The Oculus Rift Girl

What’s her Story? A lot like Mr. Jackson. A Pedo was busted in the Team… Investigate the Webscape Goat

7:54 of Global Communication Maiden Voyage. Unofficial Extension? Let’s see how good it is… with the Waters.

Lift OFF… LIFT OFF… That Signature … That curve before the Ascension… feet to the ground head to the crowning polestars of Infinity.

Everyone! Fly! Until Gravity becomes a matter of ‘Grounding Something’ to all possible harmonies.

We stopped…. landed somewhere high.

Nice Song-Expansion!

Lunch Break with Sam Und Maximillian Rubbits

Live Action Star: James Dolph as Sam (just his Angelic Cyan side please: they have the same voice PLZ)

Watch when you’re free… let’s take a mini-fun-pill for now IN

Johnathan Brossard as the Brood Witch (authored RakshasaPaysam Combilllerrr)

2:53: That was the work… Sybil is FREE as opposed to the finely catered set of options. That guy from Conversation 16 Mad Men Salesforce Co-Founder

3:57: It’s not literal… i know I’m a little annoying in interrupting you (that data paraglideweeeeeeweeelike mmeeeemeee). They don’t literally eat brains, the Minions. Psychic spies from ___ Try to steal your mind’s elation… They push their messages… no Get out of Here for Facebook Family Time (like Count measurement analysis selfie ops)

Skip to 8:34: Don’t do LlVE cos people can click hyperlinks to their place for a fresh() everytime not all the time… the pool! … it’s all weaved

At 11:09 I want to Mirror the commentator’s experience with Bath Salts.. What? You mixed me up with MaCappaccuninochio.

How about a dual-audio track overlay for Game Music-GameplayFocus and Narrator YipYap in case we just want the former. Quality Control.

I’ll play the damn game! with or without blockers that kill the flow of the experience. If you want to be seen as mr. smarty pants find solutions to real world problems, not pindatonic 112 IQ Score or GRE Bund Results.

wooaw… didn’t expect that in a Children’s Game. I’m not a Brony but that Brony presentation at work. UFFFF.

It is… the chimp in Svayambhu

Investigate his Count++:++Count;Count=Cunt*Count123;

At 0:56 I induct Hollo-Korn to the cult of people putting things on top of things. The Juxxxxxxxxtapoooooooozzzz-er-s-and-inis

Induction is Solidified with that ENDING! That was Pokherized Realoded for me.

All is Alchemy, not just the Patros of Sarvam among the other Patros and Madres of the .

I used to like Jung; it only changed when I realized that he was forced to hide things that have to stay ‘occult’ for his own well-being over the collective elevation of Knowledge.

Don’t Pry Open… when you’re ready, the System knows ahead of you in infinite time units. Those who know. Those who play. Etc. Etc.

We addressed the Label issue together in previous mind-games: It’s not so much about what you call a thing –Romeo and Juliet– it’s more so about its essence in Being, Though, Action, Pseudoaction=Simulation, Emulation(SubconsciousNarratives) and Degradation(Oh! Diana… you got the Monroe Song when you were a Tigress of Royal WTF BRAVE Actions)


Lot of Brittania Biscuits were dipped in Lover-Archetype Loss among the men (I was in 5th?th grade)

Balls made Classy. Without the Swearing and all the other tools of the E-Trade.Bung

Or this Song:

For Diana or other Fallen ——> who? nusaalthan thulyaaq bhai? dafuq is he?

Diana was/is a Lover Archetype… had it all, could have kept it hush-hush no blush-blush, HERE”S THE TRUTH, YA’LLLL; but lost it to Dominion.

Walk in NO FEAR (Brand Logo)
Head to DianaLand?

Rivers of Live(as in be fully)

Watch not in Chrome because of their weird layout ADSS etc RecoMundations

Music is a Ritual in Vibration? What’s new, Doc?

No Cussing…. Liberate your Minds MumboFrickenschlaaang! [in Rammstein Voice]

I didn’t pick the album art; all religions now are more or less twisted by design. They play Twisted Metal Gear Solidus Ultera with people [MindCraft].

Seatbelts tight, alllalala right?

[Multiplayer Support was already installed… they gave you a Boss Fight Narrative, so you belched first]

“Oh! Jeepers!” That Internet Meme Old Lady voice…

Read along then Watch along

What channel is The Netflix?

I made more memes than all of you parasitewonetheScars!


/me mehs

opens jpegviewerinASCIIDafuqLinux?

Saw them Live at Slim’s [WIN]

Underrated would be the best available word.

They looked a lot different from the end of the Slim’s BEEEEEER! BEEEERR! VOLKERDING! alert(109);

Yeh- without the edits, it’s kind of very telling, huh?

Those Guitarists speak in overt secrets… guess guess the lead?

You can Always Leave, CalifornicationHotel. Who is Parasiting whose click-click-nom-nom Plaza? Everybody, Nobody, Somebody, Mrs. Peabody chuckles gurgling her wine (Chablis). Mr. Pindahar (the Nepali Kid who is being puppeteered by forces ) sits in Julliiard (for real) to master the Harmonica. The Guild Challenge for the Card. Comfortable Life learning the Harmonica under the Masters. Teach him to play his own song, and I will admit you to be the True Mustards of Music.

Accept ?YES! #childabuseStoppedElevatedSlumdogBilliardonaire

It will be like that Pip story from Dickens. Arthur Nepali National Anthem Re-Creator Narrative.

chant “Para E-Sites” as you walk up the
The 9th Gate BE OPEEN ARRRRRRRRRRRRR… where be my apple? Roberto! you stole the … FUUUUUUU[Insufficient Memory 1028 (2 powa 10?calc.exe>py) ) MUGGING Perks, 1028… Turbo C++ Jaizmon Traps

[American History Lesson: People had the right to bear arms Not against Covid-19… The people didn’t level up to the evil]

They have caves and ISSes, you know

Current Definition of the Word Sudra: People who need to earn Money and use resources in a limited fashion…. you define. Eg: Bezos, Gates, Muskrat(homiebama4.0) etc.

ALWAYS THE SAME, sorry Granny meme, Pyramid, huh? New faces, New skills, New songs, and bungs with cups.

[The ads reflect the nature of reality… i can’t unyoutube adblock for you: your sticker world… post em all]

Don’t Literal, preggers

[[ For the rest of the old timers here, watching the Shed reaction is like watching “stop the device you are operating” during a kidnap comedy! wholesome film. They Muslimgauzed you a long time ago, Chungakullam Shed ]]

Movie Night: The Warrior /Saw it in Theatres/ 2ice? But will ARRR it for now. Cast Okay with it? Thumbs-Up.

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