Thalmorian Analysis by Doctor Pierre Justice

Und Modi shtein

Pierre steps on the stage. The power is out so the microphone will not enable Him to reach the entire audience. The Shades watch when Techboy is paralyzed.

“I am… Not a Jungian, Freudian, or an Extra……terrestrial. I learned from the all, though.. I have nothing New to tell you…The Giants have already spoken through your brothers and sisters, old and new.……”

Mumford And Sons play I Will Wait on their FLAC players

Hoping our Real Parents return to our Child-Selves. I asked the Romans if I could correct that Nicolas part (read fast fuzz).. they said Okay. Sorry Ukraine? I blew that one, didn’t I? Sorry Dante… your Inferno probably does not have a lair for Being-Hooman. Harmony of energies … the Eternal Principles… The Flower feels like a Lover when the Bee enters (just feel the energy… you know how, without touching). Bon Journo…ooops… Bonnnnaaa SERRRAAAAA Arts anyway!

Neko Case plays Hold On Hold On( her ‘Devil’ is the Strange Man the Elders lied to her about. Not The Walking Deadude)

Phoenix plays 1901.FLAC
The Elders Dunce hard to the music! Dance too…yippe yay yai (Dance Challenge, You foooools!) Dance to it to harmonise!

Pierre loses his cool shades while dancing. A Picasso Girl picks it up for him

Phoenix plays Fences … Pierre is too busy to save the dancefloor
Phoenix plays Girlfriend
Phoenix plays Lasso
Not a Wallet

I am not Pierre or Poochie(Trump’s True Name Of Things)

Phoenix plays their last song Love Like A Sunset, Pierre the Teddybear gets up to shake his tummy.

Encore! Romans agree that Dante was wrong about Women in the Fortune quote

Phoenix plays Rome Rome Rome! Pierre may go. Flow….tales takes you to places, people, songs…

Comms Module is as good as, well not really, a lump of Rock without Power. Not that the KSEB is corrupt or inept to host an Undernational Art Fleshtival in Fortlandia.

Phoenix leaves the stage… The Elders bring out their loud stereos and Dance Off!! To 1901.flac

A ചുങ്ങളുള്ളം ഷെഡ് Youngling slaps his Mom for dancing in the Demon Pit! Drama ensues… You know the viral video!?

Dad comes and Olivia Munn handles the Youngling with some Old-fashioned Yang: Bins Baby!

Still beats what we( the mob and I) saw in Pokhara. That lady made the Gangsta Bleed! Holy C000000000000RUN!!!!!

National plays Anyone’s Ghost

Lord Peeley is back with Lady Marina…they dress in ‘rags’ mask their titles.

They sing a cover of National’s Sorrow. Despite their Privileged-Birth, Sorrow did find them young. Did you listen to their stories. They were chained under the Thalmor of the Anti-Heart.

Out of the Jungle, the Super Band The Weaving Spiders appear and sing Terrible Lie (cover of THE Und National)

Some don’t dance or sing because of the Heavy Baggage they refuse to let go off.

The Weaving Spiders is a Metal Band doing their interpretation of the Song, of course.

A band of trained monkeys invade the Tekken Arena throwing Lemons and Salt Sachets at the audience. There is no rush…plenty of Salt… Tons of Lemons… Enduring Monkeys!

The Boss Monkey brings a Pomegranate to the Lead Musicians of The Weaving Spiders to share. Not just the front-man like us, the Boss Monkey hummed in Psychic Tones

LemonWorld by National starts playing. …..g…n…tum…lemon ng.

An Old Man enters the stage and takes the singer spot. “The lead singer’s great grandpa from the Mother’s side”, an aristocratic oldfartfanboy voice

Cardinal Song from the more Sorrowful Song Days of The Nati

Tears! The Monkeys start crying; the Hoomans are confused. The Lemons were for this song.

Aaj that part where the music changes to “Jesus…” Is GOLD!! We mined Gold! I found it! Gold! I want to reload the song to 4:12!!! GOLd!!! Excitement in rediscovering all the Gold that we had and have!!!!!

That’s a Gold Standard Song… Did it Sell? Who’s the Who? They Say.

That was their last piece. The Weaving Spiders go underground in the Jungle after their performance! The crowds cheers them off without an encore…how can you top that final piece…let’s make it the last memory! Until they come back with new songs, of course

Rival Bands Poorer Scooters invade the stage and play Available!!!!! Wait, they are the disciples (rivals is an act) of The Weavers! The curtains are Falling!!

A 90 Mile Water Wall appears! The song.

The international covers end… The pretenders (nobody knows the real band name) put on Fashion Coats and sing that Gem of a Song! Fashion Coat!

The XX does the Intro!

(although Sattabhamakkoru Premalekhanam was a FireThought Simulation, their story must be investigated to network some deep mines of conspiracies of the Local Shed variety)

Nice… The XX notices the crowd is a little disoriented… Still feeling the Lemons…Skyrim beckons! But… Even the Tower Watches the Gameplay, mmmmmmkay?

Heart Skipped A Beat followed by reading of Pierre’s Fortune pages.

[That MP3 player filesystem recognition took only a sudo and 2 commands. Can you build a raspbian that includes a in-game like tutorial that shows people where to get free software? Also, if you support exfat by default, you can save some grannies ‘cookie baking’ time and time of their grandkidsDon’tKnowLinux… A pi for every child? all the educational tools and games boggle my mind! How much free time do you people have? what do you eat? Idlis?]

To FruitBat Inc. and LinuxCorp and other 31337ishishish-Distros-not-for-n00bs. Don’t make me run on FreeBSD (not my Mac… that’s a NeuteredBSDGoodForGranniesAndArtLovers!

[Power is On] Techboy is Alive and Super Strong now… dependent on the Power Supply Lords who are themselves dependent on Earth… Und so on… The Farmers hold the food, you know. Until we reach a point where we can mass-3d-print any food (und wine) without any KOs: you ride the new wave with a transition tutorial]

loop back and let’s read the Fortunaaa Orffff

Sorry about the fight with the Dung Mages a while ago. Some parasites are just out for commandeering knowledge and enslaving all Life. They will die soon if they fail at the Card… Death in the non-literal sense; imagine if one of the Higher Powers turn you into a human-corpse eating stray dog, that’s worse than having your head chopped off, right? REALITY inclusions Sol and MATTE is Read-Write to them.

Too easy… They don’t need Physical access! Stones and Bytes may spy too…and the Fly, Fry, KFC Bucket, and Your Food. Evil Dead 2 Laughing scene for the Bad Guys… Not a narrative that’s musical because it’s too damn easy. You don’t know the Gods just because you mastered 26 languages excluding 50 ancient tongues or solved TheAbyss and started at least projecting their Visions out into Space. They do Music, and they can pull off an ultraSheogorath to mirror our Madness.

Quest: Write a Story that explains how Sheogorath works with Vaermorpheus. As a rule, the God represents that Reality in Being, archetypally in Essence, but Half-Moon in Narrative.

Quest: Investigate the Real Mages’ Guild and find the Incest-Mandatory Ones(Midsommar Oracle was a ?)

If Google had plans to enslave Humanity with Ar-VR-AdDoublespeak-GoogleIndexDoubleSpeak etc., Would you agree to Mirroring their actions? You are the Storyteller. We Build Together.

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