Apology, while it’s Fresh

I would like to apologize to those who were hurt by the fiery stream of the Red Pill. As Lord Jupiter once said, I have to tone it down a ‘little’

Bung… Must not speak the whole Truth when the Ram Ram Fire Bija is too strong. Not that this is going to matter with the Marklaws.

Internet is Down…. Arr

Google: nice Domain Server IP!

I would like to compliment the Prime Minister on his Meteoric rise to Pseudo-Power; from the humble beginnings of catching crocodile babies to being mocked by Putin for being too philosophical to tell the Truth.

Aryan labels: I am a biiig fan of the movie Lagaan. I saw it only once though. The music does resonate with ‘mitti’ though I don’t recall any of the songs on the top or in the depths of my head. Parle-G is awesome! The dogs love it! I love it dipped in chai. I hope to one day taste the tea personally made by ModiJIJI; must be really good. Aalu Paratha is delicious with CURD and achar. Delhi is so clean now…

As for the Masters: you took the Red Pill. What’s there to apologize? Gimme a Huge Panda Bear Hug!

Okay, I need to work on more alchemy. Clearly!

Let us all sing a song now:

https://youtu.be/DEdPFepZPb4 just the first 30 seconds please unless you’re really singing the song.

Finally, a desi cultural show!

Now get the Undernet back up, Noble North Polers

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