The Microcosm Is The MoothraKosam

Shed standards prevail. Balan K Nair tries to get up on stage to do his War-Dance:

Investigate the Padre Caste Game for External Causes//Dayummmm (just for the voyeurs/ curtains plz)

People don’t believe in Magic. No one has issues holed up like a chicken in a co-u-p because of SARS Version 19. Imagine a prophet making a claim 500 years ago:

“hear yeeeee… hear yeeee… 4 score something years from now, us chimpglorians, the champions of Liberty and Puberty, will hide from the slayer-109-virus. Our children and their midichlorians, hear yeeee, will refuse the very breath of life with a nobility-quicksilver-fashion-word(rel:fedoraHat)MASK”

not censored by National Geographic
Fear Not. Everything be ARRRRRRRR a Joke! ARRRRRRRRR! You arrrrrrrrrrr the SSSSSSSStory Teller
Mp3 Music File IDV3 Tag Auto Name Super AI ! They got Windows right, didn’t they? Or Macs? LOL

[If you’re going to brainstorm their plans (fantasies) while we play music, then you’re falling for the Oldest Trick in the Book]

[FYI: Nairs can take their Caste related issues to the Brahmins. I read their Books. Citation provided in previous waves. We’re doing AnthropoESHELMO here.]

gotta label marklaw in their language… never listen to the retarded commentary team when you know there’s no ONE Interpretation. How many Interpretations? 1 over 0 squared i

—– FUN ZONE —-


Listen to :

Bad guy is ShangTsun from Mortal Kombat 1. Not the 2 version, but the older version with him as his younger version. You know he was meh in MK2. KINTAAAAROOOOOOO WINSSSSS!

Let’s Read:

Read with a Bung after each word

… by simply accepting that iamthatWitchIam exists we can solve things
that need the square root of a negative number.

That was some deep shit right there. Made my head spin a little. Imagine the square-root of anti-matterAnApple. Newton dropped from the Tree hard. Too much Mercury (literal)!

Just to be clear: I left the Tech Industry a while ago… I work with the 5 element Keyboard now. But let’s just go to that side of the forest for a bit:

Example: What is the square root of −9 ?

√(−9)= √(9 × −1)  = √(9) × √(−1)  = 3 × √(−1)  = 3i

Makes sense… ABID. … It’s useful conceptually to SOLVE MANY PROBLEMS. Don’t just Imagine in Real Life, Like Einstein… The difference between Imagination and DivineVision is in the Karma, and the multitude (infinite, i say) aspects reflected in ‘Collective’ Reality (The Real (Perceptible and Imperceptible) )

Let’s look at a strange thing though

What is (5i)2 ?

(5i)2= 5i × 5i  = 5× 5× i × i  = 25 × i2  = 25 × −1  = −25

Is this conceptually accurate? Multiplying 2 imaginary things with a negative polarity and arbitrary magnitudes will result in an Pindatonic-Model-WORKSFORREALWORLD. Just because you don’t get it, doesn’t mean it’s fake. Double Negative… YES!!!!!!!. What Vanity!!!!!

Theoretical Muth is too ADD… wooo Quake 2! Ultima 7! Up + Up + H.K + L.K!

We could do it without the ‘i’ though, right? Take 5 AntiMatter Bungs and square em’… 25 Aunty-Material Blings!

You play the late Cheb I of ‘The Amoeba Records’/Haight/PANPANPAN

see… i is cool, Mandelbroths. {ahhhhhhhhhhh undefined in well-defined states of measurement) || White Space

Hidef View:

They don’t like us invoking our Midrashes/Interpretations. Too Poetic, they said in HamburgerKingReaperTouristSpot… but we have 1/0 now in Binary? MandelBroth!

Reagents: Electricity? Ether – 5 elements at a lower and all encompassing layer… metaphysically correct? Yes/No? (How can anything be Outside of the Godhead: Same Source, right?)

Does it make a difference if you know the Truth; you love those Masks!

[I know ol’ madelbroth from the OS Lab… easiest test to passsssSSSS CHO(1) choke(@) choke(3)]

White Guy who does all Religions is the Musician (with the tag DJ). He passed away a while ago. Haight, Aight?
we broke! but we have cakes for 10 or 20, good quality cake —i love the free xmas cakes for real—, for the occasion.
Real because DGAFMoreOrLessSceneSThough
Chuck BelieveItOrNOT playing the Flute

[Dream San Francisco Song Repeat Request]

Chuck BlueBeard of the InternationalShed association of The Druids who dress up as Trees– (Facebook response time = 30 minutes!!) post deletion and 2 week ban! Before AleC Baldwin— appears on Stage:

Now, i would like to address a very sensitive topic:

Who here knows of AlexJack Vale? He has a Patent! WTF?

——–drawing a line——————————— to separate out the pixels in your imagination land————————– i

Dear Lord Batlin,

That test you gave me: Save the Bride or the MommyMarketEveryone’sMomIfMomBigIFMOMS was a pooter question. Have you heard of the Dolphin Mode of Swimming? Two things to pull with Full Body Thrust[those bastards]. You don’t pick the options, Batlin… neither do I. [Not a Digital Implementation: Language (and its authoritativeOPPRESSLVL90- rules) (is/are) malleable in PoetryLabels: NOR GATE NAND 1 XOR YOMAMA MirroRed

Player 1

The Black Gate Returns: GigaLTIMA 1/0 The Poeshelmo

The Tale of Doctor Fun ArgentinOBLE of Ayahuasca Hollister, CA Trip. Psychiatrist with Shamanic Network!

Very literally taken interpretation for such a good Musical talent!

This evening’s Film Feature: If you haven’t watched, Trading Moms! if you have (Information Conduit and Power Correlation), watch _ cursorBlinks_Okay! I have the Originals and the First School in legal bluedisks. I’ll pirate the Apocalypse (makuti discount) + the names used in the trailer (discount). Xmen Apocalypse!

Pick a Movie the World Can Watch together (Don’t Butcher in-between like it’s your Dad’s ‘SHOW’)Syntax ERROR ERROR MACHINES!

Remember this: there are Those who get it; those who get it and are in denialImaginationLand; and those who don’t get it in symbols-interface-DayNightNarrative but their SOUL/HEART is in sync: the easiest Key. You don’t need to be a Musician to appreciate the Mood of some parts of the forest: “They did/do what?? For Real!”.

Don’t view in Labels; they don’t mean much, those names, when you read the Edda, The Old Testaments of Hermes, or the Puranas:

Downloading [………]


I don’t like the extended version at all!

Best actually
They knew it would come to this… and they’re giving you a muscle=power choice>_

[At one end of the spectrum or portal (of water) you have all freedom to live the life you want to live, and be where you want to be(BOREDERs)… at the other end you can continue to wear your mask and be what they want you to be: Robots on an assembly line manipulated with Every Oldest Trick in the Book]

Christmas is coming Up! We don’t do Xmas here except put Stars up once in a while…But I love the vibe…especially those pre-2000 malls in Dubai those days… Coronation Rules on Family Celebrations? Congratulations! Enjoy your Cake.

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