Too Cool…to be True

The stage is empty. The Fortune dispensing machine from that Tom Hanks movie is too cool to make an appearance. A music player plays Soulfly’s Innerspirit.

A Voice! “Count your sins, traditions of Vanity!”. The Preacher! “The Gods know of your deeds…leave the things you want to leave behind with your corpse and Ego”. A mob of Stormcloak soldiers grab him and drag him away.

A series of Images begin to paint the stage.

The Enslaved play Clouds
Featuring the Daedra

The late Nujabes remembered in Counting Stars

The fashionably late, to look cool of course, Teddy Bear mans the stage:

He tries to speak in an affected manner because he doesn’t remember his voice… A Bird Interrupts!

We all saw how he KO’d the British Jungle Guy: Attenborough

Bon Iver plays Hey Ma! To the low audio except for the Paradises singing version of the Attenborough

Olafur Arnalds plays Near Light (do broken YouTube links still retain the song name and artist name: no) #archivetips

Trumpet shtasken!! Poo pooooo!
“Ich Will, Mein Fuhrer”

4thWall( The comms module Upgrade is great, but my ISP Gnomes seem to be slacking off. I don’t want to switch to evilReliance and give Ambani more focus than he deserves. That tower has a floor for rituals, i hear)

Roo’s image is too cool for the gnomes to transfer upstream. Making a second attempt:

[Dear @wordpress: Your Android app caches in a bad way. You have a P1 Bug. When a user picks a Story, see If-Modified-Flag is 1 or not before presenting an older version of the story. Some Content Builders use multiple channels to give information to their ___ and their Parasites]

I can just switch to the old-fashioned mode of sending Visions up the sky; but some of yoy trolls might not get access to that; it might be a good thing. If you’re placing electrical networking as a dependency on global communication, Ask NASA or Pokherized about the Built-In Comms System. It is transient, so some of you know-it-all tech trolls might not be able to internalize the understanding in real time. So stop shitting all over your own food, you ‘dispensable’ cogs of the turd-machine. Face it, we aren’t going to miss you. Your hot girlfriends you pay for will enjoy the inheritance and the lesser opportunities to be grossed out. Your cool T-shirts aren’t enough to mask your inadequacy and your ‘life’. Your Ego because you build some complicated shit is beyond that of the Mages. The Tower agrees. If any of you Hackers think that you can just advance in the game with your troll skills, thievery lvl 80 skills, consider yourselves a Pindari to be. Kill the annoying Techboy; he’s probably too dumb to get the Switch Card. At least, your actions are being accounted for; audit-fucking-trails

Okay, now that I’ve handled ol’ Techboy with some truth, let me try to return to cuteness… Next post

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