The Mysteries of Venus

I’ve never been in Love. Sure, I’ve had girlfriends (2: 4 years and 1), but I never really loved them. It was hard for them to hear me say that as we broke up; but the Truth is that they never really loved me either. I don’t want to give you the wrong idea and restrict the aspect of Venus to the Love that exists between two polarities, the need for every soul to let go and attain the original state in the process of at-one-ment.


1590s, “be in harmony, agree, be in accordance,” from adverbial phrase atonen (c. 1300) “in accord,” literally “at one,” a contraction of at and one. It retains the older pronunciation of one. Meaning “make up (for errors or deficiencies)” is from 1660s; that of “make reparations” is from 1680s.

Atone. To bring at one, to reconcile, and thence to suffer the pains of whatever sacrifice is necessary to bring about a reconciliation. [Hensleigh Wedgwood, “A Dictionary of English Etymology,” 1859]. The phrase perhaps is modeled on Latin adunare “unite,” from ad “to, at” (see ad-) + unum “one.” Related: Atoned; atoning.

A song for the Daughter/Lover… Ask the Songwriter

She had sworn her vows to another
This is when no-one will bother And conceded pain in crumbling mirth
A harlot of God upon the earth
Found where she sacrificed her ways
That hollow love in her face

Does it matter, though? Archetypes fuse into everything. You know this now.

How is it that I know there was no Love? I found that spending time by myself was more meaningful and musical than the time spent with my lover. A true relationship enhances the Being of everyone, even the Being of innocent-voyeurs who vicariously take part in the communion.

The same can be said of the Love between a Parent and Child. We are elevated by the music of sacredness and unconditional Love; that gushing forth of the infinite without the formality and measurements of our transactional world.

There have been two instances, of energetic nature, one platonic and the other passion-filled, when energy gushed forth between Heart Chakra. When a Master infuses his or her Baraka in you, energetic changes are felt in one’s subtle body; a kundalini surge in the spine or sensations on the face. These two instances were very short-lived but meaningful; the veins of Gold in Fort Landia; Sweet Ambrosia in an ocean of Bone-Hurting-Juice.

It is strange that we only grasp the beauty and comfort of Love upon parting: A sweet punishing of the Soul that is the source of so many of our Songs.

Even a monk practicing true celibacy must ponder the question of Love. One may achieve complete spiritual union in the Heavens, without experiencing the Union of two Souls on Earth. One exists simultaneously in the plane of Malkuth and Kether, the realms of the Manifest and the Supreme-Immanent Transcendent. Metaphysical union and Soul union are one and the same, if you listen hard to Harmonia.

I know you seek to know Venus. Some cultures consider Venus to be a Male Warrior (Native American); Some cultures consider Venus to be a Hermaphrodite (Western Alchemy); Some cultures consider Venus to the the Devil (Lucifer of not-so Gnostic Christianity). What is truly the nature of Venus?

Just look out into the sky, my friend. Feel Venus… all the poisons concocted by Ancient Ignorance will fade away upon feeling the chitta (consciousness-emotional state) of the planet with The Eye. Once you become one with the planet, place your queries or your lamentations; She offers her tears like a child. She is my Compassion Archetype. She cusps my sword wielding hand.

But, where are we now?

A lot of you children were turned on by that sexual abuse scene. Should I load Jupiter()? The Tower has the ability to track you based on your energy infusion. Very High Tech Shamanism 😉

Loading Mercury()

Loading Datura()

There are other useful reagents, but they are (were, historically) hard to procure because of the Tower and their Dogs (governments: democratic, dictatorial, theocratic and all the other Facades of Power-hiding).

As you all know, Humanity embraces the Archetype of the Whore; the Whore, whether Female or Male, isn’t really an archetype. Venus is the Devil to many… and the Boys in the Grove burn Care and ornament their Hearts with rusted nails.

The Vampire Horde scour the ‘umbral’ plains (a reference to that soundtrack) and high-school grounds to pollute the notion of ‘Sacred Love’. The Vampire kids make it an essence of their Being to destroy the Lovers among their peers with their games. You only need to look at the Tarot and study how Lovers are depicted as.

They play matchmaking games to pair their Whore-puppets with those who have the ability to play the Heart song. They killed Diana, didn’t they. This is not something restricted to the commoner, one should realize. Controlling Consciousness is their Game, and it is because of this that our most powerful Mages architect their murder-pseudo-sacrifice of Millions in their attempt to avert the wrath of Harmonia. If Lovers are ‘untouchable’ in the Waking World, they resort to Vampiric means of manipulating psyches in the realm of Sleep.

The Priest may utter the incantation of ‘Till Death do us Apart’, and when the Shine of True Love becomes noticeable, they themselves perform the ritual of ‘parting’. Simulations of seduction, simulations of doubt, and a long list of Spells handed down from antiquity to ensure the validity of the Original Sin.

If you do not believe in True Love, blame it on your Masters and Mistresses, not Nature or the Godhead. We have the liberty to live our lives any way we want, as long as we are follow the not-so-draconian principles of Reality. Venus and all the other Emanations of the Godhead are in us… Are Us to be metaphysically accurate.

The agents of darkness ‘incept’ the seeds of Incest and Pedophilia from their arsenal of Consciousness downgrading mechanisms. Traditional Marriage is another one of their mechanisms greater in cacophony than Adultery. It is perhaps in the act of Adultery that some people find True Love. I know this to be True.

<——– NO MAX Interrupts ——-> :: It is possible to move faster than the speed of light and touch one’s after image when one fully channels the power of nbome. I first saw Godfrey Reggio’s Visitors on Nbome (thanks to Hannibal Lecter): A flood of tears all throughout the movie.

Shut up, No Max. Nobody cares about Superpowers; we want to Fully Be.

Nobody means something else now.

For those that do, there is no going up without harmonizing all the spheres. It’s so elementary to understand, but ruthlessly hard to live by thanks to the world we have created for ourselves.

Even if a Prophet supposedly One with God and His-Her Angels puts down a verse praising the Triple Goddess, the Tower will alter its meaning and claim that the Prophet was possessed by the Devil when he put down those words. Even the most Orthodox of Muslims have no qualms in accepting this idea despite the Peace Be Upon Him.


Al-Uzza, “the Strong One”, was one of the most venerated Arab Deities, and the Goddess of the morning and evening star, Venus. She had a temple at Petra (though which one that was has not been determined), and may well have been the patron Goddess of that city. Isaac of Antioch (a writer of the 5th century CE) calls Her Beltis (“Lady”, a title shared by many other Semitic Goddesses), and Kaukabta, “the Star”. He also says that women would invoke Al-Uzza from the rooftops, a form of worship appropriate to a Star Goddess. St. Epiphanius of the 4th century CE calls Her the mother of Dusares, the local mountain God, calling Her by the title Chaamu or Chalmous, meaning “young girl or virgin”. She has connections with the acacia tree, and Her sanctuary at Nakhlah had three acacias in which She was believed to descend. She has much in common with Ishtar and Astarte as Morning and Evening Star Goddesses—they all have aspects of both Love and War Goddess, and big cats were sacred to Them. She is shown here armed as a bellatrix, standing before an acacia tree, with a caracal, or desert lynx. She was associated by the Greeks with their Aphrodite Urania, “Heavenly Aphrodite”.

Verify the accuracy, Scholars: Send Feedback

I’ve said everything I wanted to say… maybe I’ll return another day and talk about Love with a different song.

Word of Caution: Don’t No-Max without internalizing Harmonia. Death Awaits.

For Real

Akuma, you romantic, what happened to that easy Combo?

Don’t disappoint Paulo, Mr. Plant!!! Hands Off the Pie Hole
Diamonds are not ___ Mr. JarMustache
Home, Zeppelin, Home!

———————-[Samsara by Fricke and the Boys]——————————

Let’s watch!

—-JRPG devs: : That’s not how it works —-

Binge will the altitude is still High: Chronos

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