I Know

What do you think is going to happen when the Truth becomes laid bare? Either we repeat old patterns, and play Animal Farm; or we reconfigure our narratives and labels that we gravitate around.

Sure, you just want Freedom. Do you not think these Vampire Parasites, these fucking Priestly sub-deva sattva-touting hreemkreemRegurgitating agents of darkness, will leave you be? Surprise, Surprise!

I don’t hate them or anything; you’ve seen me interact with them; i didn’t hide anything inside. But the Idea of their existence being one of FUCK-EM-ALL-BEHIND-THEIR-BACKS like a useful-Ram God cloaked in numbers behind the veil of divinity.

[Label Free So Far, so even the people who ought to feel like shit, can project something else]

Outside of their ‘label-aggregation’, no one’s really going to miss them. Reflect. I’m just talking about the Vampires, not the whole group that consists of Good people; you know what I’m talking about.

You had a lot of time to switch your narrative (that old post was Wave 2)

Wait, it’s Tuesday! https://www.cbc.ca/kidscbc2/the-feed/names-of-the-week-tuesday

Oh, Tyr losing his hand is makuti 🙂

You can invoke Mars without spilling blood.

Make no mistake: You want a bridge, you have to make sure even Kujli (did you tell the ladies his narrative) can get to the Top
Reign in Truth and Justice-for-All (redundant:Sword | you’ll forget, conveniently SHINERs)
Not as scary as the Current Map, Geniuses
“…that shit you call your Heart”

After all, do we really need them to connect to the Gods, now? That was the old Excuse… and we all fell for the Horse Sacrifice.

[Switch Card: Transparency mandatory (Past, Present, and Future) ]

You can dissolve your Oaths and Allegiances-In-Blood for a Higher Narrative. Get Creative.


Who is it that Hates us All? Who intervenes when we’re more happy than we’re supposed to be? You may be a King/Queen or a Peasant..

<—————————-[]——————————–>(15 deep breaths)

The Shaman Dances and Fights (CaPOOOOOOOeira)

Cheers to Wayne LiquorMan!



Movie (Symbolic Overloading): District 99999999999999999999999999999SCIENCE (One of their potential simulations…. since Androids don’t Fart, Awesomo!)

Water, Water, Everywhere!

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