LifeBoat Plus (with extra foam)

Let’s Investigate a Muskrat’s Vampiric Lover and her assault of the Pirate Lord Jack. I just opened Davy’s locker this morning; barely…

One of these guys look like an Uncle (a relative in blood)

Let’s read some Gossip to find some undercover VampiresOverLorded: :: Investigate Amber’s Initiators (into Hollywood or whatever EyesWiddeeeeeeINOUTGameShut groups if any) [Male Reaction + Female Reaction + Collective Reaction to Closest Approximation of The Truth with your Knowledge of How We Work]

Lotta CAPS… but Zeppelin!

He took the Switch Card, right? If you thought of it, they already ‘handled’ it
In the Waters… Earth needs some time of recuperation from All of That Call Of Dootie Nonsense

What Animals? The people placing bets

Bung Bung… how do their archetypes(even Dominique couldn’t pronounce that word, shedders) satisfy in the real? Such good actors(gend. neut) though.


She said: ‘I f**king was hitting you… I don’t know what the motion of my hand was, but you’re fine, I did not hurt you, I did not punch you, I was hitting you’

Turds don’t care, because MohanVaal was already parceled-meat.

So She was in Aquaman… couldn’t tell; I saw Mystery Men, but not Aquaman, though bits and pieces from the TV-Airtime-Makutibundu.

The Ladakh Wars: 2 Books? Will take a while to write it all to the cloud. Pipes don’t all have heating and maybe there are no good water sources in Red Dead Redemption… yes! Okay! But it’s not a Ritual in Reality in Gaming if you don’t confuse the Electronic Game Interpretation with the ‘1/0 over 1/0 over i over (pi to the 1/0 places)’ mini-brain-narrative training.

Books do that too, but Electronic Games gives you the illusion of Free Will. They had an Ultima 7 (still have on exult?) where you can configure the terrain, but then not be able to save it, in order to experience it.

RPG Maker has such a low-bar battle-mode implementation flexibility.

The Ladies Rise Up… By definition, a wrong group, because of their non-inclusiveness. It isn’t just the opposite Gender that is being lied to. Your children are having their sensitive parts ripped, while a few take a PASS card.

Gotta FEEL IT, right?

Not my Vanity, just our Masks… Dishonesty and Other Veils when you know.

Very smart people are making fools of themselves literally walking backwards. [POKHERIZZZZZed]. The Chungakullam Reverse-Circuit Walking Yoga MahaBogaaaaPooterPatent; they were all shit compared to some of the ‘real’ ideas that I uploaded in ‘Commons’ ParamanaaariNoLicense.

[SecurityIndustryPROTIP(Retired 5 years or so ago soooo ask the ‘Exceptionals’): They already have your penis…your pc/mobile phone is nothing… their updates don’t always FIX common problems. The Best are Underground. The MONEYCANBUYBest are snorting Coke with Models in some unknown hipster Island.]

Even the Happiest person in the world can dig this:

Not an Immunity thing… Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ether{Dance!

[Verse 1]
Sorrow found me when I was young
Sorrow waited, sorrow won
Sorrow, they put me on the pill

It’s in my honey, it’s in my milk

Don’t leave my hyper heart alone on the water
Cover me in rag and bone sympathy
Cause I don’t wanna get over you
I don’t wanna get over you

[Verse 2]
Sorrow’s my body on the waves
Sorrow’s a girl inside my cake
I live in a city sorrow built
It’s in my honey, it’s in my milk

Don’t leave my hyper heart alone on the water
Cover me in rag and bone sympathy
Cause I don’t wanna get over you
I don’t wanna get over you

Don’t leave my hyper heart alone on the water
Cover me in rag and bone sympathy
Cause I don’t wanna get over you
I don’t wanna get over you

Don’t leave my Heart uninhabited…

Join the Mob! The Super Set Faction not The Faction.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

There are some lessons, even the supposedly closest do not understand: Just because the 100 were/are horrible to you, it doesn’t mean you have to mirror that-state-of-Being to the 20 odd other odd hoomans and the 10000000/0 other beings.

War Dance (dance dance revolution please) Mode Now: Romance is for Peace Times… Delta T. Or Now. Or Tomorrow…. or when you FEEL THE FLOW of the Collective! THEY ALL AT DAVOOOOS YA”ALLLL!

Recover Professor Collin Jackson’s Photoshoot CC: Paul WachinskiBrosUnderTheNet

Find the other Photos Quest: [Fun Quest][IndianPeopleFacebook << ProfessorPhotoShoots]
Any luck in discovering that band [Spanish or Portuguese:MandelaEffectFuzz]? Quest Progress: Index Bunged, eh?

Wow… Collin Jackson dropped off the Web Boat… Fucking OWASP WEBGOAT!

[Map Versus the Real Study of this chap :

Hardcore Code Level Investigation /Ask Chinmay Garde/
1st time trying this song

Save the 1st degree connections, “not leave them alone…to the Wolves”.

We have the names in the same line or something in a not-so-great papy.rus according to Jenna (rightly) Paper.

Mackowski picked the Name, BRAU

Language mods by T.A. Research topic from the Jack Awesome Guy. Mining + Credit in alphabetical order + with teamwork + basic_skillz. Not all name call outs are a Mars+Saturn, is it? Ladies, first. Jenna is Uber in 31337 skills and measuring the altitude from the Earth, and the Beach as well!

The Web Intents response mail during the 0-day info-exchange session was very professional; not necessarily the response of the didNotGetTheKnowledgeTransferTeamsChange New Guy what what what? email.

Nothing to Copy Paste… the Translation Makuti Department of Commerce and Cultural Gala is a lot like this. Old farts and Mr. Peechie Lord (Divorced) have to read it.

(2013-14-15sh): The word ‘Hipster’ is Banned by the U.N.O (WhiteChicken-NegroUltera-Corp). On this Historic Occasion, let us avoid the Temper Tantram Thom Thom Thom!

Meanwhile, Imagine a Land of MOSTLY SPIES and Normal people… that film where they caged Mr. Elton John.

If you mean ‘They’, would it include that Lady Diana too,.. “where does she get the courage”, she told us about them… No one in Untouchable.

Prince Charles gave MJ a fright… you saw their interaction. Few minutes ago he was cuddling with his tough-Italiano?-Mobster Guy (the ol’ dandruff/tie-neck slap)… some time into the conversation with Doctor Charles, MJ turned into an Old Man.

At least there is a lot of Truth to his Music

Mirror yourselves Really Hard first..

Because the Focus brings the True Light and Darkness of Modeled Narratives constantly in flux . Unpredictable even to the most ancient far-seeing of SearsBarSoap. Not for Sale: Therefore your evaluation shouldn’t be a product evolutionary history chart but a sense for the current Music.

Watch me Gift you Infinity (done…pastTense) and Fuck OFF, like nothing you’ve imagined of, read about… Repeats are predictable, at The Least. This isn’t a One Protagonist story, right now Expert Alchemists? Just because you read some words, and some pretty pikkkturesLKG, doesn’t necessarily mean you can Internalize=BE it.

Those Youtube View Count things are Read-Write, you know? oh, Investigate the False Date Graffiti artists who work for the Faction.

Let’s not go to this Camelot->

From our Collective Histories, one must deduce that the variety we call “War Criminals” are of a simulated variety of Not-On-The-Top. Atlantis or Mooo Mooo or Shambhala is everywhere! 1/0: we get Math now, right?

Pause the video at 2:41 to get a Tree Chart. Slaven VassillyEYE! Great Movie!

Still a very hardcore Narrative (THUNDER! THUNDER! HOW I WONDER THUNDER! THUNDER!). Tesla Coils are not wide vertical impacting types of thin lightning… and up from the sky for such a wide coverage beats those single-focused Ray Guns or DeathStarSuperUselessSunTzuOnResources
That Salesforce

THe Shed has no issues with Nayanthara visits Chengannur College of Engineering(undisclosed online because some school kids came to join) and the kids’ mosh-pitted all over her. Usual… NBD, But Pantera Offerings is the Sin.

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