Acquisition of Soma (not related to the Actor)

First of all, I would like to call out a Masterpiece in Film making that I was lucky to re-experience. An old friend, Mr. Elder of the Funds Department, once told me how watching movies and cartoon shows one enjoyed as a kid now, as ‘an old geezer’ that is , has magic-detrimental effects; “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” isn’t cool anymore if you watch it now, and kills all the good memories associated with it. Trading Moms, Or Mommy Market as I remember its old title in the 90s, does not fall into the principle of ‘Aging like Stinky Cheese’. In reality, there was more ‘Magic’ watching it now as an adult than watching it as a 4th or 5th grader. As an apology to the John Malkovich Laughter Riot day before yesterday (The Munn in the Iron Bung), I present you a Sissy who really nailed the Male Role.

[[ I am posting this, only because this is related to the process of communication. My <UnnamedAgency>>CIA> issued Sans Training Free Macbook slows down my Information Uploading (from the Mindspace) with the Uhmmm….Ahmmmm… CPU-Memoria Infidelity Problem; not to mention, some Bios Bunging FUBARed the other Familial Laptop. The other option is to revive an ancient gift and hope Linux runs on it without ‘more-than-necessary’ taming; no thanks to you Slackers.

Standardize the BIOS

While the display is blank, press the f10 key to enter the BIOS settings menu. The BIOS settings menu is accessible by pressing the f2 or the f6 key on some computers. After opening the BIOS, go to the boot settings.

Remember the time you listed what ‘flowering’ key to press, bungholios.
Today I will address the topic of the Anti-Christ/Dajjal/BigBunger

We will also look at a re-imagined version of the Enneagram, some unedited drafts written in haste (for the Grammar Knights of Ni) and some repeats of old songs new.

Conspiracy Theory 1 of Today: They don’t want me running Linux because they’re afraid I’ll fuse something above the [Kernel] Layer.

Musings for a Spy Novella

Ads that change one’s Internal Alchemy Conspiracy: Yes! Let’s Fix it all… don’t let the mosquitoes spoil the alchemical flight with their ‘you did that.. you didn’t do that’ bung seen-it-a-lot-in-the-last-34-years. Let’s fix the root issue so parents don’t have to go begging in photoshoots in a platform used for kiddy porn. Investigate Daed’s (Ava’s @salesforce/@heroku) Maternal Affairs

Like that doesn’t require as much ‘focus’ as the child that is going to a better place

Fail. Running Live CDs require some weird BIOS magic now (setting the Boot Order; Nok?). Secure Boot Disable?. Dafuq Engineers?

Sorry we (you the consumer (not parasite) and me the producer (among other producers)) are experiencing Technical issues. I’m not going to make it an Ego thing, because like Linus Torvalds, I might have to spend an hour or more to (of course I haven’t built up the skills and patience to make changes to the Kernel Code and recompile the damn thing that still needs a Chimp-Launchpad-BIOSHardwareIStheDickUnderLayerNotBOSS approval.

Some eyesbrows raise themselves… why all this abracadabra? I’m not here to entertain you, Sonny. I’m here to tell you a few things, and the “Resource Controller” is deliberately making it a pain-in-the-Bung to diminish the shine of the ‘shared consciousness state’.

[Ok-let’s leave the [TechBoy Will Never Be a [GaimanTurdology]’God’ Because We Can Communicate With The Stars, Paint with Clouds ERROR ERROR 1 over 0 is still undefined and will forever be!]

I mean, in Math they have Irrational Numbers and square root of I AM
Built on the geometrically unstable (to me, at least) Enneagram
Just curious, because an astronomy book said so
I find that Shadow Watchers hate reading doubled-script. Reupload?

In stead of working on the Book of Hands as an available-only-on-release date project, I’ve decided to publish as I go.

Edit: Represents, NI NI NI NI
Therefore, THE REAL ANTICHRISTS/AntiChristinis HIDE THEIR BEING in Priestly Robes… I rest my case.
Ask the Tower about Pokherized. The Shed still doesn’t have that Intel! Hahaha!

What’s new people?

Every Soma Run is like watching the Commie movie Nirmalyam(painful)

[God’s Lesson in Alchemy: I’ve been engaged in a Boss Battle with Sindarin for more than 2 decades. It’s not that Sindarin is a powerful being, but it is the nature of our relationship that makes the Boss Fight a hard one. Mommy Market! “Don’t laugh because you’ll have to make up for the laughing by Crying” : Principle of Life. Just because you lost your dad when you were 3 and grew up in a household filled with pricks doesn’t necessarily mean that the World has to bear the burden of your PaintItBlack version of the world. Imagine if things were a little different. A cool hacker mom like Ava… let’s not go there! UNO! Fucking UNO! Laugh’s on you. Mirror, Mirror…. Loading Mercury for group reading()]

Before we advance further, let’s confirm that we have dissolved the metaphysically absurd notion of The Devil or Anti-Christ in the supplied reading material. Yes!. If not, you are either too brainwashed (as in, you see only the poo, and not the points), or you are not getting enough light to interpret the intended meaning of my not-so-precise expression. For the 1-2-3 Kids, If you’re trying to find the Devil, look to your priestly class; after all, their purpose is to hide Divinity. Truth? TOUCHE, SENIOR ANGELO!

Bitter pain? Mirror shining too hard? We’ll move from here, of course. It’s a ride. Sing Along!

A lot like reality except that the words mean something else and there are more than 2 projections!
Switch Card Them
Priests Hate This 28-Year Old Man [ClickBat, I mean Bait] Loading Soma()

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