Let’s not go to Zealotalot

A Zealot appears!

Today’s dedication goes out to many of the Writers who got the Rod the hard way.

Let us begin with a solemn prayer. Lady Peeley whips out her Electric Guitar!

At 4:25 Butcher brings in the Heavy Artillery.

He begins his Intro at 5:18 as a New Man.

At 6:14 the Masses hear The Butcher for the first time.

We decide to go to 4:25 again…. a new song, the old song.

The DreamTeam (who fuzzed a few indexes in binary) invade the stage; our focus spins uncontrollably towards their vortex.

They sure know to burn some Fuel Gimme Fire gimme That which I desireeeeee!

Zeeley Roc’ the Teddy Bear picks out today’s pages… nothing is SecureRandom() if you know The Metaphysics of the Ancients.

Meanwhile the Hush Order sets up their next song:

A Zen Buddhist, A Gelugpa, A Rabbi and a Physicist Walk into a Bar

The Crowd is back to the main stage.

That book I remember nothing about except for doodles of that girl
hidef please
reset() read()

Tonight’s movie let’s-watch-together is Venom with Mad Maximillian and Apu of M.I.T, Kolkatta.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auLBLk4ibAk [Und Embedden Shlakken?]

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