The Photoshoot That Broke The Tower (again) (now to reveal my true identity to the masses)

Turning 14 in Hooman years

A 6 year old child Olaf the Jarl of Shed house appears

Enter the MandelBroth, my Brothers and Sisters (sisbros)

Time to solve some problems on Skyrim. Lydia’s magic didn’t work this time. She’s a little too excited about shooting pointless arrows at a Yeti.


<—-Celebrating the Transition to Linux (regression, according to Dicky Jones) after much FUBARING. I just realised that the pirated videos sound better and look better (better Drivers? wtf?). Even Sindarin realized the difference (VLC on all platforms, of course).

Who’s Yippe Yayi Yeeying now, Nerds?

Sleep Music and Dream Augmentation Material for the Night. How to Fight Vampires 101: Scare them off with some Great Dancing! If you can’t tell what’s serious and what’ a joke, how the flower are you going to ride your boat upwards?

The Shed values the Sanctity of Language. From now on, the word Fuck will be replaced with FFFFFFlower. Next time you start the FFFFFFF… end with the Lover. Cure the Hollywood Virus, Potty Mouther!

How to become Butters, THE CULTURED MAN:

{I thought the second movie had more action… Sindarin approves the next one}

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