Today’s Informercials

I’d post the really nice video to this song, but the World will charge it with Ignorance & Poison. It’s not like you question my polarity with a clap after you voyeur-ed the H.P+L.P+PooRItual+RustedNails+Wrathful Mudras+TheYoniMudraThatgetsYourHandsAllWorking+ The Idlis of Slaymaker (Mom’a discovery of syn)

Jesus N Pals : The answer to the question they censored:

[What does (when you watch Imagination Land is it Past Puurrrrfect) he say?] (Memory Test)
WordPress: WishList:make your (not commundis ultera!) embeds support the time parameter and use the Image at that t as preview thumbnail šŸ™‚ [Voices ?]

Who completed the Gaia Quest: Who Stole My Hash, Guys?

If you did, win the ‘Hashinator’ Badge of Honour

[Quartz Lingam and Sun Stone (C/o Pokhara Visit 1) added to the Fountain] What happened to their Moon Candidate from Visit 1. Do not muddle Naughtius Maximus with the Other Guy; parallel streams of Mirror, Mirror… things can be quite boring at times. Let’s erect something… The Valhalla Rising cairn in paint-words-symbols-expression-thought-COGNATE?No?, not blood.

That classical dancer from the Shed… What’s her name? Investigate what happened to her after I downloaded the Facebook Park’s very aesthetic image of a Mother pose.

Her fuzz ends up in one of those fan-made youtube videos

I’m not trying to encourage a sense of anti-technology or anti-science(Alchemy is the root and final temple of all Sciences: Unified * Theory cannot be a Physics-Pindatonic endeavor though)[better than footnotes and appendix-notes that hit the flow of thought:easy to read the second time once you get the sense that I’m speaking in]; after all, what the fuck am I doing now? Technology is used for enslavement, these days, by design. That design needs to change, with your help. Unfortunately, you may not have traversed the Abyss completely and internalized the learning of one perspective mirrored infinitely. Thankfully, it is easy to reconstruct how they are using technology to implement 1984-is-so-basic-Now-but-still-a-Good-read variety 2-way individualized information flow mechanisms : Blackmail in an Ad! The kind you can never show your peers and say, “Big Brother is watching and threatening…”

I would like to apologize formally for Tharooring hard.

Tharooring: Dropping fancy GRE Engrrish words to sound erudite. Hehe

I blame the Books… did you manage to complete Jean Gebser’s Ego and Its Own: So HARD! HIDIGGER! They are probably purest in the original language, to be fair.

I don’t want to risk offending the Germans again: Investigate the Prussian Farts Book of Rishikesh

I like that Junkie-Anthropologist (who thinks he is a shaman because of a questionable lineage to the Druids of Asterix and Obelisk:That Stone) who can’t[can FROM THIS PERSPECTIVE] explain to a question relating to Shamanism and Religion. Remember?

42:16? You’re mixing him with Jesus N Pals… 46:20 (The ‘EGOOOOO and ITS OWN’ overt Double-Speak) [Subtitle Audo: Machine Learning Mustard Race]

Does Ratsch kiss well? His self-introduction. What was it? Quest

The 47:48 guy was just Tharooring hard… to be fair. Ratsch explained it really well. Religions are founded on the basis of a seer or the collective ideas of rshis.

Investigate Rishi and His Brother: Anu, the White Magic Woman, my first real crush (Rogue Builder _ Lover Boy 1997-2002)

Because people are Randy Marshing hard in the Goobacks Episode

“You Ego Trip”…. Yo Ratsch, “Why did he Eye Booger so hard?”

“was it purely a magical effect?”… Why do Hindooos offer Datura and Ganja to the Banjangri? What do you do with the reagents used for casting Magical spells in Ultima? Caste/Oppression-Hierarchy is also based on Information Fuzzing(Confusion of the Highest Order!) and Occulting(Hide yo ass). Sure, build a ladder of knowledge requiring certain Virtues to be built and Vices to be diminished [speaking from a dualistic-world language built on pragmatism and the idea of ‘Equanabilities’]

Def ‘Equanabilities’: The -a-b-c-d-e can be annoying to read, but defining a large number of new words might not be easy for those who take their time to internalize the word meaning and index the word phonetic(key) to the meaning(map).

‘Equanabilities’: We are all equal… but our abilities and being are not the same. Dictatorshit is an ego trip, but we have to run our Social-[BasedOnSomeLabel]-Aggregation based on a number of factors; factors like “Competition from other Aggregations”, “The by-Design Gender War” that is deeply rooted into our psyches etc. Leave Heredity out, and let the Players LVL up based on the music they add to the Aggregation. My Mother, not because she is a woman, must never be entrusted to drive a car. She, however, can be entrusted to teach children Malayalam. I cannot be entrusted with Secrets-That-Benefit-One-Class-And-Hinders-Another. I can be trusted with a Kilo of Shiva-Leaves for safekeeping. I did not steal Gaia’s Hash. Fucking Cunt lifted my plate up while I was eating. Equanabilities.



To the Music of


To be fair, The Octopus is ___________ people strong {guess the potential maximum number and the number-actually-faced} Matrix was Cute…and Cooooool

Nice… Some Hi-Def Indian Masala: Round up all those Television Serial Creators and Dung them šŸ™‚ [The Pewdiepie Low Quality Quest]

In-Home anger training ( I LVLup faster here) for real (The Sindarin Boss Fight)

[[ How does one fight against a Boss (convert them to their Best version) with the PerpetuallyAngryHyperCynical Reality veil without mercurially being affected by the Anger… cynicism is intellectual; anger is a change in chitta ]] (Shamanic Experience Pooling)]] (Hint:StoryTelling Skill Root came from)

What you have now – not what you did not have – what you will lose – what they did – what they did not do – Where is your Other – Half? I am not the father… don’t project the past into the future
Childhood Break

X-Men Apocalypse was a silly little movie. Investigate the Creeper Cameo-in-every-Movie that-old-fart? what’s his name? Yes… Stan Lee for Makuti To Children Overload

Today’s Fortunes

Please supplement Fortunes with your own purification apparatus. Samples for today’s Fortunes (random page from a book) will be purified into a subjective ‘still language and not the real’ set of strings as an example.

Muth, not Math

Okay… Versioning Systems should be more smart (multi-device upload)… then work on your e-girlfriend-manifest.

Please parse the ideas from the versioning code {Because it may be offensive for those looking for Butter Milk}:

<!-- wp:image {"id":2333,"sizeSlug":"large"} -->
<figure class=&quot;wp-block-image size-large&quot;><img src=&quot;; alt=&quot;&quot; class=&quot;wp-image-2333&quot; /><figcaption>Versioning ERROR ERROR AI===OVERLORDOFDUMB. Older than that... Rainbow Serpent, African Artifacts, Mayan (&amp;gt;2500 BCE)... Dragons are Global because for-some-reason they look exactly like the Dragons of our ancients (it may still be a metaphorical veil); otherwise, you might jump to the retarded notion of (extra-not-from-earth:though we allegedly came from a meteor or something according to some)/Hybrid(Fusion of two heads:Like a Monty Python MonsteroooooOOOAAAAAAA!)/Pindatonic Quantum Entangled Dung</figcaption></figure>
<!-- /wp:image -->

<!-- wp:image {"id":2334,"sizeSlug":"large"} -->
<figure class=&quot;wp-block-image size-large&quot;><img src=&quot;; alt=&quot;&quot; class=&quot;wp-image-2334&quot; /><figcaption>The Eagle (cut-off(makuti) as Heaven) does not Fight the Serpent(cut-off(makuti) as Earth) are not at war with each other. The Garuda lifts the Serpent Up. Look at Older Waves for many images, including modern art, featuring an Eagle Carrying (not eating or taking it to her babies) a Snake. Quetzalcoatl, Vishnu: Study their Iconography (Vishnu rides a Garuda but gets a foot-massage on a 9-headed Serpent)</figcaption></figure>
<!-- /wp:image -->

<!-- wp:image {"id":2335,"sizeSlug":"large"} -->
<figure class=&quot;wp-block-image size-large&quot;><img src=&quot;; alt=&quot;&quot; class=&quot;wp-image-2335&quot; /><figcaption>The Eagle (cut-off(makuti) as Heaven) does not Fight the Serpent(cut-off(makuti) as Earth) are not at war with each other. The Garuda lifts the Serpent Up. Look at Older Waves for many images, including modern art, featuring an Eagle Carrying (not eating or taking it to her babies) a Snake. Quetzalcoatl, Vishnu: Study their Iconography (Vishnu rides a Garuda but gets a foot-massage (patriarchal makuti) on a 9-headed Serpent)</figcaption></figure>
<!-- /wp:image -->

Vishnu is Mercury in the Vedas (according to Subhash Kak:legit), so please do not label sink when we are collectively trying to solve puzzles.

<!-- wp:image {"id":2336,"sizeSlug":"large"} -->
<figure class=&quot;wp-block-image size-large&quot;><img src=&quot;; alt=&quot;&quot; class=&quot;wp-image-2336&quot; /><figcaption>Unnamed Shamans got the first lessons... that's much much older than the baby-literature (compared to ancient knowledge) we find in the form of various exoteric (not the hidden-join the team-give us your soul membership) religious manuals</figcaption></figure>
<!-- /wp:image -->

Now to a (British-adjective) puzzle involving the Nagas that is still unsolved, my smarty-pants BrittaniaJoneses and Benedictinis. 7 heads split into 5 and 3 in One Puzzle(The Naga Temple in Pashupathinath (N.W of Entrance) ). In another Puzzle the 7 split into 5 and 5 (Generic). The numbers stand for planets, but the splitting is confusing. Moon and Venus? and Earth? (occulted?) Jupiter, Saturn, Mars (Mercury all throughout). What archetypes do we sink into if we do not have the Key? If you have the Key, Skip silly puzzles. Hint: Hermaphrodite Beings are not manifest in the physical plane, really? Investigate BlueBeryl of the Tibetans.


Don’t read into it a LOTOFYOURPROJECTIONS(SUB)CONSCIOUS – Let Your Truth change your Mind. Investigate all INPUTS. DB IS RW. Channel is not safe. MITM (man in the middle: Internet IETFUUUUU) by design.
Yes. amalatonin
Don’t Compass it like BlackBeard… you want a Blue Beard, remember?

If you noted the use of Human Flesh as a reagent in one of the medicines in the Blue Beryl: Get [SnakeEyes Achievement Unlocked][not now… but at the mention of Blue Beryl]… you don’t get [Snake Eyes] because I saw these things and typed it out for your perception, Cheaters! Investigate the unsource plagiarism from the Abyss [;)][CMU(Pitt… donno aboooot da others,mannn *smoke* *smoke* *mujick* *mujick* *spidaaaamaaan! dil ne&)taught me in expending some effort in setting up a small bar for [standards and expectations], At least]

Please read references for verification and more gyaan MeaningField[(light+makuti):variance]OfExpressionsAndSubconsciousBiases

The next set isn’t random: nothing really is…. So disappointed with the keeping-up. Fair enough?

This is the random page. The peacock:

Reminded me of My Dramyen Guru with the Peacock Hat, the Krishna of The Pass//

The next one I randomly flipped to…just now and also a few hours ago

Windhorse is rooted in Lu and Long (Dragon) Muaaaaadib!
Work it!
Other side
Enjoyed bits of the Hindi serial as a kid… ChandrakantaaaaaaChiiiiiii

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