Relics of the Past

Who is this guy? I met him once. Never really checked out his Music; came off as a nice guy.

Hmm…maybe SoundCloud a shot and see how the past unfolds itself infinitely

And in Bordeaux I met a nice old man who gave me this:

Beethoven plays Moonlight Sonata

Franz Erhard!!! Another expansion

How Franz led me here, they know

And off we go to the land of Skyrim to learn about Doogons of yore.

Investigate the earthguru Ad that poor Roo ended up in as a Simulation of the Lowest Order. East Empire Company Bottles Poo again, Yale.

Addams Family (imagine your family) Values for .inf… How does one load .sub into mplayergui without ltgtfy. Old Man.

The sequel is strange… Wednesday’s improv-lines are filled with gold. I still don’t want to watch A Serbian Film a second time to give you a social commentary.

We can go there too, if you’d like. Nope says Democracy, as a few_____

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