Luna Day

First off, the page that had the Book dealer’s card that I just discovered.

Now for the first page seeded by my supposedly random configuration of Being.

For Ithyphallic Osiris (The All-Father)
AI Auto Adjust blur? [easy, no?] Turing test? Harder

[[Upload Morning Sessions HiDef Two Paths->One Potential-Whirlpool Manifest?]]

[[Uploading ‘Partially’/40Days Unlocked Map on]]

[[ Unlike the Monkeys played by professional actors who fought for the single watering hole, we don’t have to be petty about the gate. It’s up in the CLOOOOUUUUUUUUUD and down in PapyToysRUs. Kubrick’s Ultima 7 Black Gate reference was anachronistically TurboCool ]]

Cheers to the Itch Police for their continued support

Focus Mode On:

This is the Route that the Tower-Voice/Representation/AlwaysPyramid/etc. etc./NotALabelButAFluctuationOfPaths picked:
Meetings of ‘Switch Card’ Details: Switch Card [usable multiple times [ignorance/setup…investigate:reconfig], (0 H.P Loss-/Variable M.P Loss), Possible Championship Geographical Switch to avoid Hatred PranaPrathishta from the rest [Your choice] \\ sword must be wielded with the card at all times \\ [Whatever you believe, the metaphysical basis to allow someone redeem themselves is music]. Don’t Crow or Knight Label>

In that game from yesterday, is the Woman who expected the Player1 InThatWorldWithItsRules to nick the Bandits’ rice worthy of an arrow?

In the real world, a favour of some sort would have been requested by the [Class Perks]ewwww…

For the group in the 7-headed…fading zone…in the ‘Is the Sun still Shining?’ image: Free Will! Have a laugh:

They see what they ‘ ‘ / you know the drill in practice

Pick a number: Odd… picking Book 2 first: : Read

[[Am I out of Quests? Did you finish them all?]]

[[ Identify the Spirit in communion with the WheelChairRocker of Golden Gate Park ]] [[Bonus: What song did I play to Her?]]

Identify the UnderBridge Being in front of the FlowerLab : Golden Gate Park

Identify who Baraka had the lip vibration effect in the Tibetan Monastery

Who stole the Satyloka Azuzelite? Who stole Eva’s Mala? What happened to the Adirondack Stone? What happened to the Kalinchowk Jungle Quartz Crystal? [Cursed: In Narrative, Yes]. What happened to the Blue-Green (Chrys+?) mala in Dharamshala? Identify all stolen Objects-Of-Power

The Story of the Aids victim astronomer from the Milk Shake Shop (communes with his dead aunt): Inner Richmond

The Kalinchowk… instinct saved my ass Versus The Arab Kids versus Indian Kids dubai stone fight intervention.

True stories reveal true patterns, not me, me, me, me… I can tell your story if you’d like 😀

Let me know You

My Dramyen Instructor’s (20 classes) Bard persona / The Shoulder Head

The Dogs behind Dalai Lama’s Home: “COOOOL!”; The Cow! Deepavali Night

The Age of the Plant Spirit that possessed the Aloe Vera plant/ Oldest House in America

How did he sense?

Enough, huh? Maybe a break for some more research and reconfiguration; by that I mean, more patterns to observe. I don’t like routines, and this is becoming one. Besides, I am out of Rocket Fuel! Yup…

<——————————————— rest() until November ————————————-> (Voyeurs don’t get rest() )

Buddha’s actual writings on the Chakras referred to by Rudolf Steiner.


The Jain story of the Naga Couple separated in Time

Build a (+ve Energy) Shrine! [Occult based on energy levels(Qualitative, bitch) but with a Welcome Mat] /mosquito control/

Recover the Mayan Body Energy Maps… Reference: Serpent Power (Arthur of the Britons)

Uncover Ashwamedha variants like 1666, 9/11, Fire!!! in History.. they leave clues behind.

Build your own internalized Mind Map based on Thought blocks, pits, areas of elevation and transcendence. Hide it.

[Research Item] Building Magic Armour (Use Tibetan Sources). I am still working it out

Study Stone energy changes with location, proximity to nature, water etc. Fairies/LabelBeings love Stones

Unmakuti your personal belief system or religion and see if the gears work better

Compare your language from 10 years ago… During Training make note of daily or weekly changes in language and thinking pattern. Map it all. Externalize it to overcome memory spells.

Spycam reverse attack spell [Develop] {They’re watching you poo, send them some}

[[Fix the narrative of the KingKiller Chronicles to archetypal levels. Kvothe was a liar.]]

Do UnderWater [Shake Your Body and Let the Water Guide You Flow] for Hyper Water Name Upgrade Abilities!! Improvise.

Cleanse earlier content (with new perception) for infinite content

You’ve LVLed up!! Don’t Forget: Time-patternChangePindatonicUnitsOfTime and Sacred[NoVS]Profane. Apply Water towards Fire Sources and ___ if Fail, ____ (Dance)

—–Movie Poll Result:—

[None]… So Akiraaaaaaaa is not the name of the Bad Guy, you ‘guys’

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