Joan and Benedictini VERSUS Moab

Today’s Fortune. Thank you San Francisco Russians for this version. So moving… Remember the Eagle that swooped down, my Moab and Mandodharis

Not a BabyLone… It’s coming Down from the God(s). Nice one, Abrahamic-only one-shard-of the Truth reads:see(perspective666) only the Nihilism and the Blackness in One’s Heart. (Replace Name with One of many simulations and makuti

Investigation: write the backstory of the Gypsy who cursed The Spleen

He who dealt it, will smelt (metal) it.

I will be revitalizing the Spring. By sensing the quality of energy that will be added one can negate the Makuti of … Where do crystals come from and why do they dance with the Light?

Thank you Lady Violet for the Offerings… Just because one cult considers it a dropping that fell to the unsacred ground, doesn’t mean it is poison. Use the Eye.

Think of these stones as batteries or rewritable storage devices for energy, both positive and negative. The image brims a little now, and the directions your mind will take will determine what you leave behind… Just like Life: how many sweet memories have you given? How much of your malice have they tasted?

There is Infinity here, and not just that, Old Gypsy who cursed me with the Pooter Wars. Just kidding. The only break-apart-because-cacophony curse came from a Civily.

Investigate the Hazing incident… And the Proposal Script by Naughtius Maximus. Investigate the victims at least… Because some coins got shoved up some butts, the complaint had said. {Caste Simulation}

Investigate what happened to the Voice changing Software in the Vengeance Aftermath.

Pre-Lvl1… no coins were really shoved, no initiation ritual pig-loving, no stripping: in face an extra SuperMan underwear for the leveling up they will receive after leaving their Nests for the first time. Turned out pretty well… “You should stand for election”… The Bible Girls Prayer PranaPrathishta though I was a Dawkins-Bitch then.

Call Your Name, When You Talk TO, not the Goat Band please: they’re cool though [ Investigate the Happy Birthday Paris DJ who didn’t play that song for me]:

That isn’t your flesh to sacrifice… how do you sacrifice that which has already been sacrificed? NULLPOINTERSEXEXCEPTIONAL
Wave 1; this song will sound very different now, right? Alchemical change in You or… In US? [ Don’t Project Karunakaran]

Project many Thronii with all the ArchAngels with One Very-Hard-To-Describe Godhead.

Hindu Translation: The 9 or 7 come from the 2 that is really ( 1/0(AlbertEinsteinJokeReallyInterpretedAsMeta) )

Islamic Translation: God’s Angels are sometimes referred to a Jin by the Makuti poisoners to confuse one between Gabriel-The-QuranGiver and Saithan. It’s all One for the Him-Her-justOurTinyPatternsSnailsAreASubsetOf’His’Creation. After all, what could be beyond that which is beyond description.

Native American Translation. The Bear, The Eagle and all the others of the Great Spirit’s Sun Dance Troop sing us a song of ever increasing infinite-complexity; and those who Know, May they sing to their unborn grandchildren beyond time.

Buddhist Translation: The Cosmic Buddha, or the ParaSupreme Dharma-Wheel Maintainer, and his Other-Half (that is still metaphysically accurate if you see the Physical Incarnation being always in the spectrum of Duality) [__ you complete {Hand Clap Upwards to the Higher Realms]

———————————————————————–Mystery MenDickTinis and (let’s coin a new word for ‘women’ so that there is no ‘men’ at the tail) will get their Comic in a bit— 😉

The Linguist Quest: (let’s coin a new word for ‘women’ so that there is no ‘men’ at the tail)… change ‘men’ into something else if you want to encode something in phonetic-harmony

Sup Voyeurs 🙂

[[ Thanks to the people designated as those of Saturn, who are picked based on race, color, disabilityDoesNotNecessarilyMeanMisery, by the Black Inverted Pyramid for the ear cleanse [Not Low Caste, But OPPRESSEDbyDesign. The Pyramid initiates then with a Rape of the Physical Order In A Temple (did you get the Maya Madam?)]]

So that’s what De Young Was after all, Dunham? Burn Care… Go Down because you can’t take it anymore; you might as well ruin it for the rest of the us (the meek)

Gandalf (etym. in the Edda) : Don’t Elf/Label/Makuti this old form of FeudalismoMachismoooooooo[Timmy Voice]

Southpark really pushed it in Cripple Fight. Why were Kyle’s Parents sitting in a Church? Dafuq TYPOSGRAMMAR

Tastes sour… let’s watch and see how it tastes (Thanks for the Ping {really} )

The Divide And Conq(shit)rrrr Method to neutralize upcoming start-ups

[Oh the clip from yesterday’s SouthPark Saturn’s children refer to their Veil [Investigate] ]

[Investigate the ChungaKullam Shed Startup Acquisition and their San Francisco Trip] related to [Sohin In Japan: WTF did they make you do?]

I think adding quests will increase the content size from bung-to-bung(1/0).

[Investigate why Butcher(I like your cunt like a brother) should not have been in The Raid 1: Cultural Appropriation]

Investigate the HomoSpell Uber Pyramid Simulation

Leave my polarity alone, you argyshits!

Don’t Yeti Yo Mamma’s FapDream (FB EYE Photo Investigate)
How’s the Mentat Upgrade?,,, if you get stuck [Use the Musical Elements Appropriately in the Jungle]

PAUSE… doesn’t feel like it; i love the song though

you can keep going if you’re in that state… it’s not like this is a silly 2-D story with one protagonist (metaphysically myopic-story-telling: who is the lead of Southpark? Butters? Yes)

Why? That very own episode… You Saturned the King of Jollity a lot (dance dance)

Before you explore Makuti-filled Downward Spiral Narratives, let us carefully study this Scandanavian? Video. This is probably my 3rd or 4th time watching it…

They are flipping the Polarity and the Response (lolololBambooooooooo) 🙂

Laptop just Bricked. So I’m going to watch Monty Python and The Holy grail while they regulate the waters they hope to continue to control.

Leaving the Bricked Laptop alone for a while… I’m in a binge-lazy-mood… Thank you James Dolph for the Keyboard…(that scene from Office Space:Assassin Xavier Simulation.

Alright… not an upgrade in specs, but an upgrade in experience. Redundancy is important, Benioff told Marilyn once.

To the Pro-Hackers: Mixing Lightning Storms with Ipod Classic Messages: Now that’s 31337

How the fuck?
They are watching You watch others By the Way.. your [internet dependent]Eye and their [PsychicQuantumEntanglement]Eye

If you have the reputation of being a ‘hacker’ and the word gets out, expect intervention from the pyramid. [Narrative Building]. Investigate the Undergrad Don’t-Go-To-The-Security-Industry simulations. Investigate the prank called (random numbers) who turned to be…


I’m playing a little game with the research team; are they more thorough than me, and Them?

Investigate the Green Witch who stopped my first Astral Flight… Oh I quit then and forgot all about it because of the Venus Fly Trap that followed later.

Interview the sweet ladies of the Pittsburgh Dream Society and that OldestHouseInPittsburgh Dream: Save the Shrubbery!

The thing that drives me nuts about technology is that there are a hundred hoops to go through; reminds me of something else. We’ll have to play music out-of-sync.

Bluetooth is Runic Magic from the Overworld?

Fiio… allow an artist lookup, and a search option in your frigging TB+ supported play [Bad Product Manager Quest]

you have some other cool features a lot of Reverse Engineers of the Electric Wizard variety (not me) would like to look at (Want an inert one? Meta: Change song title names From spellerror(Wakota to Dopethrone Music| ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ to ‘Dynamite’ (of Truth)

I don’t know much about music, but this should be what a Tandav (dhiim dhiiim… you know that Ravana song) should be like:

The Moby Dickus Parallels

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