Sniff Sniff

Why is the Tanmatra (i don’t know the ontology or the meaning)/ Sense of smelling associated with the Earth Element… NOOOOOOOOOOT?

So my DOM XSSes, another read-it-literally taxonomy philomena-Trueblood-Child.

Hello to the Bordeaux NotAHagrid(My Papa…rememberBerries? French Missionary in India) 🙂 Hello Old Man with the Malayalam Newsletters!
[Testing Memory… indexing 1/0]

Barcelona (Gaudi has a trail to the Church… but made it only to the Old Man’s Home; the Dogs invited; i did not follow): That Arab Man and His Son… Investigated/Reported?

Don’t blame my Veil; that brought us, at least symbolically, to the same Magic Carpet.

Let’s go to the place with no cent(re|er) or Edges:

Adding one more to the TanmatraofSmell/Worldof(sam and max) Stinky’sDiner(GandhiWasALousyTipperTheySaid:InvestigateAllTheWay)

Gandhi’s Essay in the Cultural Resistance Book I discovered just this Year. Please donate to a Library close to the MushroomLadyDocumentaryWithMashaAndTrumpTheComic

[Technical Issues: Bluetooth Pairing to negate YoutubeStream Vs Fiio Stream synchronization lag]

[success with multiple pairings and un-pairings like that Black Mirror Romance OkCupid Episode]

[Thank you to the Tech Crowd for making this possible… Head(S) and Shoulder(l) of Giants! I know how painfully hard the Industry is; did you see the T-shirt that Professor G (was nice to me as a Student/Smiled everytime we saw each other:archetypalAspects-iDonnoAbooootDaRestYooo) liked?]

[Fun Quest] Ask Nishant ( about Ram’s Astral Projection Questions during Introduction To Computer Security 18XXX(forget) Class

[I want to watch some Italian Art Films (not Tinto or HolocaustAnthropology101Syllabus)… that Trilogy? Pick one? Arabian Nights? Cante__Tales? What’s the other one?]

I’m gonna keep it legal until Laptops magically unbricks (Resurrection after 3 days?)

Don’t do whatever Democracy does challenge

Reality is a Jungle of…don’t spit down so fast without Mirroring hard. They know what you did with your Thoughts a hundred Summers ago.

[[ Investigate Enrika’s Italia! Sale… and the Shed’s play POP songs Cultural Exhibition Match ]]

Investigate Prediction Team altering my alterk0de BinaryRWPowerSupplyOnOffInternetDERPEEDERP

Two UnsuCCCesful uploads. {Mosquito Hums: “Hum Hum Hum Mani Money Yippeee YayyyyyYipppeeee”)

.(version syncing is still Flintstones LVL…. Momma’s Photo-uploading 1984BungDevice eats Time).

Reconstruct the ‘Don’t work on Timing Attacks’ Yoel GoodLuckGun Father-In-Law Ex-Wife[ Spell Cast ] (how he is now matters, not Fortify $alesMan)

Examine the Firing of the Germania CSO

picking up ___ for the Graphic Novelllaa for the kids: OpenSaysMe Street [Recover the Bugs Bunny-Magic Lamp-Episode]

.(version add)12:44.

Getting the bursts, but not the individual ‘molecularsufiiiiiiiiis’?

let me type out the next lines:

Thank you for the Music – could not buy, but a big fan of KXEP
Just a minute, Boys… will tempo it up… the elves can reload or pick one vein of the Mines of Memoria!!!!!!!!! NONE SHALL PASS except Owl Kitty, the Hobbits, Arrogorn’sWalk, Legolas Vs GimliWonWithTheElvishBlush, Boromir’sLegacy

Don’t predict the next video, gamblers!

“lies an indication that they were capable of bringing impressions from the spirit-world into day-consciousness. They achieved…”_________

I haven’t read or memorized the book… IORandomSexExceptional!
You Build a bridge of Symbols conjuring fragrances… and They said ‘None Shall Pass’… “The Poochies”; but the Gray-Elf(not Elf with a huge staff) was no match for Yo-Mama’s prediction of how well you would turn out In The End-Linkin Park.
A graphic Novel loads… in live transmission

[Rollin’ Time]

[(Audio Off)

On if you don’t feel like a Super

MYYYYY IMPEEERAAATOOOOR: “how is the Healing Spring?” “When will Senking return to their old asskicking?” “I hope they don’t fuck up the next Dune Movie” “…Oh, Save the Children”

To their Music and the Video of The SorcERRORRERROR! This is the Bridge… OwlKitty later, alligators
The Fan-Made Music video was more enjoyable than the Motion Film… not Energy Motion Film, wait, Yes! Energy Motion Film…. you felt the THUDDDDD!!!!
I saw the Movie because of this video… not because of IMDB… MOVIE EXTENDED EDITION Just F.F a little too fast in the last hour: Book 1 equals two or three movies, right? 😛 [Who listened to the music that I played?] Syncing Issues?

[Muted: Or UnMuted: You Pick… You sprinkle your subjective bits to the stream for your purrrfect Alchemooooooo!

to the Music of:

next Video muted too

To RHCP Suck my Kiss
Crazy Town ripped off the music to RHCP: Quiz Time for the OmniPottens. [Astral Ear is in the astral plane: Radar (Think MGS:1 but better)]

I’ve only immersed myself in a small drop of the world, so [not-saying-sorry-let’sSeeYourPlaylist](!Sorry) for the localization preferences.

Without the Veils … and with the Mirror

[not that one San Bruno Assassin Simulation Investigate Youtube]

I was drawn into the world of Ultima 7: The Black Gate when I was in the 6th grade. It was a pain in the ass to afford the deed to the first Ship you come across in London; and the 100 gold coins sextant. Investigate my Compass/Moon/Watch:TechboyMinionALTERED

I wanted to do another round, but the old bugs kept putting me off: [Build Ultima [X] with Divinity’s Battle Mode]and Accurate Lore from [The Vatican Archives+Other Sources of Water] :: Game Developer Quest (Not a fucking Mobile Phone game please)… Is this an April Fool’s Joke? Are you not eating cake and partying; what more do you want?

Let’s not watch The Serbian Film ever again; even Serbians do not like the association. But is it True when it comes to our famous celebrities? Yes

haha, nice one.. this got me into metal too (with Holy Wars: The Serbian Film)

Metallica: I remember that you agreed to do the video because Tom Cruise himself offered you the next video that I am not going to play 😉

You didn’t have to do “Salesforce, Salesforce! I’m pulling your strings” 🙂

How’s the Fountain Battery?

Yep… I don’t want to ‘Will Smith’ (was never really supposed to play Neo…gotta keep the crowd happy) my family life to Vampires: See Historical Data: FUUUUUUUU

I can start a Zoo with all the Names now

The first script was so good, they had to different-switch the Wachoskiii brothers, right? I don’t know. Investigate the other angles, but I do know the Jungle all the way through, except for the Battlefield (let’s not go to Camelot [Tax Evasion into Children Spell: They don’t get you legally for that (Pre-Tax + Surplus TrumpYouWontBelieveTheEffectiveShitWeHave)

Not the Coloring Book… there are those who enter your body, and they can tell ‘pretend’ from ‘simulation’; but not the Real. Who does?

Investigate the 4chan pol really weird post about Obama and The Oldest One-BestFriend Sweet Shop visit. SourceCIA?

Yeah, Obamas… you owe me one or n. They want to unshine those ‘duchess of Downton Abbey’ narratives [Uncle Ruckus INTERRUPTS}}}}}}}}shake* *shake* *shake*

My Culture Jamming (before the book) the Nazi-Hole(4chan) and the Indian IP RANGE Ban. [investigate 4chan]

Sorry… gotta taste a dose of your own Shine medicine, Bono

You know their Bohemian ‘Kill the Ho’ ritual, Southpark fans?

[Violent Content Warning: Life in the Jungle: Overload those symbols, Weinsteineeers]

to the Music of:

They filmed Cobain and MJ:Great [Investigate]

As I was saying, It’s not me or the Poochers of Avalon who need the saving.

Watch out for the Shadow Watchers (already activated by your apathy for thousands of years: Age Shift? What Shift? )

Investigate Label:{Aryan}{Initials(A.S (the Reds know))}{Location:Pitt-ElectronicLocation:SF} {the SIMS 4 Cheating Simulations}

—-> No Center… so what story do you have for us, people?

So Investigate as they have shown me, my brosisos… network depth and breadth together with scale.

[Down Or Up] [Water(DEFAULT) or Fire?]

[[][][][][][][][ You are… ? (The Word-New) [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][

[Auto Volume down to 0….Fiio… see, Techboy… SSL Invention Story?]

ConsensetheMeaningNottheAutoNotCorrectLiveWritingSTYPIBUGS-Their Science of Sanity and Materialism [Spelling Bee Future Under Vampire Shine Steal Scheme: wat? Investigate Culkin and That House of Cards guy who got let off Se7en … what’s in Pantera’s Box Now? WHo’s Laughing Now, myaaaaavu? ]
Ads are a part of the Internet Culture… $ not… Find Old Dollar 108+1 Ritual Video

Investigate the Lama Bagar Jungle: Christian Tekken:Battle Mode: 1 VS HowMany Mantric Chant Battle: I gave them this ritual ” Let them know the Truth “… do it

Kills:0 Babalities: More than 4? 5 ? 10? lol… I’m with Them now, so can’t tell when we focus on the focus [Why Metal? healing]

a+mal (Sanskrit:Fuuuu—that I cannot live up to in the Jungle)… investigate the naming of negation+meaning() [Serbian Film] baby

[Fire Mode: Why?] <My Solution><Your Solution> The Octopus has many heads reaching the remotest jungles through Ether or PlasticBurners

[Investigate the full series of events after the Tisseru Stupa=KillBillIfPedophile Burning Eye (observed from Space) Ritual: not from my side: from Bill’s(Clinton and Gates)]

Ask Bill to Confessssssss again… again… and again… give him a charged rosary(100 or 33 or __) made of lavarock [Metaphorically speaking, in Time]

That’s why I gave you the poem “Bohemian Grove mamas…something”; another exercise in the short-play “The Downward Spiral”?

No violence, eiiiiiiiii(in Unnikrishnan:ChemistryTeacher: Voice)

In the real not_

Investigate the Weird intervention and the Tale of Jubith Nandanan of NIMS (Gopu+Jasim in 7/8/9/10th?th Grade)

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