The Daily Feast (Fortunes2b@)

Professor Red-ding sits over a NewsPapyrusUrinus/

He reads an old page
Today’s Page + Special Guest Appearance: Doctor Elder (one of your Granddaddy’s Godfathers) (twin sister as in anima or the spirit)
Your children who played Kratos played a mini-game of having sex(cheating on Hephaestus) with Aphrodite… Greeks be pissed
Watch Dio's Holy Diver

Thanks to FruitBat Inc for the HardSoft#experience#ware... I have a few feature requests: include a detachable power on system cable that can be attached to the case in next iterations. Please provide a list of approved manufacturers who comply with your quality and design specifications. Not everyone gets 'shutdown -t now'. You are the Future and we will not let go of our Past. If you include a preloaded SD card without the badly named NOOBS distro, non-technology tinkerers will have an easier time. More Free People with Sort-of Free Great work ya'all are doing, The Railroad Club of MIT Red DragonCS Shard.
Oh that’s Nusultan Tulyaq Bhai! The next song is dedicated to him:
loop 2 only…

I would like to thank the crew down at FruitBat Technologies for rigging the new Comms Module. Overheating even at CPU30% is being investigated.

Confirming that Movies sound better and look better on Linux than on a Mac or Windows. I have no clue why.

The heating issue (Alchemical Fire too much) is being addressed by Let us delve into this problem with a poetic mind to relate to other spheres where the same analogy holds true.



Pirate Lord Cook Phd in Heating (Alapatty’s School} writes this Papyrus: Salute to his Information Sharing.

 “Is it really necessary to get something called an “ICE Tower” to keep your processor”, he asks. The Druids stop their mind juggling and focus on this question. The Legendary Ice Tower of Doooooooor.

I think we need a Tower for each element because we need to address all issues (universally) as One. That being said, the Core of the Tower can relax in ICE or party in FIRE or cogitate in Ether or Dance in Air or SitZazen in Eaaar-th.

Lord Cook Phd is disappointed with the digression. “We’re talking about chips in heat”…

“Get a Male chip”, Lord Peeley of the Abbey proudly displays his alchemical knowledge. Fertility is his ontology of solve-it-all. Loo looo looo.

 I ran a CPU burn program, which took three minutes and thirteen seconds to hit 80°C, approaching the temperature where the Pi starts to throttle itself to avoid damage

Smart Lord Cook! The throttling is within! Smart FruitBat Inc. So in your tests, are you planning to throttle or are you planning to see me use Fire?

The Brahmin-Band of Freemasons mumble something about skipping yesterday’s Salma Hayek /r/watchitfortheplot.

We are making progress.


/r/all know about .r/conspiracy as shill-filled-tin-foil-bunc(think monty python grail holder voice) and /r/gonewild even big celebrities and gurus know as [honeypot] (Tinto Brass voice). The Five Towers see All.

They shoot in the

Funny how AC/DC’s shot dominates the index organic algorithms of EvilCorp. Let’s not be led on by their recommendations into the pit of no-sense-of-humour (ABCD…ZED).

Test 2 is good enough for a small Comms Module. It’s not like we’re Image Processing facial and etheric features in real-time.

/me Closes Papyrus.

You notice the Junip guys playing their Vampiric songs o Avalon

Hmmm… Let’s turn off the audio ans listen to the actual song

Fusion (Video Muted +

Let’s listen to the actual song and see what they want to tell us in the Video


The synch is off mostly because of the singing parts in the video… we’re here for the music

don’t lose your minds… help yourselves and as an alchemical result help All

[SeriousQuest: Investigate the Voices In Cobain’s Head. Ask the Girl]

The Priests are beginning to resonate with

No offence to MIT for the nerd in dunce hat: CCC-Joschua-RockStar: Madelbroth is Infinite. Game of Life is Infinite. If you have no conception of that, How can you pretend to play God with just Binary Fuzz?

Look at all of Nirvana’s Million Followers and the Prana they infuse on to Cobain. Surely, the Pyramid Order (old, current, and new[being altered]) wants to shift Cobain and thereby shift the Millions. Cobain’s perks came with a Heavy Heavy price. Please do not follow, like, click-ads (support Worddepress though for hosting bytes and supporting network traffic, ASS you see Shit.

The Boys appear on the Stage. It’s not a Cultural Gala, it’s a Demon’s Pit (Asuran Kundu)

Even if your/one’s is, Nature isn’t. When they dressed up in a dress (not a mage’s Robe or the Ladakhi Robe) as their Animas, did the Sun banging Saturn seem as a metaphysical inconsistency? Kobain’s Anima got it in the Balls; his Animus (tangible self) was designed to get it in the HeaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA! Those rock-stars and A-listers are all Slaves of a Malignant Order. They know it… But the Fame, the Money, the Power, the Free-Fertility Boost for one or two talents magnified to Archetypal proportions! Worth it? Of course, not.

Thanks to a youtube comment, I realized that the dancers are in sync with the instruments. All Masks! To be Famous in this Age is to be in a Cage!

If one were to say focus on Cobain just for his Music leaving the ‘adoration’ to the Higher Immaculate Principles of Harmony, the Malice Order will not be able to affect one, as much as they will (by Human Rules of the Forest now) affect the ScapeGoatFocalPoint. If one were to Burn the Word like fad, fag, fashion… beautiful things will stop their wrinkling and abandonment.!

Even those personas you wear in Virtual Land is susceptible.

They got McCain for Hero…so I’m doing the ___ to make everyone happy

Revelation: If I close the unnecessary tabs, I don’t need to address the Heating issue. Another Comm Module Unit (raspberry pi 4B running raspbian) is < 5000 INR.

The Druids of Varanasi Agree.

To last in Varanasi or present-day Syria for more than a year with a Fully Functioning Heart Chakra is to be a

The Artists dig their new Music Old because parallel Dimensions are fusing in to make more music together

Those Fires all over…. The Firemen know they’re deliberately done. Investigate All the Fires of California and Australia (I missed a lot… memory… I’m not OmniscientCurse)

def: OmniscientCurse: Do you really want to know what your Momma or Papa were doing when they were your age. Let’s not go there, right?

Our Higher Selves are Omniscient, Of Course…. Where’s the r00t?

Protect Violet the Vine; Seeds are yours anyway

Shine management + Narrative Management
what happened to Morpheus’ (LawrenceFishBurn) mana after his daughter___

Before I head to Skyrim with the ragtag bunch of Sailors and their Ammayammas, I would like to address an important alchemical model. It’s found in the supposedly non-altered form of available-Upanishads. The classification that I’m talking about is none other than the Energy Super Benchmark tags of Sattvic, Tamasic, and Rajasic. In the same way DOM-XSS ( reflected or stored) is tagged as a 3rd type of XSS incorrectly , it is a classification issue. DOM CSS is based on post-DOM building (injection time) as opposed to Reflected or Stored(delivery mechanism of payload). Sattvic is assumed to be positive; good stuff like milk, ghee, a thread, white-skin, tigers of aristocracy etc. are supposed to be positive; i mean, looksat that ‘Build’ (their own language). Tamasic is assumed to be Darkness; Lawrence Fishburn, Poochie Mc’ Lovin BumbooMasstiff, Pepsi, KFC, Rock Mujick, Muslims, Ex-Buddhists, Pindaris etc. Rajasic is potentiality…power to move between the two aspects of the Half-Moon Sun Eternal Principles.Rajasi is not a third type. I did not agree with Amanda Dunham (she wants to be famous, so I’ll name drop her wwitchcraft ass) when she compared the Amphora piece at the Inverted Black Pyramid De Young Museum to the Triple-BurnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (the wordpress tab on Chromium (osource) ..Chrome is poison filled OSauce). Other tabs are smoooth (performance is isolated), David Brumley in nicely designed code.

David Brumley had to lookup The Turing Problem of never-ending story… Chase Midler had to laugh out loud when Adrian VANET Perrig misspeltERRRRORERRORERROR- Negate Intellect with GRAMMARNAZIVEIL. Your Spelling Bung Bees may be doing good, but Vampires BE HAUNTING THEM…. ARRRRRR. The Tower agrees.
if you’re betting on the next Video for simoleans or creds, you’re already in the Tower’s Kill/Switch List, Ideally.. Is that PappadamPie on GuitarGeneric?

[All the Titanic Mal. Dub crap on youtube is fake.The real one comes from Kalabhavan. Contact them. You’ve been seeing shit. The real one, if you get the lang with subtitles, used to be funny; don’t know if it aged well. Spoiler: The Titan did not sink in the End(that’s why I ___). Find the good bar people. You’ve been magnifying the shits like Anil Abrams,King of Tokyohin, Mohanlal, FCCochi MummaPuppies etc.] ( the Ratio of shits to gold is the same everywhere: 1 over 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 is not Infinity. If we were kicking ass they wouldn’t have to send a flowering fireball

Trust 2-nd degree information like a skeptical Batman. If bar is low, it’s probably not it | or most likely your perception filter is faulty

Let us Circle back and read the Fortune O Carmina Burana Loop


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