Sun Day

Today’s programming will be very short: Sun Day!

Random Fortune(S) from the Book of Life to follow:


Option ! (my Fioo history and Search Abilities are limited by the not so well developed firmware code… great hardware BROOOOO)[Bluetooth Pairing Fairy Gods of Pindar!!]
Option 2

[More Fortune?]


109 says k

Fortune++? 1/0? 109…Alfirmative (Dexter’s Voice)

Opening Pantera’s BoxxenHexxen

That last one was a little too loaded… phew!

More Fortuna Mundus Excelsior?

Pg 187 followed by more random pages

.not a concurrency issue, wordpress… Your mobile app cache management is :/

W-109-00? UserStories/Bugs?
Enjoy Sunday! Streak Day Count?


{ Investigate the Unsolved Mystery:

“Kalari practitioners(not me) change their fighting stance based on the Moon cycle”

Tibetan Hint:

Why is this more than symbolic in the Tibetan healing system?


{Campbell’s Puzzle:


{ Develop the WardOff-Butcher Nails


{ Investigate the series of Pashupatinath Priestly Class Shaman Fights (feat Vamana[invstg] and TheExorcistOfKathmandu


Make no mistake, ‘Racers’ of the argymist variety


(Somewhere in the land of [Barbarossa, Africa])

…Pirate Builder #[race=x:199993] experiments with trance states…

You enter Iolo’s Hut

<Thoughts lead> ….. <Intellect Stops> …. A cloaked figure appears! It is

[ A series of Merleau Ponty images reversing your Being into a ‘primordial echo’ is revealed]

John Doe looks at you with compassion and asks, “What do you need?”

>________________________ (You answer in Being)

——————————————————————————–this will determine how far you will go————

You fail John Doe’s test. John Doe hands you a scroll

>Open Scroll.txt

Pirate Builder $[race:199993] cannot fully read the scroll yet. His/Her Shadow Parasite (Think Aladdin’s Jaffar) echoes the following words:

The axolotl lizard begins its life as a tadpole living in water and gradually develops legs and moves onto land to grow into a seven-inch long reptile. At first it has no mobility but only muscles that can be excited locally by touch. At this stage its motor system has no connection with its sensory system. Then, as nervous system connections are made in the head, the organism can flex its head. From the head, the nervous system connections move down the body to the tail, allowing first a stage of curling or buckling the body from head to tail and then uncurling and flexing in the other direction. Next the tadpole begins to make an S curvature to one side, in a wavelike movement across the body like a zigzag. When the animal makes several of these S movements from side to side, it is swimming. As embryonic development continues, anterior feet begin to emerge but function within this global swimming behavior of the trunk. Their form anticipates their future function before there is any musculature to make them work independently, though “sketches of motor fibers” begin to appear in the feet. As Merleau-Ponty puts it, “The leg emerges, absolutely subjugated by the trunk, then it battles for its freedom.”21

You thank John Doe and your Psychic Master… those voices that sound like yours but not really yours: can you tell the difference between the real and unreal? You have the realization that your Psychic Master’s voice is coupled with an energy of darkness and lethargy: the vision of John Doe was not useless after all. You really wanted Power… those fools who chase diamonds are too enamored by the play of Light, such a small spectrum of reality.

You decide it’s time you fought those voices that prevent you from developing your leg. Your Shadow Parasite Overlord of Your Destiny (with nasty pointed teeth and a secret society of minions and peers) overhear, and decides to send you a [Down The Well] Simulation.

After all, they know better than you, your weakness for MeatJoy

[[ Investigate the Pokherized VenusFlyTraps and Libidinal Hyper-Stimulation during the Flight ]]

Can you lead The Dragon all the way up while fighting the tangible and the intangible [Caution: Insanity Pits, Vortex of Minion Armies of Darkness sending their ‘base’ pranaPrathishta (spell cast)] <Bosses all the way up to the Top of the Pyramid who know you and your Life-peers, from the milkman to the surgeon>
Don’t be disturbed… you have the sword, but can you wield ?
If you’re a fanatic, go to the pop corn store…

Similarly, Gesell’s work defines the animal body as “a take on the exterior world” whose organization is the same as behavior which is dynamically reciprocal with that world. In another example of an animal body developing in order to properly interact with that world, he describes the premature human child who has only a hesitant sleep that is difficult to distinguish from wakefulness, until organic development allows for the gradual development of two different behaviors that Merleau-Ponty explains are “reciprocal terms of a unique function. . . . “23

As in the case of the axolotl feet, animal organs develop before there is a function for them. For example the elements of the human electrocardiagram area appear in their adult state at nine and a half weeks of embryonic development before there is any nervous control of the heart. Form thus anticipates function, carrying a reference to the future and embodying “a project in reference to the whole of [the creature’s] life.”24 Gesell also described the way the elements of the embryo shift and shuffle into new positions, combinations, novel emerging parts and relationships. The stability of the organism is thus in constant flux, endlessly reshaping itself. For these reasons and others, Gesell insisted that “the organism is not a machine but a state of great dynamism.”

No, Doomsday Book (Korea)… Machines can never feel without Prana integration (Rudolf)

[Are we mutants of the Seed and Embryo? #XMen?] (Philosophical Question) (Anti-Makuti Spell [Divide and Conquer strategy])

Such phenomena are not merely physical for Merleau-Ponty but also constitute symbolic and cultural behavior. Operating within its own Umwelt[Anti-Tharooring: “(in ethology) Umwelt is the world as it is experienced by a particular organism.”], Merleau-Ponty explains, each animal ‘defines its territory as a privileged emplacement’ and functions in a symbolic realm. A crab, for example, can use a sea anemone to camouflage its shell and protect it from predators, or to replace its shell if it has been lost, or it can use the sea anemone as food. “The architecture of symbols that the animal brings from its side thus defines within Nature a species of preculture. The Umwelt is less and less oriented toward a goal and more and more toward the interpretation of symbols” (176).

Monty Python’s A Priori : Define (in less than tweet-size words)

Why are Bards >> Mages in some English Dungeons & Dragons Base

[Unified Quest: Develop a language based on energy [Inter-Species and Intra-Species]… Features: Your inner understanding of Water enables you to speak words-of-water-quality authentically + [Built-InMobilePhone? SpaceTravel messaging time reduction] + (Male Energy Word, Female Energy Word in language use… Ontology clarified in innerstate and outerstate(for reverse-circumcision manuals etc.) ]

Can be done, right? Dolly

How come you’re still using the pre-Initiation Character Sheet?

I don’t bite
ADunham: Finland’s Life Story (Korean Girlfriend was a simulation, right?)


You need to go up, right? {imagine playing Metal at the Gates…WORKS if it resonates with your Truth}>All Comes From The Same Department of Muses
With 0 DP to Adversary… not counting Imagination land combats and what-doesn’t-kill-you-LVLUP, physical damage incurred: Silver waxing-waning Toe Nail (C/O Tiseru Stupa (The Stupa is IndianJonesed even by Buddhist Monks) : Examine First Prayer Flag Ceremony-Snuff-Film-Almost) [If you wield the sword, don’t be dimmed by one of the Mindkillers(Fear)] [P.S Feedback Response: I’m talking about permanent physical damage, not the falls, the witch physical-body-affect spells, the multiple maiming simulations, the ___Imagine it all] Shrooms are okay for now, Department of Defense

Essentially this is not the appearance of a new force, because the living creature works only with “physicochemical elements” in a spacial and temporal field where a “surging-forth of a privileged milieu” causes those elements to join according to unseen relations. Once this occurs, Merleau-Ponty says, “We can at this moment speak of an animal,” which is “like a quiet force” regulating, making detours, preserving its own inertia as for example the planar worm does if it is cut in two, each part becoming a whole animal (177).

In contrast to that negative view, recent microbiological research has supported Uexküll’s understanding of the active way that organisms shape their worlds, and information theory has extended the ideas about intrinsic meaning and kinds of communication which Merleau-Ponty drew from him. Richard Lewontin, for example, explains that “organisms not only determine what is relevant and create a set of physical relations among the relevant aspects of the outer world, but they are in a constant process of altering their environment.” As they consume, organisms and living systems also produce; they are “the transformers of materials, taking in matter and energy in one form and passing it out in another

He died before he could go any further. But in fact, he had already implied the answer throughout the Animality lectures. In his discussion of the developing embryo’s formal anticipation of its future, he described behavior as a principle immanent to the organism,dynamically and tacitly shaping its emergence. Similar to a dream, such a mode of knowledge is never self-conscious but is part of the relations among the parts of the organism, the relations of the organism to its milieu, and the relations among animals, constituting implicit meanings that emerge in “the higher animals” as instincts and various other kinds of consciousness.

Thank you Mr. Ponty; and Louise Westling, University of Oregon, for carrying the torch… none of the authorized translations in print are as good as your .pdf/DOC OCK
Let me help you decipher the next Baby-painting-decayedDeltaT=
Investigate the Mongolian Butoh Drama : Oink Oink



The star wars version of Wolf Totem was a sellout. INVESTIGATE Chris met em 😉

Movie: 2001 A Spaceship with Non-User friendly dining Options

They have to walk, not Sachin Tendulkar

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