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[Double meaning wasn’t intended during the first few milliseconds of Typing… then it became funny; I’m not refer[HEADER:HTTP]ring to repression or /r/nofading. The flow, right? How do you feel after? Investigate the CircumIncreasePleasure Technique post that Karthik liked (on Facebook, you twerps)]

Phd in that Science… no; not that Tibetan dude who then got jailed and had his… Investigate, First before you *cricketchirp* *cricketchirp*: Investigate his Fall from a Total(20% not the 1%) perspective.

[American Pie was a Vortex Movie then… every watched it.. and PewdiePied to it]

Sacriligeous(ERROR:HOWISITONTOLOGICAL other than in the sense of KicksHeadWhilePrayingOnKneesMontyPythonMaxLeyf)????

Random Page from the Quran— But before that— take socks off — shoes off–

———–sacred line——————————————————————————–

*no women around* phew… now I can really pray to God.

Random Page[Today’s Fortune]

“Hell is before Us, and so is Heaven: An escape from the drought, from the tainted Waters to an eternal Oasis”


———get out of the sacred place—- put shoes on— put socks on — put cape on— put underwear on—-

Where are the Habibis! Let’s forget God for a bit.

—meanwhile in the middle of Arabs a Mahdi appear: you know the video —

Analyze all facial expressions with me for FUN

at :45 seconds, the guy behind got [Hathooookeeened]

SHuuuuuhAAADA mascara!!!! Haloooof AL Hayavann… Aina tujada Maname… Tujada Manama fee al bahrain…. Didi didi …

Queen Elizabeth is related to ?

That was more awkward than the TGIFNooglerGetsCutOff AchievementUnlockedMemeBase Quest: What Employee Handbook? Investigate what happened to the VolleyBall Team TheArabSpringMonthDate

Mother wanted to know what happened to the Kid from Valhalla Rising—> next videos
That Spore (Sid SimSIslikeRealLifeForThem Meier?) game had a cool dance-based Friendship system:

You start dancing… suddenly He appears:

The Good, The Bad and The [DirectorLikedHimBest:Funny)

He doesn’t size you up, but sends an Eye to feel your Being. You avoid eye-contact, out of instinct. You mustn’t yield to ___. You stop dancing though your Ego did not deign it. Strange… are there 3… for a moment it seemed like you saw 7 or 8 faces… maybe it was 6 or 9. He notices your sinking and says, “Big Brother, where is the closest Beer shop”. You are offended… HOW DARE HE! He walks around a closed gate and approaches you again. You wince… he asks, “Big Brother, where can one find Ganja?”. EXPLOOOOOOOOOODEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! #WelcometoTheJungle. He mercurially absorbs your rage, you don’t feel weak…ah, he synchronized because he was focusing on you. Mirror, Mirror, how strange your ways are… but it makes sense, if we are all One.

—————————–Investigate the Folkstory of the Old Man and the Comedy———————

They told me Michelle was a [ Don’t believe all Psychic voices…duh ] (Learning: The Black Ones Underground Tend to Lie a Lot.. even in the astral.. what a surprise… who would have thought?)
I had to [LookAt] the AirHostess because? [Your Veil] [My Real Hummmmmmbidooo—-ControlGasStove—Libidoooooo]
When you chant Hum... it has to hit the Roof for [Max] Effect 🙂 <Stun me with your Mantric Battle (send challenge first-wait for accept (don't Hum when I'm in the toilet) ) [Use Tuning Forks (just as good as:Soundwise) Singing Bowls for Sync]... For Krim Use the Eye on an Electric Line to synchronize... Svam with a drop of water, rain... 

Investigate the “Bummm Bummm Parimalam Nasti DO DO enathu Madhyamam Nishabdham prana Sangadam” chant of Justin (C/O Johnny and Manu)

Kulir Appapan… Porombokaliyan etc. [Case Study: Apply other labels after you extract the pattern]

(brace yourselves)

Investigate the Auto ID3 Tag entering Pyramid Communication Channel 🙂 Oh they’re all the way, TechBaby

nothing explicit… triple layered messages that only you can sanely understand 🙂

Stop the quake…

Use that chant for a Wrathful Mantra recitation 🙂 (HUMMM PHATTT SVAHHA) [I’m still LVL 10 or so]

Investigate the Morocco?(transit-not-MyMom’sWastingMyInheritanceLadyTrip) Airport Mantra chant from the Arab. The German Steiner Disciple

The Shrine Of Pio Song: Investigate the Love Story: Vatican Versus TheShedican

You don’t have to append a bindu (mmmm) to all your TrueNameApproximations(Mantric Bija). The Moroccan Airport guy and The Mission (Mehico area) area Shaman protecting the Nuns were pretty good. Focus on Water. Fire cannot be managed without training. You know the CA,AUS,1666 etc. Fires.

Random page from the Budge

Shadow watchers and narrators are watching my entropy… Those who get H
Memory and Expression of a Gigatonic experience in a Pindatonic Reality is always a Remix

[How’s the Upgrade?]

not just the boys… Don’t by those books on Amazon… i Know, Corona Time (Wave 1: What happens to you, Uber Hackerman. Quiz?)… The things I buy from random=available1,2,3,4.. shops tend to be tainted too. You have a mask? Oh, phone… oh body recognition? Height…colour…streets traversed… [final Level]Shadow Watchers and Parasites
Gentle Kundalini Awakening is a true book… [worked better than most scriptural directions, to be honest]; Avalon’s Garland of Letters for the ;).. they didn’t let me learn Sanskrit…Ouch! Autodidact, not Masochist. {Potential Tharooring with Instinct and Book Worm thoughtstream}

The musical transitions reflect the nature of our reality…”Wedding Bells” HONKHONKHONK AdvertisementIndustry Opening of Screeching Gates etc. Excuse me, someone liked my shit on facebook. Count numbers…

Thank you for the Prickly Heat Powder, yesterday night’s Persona Thieves… you’re not thieves, you’re really Fucking Vampires

[[All books purchased (1st/2nd/racoonicProvidence)]] dafuq stole my Software Engineering Book in 3rd year Undergrad? Spot the alternate vortexes of makuti-filled SUBTITLES/OURGUY/OURGIRL<horizonZerodawn>?

Midrash is cool and all, but cite the source so you don’t get called a Thief on your way up. Trust me, they’ll use everything you’ve done and thought against you; talking about the Bad Guys… the Pump Control Team of Marios and Warios. The upper floor Parents, like most parents, only see or bring up the Good things (while awkwardly agreeing to the bad things if you CONFESSS!(PalinVoice) SwitchCard(PauloVoice)… “HIMMMM PICKN THE CARD”#sorry
It’s seeds and some minor___ not just the plant base

Lay aside the elegant prayers of the fragile
Altercation with another bride
Tape along the conical zone of the golden
Nation of the enterprise” – Liturgy (The Band)

Investigate the [Dharamshala][England]Freedom Bell Writer(did you verify his lollycraze/Jam(Rishikesh)?(Wave 1) Ask the Gelugpa or the Russian Kid’s Shadow Watchers) for Tibet and the “echoes of primordial sounds forgotten and hidden…” #NetworkThePlague

[Phone Rings][Kevin is on the line]

Before the Pokherized… there was the much-less known Dharamshalyzed (feat. Modi)

You don’t feel like Kevin now… but you listen on… to his song. Maybe you’ll get him on some ecstasy(fuzzzzzzzzzZZZZZ) or milkshakes. Kevin is in another world; how alien it appears. The beats though remind you something primordial… mating rhythm? the kundalini fire breath? ah, it’s great for pranayama work… Sing out a ‘Hum’ during Exhale. You sing along. Your voice fails… but the Hum inside is all that matters…You take a deep breath and take in just the music eyes closed. YOU FEEL IT… THE TORNADOOOOOOO that moves the beats!

You say goodbye and hang up… Mind takes you here and there… then a new song appears, and you look up: a girl (of age etc. for the projectilevomits)

You forget all about Kevin and watch her dance, eyes closed. She watches you…

[Perspective Shift]

There’s nothing lonely about having a dozen shamans discuss metaphysics while you liberate the masses in the __

You notice the decasecond look; seemed like 2 minutes and 50sh seconds. You get up and walk towards the Girl.

[The OCTOPUS hits the CODEHEART Button]

Lord Pindari (Bijay) of Pokhara appears… the songs fade… even the girl loses her cool. Bijay pulls out a harmonica and begins to play his KakathooriCacophony.

The girl fades…

You put on your headphones to block out the JuilllllllllBOUROS BOUTROS BOUTROSliard Candidate in-training.

[The OCTOPUS Releases Local Shaman NewsPaper Report]

It reads: Two Men of Questionable Pigmentation are stealing our Honey… They are being followed by ragtag bunch of vampires. Proceed with Caution. Deploy all available Shadow Watchers. Shit’s (the show not the deer they are hunting) Apex-Pyramid level…

[Anti-Tharooring Spell:

1 : ragged, unkempt. 2 : motley sense 2 a ragtag bunch of misfits.
Ragtag | Definition of Ragtag by Merriam-Webster

You feel like John Wick after the excommunicado… an army of people appear; 99 intruders vs 1. You feel their prana prathishta..ouch; this is what they’re like inside?

You walk to the jungle (the Shadow Watchers are still following and speaking: Local Watchers come and go when you’re in the area: One-World-Goverment-Sith-Already-Exists).

You join the Trees in their song:

As you sink into the song, you start to feel the painful needles of the mosquitoes (this word was double formatted and impressed on because you are One) (or the phone goes bleep*bleep*bleep*. You return to the song (take in the pain for now).

Legs itchy…

Shadow Parasites send you a Charged Thought {Deflect}

You tap the bark of an old tree: ./././././././././././/././././././././././././././././././././. /./ /./././, /. , /, . / monkeymode(Atavism(TM) steps in) osdfaofwohjfdsaljksafd;werasfdjknasdfnkcslcasojwefopiwafhiudfsajadsphuwefphuafdwhisafdlnjksfdlkjsafdhjkladfwpiuhsafdpohsadfjkh















jkweqruuiwkj uiuiuiuiui uiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiui1i1111u11u1i1111112345678910(shit)

you miss the last note…

Your legs are itchy and you notice that the place is swarming with mosquitoes. You notice a gang of spiders chilling in their nest-Temporary-Homes-web.

You begin to do what One-Punch Man failed to do:

Shadow Watchers report to their ‘Superiors’ that a mosquito killing ritual is being performed to win over the Spider Clan.

Investigate The Blue Fairy and The Ant Queen of Sarankot

You stop at 30… The Alpha(not necessarily a male trait) Spider still isn’t pleased with you. Her net cannot hold the weight of the ‘offerings’. The Spider to the left is a sweetheart.

The mosquitoes keep coming… you realize that this strategy does not scale. You are in no mood to access the songs of Ani Cho or Neko Case Benedictini with your heart.

The Forest has no Center or Edges (reference to that movie you know and love)

[ In Matrix Reloaded, did you spot the Archetypal images in the Bazaar chase scene?]

What makes something(a series :)) truly random or pseudorandom is not in its entropy but in its unpredictability 🙂 (Professor G: he can afford that french riviera vacation, prrrrrrrrrrrrrries)

#don’t crypto nazi neil de grass tyson etc… not always being literal

Therefore the prediction team does the mosquito-HUMMMMMMMMMONEYPUMA(c)Hum!

You are in Introduction To CryptoClass… You are Ram (C/O Microsoft)

You doze off thinking of your mom:

They refused Salesforce’s corporate Gig offer… Classy notAllAboutTheMoneyTHEN {1st time viewing this … wuttt]

Sends the wrong message{when you interpret it at tower level 2 (from the top)}… not about personalities or ‘[regional]affiliations of many’… digitize the instrument and Pirate to *.*, Sons. [They Agree: Don’t give you anything… take your mind back]

To the NightGirl Remix

Re(li)gional Forces are mumbling… they want to showcase their culture EXPO 2020 (Visit Pokhara $$$$$$): Why do you think I’m always Home when I’m at Home?

To appease the psychic aggregate in the neighborhood, I am forced to play a Tourist Video: (Please Skip)

SIng Along Malayalam: Ari 2 kilo …AAAARI 2 kiloooo… pinne vettilayum chunambum… kundi kollam…. pinne XXXXXXXXX…. thom thom thom… oru murai vanthu pathayaaaaaa….. AAARI 2 kilooooo AAARI 2 kilooooo

Recover the Malayalam Version of Titanic the Mimicry Tape : C.I.A | KGB | Indian Army Quest

post it to youtube… and I shall play that as ‘Kousalya Suprabadham… Water Fountain Ritual’
An Eagle came in during lap 1… Sneke’s here… the enduring chimp too..

[][] More Graphic Novels in a bit… [][]

But first… a Dedication to a Grand Master who had to leave very early. Why?

How he left us in Fort Landia

————E——–O—————*——————–H———————————————(keep on orbiting…)

[[ ]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]/.___

————closing sacred space …. svaha() —————————————————> OM(as in new state:Tabula Rasa Approximation in metphysical sense) (Start:)

[Mosquito Control/Disharmonia Control]: Butcher Voice:

If you don’t like what you see, fuck off. If you don’t like what you hear, mute the cuck up. If you don’t like what you read, then get a lesson in comprehension (GRE Material recommended). If you think these are all li[k]es, Fuck off first, then watch the news or listen to your favorite politician or priest(Butcher would say sometHing else). If you want me to be BBC WORLD (Culture Showcase), give your Genital-Products a decent education and ask them to sing your cunt a song. They’ll steal it from your voice vibrator and upload it to the Cloud. Party on, ya wankers and wankerinis.

Love, Butcher…

P.S. Cunnntsssssssss]

Stop dragging the rest of down…. of course… your purpose Agent Shitmiths. I am already hitting the Porn 80% of the Internet mark. Vaintitties not Vanity, ya HUmps.

Hard Mode : Get the ‘Wankerini’ voice right the first go (in your reading voice)

Thank you for this… my pick rate was <10% ?

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