… Just some fuel

Pumping Spinach before the Play.

Ah, that was good. I need to re-read this book again, and finish the whole series, when I’m Free. Wait? The emphasis on Mental Math addition is too much for my calc.exe.

The Lemon and Salt Scene

This is a Tribute to that Knight who tried to take down Katy Perry; he was off-ed a couple of times, so I have no clue where I left him in the Abyss.

Lick Lemon and Salt (i’m out of Lemons and Bubblegum…so I’ll just pretend to be you) to this Musical Fusion:

Repeated Audio (3:09 < 5:01) of

to the Muted Full Screen Video of

Stop at 3:09 Of Course! Are you Silly?

It really synced up with the Alien Lady Model.

And Perry’s Flute playing was off as a bat out of hell.

Farewell, He who hit the Waters Fighting the Chicken of…. Vosgoth? Termac? Noob Saibot?

Anyway, Come back soon… Katy Perry is now a Lemon Salt thing.

The Lemon Team head back to the Mines of Moria to find a Scroll.

[Exclusive: A new in-game Shield for ya’all to use in Real Life]

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