Apology for the ApolloJi

I would like to apologize for the previous apology. Let me be candid with you with some more Water: You are hurting the Planet and the people you are sharing the planet with. Your notion of Superiority and the do-whatever means of achieving that end for 1000s of years in action, propaganda and thought is limiting the evolution of our consciousness. You sold me out to begin with. Ask them. Then when you figured out I carry a magic Shtone, you tried to make it look like you were pulling my strings. Then you tried to set me up with Randi Neha. Then you tried to claim that I was going to make India a Roman Colony; the Romans have enough toilets…ask them.

You continue to () (), expecting I’ll be all ‘shanti shanti’… How Naive are you?

Let’s get the dickheads like Modi and that U.P Yogi Hanuman Scholar… Let’s work together as a group of people that all came from the Noble Hot Spring enjoying Monkey.

Unlike Rahul Dravid, I come with a set of etheric mandibles… Those crab things in the codex. I have no clue what they are, actually. If you play your 10000+ person game with 1 guy, expect Holi ( I am warning you, yes) and Diwali in one Prime package.

Shit… Did I just threaten you? Yes. I apologize for that again… It’s not truthful to backspace things that ‘WitchSuperUltera’ has been emitted into the binary space.

Last of all, you probably know that you get to keep on doing what you’re doing because you have the support of a certain Tower… Believe it or not, the Tower is being re-purposed. Ask your higher chain of command. Things will NEVER be the same again, my dung virii buddies.

Let’s not make this Global Communication a Post-Colonial-Slave-Nation-BrahCorp thing.

Indian Brothers and Sisters: your team leads sent Succubi two nights in a row. Should I be singing Jana Gana Mana? Nothing happens here without the psychic vampire Brahmins being aware of it. They are lying to you: surprise, surprise! They know about the Fung Bung too. Change your leadership structure. It smells like stale farts.

It’s time to make a list of all Brahmins to Investigate and uncover their Vampire Underground/Overground

Movie Night! V for വേണ്ടെക്ക

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