EsotEric Manankatta

You invoke your childhood Superman (yes… I used to do the incantation)
Thinking out loud can be very… HomieBama: “Pain in the Bung”
Full 180 twist! Good!
She’s hidden behind a veil of Fire… invisible even to me (Shadow Parasites etc.). Don’t Kalogynomia Project 😐
Baraka was an indulgence, not indolence…
Are you feeling better? 😀 [Mirror, Mirror]. Rise, Bennu Bird! Rise!

That land that is nowhere and everywhere… that is Home.

Now a random tale from the Mysterious Land of Arabia-Etheropia.

Before we pull out another story from the Magic Lamp, I want to focus on one of many reason why the emanations of the Godhead are occulted/hidden; novice occultists consider Angels/Gods to be sneaky, like themselves. They can be directly interacted with for help, and wishes. Hiding their nature is by design to make spirituality a Pyramid-based Fluoridated-Water control system. The Crab People are ruining it for the rest of us.

Not all Priests! But most Priestly Classes are P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.SSSSSSSssssss by Ancient Design. Why do you need a middleman when the Kingdom of God is within?
That said, Read in Merchant’s Voice: “Forms can be changed, Voices can be mimicked… follow your dreams with care. Watch Inception”

Source for the Magic Lamp Stories: Tales of the Dervishes – A compilation of ancient stories by Idries Shah.

Pyschoanalyze Idries Shah’s own Peacock Writings. Lineage this, Lineage that. Hinduism came from Islam etc.

It’s not about Personalities, It’s about ____

[Sing Along:


I’m with the Dragonfly

The Pokhara Dragonfly Massacre of the Twirling Fruit-Flies(OOPS Inheritance)


Ah, that Old Loop Song:

Ignore the 8+ year old notes. Balance, not subjugation.
Consciousness is Life… Nothingness is seeing with Blind Eyes. For the Male Spirit, the Anima is the bridge to Infinity through the doors of Death…

Now for that song that Led me to the Zeppelin:

Find the Characters “To take me to a fucking Excorcismo Part II. Thunks, Bungs”
The Occultations of Bhutan: Indian Army Discovers The Fool Archetype. CHORTEN KORRRAAAAAA!

Power KKK ut! 9999999999+9999999×999999×(1/0)

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