Alchemy in the Forest

The Spheres present…
The Lead singer of The Weaving Spiders… No name
He’s Edgy as always… Und rock stars (nods head)

He presents you with today’s Fortune: Mistaken for Strangers!

A Rabble of Mental Health Warriors swarm into the stage to Interview [him].

HealthWarrior: Is that a Ladakhi Belt you’re wearing? (

[him]: It’s actually two belts worn together for a mashed-up appearance

HealthWarrior: Is it true that you

[him]: No, I am simply the Happiest Man I know

[MundalHultWarrier]: Oh… is it true that you swallowed a Slug and a Snake

[him]: Adoration and No

[MitBreinneShteinUNDUDD]: Why do I feel different? Am i going Insane?

[him]: You know my definition of Sanity… you should have read the tutorial.txt

[MootBootShootsBlank]: What is your opinion on Abortion?

[him]: Tough question. I’ll just share what I know: I died when I was 3 months but chose to return because the Mother brought me back to the Local Shrine

[Mut2348907396423023479]: Cryptic as always… trying to dodge the question and appear cool at the same time?

The Mob kicks out [whoeverthefucktheyare]

Today’s tutorial will tell you how to navigate the Jungles and commune with the spirits there… and not piss off the local deities.
random() yes
recent random(): yes

Before we address the next pages, picked earlier this morning, and hence the conspicuous fold, Let us discuss a very misunderstood Makuti that has muddled a lot of people into doing the unspeakable; be it for power, or progress in the path.

There are those among us who consider themselves to be God or one of the Gods. Many of them who are worth talking about, because of their impact, debase themselves under the false instructions of Priests to become Godlike. Isis and Osiris are not biological siblings; there are manifest as our Reality, but their immanent nature is not of a material Monkey/Human-sense being. Therefore, when shitty Pharoahs stick it to their Grandkids, Like Biden in that Groping Video (you know which), they are fucking up many archetypes. We as a collective culture are blessed with Many archetypes: Father, Son, Lover, Brother, GrandDad, Uncle and so on. While one may not be able to put gems in all, at least the neglected ones must not be desecrated. The Truth is, as you know, the corruption of ancient wisdom by Those Guys to control people.

Fortune For America (Caution : This is PBS Content)

At 8:30, Watch Biden’s Hands… Watch carefully as you save US of A from ThePoochie

At 9:02, if you aren’t convinced that the Devils are all out there in the open with a leash around your know-it-all-holier-than-thou head… Nice Comet! I wonder why? Why did they decide to Cancel Humanity (saved later by the Sacrifice, not 9/11, of course).

If Biden wins, I am going to consider the ‘Majority’ of America to be fucking crazy and degenerate piece of selfish shits. Nothing against American; I have a lot of good friends there. Met the All-Father and All-Mother in Hollister. The same is true of any other place. DemoCrazy indeed! Thank you /r/conspiracy: Some of you are Real Warriors!

You got too caught in the labels

Investigate the Mexican Trump supporter married to the Aikido White-Knight in the Irish Diver. Europaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Mamma ain’t no Hippie! Just an authoritative sheepie!

Hey Flea! It wasn’t me who was smoking the ‘good shit’.. the Execs had the Front Stage Seating High up
I already took care of Bill Clinton… it’s like they have a sweet tooth for forbidden Gods
Eye of Horus -Death Bolt- Followed by Rain (feat Stone of Tisseru Stupa)

The Tower got the live-feed and tried to fuzz Bill Gates into Bill Clinton (6 fingers) (don’t 6 all into Raveendran Gopu[masterOfPuppets])
The only way to really find the Spot with the buried dead Serpent is to contact them (they are not a park) [The Tower Built a Fort There… So Mirror Hard If ye be Impure…. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR] [No Forest Fire should penetrate this Protected Zone]

Sorry… we have floods here and an excess of water

 I pledge to the earth that I will:
 Pick up 10 pieces of litter a day.
 Plant one tree every month for one year.
 Use less water while brushing my teeth/bathing.

I supply Waters for free though (GigaUndaTonicLitres of it)

Biden’s chair is going to be an Iron Throne… sigh… you think he’ll fuck more infants with the President Seal? Serbian Film huh? The Government by The People: The People must love Serbian Film a lot.

Now do you empathise with the Dear Bohemian Grove Mammas Poeshelmo? (wave 2: Write your own if Biden wins) [ If i say Biden, they’ll elect Trump: what difference does it make anyway]

Like Last Time… Not the Russians… I called out Hillary’s Seance Witchcraft Und Other Naughtius Maximus Shenanigans

With Biden in mind read the next Fortune

Clinton took the Card and is in the Process of re()
Others know the variants (GilgameshMakuti, NachiketasMMMM, KratosMakuti, Orph…Many)

Journeying into the Woods are Lovely, Dark, and Deep:

First of all, you need to find a spot at least 5 or 6 hours away from the closest Human inhabitations; even forest-nestled villages are filled with poison: trust me. If that’s not possible in your radius of where you can be, find a place that speaks to you in Music; it could be the Louvre at 8 P.M on Fridays when they’re open late; it could be your Old School on an off-day (you did bunk School by jumping the Gates? No? Nerd!).

At least in the Forest one will encounter old friends new. They may appear to you in your dreams; and in the same way as the Gods, they will probably know more about you than even the Tower knows about you. They love crystals! A few of them partied around my Selenite Crystal offerings, left there as ‘offerings’. Their gift to me was KKKnicked.

They love Music too, more importantly how you dance to the Music. Food offerings when offered should be left as it is, as I was instructed. If you get on their good side, they will lead you to where you need to be, they will protect you from death more than once (of course it wasn’t just that one time). The Journey should be made alone, at least the first time. They love company… live music from Acoustic Guitars infused with Forest Spirits (Imagine The Weaving Spiders using one). That said, some Forests can be too difficult to navigate with a lot of gear; you’re supposed to fall at least 10 or 15 times a day, just so you know: That kind of Forest: Not the wood-patch behind Lakeside, Pokhara.

They aren’t restricted to Asia or something; they’re not Racist or Geography-restricted like chimps, wolves, or Hoomans. Don’t go searching for Powers… Unless you want Higher Powers to eat you like Shiggorath Und the Oblivion Lode-stone.

At least 3 days, if possible: Walk back if you find that your socks and shoes are frozen stiff or something. Frost Bite sticks… Fungus burns away. Don’t Die.

Going into the Wild is an amazing experience for those who feel no Life… like that Junip song that said ‘Walk in front of a runaway train just to feel alive’; Maybe you’ll meet no Forest creatures, maybe you’ll see your Beloved Ancestor, Shadow Caster. If nothing happens, you can still walk back feeling like a bad-ass (still having your masculinity questioned). Women can do it too… it’s no big deal if you find a plain. If it’s Nepal, then you may have to throw your backpack down a mountain to center your gravity as you tumble down climbing down backwards. Ropes? You have no destination… you’re alone…. you carry food, water, honeyNutTreat and a Knife to cut it, some undies because they don’t like smelly things, optional Tent, definitely a Sleeping Bag(<0 degree C at times… less than that when it rains)…. no big deal… leeches that leave you bleeding; so wait up before you escape into the sleeping bag; you don’t want it all bloody. You’re going to be here for 11 days or so. You might spend 7 days not eating any solid food just surviving on water. Other times you might eat a cup full of tsampa and protein bar mixed with river water (when it’s not muddy from rain). no bid deal actually… you’ll get the hang of it, to be honest. Shamanic Enemies will continue their attacks though. Forest Shamans will even physically invade your space and add plastic to your Fire Ritual Center (happened in Lama Bagar -closeToVillageBy1-2 hours /border:army:etc:tiredtoLook). Do not think the Forest has __. It may become the Ultimate Arena for the Best of You to come to terms with the Worst of Everything.

Wine is great too; those platypus bladder pouches are amazing for pumping in water and wine. Bottles break when you throw the Backpack down the Mountain, of course. Phones are annoying… GPS is location-giving-away to one subset of the Tower; those Almost-SortOfAllOfJustYouAndNotThatWhichIsNotInTheirFocus people cloaked in cloaks which cloaked in State-of-the-Art Techn99999ology know your every thought and body vibration; they have rules, so don’t Biden them just yet.

Metallica or Phoenix Bennu Bird: I don’t have to pick one over the other when I enjoy Y’All when you’re the Best of You:

Let’s not pin our center/centre into a thing concrete, because that would not be even walking backwards… that would be going down and being forgotten.

The Inner Chimp comes out at that last Guitar Solo: Peace Sells und what are you doing?

wow… that was Biden all over.

[Let’s fuse it with the actual volume of the song and fuzz any other person unmentioned in these waves to internalise the conceptual understanding.


Video: That Paedophile President Murder Ritual by Secret Societies Ultera (White-Green-Yellow-Negre(Black)-Apoo(ThankUComeAgain!) )

Wait! Pre-Fused (as in High Quality Gold untainted by sound fuzz)

EZ-PC this alchemy; a chimp could do it! #NoBigDealSally

Poooooof… I mean, If I’m catering to the Numbers, I would play Beiber or Breihart Boys. Metal speaks to me spiritually…even The National agrees…. Jebus Christ you have Confuzzed me by Homer Simpson.

Not that Matt GoinInInOutOutOutOutININoutOut Cartoon… just see the Gold
Al Jean UUUUU yah!

Several Years Later (Simpsons didn’t age like Southpark Did It First and Faster)

Shortly a year later after the Maiden Voyage to the Furrest

Meanwhile, a Fox decides to acquire Batcorp Inc. (SJW is in now!)

Homer seems to be ….ah, that other episode in the future. Wait, Monty Burnsesisos; wait before you go to your next meeting: Everyone’s Watching Now.

so that’s what the forest is like; before I end today;s session, i would like to talk about a few labels. Know that they are just Labels that demonstrate a pattern at this point in time; as in, the people that fall into the category of these labels must not be forevermore-damned by society.

Word-Fuzzers: Members of Makuti Team who fuzz the interpretations of what is being said. Oldest Trick in The Book.

Action-Fuzzers: Biden was just checking the children for bone diseases like a doctor… Oh look at him staring at that child! (meanwhile, Kujli and the others get Initiated) [Class of Pokherized use the Brahmin Case Study)

*.* Fuzzers: Altering Reality with deliberately confusing and provoking interpretations (You know, Bhutan, how I dig you)

Don’t build a Bridge literally… Fix the things you have in the closet and the Escalator will drop down the Front Door.

Last Song and back to Narrative-Skyrim-is-Too-Real

[Meanwhile in a Mindspace somewhere else, a different Last Song plays]

—-Completing the Mariachi Trilogy with an alteration : : Not just the Guy, eh?

Result: What is a kick-ass movie because of non-Grindhouse perceptual projection became an exercise in mining Gold. The Ending is worth everything.

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