A Tale of Two Cities: Thirdeye and Fungii

A group of Intellectual-types gather around Two Elder Scrolls:

Along with the dastardly-duo is the soul of a Musician playing a foreign song:

John da Baptist joins in

Opening Third Eye:

I have no clue what they are talking abooott
Better read this way… South African Clawed Toad… cool
We should invite him to the Party
[Summer Solstice + Deity Fusion]
strange… i think i have another version of this song

Today’s Feature: A Random Character from Shroom City: Mythical Roots and all

7 planets in alchemy… Investigate the Fables authors and the AquaTeenHungerForce show that did that to Dora the Explorer


SEBITTI – According to Babylonian sources, the Sebitti were seven minor warrior gods, sometimes associated with the Anunnaki of the underworld, who followed the demon Irra into battle. The Sebitti were not comprised of any of the major gods but seem to have been associated with Nergal. They are also associated with the Pleiades.

Obscuring and Demonizing old pantheons isn’t a new thing, but Snow White? WTF, Willingham and Buckhingham, Gaiman and other shits. How would you like to be in a Reality Show? Oh wait, you’re already In! Nice Twitter NZ update, Gaimundus; they’re going to cut off Armin Meiwes [plot]?

Seven Sages…yep~ and many others

https://www.amazon.com/switch-card/s?k=switch+card :: can’t buy redemption

Now on to Sher Khan: Kipling has to shoot a Tiger in real life (the narrative in Wave 2?)

[Let’s Skip the Sultan we know all about]

<Next Randomus Pagus>

[[ I want to write a Dark Story: An Imaginary Room Filled with George R.R. Martin, His Wife, His Great Grandmother Shemusini, Gaiman as a Eunuch, 1080 Rusted Nails, a pit filled with Scorpions… and a Chimp that plays the Saw Guy hitting Random buttons and creating wild narratives ]]

Desecrate the Desecrators… I am going to head to Skyrim today and beat the shit out of an old man with a Rusted Mace for just that; it’s more compassionate than starving him to death facing a malevolent deity of the Highest Order. Super Ultra Violence in the Waters. Spoiler: George R.R. Martin dies almost immediately; His Wife and his Grandmother do an Ozzy Osbourne Bat Homage.

Hey! Life of Pi won an Oscar and some book prize: featured Cannibalism and a whole lot of unwholesome chi chis.

low-quality, ei, pappadamPaiBrothers?
I was in 11th Grade during this Tower Ritual: What Configuration were they looking at? 1666-911


8:46 am – Mohammed Atta and the other hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 11 crash the plane into floors 93-99 of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, killing everyone on board and hundreds inside the building. [Sun]

9:03 am – Hijackers crash United Airlines Flight 175 into floors 75-85 of the WTC’s South Tower, killing everyone on board and hundreds inside the building [Moon]

9:37 am – Hijackers aboard Flight 77 crash the plane into the western façade of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., killing 59 aboard the plane and 125 military and civilian personnel inside the building. [5-elements]

https://skymaponline.net : New York at 8:46 A.M on September 11th 2001

Where is Saturn and Mars

In the evening at 6:30:

Mars by the Two Brothers: Hercules and Apollo: Earth and Heaven

That Gemini image in the older painting (two towers-sacrifice-for Srog/Life) is overloaded with newer meanings now.

Did the Tower really save Jackie Chang?

Investigate the Cancellation. Shnopes:https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/jackie-oh/

Shnopes did their best to make Hilllary’s seance real though.

According to the Chinese press, Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan was slated to begin production on his film Nosebleed on September 11. The plot of the movie, which cast Jackie as a window washer at the World Trade Center who falls for a waitress (or bartender) working at the Windows of the World restaurant (atop the north tower), would have had him filming scenes at the WTC beginning at 7 A.M. — less than two hours before a hijacked airliner slammed into the north tower. But, according to the Singapore Straits Times, “because his scriptwriter failed to deliver the screenplay containing the World Trade Center scene,” Chan opted to go to Toronto instead to begin work on another film, The Tuxedo.

Scriptwriter? Interesting.


The book also reportedly had Steven Spielberg in the project. Nosebleed was eventually cancelled due to the September 11, 2001 attacks. 

Didn’t Spielberg connect with Will Smith about Matrix? Without Label-Fuzz, so as to not lead the investigation to a scapegoat-proxy ditch, ask Spieltzer nicely

“In an eerie coincidence, however, the screenplay for Nosebleed had Chan’s character battling terrorists bent on blowing up the Statue of Liberty (or, according to some news reports, the World Trade Center itself).”

just a coincidence, right? who knows? Investigate

Change ‘Murder’ to ‘Murdoch’

[Upgrading FruitBatCorp Comm Module]

Or your favorite wholesome Album of Choice
Random, I Promise
2$ if you get lucky in a bulk sale Fort Mason
Notice the word Violence and an Osiris instrument… Not necessarily Violence in the Ichi The Killer sense
Together we HeadBang

[To the Ritual of taking away the Genitals symbolically of all the Fertility-Haters…Don’t like it? Lose it, then… don’t blame it all on Venus] <Tower Agrees: Applicable to Homophobes too who are too busy looking into other business when the Priests are>

The Holy Switch Card
So Righeous everyone Is! so Shiny, you can’t smell your own Poo.

Let’s go hunt the Devil! It’s in the Thought plane… in everyone’s Being. Mirror, Mirror. It’s Measurable too… How much Anti-Harmony you have inside of you. Click a Button: read(). The real deal, those WoMen1/0, access your every Thought like a nicely indexed Search Engine-1/0.


Und Pokherized Finale!!!! Ya yaaaa !
Imagine all the 9/11 Ghosts in Stir of Souls

[In the Next Ques, I’m going to Ritualize the Biotia/Bohemian Priest[all is conscious, but pixelated-image-fps-ChittaImprintableToo is a transient experience that is Passive-as-per-design: If Jahan goes Rogue in Divinity 2, the PlayerOnes are all 88888324263706t r8gew0fy] as One of the Mustard-Minds behind 9/11]

I know we started the morning off with some swell songs… but this where we have to mirror ourselves now touching both Earth and Heaven… the full spectrum of The Real.

Dance-Writing? Yes… call it LollyGurgling Plz

Now, as an exercise in Synchronization, Write down to the Music your Inner Most thoughts… Burn it, Ice(Internalize) it, read() it, share it, hide it, poke it…do whatever [daft punk?]

[I will skip the draft, because that’s what I do almost all the time. Your turn to lead()IO]

It will be a personal relic, I promise.

Okay…in 20 second countdown…Now

Yes- your tangible chunk of the Infinity Codex!

You can paint too… can be a poeshelmo … or yourShelmo

Or move the lines to the music….when words fail

Colors! Colours!

No, no, no, no
And I know that I have no home
I can feel the pain take a hold again
No, no, no, no
And I think that I’m all alone
I can feel the rain pull me down again
No, no, no, no
And I know that I have no home
I can feel the pain take a hold again

Phew! Let’s take a Breather… and see what’s Inside Our Collective Mind with a different Perspective:

Read Your Shard…feel the energy blend into something else.

If you did it right … the second transmutation will derive Honey.

Third Transmutation: Using the base as the Source… write over some Paper to be dripped with Coconut Oil for transparency to Combine for More Gold!


Yes! It’s the Arts!

Okay… let’s pick the next transmutation Song:

(any oil will do… not trying to increase Shed Export Income)

Didn’t we read about Olive Oil some day ago? #ConspiracyAds

2nd Artifact of Timelessnes

Okay! Now put both pieces on top of each other… the Oily side gets to be head of course. Final Transmutation should combine both songs used in prior transmutations and the below song as a catalyst. See what you get. you can always re-do and compare prana changes or Output changes; it’s all You, right?

Stack 3 with different colo(u)rs… or what you want to do

Final Fusion:

Combine-read Into Both with All Songs (not literally played together)

Blacksmithing LVL99; Aint no nobody got time for dat!

Nice. Reboot(). off to Skyrim after Upgrade. Groovy Gorrila. Ubuntu.

— Someone got really upset by Today’s Programming: You Fail because you did not harmonise with Flow— If you don’t like what you see, Please [do something else:simple]. They don’t like me teaching you Magic. I sense ‘Jealousy’, as in, ‘why are you telling the Muggles ‘our’ trade-secrets’. I picked this up without that secret society (Hooman inc.) initiation code of tell-them-not-OR-PEWPEWDIEDIEBITCH.

Today we will explore an old makuti concerning the Yeti or Bigfoot (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6348138/). The Yetis or Bigfeet(pl.?) really refer to Alchemists who have achieved full synchronisation with Nature (and the Universe). Our benevolent and praise-worthy Tower Team believes that the best way to mask Reality from our fragile little Daffy-Duck-In-The-Cave_of_Wonders mind is to present us with a narrative of how ‘synchronisation’ is really about going backward. ‘Atavism’, as the GRE Vocabulary Chest-of-Blunders teaches us. There is no Mystery concerning the Yeti as far as those who can read are concerned.

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