They are downgrades of consciousness. Their purpose is not to bring out more light, but to reduce everything to their own state of misery. Before we genocide mosquitos, as one Berlin Museum presented the problem, let us find a way to Prana Blast the Twerps who spy on our Phone Cameras.

Mages Guild: The Mind Control via Camera Prana Scan project. Hack the Thieving Voyeuring Hackers Quest. Whitehats also join :))

Killing Digital Parasites

You see how the flight is dependent on a lot of factors, ranging from Communication Systems to dealing with Trolls who poison pirated files. Somehow they are above all the ‘Rules’ and they get to administer ‘justice’ with Thievery Skills. Hackers who break into systems are no less superior than the average fucking low-life rat thief. I spent most of my career building things to defend against such vanity-oriented holier-than-thou pieces of Human Garbage. I just want to make it clear: I’m an Engineer, not a sissy-pussy-NOPSled-CocaineSlugging-WhorePeddling- H.A.C.K.E.R.

We could do without them, very well actually.

On to more significant things: Democracy!

But First:

Apology Guy: Switch Card, Redemption for All Players. It’s not an enforced Rule, but a way of dealing with:

Not ‘Asian’… but ‘Label’dissolve with LVLed up Perceptronica

At 2:20 she gets caught using her SpellBook Sith-Spells… gets her Mask ripped off… gets a Switch Card prana beam tattood over her Being. Abort, Retry, Fail

Fair enough.

You Don’t Say…

Democrazy: A Graphic Novel Review By Mad Maximillian

I don’t know what prompted me to purchase (and read) the graphic novel Democracy; it is now missing from my book shelves. I remember ‘divine intervention’ and the elevation of certain values; values not to be found or remembered anymore. [to avoid indexing subjective fuzz… there are no Organic search results]

I’m all about the People, Sam. You should know how that Gandhi’s image in Stinky’s Diner still bothers the crap out of me; that energy pulses out and reaches hold of me everytime I switch on the Music. We do not exist in isolation, and the souls of thieving rats and alpha-pumped gorrilaz affect us in the same way as those we share our lives with.

What is up with this Personality Contest, though? It’s like we vote on what Skin the Puppet (they pick for us to choose) should wear when ‘it’ becomes a focus for Power. By the People? Not really. All the People get is accountability for the Failure. It’s like they want us to know we are not fit to rule ourselves… as they still rule over our dumb selves. So do we turn to God-Kings, Heroes or WWE Superstars? No… did you read the damn graphic novel? It is about values. We elect values like “No more War”, “10% discount on Mayo”, “Free Und Raspberry Pi for starving people in Etheropia” and things like that. We have the technology to do it. We, as in people who care about the issue being voted on, can pick an app (unhacked…99999999 but (1/Infinity) when it comes to real world applications) and vote on how we want to spend our hard earned money (at least for some of us). That’s real Democracy. Biden being elected is Demo___ you know what to fill in. How could you let that infant rapper___ backspace backspace… Modi Gujrat Riots…. backspace backspace… Values. Let’s vote on how much money gets put into Science… Will it work? Fuck No. Are you Silly? Let’s be real. In a room filled with 9 mechanics and 1 physicist, there is one dumb-ass. I learned this quote, a variant of it, from the Moral Sciences class in Nims Dubai (6th Grade). Suppose we vote together, without understanding and communication, on how to pick a platform for building the Communications Module, One voice would say “Mac!”, another would say “Pi is cheap and does the job exceedingly well.. you also have a TV so”… Our dispositions and knowledge are not similar, and we also have to deal with the Evil of other competing social aggregates. You’ll end up with something more or less like the-way-things-are, but with some accountability if we focus on maintining an understanding of What is in Power. It’s not the Who… that’s a rabbit hole filled with proxies and proxies for proxies for Shadow Parasites. You might go crazy half way through, trust me. The What is simpler. It’s concrete and you can choose to consume it and analyze how it affects you. The News? That WordDepress thing? Don’t spend your Consciousness on it unless you want to fight back with Symbols or internalize what they want you to believe in. There in lay your power. When that becomes a thing, they will bring out the Curfews and Hot Rods (are you living in a cave, Covid-19). At this point you have to decide whether or not this is a Jungle and what values you want to Externalize. How do you deal with the Stick? It’s everyone’s World; at least energetically, even the most blue-blood of Unicorn family specimens will agree. If they don’t, they can just fuck off.

If you thin <<^^ is how it’s going to be like, you are forgetting the Wave0-? accounts of how reality is different for the Over/Under-World. The ‘Fame’ Curse and other variants are a low-order trap for preventing Consciousness expansion. Not only do you become a ‘Target’ for malicious social aggregates, Butt also you become a ‘Tool’ for those who are proxiying/delegating their Will on to you. I though Rammstein’s Ich Will meant My Will/Wish/Want… Cognate Undershleiken? Yaaaa Yaaaa. It is instructive to ignore the common narratives that you are force-fed into and build something of your own design. Remember that saying that anyone trying to build a new Operating System from scratch will end up with something like Unix. What a Lie, huh? They forgot all about Usability… because their target consumer is not Everyone. But something hard and painful is constricting you from expanding…Fear? Pain? or the inability to Mirror one’s own Truth in a Musical Fiesta of Harmony by the 1/0 Team. When you break that first Wall, before heading to the Moon, or very likely you’ll do it together (as the Old Rules say), then you will say “One Sees for the First Time and Remembers Everything for the First Time”

Old Ro gets on stage with his Tuning Fork()

The Baroness blows the Trumpet: POOOOOOOO POOOOOOOOOOO

Psychoanalyze this Scenario. Why is He dressed like that and why is he so insensitive for a Classical and Contemporary Musician who knew the Haight Renegade-Concert throwing Grateful Dead. How much the Sol did the Street Musician lose to this very-likely-connected-to-some-elite-circles.

yeah, we got the classical music gentleman.

Also, when performing measurements, measure for the current state, not just the old narrative and being [mirrored society]. If one does not have the benchmark current, without mirroring oneselves and the people connected to oneself, then there is a great risk of Self-Image-You[adjustment]SocialImageofYouTheTowerControls component manipulation; sure, they have a scaling problem; but unfortunately for now, their centres and centers are centered on a Bridge, a White Chicken, the legendary Krishna{Negro} Ultera, and a silly Tedious Bearicus[.latin .und] ((Homiebama’s Pain in the Poopin’ Shaften).

The Index Branching System is so Wholesome to the Right thing you’re l0oking for

How are You? How’s Michelle? I am going to watch this tonight thinking about you Both.

Und Shneina Bask!

The best Butler of them all… Butlerini Emperossa: Und Michelle Homiebama

Let’s not go to Camelot; tis’ a silly place

Last November, it was reported that Michelle Obama was such a diehard fan of Downton Abbey that she somehow convinced ITV executives to send her an advance copy of the third season so that she would not have to wait for the delayed U.S. premiere or—speculative worse-case scenario—illegally torrent the episodes, as certain other tortured stateside viewers have. 

Und Fact Card, Mentallo

Haha… She wrote a Book and doesn’t know how to Torrent. Homiebama, Drones that Torrent Downton Abbey for the Missus to stream and Cosplay to?

“We were in America in December 2012,” he said, referring to theDownton cast. “And after going to a reception [at] the American ambassador’s residence in Washington, we had a private tour of the White House that Michelle Obama had arranged.” The only disappointing detail in this story is that Obama did not give the tour herself—she left the duty to her housekeeper. Even so, Carson and the Downton gang seemed satisfied. “Not too shabby, really,” Carter noted.

Obama sure knows how to play the Hierarchy Card. That scene where the Butler is offended by the Aria who knew a lot about wine dining next to the cheating Lord? I quit after they killed Christopher Nolan in the series (“My Boy!!!”)

We will now fuzz ‘Matilda’ to ‘MichelleoBama’. Sing along:

The Shamans of your Race (and Others) tell me, ” You sold out like many before you”, Homiebamas; they didn’t have to tell me. Sorry.

I stuck with Matilda, sorry. I didn’t cheat… just went with the flow; plans, shmlans.

Julie Miller is a senior feature writer at Vanity Fair.

Let’s Investigate DB is R/W and Index is ~~

[Quest: Recover the Mind old article about Annunaki using a Spherical Energy Spectrum to perform Mind-Control <redacted_makuti_TMI>]

Why Sergey Brin has BingIndexesEvilPeopleToGoogleExes.html; I was paid by Them to Test their Fort. Helped strengthen their Build a little, but another Aurora is just as easy for them, not me pi-tainted-theirCode-theirHardware-theirElectricity-ButGlobalHoomanCommunicationsSystem, as a push of a button. Bing! MindControl-Sergey…Bing examine Narrative from 1st Person POV… Bing modify narrative to suit Tower Needs… Click. Yea, that’s your Boss; not fucking Jahan the Demon Hunter

Jahan’s theme song is Tanha Tanha from Rangeela (not the Video plz… Honey Spill!!)

Read Along:

What are you doing? You?

At :50 audio off if you don’t dig the soundtrack.midi

Someone snatches A.R Rahman’s Oscar back. That is mean.

Hai Ajnabe, deserved it better than Und Slimdog Millionair.

Actually, Jahan is very hard to beat, if not impossible, when you meet him for the first time (unless you cheat or bypass the game intended flow). Challenge. Try Beating that NPC when you face him for the first time with Lohse in your party or as Lohse.

They made this just for you:

Lots of people talking but few of them know… Soul of a Ribbet was cratered above.

At 3:20 you stop the music because the Aurum is not good enough. Seventeen is much better, O Music Torrent Indexer.

Und her last 17 message: Under Tryen Shpollkingluingken? Me shinen noney self-imagus totemica arachnidusCentreOf()

Meanwhile in a more Real Universe: FIFA 2008! Up+UP+Down+U.P


I couldn’t find the ending to Smack My Bitch Up on utube… let’s Vimeo later.
if you want to even know Whats Up People! while you let a few Obama Chunks out in a Liberation of the Masses Crusade, Enter with Caution and Lotion.

If it’s an Art Project, It’s better than Game Of Thrones Family Drama, Narcos, ThatSpinOffwiththeNarcosWife:watchitfortheplot?, Zeenat Amman Kuli Scene, Mrgiya From the Waters come Bhairava Christiano Ronaldo.

Tonight’s Movie-Documentary-TorrentVoyeur(don’tDisencodeTheCommonFoodForChimpTests0.01/0)

project Your Mom and You at the right places…thumbnail previews are controlled by __?

So let’s see how Michelle Obama and Julie Miller connect:

Show me how your Tweet, Miss Miller

The music + Tweets (and when you feel the flow, to the original video without starting again)

Strange watching that video because of the person who actually recommended me this song; he died in a strange car crash, believe it or not; the newspaper printed the image of the wrong guy too: Shady..

The Ultima 7: Second Playthrough couldn’t cut it Song.midi that I saw live while Astha was being attacked by fandom of STFU.

Time to fight the Aldemari Federation of Downward-Dogs

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