The Fireflies of Samhain

Yesterday, the Mob and I partied a little too hard with some Reddy Rudder Pills and some Ambrosiaaa-give us a little love!

Courtesy: Dave of Davos, Ted X Berkeley didn’t like My All-Caps

[Return to Skyrim while ya’all catch up with Homework]

[If you get it, you should be Ethering-Graffit(chai chai chai, Modiji)i

— Movie: Star Dust (with Pirates! who are manly as fuuuuuu: Robert Deniro’s finest performance/God Father 2), we’re all made of the same archetypes in varying proportions of I feel this, i can do that, etc.

That was a damn good movie. The Princess Bride for Generations to Come. Investigate Claire in Silence of the Lumps.

loading Spinach() “Popeyeeee Awwwwwwww”

The Shed is insistent on a Cultural Gala; they Control the Spinach Supply:

You thought the Pooter Wars was Fiery! The Ultimate Culture Show: Watch the Vanji Team in Reality! Culture Live!

More facepalms than watching that show Big Bung Theory Not PractiCUMulative

It’s called Multi-Speak; i’m sure there are other names (the ol’ 2 way speak where you say one thing and mean another is a basic example). Multi-Speak pumps in 1/0 using a finite set… Und Maxwell Broth.

Wave 1 introduced the concept of “he’s crazy!”, “hmmm”, “bung”, “Akhmed!”, “Beetr00t” and many other flowery variations in one dump.pastebin. I can’t cite this, but I remember someone telling me how the Bible could be interpreted in 6 or more ways depending on the symbols you know. It’s the same with other sources, and I don’t want to list them all to check off the check list of

I know everyone is still a little shaken up after yesterday’s film feature ‘Grave of the Fireflies’. A lot of people walked out, not because they couldn’t feel, but exactly because they…..DON’T WANT TO SHOW THEM HOW SOFT MY PLUSH TOY HEART IS. Crocodile Skin is supposed to be a fancy attribute now; back in the day it used to be elephant (also known as Naga…Trunk BE ARR) skin.

moon now()

(Update: Raspberry Pi Shift… Und Bios Be Pain in the Ashen (Result1: FUBAR). Technology is very Organic Green to those who can ‘See’, but I still can’t get the Toaster to Work)

Thank you Wilheim Rod Shmith.

For Cultural Gala (Gotta Please them all): I’m going to watch this movie this evening:

[Removed Low Quality Low Bar Comedy Clip] (Paste link before you start watching <erroneous pattern>[many monkey movies are made and the Index is manipulated by GoogleIsFuckingEvilEvenAccordingToTheGodsThemselves(ask the Tower)… Get them off Earth with a Card and a Rod]< Shoot Google exes and their puppeteers into Space in an Ultima 7:Lord British Rocket]

Sergey and Larry: the former I killed personally in the Waters in Wave 1; I got Larry out of the Closet after seeing his game with the Indian Exec during TGIF

This film:

It’s Off the Grid, so No cultural gala : In Butcher Voice. (In low def and dubbed quality:

– – – –

Shadow Watchers work… and Techboy does the Binary-iSSShtone Building.

At 52:01

what a burn, huh? I’ve seen more good local movies than some of the ___ SNNNNNAAAAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! [Codec: “Vanity” Response: ‘No Colonel, I’m Marklawing’]

Investigate HER

She should have —- the world’s fucked. What’s Batman’s Personal Number? Who was she planning to shoot anyway? Those Googlers are just Dogs on Expensive Leashes; Ask them. No Violence; Super Ultra Violence in the Waters, just so they know you will not sheep if they play with Fire. CMU is a dam good shed though in Value, Honor, Knowledge, Not the Truth much: an institution, like all others, that pump out exotic pet breeds.

If you blame just one group, you yourselves have to be blamed for The Ignorance of the Highest Order. The Tower Agrees. They are blinding you from the real enemy: Despatha Mundachaoticus Patronummy.

Today: How to Kill an Octopussy

[ How I used archetypal Metal music in High School to jump my Class Rung from 12sh to __] (Life Lessons)

Worked better than Moonlight Sonata, honestly. Jullllliard: How’s the New Student Induction Program? For Bijay of Nepal, of course. The World will watch his Harmonica Cultural Performance.

You RETARDS, Bijay is actually a fucking clever shaman (dark elf) kid who plays the role of <ummmmm>; Research your fucking files before you pull up his photo and go ‘MONGODB!’. He and I fought; I asked him if his Momma’s home; he then showed me his Momma: The Brood Witch of Pokhara (missing more than 32 teeth). He carried a Giant’s Umbrella and Offered Flowers to the Best looking Behens in Lakeside. He is the First of the Pindari Legion; switched at the age of 15 for his calculated murder of birds, lizards, gizzards, and other flaura and fauna. His switch to become a world-class harmonica player trained by the UND BESHT.

[Discussion with the Tower typed out for ] People just take one look at someone and immediately jump to conclusions… like the pig holed up in a coop; imagine his or her reaction on seeing the Boar from Princess Mononoke (

– nanoDrama begins:


The Pig Watches a Screen as She is being Milked

Watch the Japanese Film with the Natural Language with subtitles if you have to. Claire Danes is good and all, but we don’t want to project old memories. Those voices in the Original are all new and foreign and authentic. Subtitles RULE!

You see… more authentic, the fanmade trailer than that 90s Trailer Voice, those Witch kids stealing Shine from the characters they play, and all that Hollywood is a Sabbath of the Most Evil, as are all other Industries that feed the children their ‘fun’. Engrrrish is usage that is reflective (you UND Maximillian Ribbets).

God did speak in English though… where does your mind rest most of the time? In movies, music, stories, myths, video games, computer industry, facebook, google?

[Investigate the Ban of Tibetan Language in China (was controlling for 1000s of years as an Uncle, they said, watching over a nephew… being somewhat harsh when the Nephew was seduced by a different Uncle offering more grand Toys)]

Before they bulk-kill the Crows, let me be clear: The Crows and I are Jagadda Jagadda (Bird-Kingdom Ways Argument). Ask Roman what he saw… just what he saw: SparrowUndMusic<-CrowUndGame<-EagleUndSupremeMusic… and the many variations. More Mosquito babies were born, literally interpreted, by my Blood for decades; yours too. Don’t mass-murder them German Art Exhibit. As for the Hollywood comment, Investigate. The Her, Joker and Gladiator actor J. Phoenix Bennu Bird is a gem, but the movie he ‘acted’ in did not resonate with the standards I expect of a Joker Origin Story. Heath Ledger nailed an imperfect version too, but damnnnnnnn fuuuuuuck

You are many faced… some of your are just Two-Faced

How to Kill An Octopus by Maximillian Ribbets


The goal, as all true seekers know, is not to kill the Octopus; a noble beast just like you, different in many ways and similar in many other ways. The Octopus is submerged deep, far from the normal visibility of the common seafarers… but it’s tentacles are tangible (Claire Danes, Rupert Shelbert, Sergey, Zuckdawg, Modi) puppets… the scape goats of power because they are expendable (just like that… a click of a button). Even Putin, Trump, Ol’ Hitler, Ol’ Alexander The Great… all disposable in Time and in Life at the mere push of a button. That is the Tower. How does one fight the Tower. First of all, the Tower has to get to you… their marks of ‘getting to you’ is an on-going process: Media, Video Games, News, Local Shaminos, Psychic Plane Supremacy Over Lords (non-scalable), Science and so on. You can learn about each tentacle and study them, thereby negating the effects of their Control. Pool the study with your Peers of Same Values and Being (not Shed Labels of the Old Days that is filled with so much Poison killing you softly and hardly, as they see fit).

As you unearth the Waters slowly, the Core parts of the Octopus will begin to appear. They need food, water, a place to stay and all that: they are humans after all, no matter how much Supreme Power they wield. I don’t need to map the rest… I’m done with the Project (how many years); at this point, I am a little too Universal, to pick sides. True seekers will know that You, YOU! The Reader!, are the Storyteller… you build the world the way you see fit. Chaos is a lie; Chaos is just the limitation of Intellect. This is why a good grounding in the Heart is the first step to any process of elevation (or expansion). Trust me on this one, brosisos.

Let me hear your Stories while I sip some wine and mash Up+DOwn+ H.P (for now) and _____________[End of Transmission].

(not now)… (for later)… the goodbyes were in Wave 1 as well. I couldn’t see the Moon yesterday Night because of the clouds… well, for a short period, yes. I don’t like Spoilers! I also love Surprises! Everyone’s telling their story… so are They (The Tower) … so are THEY (The Gods)… So are THEIR [ ]

Meanwhile, in a Mindscape Somewhere

[ Watch this

to the Music of:

The Original


“Nice, I loved the Symbolic Gameplay” to SilentQuick-X and the Mysterious Gamer who Co-Op Played the Game with me that Night in Nob Hill.

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