The Mages Guild of the International Shed presents…

ArchMage Lvl 15: Hermano Fragranto
Pretty Pictures and some Roots from other languages!

Blank white page by Mumford and Sons play in the background ( not their Live version)

Metempsychosis definition is – the passing of the soul at death into another body either human or animal. Mica is the psychopomp.


  (sī′kō-pŏmp′)n.In various systems of religious belief, a being, such as a god or a person acting as a shaman, who guides the spirits of the dead to the afterlife or the otherworld.

“Both brothers were fine horsemen, and Pollux was an unrivaled boxer. They took part in the hunting of the Calydonian boar (see Meleager) and in the voyage of the Argo (see Argonaut).”

The rituals enacted by our ancestors may not all be in accordance with today’s sense of harmony and good taste; this is why interpretation of Symbols that point to an Immanent (because we sense it and think about it), and sometimes Transcendent, must not be used in a concrete sense where a scapegoat mare or horse is ‘sacrificed’ (aka. Murdered) to simulate a Cosmic Event.

The thing about AI is… Why are NPCs so damn duuuuuuuuuarggggggh… AI will Never be conscious unless fused with Life-force. can be done, at least in theory…but metabolism and fart management are still horizon level problems. Build better Hoooomans.

Investigate the ‘shitfuckaa…’ Stephanie Meyers AI detection Reddit Funt page post. Biased, the coders, Are… P aint NPee

Seed was Horse… Others came in sequence
Re read und

Everyone is Wednesday (Mercury) and today is Friday (Venus)… dear Father of Cronos, Uranian All-Father (sky)

With the harpē (a scimitar) he removed Uranus’ testicles as he approached Gaea. From the drops of Uranus’ blood that fell on her were born the Furies, the Giants, and the Meliai (ash-tree nymphs). 

WordPress (you took off some formatting styles… I may be able to copy paste from older sources (and still have it work)). This is not a program. Let’s explore some cutting-edge AI-implementations? See how they stack up to Chimp


First, Voodoo people while they curate my search results (based on IP and Shadow Watcher Intel)

Let’s seed the conversation with ‘Briareus‘ that I know nothing about. An AI is able to do lookups in real time and learn new things, right? At least a ‘Cheese-cutting-edge’ one.

Searching and looking at my Curated Organic Results! Yippe Yayi Yaay time!

Und Clever Bot is #1 Yaaaaaa! Must be ShplinkenGudden yaaa?

Try to Out-Clever the Bot Individually… Let’s see if AI can really replace us now. The Game!!!!!!!!!!! AI researchers: You do your Magick.exe

Unc Clever Bot loaden time shplunkenshaften? Baaai Baaaai wunderKinderEggen

Sorry WordPressen… Ultima Multipla Enemies wundern iOs Apple Classic Hacken shlaken Thunder no Lightninga MultiTesla undershallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Seems like there’s a Fandom: Let us go there (sure, you can Dos, your an performance blackboard scratch, but unden speak directly? man-o-o-manooo (not related to Deer))

Oi! a Philosopher AI! let’s call him Platopus

One clicke away… but so far far away; like the mare that looks at the stellar Stallion, we wait for the eElectronic Platopus to answer our greatest question. Who the fuck stole Briareus‘s HashMap? Not under my plato…err…plate, I tell ya!

Yes… Platopus lookin’ serially serious… okay {personal time now}. Let’s wrestle with the Mind that some of the smartest people are working on. It’s hard for me…. I backed out of the Algo class because Abstract Mathen is too YawnOUCH HARDCONCENTRATE…oh:oh:Fappening?:Ctrl-Z….What?

Next Post: Browser Tabben UberGrammen

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