The Shed Presents: A Cultural Gala

Read in Butcher’s Voice (from the show BoyZZzzzzzZZ):

“Good Morning fine ladies and the general men; on this auspicious occasion — you know what– I would like to present some music from the children of the Shed. Admire their talent, be jealous, cast spells; I know it doesn’t sound like me unless I invoke the inner Sesame Street Count. The fruit of my lion joins us in the audience. Will you stand up, Willy”

Willy stands up and begins to perform:

You remember the Garden-Granny from the film Mommy Market. She is one fine Priestess, isn’t she? Nothing happened, except for the poor(not financially speaking) Principal gentleman, and in the Beings of the Children. I should read the Book, right? Will I ever be able to erase Sissy from my head. Nope. In fact, I’ll cast John Malkovich as the Principal. Mommy Market (Reloaded!)

Let me invoke Lord Tech Boy of the communications department to upload some of the randomly picked pages from Yesterday:

Let me invoke Lord Tech Boy (who runs the [blackbox-hardwareKnowHowSoftwareKnowHowWhoNowWhatNow?] stack I make use of of the communications department to upload some of the randomly picked pages from Yesterday:

Magic is the Kernel(Root) of all Real-Religion; Religion is indeed the projection of the Godhead into the world of the Real. This is why we have the words Exoteric and Esoteric. The purest souls picked as Priests are trained in the Esoteric. The darkest(not racial colour, but racial colour, to be Truthful) souls picked as SaturnineElectricWizards are trained in the Pindatonic Training Fields for the Game.

Selma appears on stage; we will read all of this with Her music, and then watch the Dance again to the same song. How is this not a World Fair?

You clap hard! “That was some fine’ dancin'”, you hear the Geezers blurt out. Their lips are still puckered because they don’t want to look that impressed. “Italia!”, you hear an old friend shout!

The stage reassembles as I and Techboy burn cycles to upload the next few ‘DraftsCozLENGTH>>FLOPPYDISK(JpegsIncluded)

Investigate the nature of the Pranic Wind Devadutta (An Ashwini Mudra Presentation… Yawn Yawn)
Tantric Insight: There are Hoomans who have never masturbated in their Lives (Ask Kavi Arasu: Wasn’t a Hands-On, Dawgs)… How are they? It’s not just about seed-has-expiryDateTantricks!
Care of: A Gelugpa Priest who apparently knew Women. Ask Norbert the German VVitch (Pokherized!) on the Spectrum of ‘Things we’ll all do…’

Reading old ‘shite’ conjures up a song

Gedun Chopel appears on stage, eager to perform for the ladies… the pucker-lipped geezers are visibly uncomfortable.


Gedun Chopel leaves the stage.

The Tibetans are pissed off. Though they persecuted Gedun Chopel in Jail for many many years, they find it appropriate to defend him now because it is always US VERSUS THEM (The Tibetan word for Hindu, Linguists?) . The Global stare at the Geezers make them uncomfortable and they give a thumbs-up to indicate Chopel can perform.

The Younglings, the Geezer kids, or the ‘Fartlings’ as we call them in the Tower, shout out: “Hipster, Hispter!!!”

Your wish is our Demand!

Hipsters arrive… they confuse the stage; “the fuck are they all from”, a crackling old voice as she sees the Troupe.

Murmur in the crowd… “They should have added that option in Bioshock Infinite”, a Comic-Guy voice authoritatively dominating the air. The puckered-lipped geezers are nowhere to be found. They’ve all metamorphosed into Paradise Birds”

Now that we have authoritative Nakhi translated material, we have the soulUtion to the Chicken and Egg Philosopher’s ChupaChupsStick Problem. The Grand White Chicken came first!!! Then the Eggs!

… The Hipsters Continue …

HD AGAIN !!! woooo

Investigate the nature of the Beirut explosion. Rituals for Mourning (simulation #??)

Red Dead Redemption Horse Interactions do not count

More Hipsters?

Yes— “No crackling voices”, everyone agrees:

Butcher appears. His eyes are Red. He’ll probably blame the cheap rum.

Read in Butcher Voice:

“Cough… Cough… Cough… Things are getting a bit too droopy silly around here. The Executive Team for the Carnival has decided [[ TOMATO!!!!! ]]

A Tomato was hurled towards Butcher from ___

“Fuck OFF Butcher, ya Cunt”, a sweet old lady’s voice.

The Mob decides to run the show:

The sweet lady’s Honourable Chief Architect Lord Peesley of RivenBorneShed tries to put a leash on his House Cat. What a Tiger she had become!

The shillers in the Mob raise other voices, and secretly the Makuti Department of Oceania pushed their troop to the stage. Explore the Talent!

Featuring Visuals Inspired by THE DRONA DEATH SCENE WAS TOO DAMN LOOOONG… GET ON WITH THE Repeat() Fight Scenes (Up+ UP+ H.K +L.k)

Ignore the previous low def video and proceed to this user upload:

At 1:03 to skip commentary (Music Flow…)

Wasn’t that a little disturbing and funny at the same time? So confusing…

Regain Control of the Show?


Y! More Hipsters March In.

Wait, this is a repeat()… So what?

Somebody…. they used to simulate! Once with a Muslim; then with an Aryan Bundu

But, this is still a true narrative

In this case, a Venus aspect was elevated for the Song by those in Control: The Game
That too… who keeps a silly love letter from 2000(1999?)
It’s not how you sound when you chant, is it? It’s about Internalization (Butcher Voice appears FUN-RELENTLESS) [to the Shadow Dungs: Mux Perspective: Implementation is the Essence… Purification is the Process… Learn to LVL UP (you have a walkthrough.txt!!!!)

You load the arena song to read() (not in 1:30 delta t)

It’s not like this at all. You invite some Old Ladies to play their songs:

Greta Thornberg Jumanji (our Stacey ‘Gaia’) Appears()

Investigate the Strange Sundress Photograph of Greta on 4chan Pol [Homibama Card]

A sweet lady joins the troop. She is going to give you a Tour. Before that she wants to share a few words. Caution: She is a little pissed; don’t project that African Activist Child who was cropped from the photograph and made a fair deal about the issue on TwitterChirp.Churp.

“Ya’ll gotta stop believing in the lies they publish everywhere! Those personalities are all fake”

The Band nudges. The lady realizes that everyone is wearing a Mask, a Coronation-One and a Self-Image-MultiFuzzMaskNotThatHighInMercury.

She walks away. Too bad no one got her name. A blessing, actually. It’s better she keeps singing this way without having to sacrifice Sol for $$Pow() or something. She’s already Shining! Can’t you see that? They Can!

“Calm Down, Butcher”, a Knowing Geezer communicates in [approvedWordbyBlackPeople=AskThem] ‘Negro Ultera‘ [End of Meta Not-A-Racist-But-A-Racist-World-Tag] Speak

Investigate Toro’s (C/O UNO CMU) Black Knight Versus White Knight Short-Sketch

Social Engineering is a Computer Security Learn In Grad School Thing. Because Social >> CRYPTO. Ask the SexpersTIONALS! Not the Shed Professor in Computational Theory [Can’t Code]

Let’s Read:

Investigate the Legitness of Vanessa Nakate. Don’t jump to conclusions into a Black/White Affair. She AT DAVOS, Ya’ll!! Discussing How to Save the world in Demon’s Pit.

Racist World? Who’s the Hitler Now? Who’s Laughing Now, Peeche Lords??

Non Profit work for the Department of Internal-External-Universal Affairs. Always Hiring! Always Firing! Bring Your Own Cake; we broke!

Let’s zoom through some Goats and Soda

The Church Kids begin their song so that we can read/sing along: Davos: The Avengers Headquarters of the SuperShed!

Hear a Bung After Every Word:

…but the people most affected by poverty and other issues typically aren’t invited

Shitation in thhe (Abid! Abid! I know the spell! Abid!)

90s was the decade for me, to be Honest!

The Demon Pit is Productive, Yes. They Built BRICS like it was a game of Legos.

The song is going on … let’s use this lyrics

For example, every year since 2013, Oxfam has published a scathing report on inequality ahead of Davos that compares the wealth of the richest 1% of people in the world — many of whom are at Davos — to the rest of the population.

you wanted music… this is shitty lyrics… see we can’t sing along with maximum Sol [Builder Quest]

What a Puppet show, huh? People spend hours on IRC and still can’t read. R.E.A.D.

You decide to go up a little… let’s get a benchmark and work our way downwards-upwards-sameThingWhenYouDoItRight, at least.

Reading all of this makes you feel like an Old Man (or a Woman, if you’re a ‘fine lady reader’). Time to think of the Ol’ days:

Sorry, Eminem; Before BoratIncarnate smothered you, Moby did it with classilence, and a Gigaton more of Talent.

Imagination Land

Meanwhile in Reality-Land:

Y’all cried to Eminem’s Mommy Issues? [information from Shandy Wilson C/O Nims Dubai]

Let’s mine some… seven Dwarves are the seven planets… Snow White is Reality.

Pace Up! The Quack Team Assembles:

[Meanwhile the Makuti Corp mutates the story (Fables won the Eisner?) into coolYes-but-AlteredNarratives]

Just project the Band Members as they are… Musicians who have to make money among other things… Extract the Talent (Steal their Shine)… These are the Industry Mantrams of the Highest Order.

A Mantra: Blessed Are We Who Have Many Mothers and Fathers, because our Biological Root is not really our spiritual root. The Chicken or the Egg.

Family Trivia, for the Voyeurs: The Water Heater Story and the Case of the Will-Pill. Chris, you guys didn’t figure it out. So much for your theory of mund… bung

Not a Weekend Warrior Baby


Faith + 1

I have a repeat request… The Unfinished Symphony: 2nd time///Still, Unfinished. We can try 3 times, and it will be like the Inifinty COVID-19s.

Can’t index em all, Pokemon Master!

phew! gotta remember all those names! where’s my facebook account?

[The 60s (a 76′ song soooooo<like the 60s and the 80 A.Ds makes a difference to an 86’er)(music is what? immortal) Crowd demands the Original]

Broke the Spell
[sic] is left as [sic], Knights of Ni… although I have the error of not including the [sic] in the Referrer HTTP Header

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