Monsters and URI LVL1 Slugs (+Heroes of the Fall)

Ragnar is Odin, Mr. Wednesday, like all the other Ragnars of times past

First of all, let me thank the TrollVampires of yesterday night. Thanks for the churning and the incessant trolling. You’re afraid to do it in person, so you resort to the cover of darkness. There are active Intrusion-Detection-Systems, not managed by me, that are tracking you depth-breadth-search-together-with-scale. I will try to contain the effects of your ‘chitta’ manipulation so as to not taint today’s communication with your soon-to-expire-Being.

The kiss was nice. Keep those coming 🙂 [Water]

In the dream state, your instincts run wild; not to mention, you are susceptible to hypnotic control. Your dream being will become a puppet doing silly things as the Overlords watch. This is one of their ways to reduce the Shine of their adversaries, when they are too afraid to initiate the simulation face-to-face.

Investigate the Middle-Fingered Local Kid from last week[Shed]. Investigate the cryptic symbolism of the scooter leading the unmanned bicycle.

Shed’s a fucking Octopus tentacle too

Lucky Gautama… got a fancy horse when he started off

7 years of training is a real thing; even the Gods asked for 7 years during the Initiation. Each year isn’t characteristic of each of the Archangels, as one would deduce based on the number.



I know it’s not Friday, but I would like to talk about ‘Love’; how often do we ‘feel’ when we invoke the incantation of ‘I Love You’? Anger, we feel. Pain, we feel. Jealousy, we feel a lot. Maybe we invoke ‘Love’ when we spend time with our children, because some of us remember the excitement and joy in meeting our parents, when they return to us from their ‘external’ world of money making and competition. This is all related to Wednesday, or the principle of Mercury, and of Sol. The Gods (meaning God too) can shower us with unconditional Love regardless of our state. They can empathize (Mercury) and Give us a portion of their Being (Sol). Luna, as the ancients say, is also a mirror like Mercury. Mercury is the malleable Mind that takes the form of that which one focuses one. The practice of finding the True Name of things, in Mantra Yoga or in Western Magic, is based on this very principle. When you watched those movies and felt ‘tastes’ and ‘fragrances’ for the first time, it is because of the energy infusion of both the Object of Focus and the Energy of those who focused an internal state. This is why one felt a strange state of being in that ‘funny’ Canis Familiaris video (some of you know what I’m talking about)

So if one were to achieve Enlightenment or Oneness with the Universe, would one stop feeling the Being of the ‘rest’? Or would the world feel the ‘same thing’? Would The Buddha (Mercury in Sanskrit) still be in Bliss while attending a Funeral. Is Yoga really the ‘cessation of the fluctuations in Chitta’?

Can we really explore the Frontiers of the Universe, when the ‘Others’ dwell in the pits of Hell?

Can we really internalize the music among all the errors of Cacophony?



Those retreats in the Forest teach you a lot about Music. When you’ve found your place (a nearby stream for water, some source of food, and Peace), your Focus (or the Eye) tends to work like a Sniper. You look at a distant object and you feel its True Name. As you return to the Other Part of the Forest, be it a Village nestled in Nature, the Eye slowly mercurially adapts to the collective state… The Sniper stops working, and one has to resort to the sense of touch to feel the plants and stones again. Upon successful iterations of this process, along with learning how to maintain one’s Sol to the cacophony of the modern world, the Sniper will start to work everywhere.

The strangest thing about the Forest is that, even places that one would think is separate from the domain of Nature, like Lakeside of Pokhara, begin to reveal itself as an extension of the forest. The People who have their fancy crepes being controlled by People in Masks who are again controlled by Higher Forces who are themselves controlled by___ On and On. Sometimes even the faces of people will unveil itself and one will truly see the Forest for what it truly is.

Investigate the many drownings of Lakeside

and other ritual deaths (you know that song: Life in Death and Death in Life (paraphrase) )

All this discussion may conjure thoughts of Energy-based Elitism in the minds of the ‘Holier-Than-Thou’. History does repeat itself. Do you know how the notion of 108 was used to segregate people based on castes in this part of the world? Pollution at a distance makes no sense, when one can just think of the person they want to ‘pollute’ from another Solar System and mercurially affect the target. This is a known principle of Magic, both ‘Black’ and ‘White’ labels. One’s focus/Eye must be reflective enough to successfully empirically test this.

Upon examining the various life forms on Earth, one cannot help but conclude the ‘Higher State’ of plant life. This is why Forests always have been a Sanctuary for those who seek the Gate. Even Golden Gate Park in the heart of the one of the greatest cities man has built is still imbued with healing power, if you know where to look. If you reveal locations, then you also draw the attention of the Downgraders of Consciousness, the Mosquitoes who feed on you not to sustain new life, but to hinder any connection to the transcendent. This is also why certain things are occulted or hidden away from those who do not fully understand.

The lower castes, particularly the Pulayars were not even allowed to breathe the same air with the other castes or use a public pathway.

Let’s not go there

This is an interesting place to study old ways… and the plastic new ways. But one only need to look at any other part of the world carefully to see similar patterns of the Downward Spiral.

We are going Up though…(Up to Down); those going Down will fade with Time; ‘Ta ta’ as they say here

When Corina Ingram first entered my mind and issued a ‘Command’ at The University Club, I was frightened and very disturbed by the realization that the sacred-space of my Free Will was so easily malleable; in the path, one has to construct ways to defend oneself against such attacks, so as to not fall into their pit. This of course, is the nature of the upper layers of the Tower.

Defense Against the Dark Arts: 0-CPU-CYCLE Vampire Torturing Device

Items Needed: A Container, Stones, Garlic and other *stinging* objects, and a safe space to contain the chitta of the Torture. If you are employing the Forest (and their spirits), ask permission… some grasshoppers may bite you, but the effects of the device are only temporary

Apply a highly mercurial stone over the area you are being attacked. Test the stone for successful ‘transference’ using the eye or with touch. Mix the stinging concoction and seal the container. Let alchemy do the rest.

Recover the LVL50+ Vampire Calling Cards from the Sarankot Pit. Learn their ways, their network and Neutralize(Switch+___) the Anti-Harmony (Anti-God/Satanic(not affiliated with Saturn) ) Agents of The Pain Machine.

If you wield the sword, you do not a teacher other than The Forest.

delta Time

Among Christians, the established Syrian Christians also practised the rules of untouchability. In the colonial period, many lower castes were converted to Christians by the European Missionaries, but the new converts were not allowed to join the Syrian Christian community and they continued to be considered as untouchables even by the Syrian Christians.

Told you, Labels

The Label Contradiction

I know I keep referring to social-aggregate patterns as just ‘Abstractions’ (Wave 1:OOPS Boy) and ‘Labels’. But I still keep using them, as in the case of yesterday or every other day if you’re projecting hard the ‘Insider-Outsider’ view. One must realize the nature of Interfacing with other worlds. One has to use the language of Marklar when one is trying to communicate with Marklar. The Forest is One.

If you projected District 999999999999999.9999999999999999999, then ‘Chippe Chip Churraah!’

[ Investigate the BeefCake Simulations (ongoing)

feat The C.I.A?


As the Prophet said, “Follow your dreams!” [BEEEFCAKE! BEEEFCAKE!!]

Investigate the Junip Simulations: Ewwwwww [their Music is still Gold *nyanyanyanya na na”
Alexander’s supposed father also had the Uraeus
Source of the Pretty Pictures
The Book that won me the Raccoon Tag (That book I gifted to Mary Jew though): The Tales of Chuck Blue
The voicehisss

I thought we were supposed to go everywhere during Mercury day; that’s okay: let’s go to that side of the Forest:

Investigate the Ocean Beach ‘Ka’ (Charged) Super Voice that commanded to Jump (Alternate: Dharmshala Jump voice after the Temple Guardian appearance)

Individuality and knowing what actions are in Harmony with the World is Key

Investigate the Shaman disguised as a homeless person who tried to use his authoritative voice (staring right into my eyes) to get 20 dollars (just to show his power). Cinderella’s had to clean up. [Inner Richmond Stories]

real facial wound included (Stealth + 10)

Yea, it’s going to be more massive than the Wheel of Time. Infinite, because it is Real.

Investigate the Hooter’s shaman… and the re-encounter with his different persona in Nob Hill [Cinderella’s] [Inner Richmond Stories]

The Story of the Ocean Beach Shaman and his 5$ ancient Jungle Book collection [Inner Richmond Stories]

Mundane Talkaholic and Her Arsenal of Squishy toys [Inner Richmond Stories]

Eva goes to the Opera! [Inner Richmond Stories]

The Asian Alien Boy of Inner Richmond and the Simulated Space Ship out of the Ocean Beach Sunset

The Boy and the Lion… the then missing collection of the De Young (Inverted Black Pyramid) Garden

The Tale of Sir Johnny of Elammakara. The Intervention because he was too happy

The Academy of Sciences L.A Indian Girl… and One-Eye the Angry Fish

Yes, the world is so much more rich when you really start to explore.

Agent Smith lookalike arrives at Baker Beach [The Simulation]

The Golden Toothed lady of Lo Mustang and the Dramyin Musician

The Nainital Sadhu and the Gorakhnath Sadhu of Kalinchowk

yes, this is my favorite, along with Winter 3

Sankara Narayanan gets LSD. The back-slap Simulation

The Lords Invade Tekka Dinner [Social Engineering is evil, they said]

Ask Yoshimi and Nibiru

The Pashupathinath Exorcism… and the Dogs

The Vellichapadu intervention during the Asuran Kundu retreat

The Washington D.C Hostel Simulations: I am a Snek psychic test

The Doll Witch and her Sleep Paralysis attack (Philly Hostel Simulations)

The Waking Dream attacks during the Lama Bagar Retreat

Indexing all of this is an issue, as you can see.

The Rishikesh Exit Bus Simulations

The Journey to the North of Thimphu, Bhutan. The Masonic dream and churning of the milk

So you see, there’s no real ‘retreat’ from the ‘World’. You have to consolidate everything.

But there’s plenty of Solitude when you are with Them

The immigrant girl who cried during breakfast : Paris Hostel

Time to play Redemption_

Not a Race


Baraka – Caution: Don’t Brendan By Accident (You should have seen his face)

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