Turbo C++ Sound.h

Don’t read into the next song title and name that much; except in its beautiful construction, musical and makutoxical.

[[ Defense Against the Dark Arts: Proceed with Caution]]

On the matter of Nightly sexual beings who torment you with hypnosis and real-time etheric stimulation, there are simple things to be discussed. In Tantra there is an erroneous notion that all of Sukra(essence) or Semen is to be pumped up the spine through the waxings and wanings of the All-Water Moon. You can translate this into a metaphysical understanding of your ancients with a little research. If this ‘pumping claim’ is true then Sukra-Charged Asexual Geezers and Geezerinis would be levitating to Mount Shastha every Sunday for Brunch and Munch. In Tibetan Systems, and in Experiential Systems, your mental-activity=chitta-activity will be in synchronous with body activity, ethereal and tangible-real. So if your pumping the Gems out, the Treasure Chest will have 10 or so broken lockpicks and some heat. Fuck O Show! It’s not a Show! Investigate O’ Show(deltaT[0 profit][underground fame MAXed out in Tibet]). I digress (stares at Und Maximillian Ribbets). The method I will describe has side-effects of an esoteric nature, which is why I do not employ it. Get a Cat is the easy solution but the Cat’s not going to be able to take the heat and games. They mess with Animals too; the Dogs of Adayar Simulation:Investigate. If you LVL up the Cat too hard, you’ll become the KittensRuleTheInterWebzOurOverlords!AllHailOwlKitty!

So you’re asleep and the Driver(real you) is with the undeys (fruit of the loom), and the hypnotized zombie (during all hypnosis, forced, overt, pervert, subvert etc) is dreaming of Sarah Palin mowing down the fields for crops, the region in the Nethers will tingle more than a little! HO HO HO! Santa is up the Chimney! If one dreams of Einstein’s World, Santa will be up in the Eye. So divert the flow of prana and create a block in the Nether. It works, but expect down-time in shitting which is not comfortable. Charged Stones and an Elephant Bung Bag around the region can block incoming, but Not Super Incoming signals. It’s a shied-strength thing. So if you’re in the High Circuit, consider getting wakeful night guards; or the ancients, new and old, talk about the creation of ‘elemENTARYNot’ (not a sub-reddit affiliated work… just because I buy National Geographic (hypo) doesn’t necessarily mean I support MurdoC Foxxers. But this is to be remembered:

Nothing is Untouchable… that makes no sense. You think of the Sun, and you’re there. at least in the sense of energy/chitta being One.

No Aliyans… just higher modes of Understanding. I still have a conference call during the morning liberation-of-the-masses. Specify the Ontology. Mexican? Russian? Last time I checked All my Mater Madre is Earth Material; that said, Moby once said, We are all made of Stars. Hypocroooosis Krosis Bal Bahadur Shahstiri Svaha().

Flash News: Ancient Extra-Solar System Svahaahahaha detected.

Investigate the Indian coverage of the Three Moon Discovery and the debate between an Asstronomer and a Gastrologist. [I’ll have my assistant [your perception] fix the spellings; if you’re so good, keep reading, and stop being blocked by simple words you understand. Glyph

—– This stone construction might be useful before you do a ritual: wedding, shedding, ayahuasca, solstice etc, Samhain, and this thing called Balloween.

Samhain, Samhain….

Let’s read: https://www.history.com/topics/holidays/samhain

“Because the Celts believed that the barrier between worlds was breachable during Samhain, they prepared offerings that were left outside villages and fields for fairies, or Sidhs.

It was expected that ancestors might cross over during this time as well, and Celts would dress as animals and monsters so that fairies were not tempted to kidnap them.”

There is no barrier or two worlds. It is all One. No Hell. No Heaven. A Spectrum of all there issssssss in flux. It is one’s perception into the self-well of Truth that one can bring the Truth out, as we do naturally with growing-up(not an age thing: you already know that).

But there is a significance to every ritual: Time set aside to do the Things that really matter Eternally, at least in the memory of those who were, and those who still remain.

May be you know them in other names as other people past unreal real archetypal anti-archetypal-ifSuchAThingExistsEternally, children of the same Soil. This isn’t Physics, so leave your Intellect down by the first step to reach Higher. You let go nothing because you stand on the step of Intellect that will grow with the other layers if you do it right… that’s very very hard because you are not going to be able to do it alone in the woods one with just a small part of the forest.

Sorry ButtTube Indexing Awesomeness and my not-specific-enough-lazyFirstClickCozSearchEnginesSoSmart

You have to pay em some Brittoleans, but BUTT too these days. They’re occulting more things in this short time span than in any other periods. Yes, they agree.


Not a Sinister thing; ask the real Druids (not a Lineage thing)… if they don’t speak to Animals and Plants, dafuq kind of Druid are you?

[My Life Story not your Butcher Cultural Gala programme [Biennial herbs flower] sponsored by Parle-G, Onida TV, Don the Game, KamasutraOutOfStockIn5000Prints[Kamasutra Playing Cards!], Amitabh Bachan’s Crocodile Beanie during the CoviD-1999 simulation]

Yes! Modi is indeed the Fashion King, that even makes Madam Merkel turn her head in serene compassion for the memory of that trip to varanasi where she sipped 10 rupee chai for the first time with Herman Boneshlinger.

Did you recover the Crocodile Hat of Athanor from the Interweb?

Let’s make a meme with that hat: Let’s put it on your favorite fashion peoplefacebookSubredditNot4ChanBoardThing.

Did you Investigate Him, at all? Before you march underwear over your lungi, if that’s even possible…. yes…not quite swimmingly.

I joined the crowd during Halloween, you know. In Rome, do as the Romanarians do. Or do the Touch Naga Temple in Nettur and They Divine a complete purification of that temple section. The Joke is on You. Abraham Lincoln, PirateBro(bad pic by Santell..actually got very lucky in the club[betterThanYourHubbySonBrofloski], Hannibal Lecter Caricature of Society in The Downward Spiral class play for Non-Majors Non-Graded Acting EXTRA++ FREE Class, Sub-Zero, and the AssTronaut with the Globe (Globe was destroyed when Alberto confused the Globe for Fifa 2000).

Do what ya want to do, Candy-Hungry ChocolateVampires.

“Belief in Common-Old truths is for the weak, they say”, Maximillian utters

A Shell I say is

It’s kind of strange, isn’t it? When you think you Samhain, you think of Vikings Party Episode when they all Shroom Hard… nothing evil. When you think of Halloween, you remember the film Hocus Pocus, that is now being screened in The U.S ‘sellingly’.

Campy so blends with Maynard’s acting skills (ask the Experts)… That Grudge SCREEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! is 1/0
Mine yourself because Some people just love the Samuel L Jackson SNAKES ON THE MUTHAFUCKIN’ DAVOS!

Good thing I can interface (have fun doing it, not always, Porattu Kochi) without faking it.

Caste System (Not Leary’s Ontology):

There is a thing called Disposition and the change in it, and the need to do what one has become. It’s not in the Genes, Ninja’s Big (little) Sister said in MGS:1. Hideo Kojima is a Visionary fighting vision-pission not-capitalists but Cultists.

The Mindfuck, which is based on the real, that Raiden goes through in the final combat will (and must, if it is good game) affect the psyche of the player. If your girl-of-your-dreams is a spy designed and the General you trust is an AI, how the fuck are you going to fight SolidusWasAPresidentOnce.

Your voice adapts to the Baraka of the who-do-you-speak-to-the-most. My Dramyin Instructor’s Baraka (i felt it up the spine) affects (in a good way) the nature of my singing, his songs. However, I don’t think I’ll ever take up the career of entertaining people; like somehow, some people, want you to cater to their needs of being amused. If you think, this is a Show of some sort, then Hallelujah! It’s all a …….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmexperiencewith1hundredpercentInternalTruth5percentBridgeIsARiotTruth

and 109% of You Interfacing with a Billion Truths all claiming to Know It ALLLLLLLLL!

Not that there is a problem in having an original opinion! That’s actually what we need to fix all the mess we’ve created in our quest to win FIFA PerpetualControl!

[The Surprising thing to those-they-cannot-internalize-A-Foreign-Language is that There are Many who get it… Many… I don’t want to give you a number. If you understand, really understand, then you BE that which you are meant to be. No Clones in Wonderland.]

I seem to be communicating better than your best mates, to some. Are they infected with an Idea because they are Surrealists or Live in Magic Realism (Carrington: Thank you Doc. Haines)? They will implode your imperfect models with process-fuzzed conversions (Makuti, you know) to keep you where you are, as they evolve faster. It is a Race in the Pyramid; I don’t race, I interFaaceUPUPDOWNDOWN.

You may see many dominant cultural influences in this project. As I said, this is not a Cultural Gala. Your kids are raised by the Internet, Mommy and Daddy Market. Truth?

Their Game (with Berserker Intensity with hyper-advanced Technology that beats 100 Kyle Broflovskis (you know the episode) ) is Always On. Thoughts, Energy, Threads that bind you into their cage of Limit-The-Mind-of-The-NotOurGroup.

They Agree. It’s a Jungle, so why are you surprised. You created Terminator 2 and the cool-swearing among the Manos Maaa Ruined.

In Battle, there are those possessed by a Raven, not just in Alaska, but also in Ghana; they reflect Old Things New. Did Obama get a real time update on his Drone strikes? Noble Peace Prize. Do you look to authoritative established figures for your archetypal story? Or do you look into the OverRealm of Possibilities?

I enjoyed Joker but not the Archetype of Pure Chaos and Evil he Became in his ‘First-Homicidal-Artist’ Project

The Joker out-shadows Batman in one sense, the Gaming Sense. The Joker has nothing to lose; But Batman is still a Human with ties to the past, present, and future. He has no value for Privacy in his role as a Dark Elf… to the disappointment of even Morgan Freeman OtaoKoN (should I know the label and its required dressing material?).

You know that scale, Hermes Price Tag photograph. Was that an exercise in Vanity or a realistic estimation of how you see the World, In Its Entirety.

Even Seth Rogan, who got paid more than another Joker Actor Candidate in the Sony Hacks Film: KOREA WINS!, is wooed by Tom Cruise’s? Keanu?’s Bike Collection.

So before you bring your yard stick, perform the following rituals: Spend some time in the mirror, Tailor yourselves in the Truth, and walk out , if IDareU.

Halloween Tonight! So no one will think you’re Crazy.

Grave of Fireflies if you’re not Mooning every now and then like it’s a procession every second.

In the next Joker Film, give the Joker the ability to empathize with everyone like psychomantis, but without losing his Inner Reality of “Hahahahahaha”, to outmatch Elon Musk Sergey Brin Arthur Wayne Bruce Bane’s immense wealth and privilege. It should feel like a game, to keep the tempo up, but as a Song in the Infinite possibilities of playing music in the Cabin In The Woods: Make Batman a Shaman for Brownies, like that special comic release Doctor PyschoactivePlantsBible can’t stop raving about.


I haven’t read it yet, but the Old Doc keeps yapping on about it in the book (in a gentle funny friend kind of way… not as a pompous academic who shits guld).

Max Leyf and Amanda Slaymaker have soome Alaskan roots, and their actions made me write down the nexus of many groups. We’re still not even if you want to crib about the DosAndDonots that I was not Hoooman-Initiated into. I am under no initiation contracts or affiliated with any secret societies. You don’t become a Republican by going into Trump Tower New York, do you?

… Phew! Sorry the teleconference thing distracted me from the movie for some time; this movie made me sad and very very angry at the same time. Angry not at this thing with that name or that nameless thing that’s everywhere. We discussed the metaphysically non-viable option of the Butchery Land where consciousness dimnishing Vampires can all gloomily live their version of Reality; but do you think Earth or Mars would want to host such a self-focused Cancer? That’s what some of you are … A Cancer to Good Things. It’s True. That’s what Many of Us have become, BY DESIGN. Next time you feel sorry for yourself, remember that the Grave of The Fireflies is happening right now, not in Japan, but in other Khajit and other group places. That American Syrian Lady spy was gaming, but she was telling the Truth when she told me that the refugees were not fleeing from ISIS, but from American and Russian Military Gifts.

I wrote this guide as an experience in managing certain emotions by chaneling them when required in the Jungle of Malice. I just picked out two label Nations; if you were offended, get an Education! Free Now For PROFIT!

If you were expecting a party, this is it… and many other things too. What do you want to do?

Not a spoiler: Some members of the Vampire class opted to head straight to the SpiritWorld’s Metaphysically Efficient Section for <their Mirror Reality:CustomizedWIthInfinitePowerByAnInfiniteForce> (kill themselves) as opposed to the Switch Card Sacrifice.

Let’s lift our Wine Cups for their Exit. At least Mother Earth can rest better without those rusted nails.

Smile solemnly. Salute to the Fools.

[Builder Quest: Establish Communication with them to Learn of that world… mark energy-maintain-shadow etc.]

I don’t know, when War Pigs kill themselves, it warms me up, like a Teddy Bear that’s always Happy, that you can Hug or something.

I salute the Lady who agreed to the idea of Killing Rupert Murdoch outside of the Botanical Garden of San Francisco. She told me about the National Geographic Acquisition. The Snuff Film Department of the Overworld is excited by this prospect.

True Story, Dude. WhiteLabel Lady Mid-40s Expressing Her Heart.

I am a non-violent guy, but i’d watch that snuff film with coke and grilled chicken. 500$ is reasonable for a copy, if this is not going to make it to the Internet.

[I’d like to personally work with the Scorpions (Assassin’s Guild) in making their activity strictly non-violent; but they think I’m a wuss…]

After Grave of the Fire Flies, I am forced to write a Hit List down that’s too outdated-too filled with scape-goats. I’m guessing the war criminals are incarnated as those tortured canis familiaris that hang around funeral pyres in Varanasi.

Invest in Investigation so you don’t look like a Duck, in hindsight.

Moon Shine Time… Let’s Enjoy the Real Costume on Halloween Night.

Makes you lose your appetite for Sushi, sorry. But Shawarma YUM YUM!

Citing Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grave_of_the_Fireflies (you make it academic by fixing the issues in references, additional investigation, newspaper clippings, psychic Overloaded Mentats etc.)

“Settle Down, Shamino”, a Brittania Voice.

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