Why the Heat? (Fireeeeeee! Feels Good to be Alive!!!!!!)

Must have been shamanic possession… I’m going to leave it there for some serious ‘Sciencing’. That was for the 3 day trip to Delhi among a few other things; mostly it was for others… and the sense of harmony. There is no future for (Use French Monty Python voice) ‘your types’, meaning dickheads, on Planet Earth.

Next time you send your minions, don’t send your ‘low-caste-fuck-doll-children'(in their language) like Kujli and think I’ll do nothing. The current system picks out children from their list of ‘not good enough’ castes; they then initiate them into the Mosquito form of shamanism which begins with a good ol’ fashioned rape. Did you do the Kujli quest? So ignore the holier-than-thou ‘pseudo-nobility’ and their ‘MEH’ narrative; address the real Devils.

*SPITS AT THE SCREEN* (not directed at everyone)

// FYI: This is how the Game is played.

As for the Priestly Class:

How Sattvic you are! You don’t eat meat? Wow! You shower TWICE a day! no way! Your son is going to Harvard? Impossible! I am so impressed. You’ve amassed quite the wealth for a Caste of people only supposed to be living off of donations. If YOUR Yudhishtira were judging you, what would he give you? (Use YOUR Mahabharata as a reference).

[The Amazing Switch Card]!!!

Save your butts, try your luck at redemption, join the rest of the Crew! Or Watch US OUTCASTE YOU LEAD-CHUGGING IMBECILES.

Nothing Personal at all… I just don’t see a collective future with the current-you in it; that’s all

Investigate ALL BRAHMIN SIMULATIONS: Rape, Murder, Pedophilia… Check em’ all

Other Players can use this as a case study to deal with their shitty Priestly Castes.

*Sips Paysam*

FYI: The TOP of the Tower Agrees (for now at least)

You bastards thought you could just drink up all the knowledge, be entertained and not face some of the ugly truths? Best of luck with your quest for super powers; you will very likely be taken out by Higher Forces in your [Ultima 7 is just a game] life management.

Let me be very clear… The Gods (and God therefore) wanted to metaphorically send a Comet and destroy Humanity. You don’t send comets to wipe out race of Devas… you send comets to wipe out Demons; I’m not implying that we are all Demons; but any little chungapoochi should know at this point that Demonic Beings are running our nations, controlling our consciousness, pretending to be fucking priests standing for the Godhead.

People have been messing around with alchemy for thousands of years with no luck. So here’s the best option if you want to LVL up. Pick a good narrative. The Universe, as I said earlier, will bestow you with all the power you need if that narrative improves the Harmony of All.


And as you’ve witnessed in the ether, I can take you to many places. Let’s make sure we collectively incur 0 Damage Points (No Violence except in Imagination Land for Catharsis) Please; i want to hit a record undocumented in known Human History or Myths, for fun.

Those movies were cute, literati class. If we mirror you hard, what ugliness will we find. Every thought, every single thing you’ve done… just as you scrutinize others 🙂

[The Wonderful Switch Card! Don’t Forget!]

If you’re expecting an Action Film, like some sort of slow-of-thinking garbage-disposal-material, reach out to Chuck’s friend for:

New Species!!!!!!!! What wonderful Read-Write Options (CoVid19 is so cure, shientisheds)

How does it feel to fall from Top of the Food Chain down to ____ Oh! Man is sooo Special to God!!!!

Oh! Man is made in the image of God. Brahmins come from the Head… Kujli is __ Let’s change that a little:


We are not them… So they give you chance with a Sacrifice; you knew all about it, Fucking Priestly Class, and you still had to fuck it up. Oh, those movies and games were so much fun. I can’t wait to see what the People have in store for you.

[Safest path is through Water… How does one mix Water and Fire with 0 damage points (meta, my poombatta)]

Use your

I promise you Romance tomorrow, ladies (Venus Day)

[Get the real Human Parasites : This is a [master] level quest]

As for you underground Masters, You fucking pieces of shit. You pick convenient battles and your turdling students are so ____. Stop pretending to be Masters… get a fucking life. You employ Vampiric techniques of Dream Control. You’re really Vampires.

[Jupiter is —— woooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ride it Muad’dib!!!!]

Really… the whole Master/Guru Scene now is puke worthy. Fucking wannabes who think they’re better than ‘muggles’/’low-caste’.

I’m technically ‘low=caste’ too, in case you were offended by the earlier usage, cuties. I’m not your Mustard.

Why Metal? Why Metal? Because… Fuck you… Yes!

I don’t need to please any of you ‘lily-white’/’orange-black’ asses, just so you know.

If you’ve read the Bio, you should already know that.

To the Cuties who are full of light: Not to worry, I have kick some evil ass. It sucks that this is a broadcast and you have to hear it too. They’re all about Power, so I have to teach them a lesson in Power. Marklaw, Marklaw….

Fruit of the Loom Kid, no… Impale Metaphorically Speaking Stephen King and the Bung Troops who knew about Covid-19 simulation

They let the people down… they misled the people with their lies. Bung em hard.

[The Card! The wonderful Card that offers their Truth!] (“Use it, asshole.”:To Stephen King: Have you heard of Shadow Watchers?)

With Love,

The Guy Who Made The Walking Dude Wet His Pants In [Place=Label]

Let’s see how Vulgar and Eric Cartmanish y’all are with the Mirror of Truth


What the Chimp-Delta-T folk were thinking:

When Actually:

Ogrish.com or that subreddit (watch real people die?) where messed-up people get their ‘daily kick’


That’s All Folks!

———- (Switching state of Consciousness) ——– (changes Steering Wheel)

Don’t Forget: They sent your Holier-Than-Thou asses a Comet. Good Job! You really make your ancestors proud.

[Addendum to the ‘Mustards’: You do it for power and prestige… what do you know about Sacrifice? If the real Masters send a flaming ball to wipe out the Shepherds and the Sheep, who is to blame?]

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