Memory Overload?

Mirror, Mirror, They Know the other ones… The Muslim guy who backed off after the Kiss?
Investigate Ken Levine’s life after Bioshock 1/0

I actually know a Korean guy who claimed to be associated with the group in the next song’s video. I’m not playing the video after that ‘I broke your heart’ telecast. No Roaring Inner Laughter… Not Frannie Shmith

Loop while I refuel. How do you smoothen the 11 day streak? How many hours of (1/0) content?

you’re sitting on your ‘lily-white asses’ (reference to ) doing nothing, so this might look like a Show. Not a Chamm Dance too… or fucking Butoh (ask Electra Kikk about my modern dance i-know-cunts)

He set alight for all the wrong reasons… was given the wrong History Lessons

Whose Ass am I bowing down to? Ethereal-Supermanifest emanations don’t have butts. Ancestors do…

Transition to The Full Album Deconstructed [Valhalla Rising Soon…]

Mads, that Spanish Film Torqu-71something? role was awesome. Investigate his Backstory in the Woods.

The Shine Factory of Talent

FLYNN(DB-RW). The Magic Carpet can only take you to the Hall of Mirrors…

[Mute the next Video and listen to this song: Visualize Mr. Anti-VietCong as the Turtlescanbreathethroughtheirbuttswhat?

] (Their Fusion)

[The Camera watching you technique is really Ninja, huh? All Phones are pwned here… Fucking Truman Show. I just Saturn+Mars [Death Bolted] some pervs. Ask Snowden?After Investigating That Simulation]

Competition: Who Has More Eyes, ParaThayoli Pindari-NeutralizedInTime-Black(not race)Asshats?

Investigate the Anthropologist Abbey Ripley /Why Varanasi? [She said I’d make a real good reality show fresh-meat paraphrasing in non-sweet language] [Response: How would you classify me now? Labellaaaaaaa]

Investigate 🙂

Gift a Box for free… Open the

if an Old Man can party this hard_____ hehehe

Fallen Heroes | Investigate the full story… Map the thought streams… source their Honey Pot [Downward Spiral as a Manual for their Game]

Hard, huh? It’s like that Bonobo-Kerala video… You see Profit, Bob Marley…

[The Switch]: It’s like G.R.R.M’s Crows, but with transparency. Use this card to not be [<—-cannibalholocausted—–| by Them 🙂

Switch allows greater networking and Truth-finding material, and [Switched]Vampire can make amends or sing us a song. [Hit the 0 Fatality Count if you think you’re such a bad-ass at ____]

[Meanwhile, in the Truth-Papyrus Department (newspaper, FB feeds, Google Index, Ads, AuthorityFigures…]

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