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In America, Children kill You…. In Mother India Sponsored Dubai: the Teachers kill you

Nosteratu isn’t White, just so you know [pokherized].

[[Investigate Doctor Fun, The Argentinian. San Francisco. The LSD Controller Quest. Investigate Intervention]]

I returned the cash for your LSD rounds in the name of Psychology. I am the PsychiatristUltera

Tonight, we watch Valhalla Rising? or ()?


Oh, Bill Clinton, “A lady appeared in the Effigy…”. Not the Mother Aspect I know… after all do you kids really know your backstory? Ouch.

Not C.I.A Boss’ training or the LocalShedClownWithKnife’s training or the CMU training:

Investigate the Obelisk of Central (firefly) Park NEW YOKAAA… Who is being the parasite? why did you write that about Horus-Fuzzes?

Investigate the Chungakullam Shed (Trichur GPS) Guruvayoor Temple frescos for Pakkal Manyan/Thambuthevidichi [Kashmir Temple Rape]

I didn’t Fall.. feel me… i just went to that part of the Jungle you created for Us

Fuck them hard… after Investigation šŸ™‚ [No Violence Benchmark: Beat Hi-Score]

The premise and novel sucked… But remixing
Techboy’s penis [Mirror Mirror] What happened to AlfieWildDoItYourselfChannel on Youtube (what from …) Don’t project yourself on to everything. Nature of Reality by brainwash-design

Get the Bono Joke from 4chan

dismantle the racial narratives… if you can (LVL 2+) (If you’re a racist, lol… natural selection? what? harmony, yes… you’re not in harmony with the rest of the Forest.. who do you think has a problem with that? WHO WHO WHO WHO
Investigate all input vortexes and their [Research MJ’s Video history and its Directors (shady as fuck)] KEITH HARING IT … OVERLOADERS>> switch music if you like something else

Those happy songs don’t harmonize well with the mood, eh? Let’s switch the track:


[End after 2 loops of the song: Mars:____what? story? culture? ideological? energetic?]

Godhead is driving everything… if you’re still ‘Devil’ing after coming this far, [Plurp] or [Burp]

Keep a (dream+)journal, because the Authority of Saints already know.

Sing and Watch Along

[[ Investigate the Finland-Mongolian-Hating posts supposedly from India on 4chan/pol : his backstory: MeshuggahMan from Yage-Trip 1:Iquitos]] Ayahuasca (not a curendero, thayolis) Sells

I just eat the noodles.. .

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