I can change my Mind

She knows how to Dance, Butt(OH!)rocks

Are you projecting new faces? Why

You can’t project that face here… even if you Sink Inside…

I want to take about G.R.R.(Boutros Boutros Boouuuutros!).MartinOfTheBlade(Just project A Song of Ice and Fire Series):

When I started to understand Daenerys from her perspective, I was hoping she would be rescued from her diplomatic wedding with the Khalasar’s Drogo. In the later books, I discovered the Web of Varys… how he had saved Aegon, the true heir; Jon may be the Song of Ice and Fire… all we know is that he is on his way to Westeros in a Galley (JuggerNaut perhaps?). After all, Jon really bunged his Aunt… which is sad. HBO deserves to fund G.R.R.M’s solitary trips to the jungle with potent reagents to fix the whole mess. It may take him less than a year to write the next book. He hates or hated fan fiction of his Universe.

Fix Westeros!

Telltale silver hair but a pretender? I didn’t get the ‘pretender’ vibe in Dance of the Dragons… Varys has the Eye, of course? Sacrifice his Family Jewels to an ancient being to be Jewel in chains

My favorite character in the whole series is the Smuggler (his name, i do not recollect). My favorite actor is One-Eyed…. I forget his name some times (Mads Mik Jackson.. he didn’t touch those children The Hunt…did you investigate?). The reference in Get Duked! was awesome. I want to watch it again… but I would be judged more than a little. But clipping is A OKAY!

It’s Tsampa, Not Cocaine…. and it’s hard to consume it without H2O.. if you don’t mix it with protein bars (of random scientific ‘nam-bers’), you’ll run out of mana to meditate after 1 or 2 days.

Investigate the famed Bunjis who feed on ‘smoke’ during their 20 year long ascetic practice in the JungleeeeeeeeeeeeeYaAAAAAAAAAAAA! Tarzan XXX:The Shame Of Jane(Italia!): An Entho…pological Study by the Indian Institute of Seances.

In Get Duked! Investigate the Sword that required the sacrifice of the Blacksmith. Compare to Perunthachan (if you haven’t seen this movie, immigrate to somewhere else CULTURAL-KISSING-HERMES-ASS-Parochialalithas)

The Butoh Audience Indian Ammayi who had a 100 Rupee note, after implementing Pauli’s Exclusion Principled, given to her.


The Life Story of the Inari TurboChef Vallyamma (Big Momma) who left her direct line with the Mother Goddess,very allegedly(Italia!!), for a Sufreeeism Lineage.

#WeAreAllParamaNaaaris [Imagine Shadow Watches giving a live commentary of your SHITS]

I was going to do Toxicity, as the Voyeur-CaptainObviouslyAfterOverHeardAtCarnegieMellon, but let’s start the poo flinging early


There is much to be said for this R(haegar) + L(yanna) = J(on) prophecy. “His is the song of Ice & Fire.” The “fire” coming from Rhaegar, and the “ice” coming from Lyanna Stark, most likely has to do with the prophecy of Azor Ahai, who will save the world from the long night (white walkers). We know the Starks of old were the Kings of Winter, but there has to be some sort of connection between the Starks and the white walkers or the Starks and the Children of the Forest that gives them some sort of magic relating to ice such as the Targaryens have with fire and dragons. Although many people in westeros may say Rhaegar abducted Lyanna, or that he kidnapped her and raped her, there are some such as Ser Barristan Selmy who tells Dany that Rhaegar was a kind man, and this is also shown through other remembrances(FIXED) of Rhaegar.

Rhaegar was also the SHINE’best-damn’SHINE bard in the Books… ButcherVoice “Catelyn was a cunt in Book 1″ DexterVoice:”Tyrion should have patented the Sea Mine System… lost all the credit,eh? now he’s playing Chess like a homeless person in a downgraded-continent”

[Meanwhile in the Global Pirate Builder Makuti Department]

I played Sub Zero btw… Astha did what? CREEEPY

“PRAAWWWNS”, shouted out the microbiologist… he was excited about lunch. According to Big Daddy (Vallyachan), mixing Yogurt (curd) with Prawns will result in some serious Liberation of the Masses.

[ Video Muted:

To the Music of

Loop: https://youtubeloop.net/watch?v=aKYbXVnakIs

Move along (he’s faster than me when it comes to gameplay)


/At least my gameplay isn’t live\

*CRY CRY CRY* … respellingErect Bioshock
The search for Evo Upgrade begins
Idli Versus Dal Bhat: The Final Solution

Investigate the Premature-Flying off the Mountain (by jumping off like a fool, not levitating or something) Shamanic Turd-Realizations.

[Dharamshala-> Rishikesh…. NOT Anymore now… they realize how dumb it is to jump off a height and flying rather than just taking off.

Lyrics: (To avoid Shishus from spewing Probability-Philosophosphorous Sulfuric Acid Nonsense)

Who will sing me
Into the death-sleep sling me
When I walk the road to Hel
And the tracks I tread
Are cold, so cold

I sought the songs
I sent the songs
When the deepest well
Offered drops so mighty
Of Valfather’s pledge

I know it all, Odin
Where you hid your eye

Early or in fading day
Still the raven knows if I fall

When you stand by the gate of Hel
And when you must tear loose
Follow you I shall
Across the bridge of Gjöll
With my song

You will be free from the bonds that bind you
You are free from the bonds that bound you

Chains do not bind me, nor do powerful <New Word>…But a Slave I am… [poetry.com is vanity press though… 200 dollar for your poem in a book, Maximum Leaves
MidSummer: That was the old price… we’ve come a long way with more options

[ Investigate the Dream Circle and their Magical Dream Cove : San Francisco (they let me in once) ]

Investigate the American team underground printing press fuzzing Mary Magdalene

Investigate the Pagan Shrine desecrating spies [All Over]

Investigate the Witch selling possessed Fairy dolls in the Pier Area

Investigate the GreetsPublicSchool Doll Collection and the ‘Orphanage’ network

Investigate Joe and the case of the EvermoreFart @Salesforce.com. The hot sauce was good, though

Investigate the Drugpa Tumo Shamans… do they really do it now?

BrahminLabelsWhoAreStillPlaying WorldCupAnachronistically: Watch Apocalypto… and study the historical Shamanic battles in print: Frog in the Pond Thinks that the Pond is the Universe (don’t apply Tantric or Hermetic sayings without taking the Spiral into account… we can solve/mitigate the Pyramid problem while feeding birds with Watering-Hole Digital-Redistribution etc. [Ladakh Dog Dharma Lessons]

[[ Investigate the Brahmin Game (narrative), historical and current ( how they change colours when the fruit is so near);Oh, how the ladies feel a little ‘Brahmin’ when it’s ontology in my mindspace is ‘PirateARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR[]facadeOfSattva’; sure a fraction of you were real heroes, but your Gerontocracy of easily predictable low LVL Holier-Than-Thou pieces of Brahman-Turd really pushed their ShitNotShine… Read in [Sensing Prickly Heat Powder… Truth no? you want the fruit <Mirror, Mirror>; face it, those astrophysicists who were murdered: YOU KNOW THE GAME, so please stop pretending that you aren’t a post-colonial turd-Dog watching over the turd-Sheeps (like me). Don’t blame it all on Colonialism; they did us a favour, Tharoor mudafuqqa: i know you’re compensating for something else when you bitch on the Brits all the time. At least I CAN FUCKING READ AND WRITE! Give your old farts some Ganja and buy them a nice comfy chair. Ask your torture-material egoistic BETTERTHANALL-Children to get an education in Life.]] Compare real Indian (BrahminLabel Corp) standing in the game…

Poll… RankInNationLabelDef? > 20-30=? (Ballpark yes… Sweden and Norway are nations to be clear)

For the spit, FUCKING DOGS:(not literal dog)… if I had to pick between the lives of Indian Stray Dogs and Holier-Than-Thou-Brahmins, I would, without a moment’s hesitation, pick Kujli’s Mother.

wow.. heart chakra is spinning (momentarily…don’t scan now anachronisticUNTS) because of what I just wrote! Haha

You know that poster that made me gag?

Call the FIlm: “FUCK OFF”… keep the chill… add a dozen more, actually

Investigate the story of the touch-me-not Yogi! of Rishikesh and the Chili-Chocolate

Investigate the Machinations of Leela Vilasam

Investigate my First Music Lesson… AWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Investigate the cool guy from Cognizant who said, “apply to CMU… you don’t have to be that smart to get in (for real)”

positive story … don’t project negativity; that came from ‘Relatives'(Gold standard)

We are mapping everythingl they are, anyway.

Investigate the steps taken in earlier waves to prevent the Great Brahmin Genocide prophesied in the Kalki Purana Reloaded. They didn’t have to wait for Kalki, so…

People: Mars:____________________ [0 DP Recommended]

Or if you’re up for it, send your chimpling future to

They have fun and games… We have fun and games… one big circuit… all roads lead to Pindaar!

Investigate the Journey through the Underworld [Kathmandu->Delhi]. LundSlide. At least I didn’t shit my pants.

phew…let’s not do that again, Soldiers

Investigate the supposedly massive Library of India… and their Kudooothram! Succubus

Investigate the Nair Genocide planned with the holy auspices of the BrahminLabellas

just because they give you seed, doesn’t mean you’re WHAT WHAT ON QUORA

Investigate the Kashmir Occult Involvement in the PedoIntheTemple….

How many Shadows vicariously took part

According to the investigators, Asifa was confined in a local temple for several days and given sedatives that kept her unconscious. The charge sheet alleges that she was “raped for days, tortured and then finally murdered”. She was strangled to death and then hit on the head twice with a stone.

Armin Meiwes was humane compared to

Neutralize the Upper Hierarchy of Evil Priests Occulting the Godhead and Enslaving Humanity… Fuck the real Dung Virus plaguing us for thousands for years

What did you expect? An Opera night with The Obamas? “Finally!!”, the turds yell, “Brown is the New White again!”: Sure, don’t make me run away on all fours.

<==== Datura Seeds + Tobacco == Manly shit…. need to add some Yin =====> Sciencing, told you so

I wrote a poem in Wave 2… it was so dark, I never found it again… Go eat! Switch is better than ___. Where do you think you’re going to go? 🙂 Where the fuck do you think you’re going to go?


I guess the lesson is: Don’t ‘Race’ it… or ‘ReligionLabel’ it… don’t D.J it, District Judge it.

Investigate the High-Budget (for a Brahmin Corp Dream Simulation) Proxy it with Dawood Rangan simulation and the FLUCKOFF

Label!=AllGroup{They are ‘Jew’ing me hard, anti-semitic bastards… while the Jews are threading me, silly.} –> Wave Conversion –> They are pasting the ‘OutsiderLabelJ’ over me, when the OutsiderLabelJ’s are pasting the ‘OutsiderLabelBRAHDOG’ over me.

Right, Paulo?

Don’t project the next song’s label with a label that only started making narrative sense after the VARANASI HOLY SHITTY trip

Investigate the only case of running away-Kenpo Training! The Varanasi ‘Why I shit On’ City of Shiva…NOT

Sorry… i’m not Bubba-ing you Babas… Mirror the Truth if you have the ‘Virility’
Just a Map

Other Priestly/Nimble Class Varieties: Please replace Labels with Mirror, Mirror

Don’t Mars the crew, Elon. We’re

(An Old Lady Street vendor sells)

Not Gopu R sedated the Virus

by the way, we don’t get to pick: Phew! After all, what can we know about the Stone with our monkey intellects. Deal with it…


Investigate my Interviewing Skills … My Picks

The Rockstar Hacker who got the Boot but still got in: Not a Tribal thing, poochers

Investigate the 90s tenant who tried to CASH CASH Buy? Buy? GET OUT, MOFO

Why metal? because Fuck You

———Svaha() (FIN FLAG)…. OM(SYN FLAG)——-

Now for something light:

Everyone’s a MUNKEYYYYYYYY! Nobody too…

No video, because

Is better than the Video-edit

[Next: Neil De Mike Tyson finds out 2001:The Catering Disasterpiece and Gravity aren’t movies about Space Travel]

g g g g ->

Bonus: Investigate MTV Bakra’s attempt to Honeypot Blackmail Rahul Dravid “The Wall” during the simulated interview #The Ball #BoratWhatWouldYour’Man’Do?

oh 90s

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