The Adventures of Juan

Doomslayer song to the lyrics of…HeavenWalker and HellInTheJungle Walker at 17:50
Returned to the ritual… Slept in the Woods… Yantra/MagicSealOfWarding COMPLETE

You try to grasp hold of that memory… A different wave, O Nachiketas, Seeker of that which Is…. beyond the realms of death, Judas Priest.

In the Next Photograph (this is Tutorial Mode for the new ones): Replace Protagonist Name with your Seeker-Name, the Lord-of-The-Seventh-Crossing-Name with your version of one of the maat/dharma/tao maintainers of the Infinite Worlds (they seem to not have scaling issues: The Healing Well). Techboy is TrollStruggling, I mean. Let’s replace all instances of Brahmin or Priest or Sage with [Those who kick ass during the weighing of the heart process (calling it a ritual makes it still a parody-butoh-purrFOrce.comMenace) by Anubis, Thoth , et. all … “were your strings tuned all correctly?” makes sense metaphysically speaking. I don’t concretely know because I never stopped Breathing. [how’s your realtime styping:Stypi Bugs Investigate.COM]

[At 30:00 we stop the music. Our machine is a little heated-up now… let’s cool… let’s not go to RustedNailaLOT… Let’s go to the Spring and continue the comic[I mean Poeshelmo].

Pretend you have to jump into a bearably-Chilly lake one beautiful evening. We’re going to the OverWorld (who’s hiding?) (who wears the mask?)

You feel the contamination of the Well… hmmm, the Zombies are winning with their assault…Zombies and Vampires take life and force like a Panda Sneezing and AnimEating.

fflush() trash? alchemically mutate() trash?

What trash? These are people taking out their Inner Energy and dumping it into a Well, like a Poo. Haha… told you Voice [it doesn’t end until the Music starts and Us Cows are Free to enter forests of our choosing]

Guardians! Vampires! Kundalini Fire Breath and Send Water to the the Spring! (Dragons be stingy Water hoarders they say…..ARRRR)

what! this is a mirror? DO NOT ATTACK! I feel the Moon… you naughty Ladies… She is really a Tender Mother. The Pyramid sometimes fakes God/Dragon Visions to mislead, in dreams and waking. You want to meet her (in her Human aspect-Speaks Engrrrish really well[mentalLanguage])? Pyramid Up. Energy-Examine:Acquire Ayahuasca in a place it is legal or unheard of: Purify for 40 days : Expect Pyramid Intervention and Deepfakes : Assuming the same here, hop On to The Magic Carpet. Drink to the Procession of Full Moon Nights? Gender – No Bar. Age is a bar because the Pyramid will give you dreams of the real and the fake. The Well is filled with Feminine Energy, So…

This is how You Are…And this is What You Get. Tell them youselves, I’m not the fucking FEDEX guy.

[Forensics on the Well]

[Expect Intervention of a Infinite-Dimension kind…] i mean, Pokherized. It will be Fun(has been so far)

Doing all 9 of the Vajra Holder Mirror, Mirror, Sun in …

Networking and Mapping Secret Societies started off as a Wave 1 (multi-purpose platform) Quest for many of you. Expose the Book. Those who have to Hide will only have to be Afraid, O Holier Than Thou Friends! Lord Jupiter thought that of me in that way in the Basement Apartment (Oldest House in America) Vision [Plants First (a probability cloud communion: may that cloud not manifest because many of you are feeling the life in Plants for the first time)]

In case, you’re wondering, he said ‘pinches knob a little turns a few degrees:”just a little less”, in a Fatherly Way. The Lady cried. Looked at the Books. The Best kind of always-invited-here Guests.

Good Call… Song Switch [Thank you WordPress]

TO the Moon, if you Can

Haha, Jiggy Wiggy, yOur Momma somewhere up in the Sky. Haha, Nice one CIA.

That Bomb didn’t reach escape velocity because you failed at Alchemy 101

Snek Beater: The Honey Drought

Oh by the way, Only She knows the potentials delta-t=thisLifeTime Ones. That’s why you have a great makuti: Notice the Pine Cone / Amruta / etc in Her Iconography. Nobody, including You, hasn’t seen this Mystery-Veiled figure you project on to Rosemaries, SlayDungeonMakers, Spider-Variants, BrahmacaryaISGayOpinionatedBrahminHomeWreckers…

[My state is [Internal Cool: External PricklyHeatPowder]

Loop On and On: Until [you feel like switching to other things like Adventuring]

You return to the Well… The Fountain lives, in pain. Good… Mirror. It will Change, I Assure You.

[ Small Discussion On Ram before we advance to the Graphic Novel. Just because I didn’t pick his side, doesn’t mean I’m on Ravana’s side;

Dear Ravana,

Sita was a sweet lady from what I hear. You shouldn’t have implemented a revenge that involved her. It was Lakshman (pointing arrowhead at the Mongolian) under the instruction of Ram that cut off your sister’s Nose.

You could have kidnapped Lakshman, and thrown him off the Everest. As for Ram, You should have cast a Resurrection Spell on the dead Sugriva and taught him the Death Bolt. Everyone’s an Incarnation these days, but not all are equal.



It’s getting a little hot in here… let’s expend the energy into that move-your-ass-jiggy-wiggy song:

We all have (Superman included) our IshtaDev(a|i)S and DushtaDev(a|i)S

AI? LOLOLOLOLOLOL! I mean thank you for the service, but don’t tell me they’ll run us in any of our probability clouds. They’re depleting our souls so that we become more efficient machines, and in that sense we’re really a battery in the Matrix sense; don’t science Poetry, Mr. Neil DeGrass Mike Tyson.

And the Two Masters who walked backwards because they didn’t understand the meaning of Arch… or the Golden Ration Card.

Cool Off…
Ouch… O Most Powerful Demon Conjuring Witch I’ve seen from the Exorcism Ayahuasca 2000$ Temple of Light Ritual. Investigate the Fart they exorcised and the Arch-Angel that intervened (not Summon, you Fantasy Up-Down-H.P-L.K)

[Investigate the Prediction Team sponsored by Shadow Watchers / Did-You-Notice-Your-Selfie-NotAHal-PofakiChipsMunching-Asshat? (does that make sense now?). If I do “Did You Notice Your Laptop/Phone Camera responding in Energy to your Observation Wave Shift? ]

It’s not about prediction… This isn’t Russian Roulette.

[Back to the Poeshelmo]

. Not the First Time

I know it’s Vice, but Investigate Not her…maybe…proxy via The Parrot Lady? Not the Brujo(Female) who had her Hut burned down.

Investigate the Murder Simulation feat. Fiona Hickman (that T-shirt [should i say it?] COUNT) (Derrick ArachnidMan: Hint)

Am I myavu-ing like a Cat, My Habibis?

Are you so afraid of Death? Seems to not bother you when you file your taxes.

Game… haha… you’re too afraid to even go out in a Naturesque place where people don’t throw pins-and-needles at you like it’s a game of Doom. Never Run. My run record is 1 during the first and last Varanasi Trip. I doubt they’ll call it Varanasi any more.

In a lifetime, a being bound to the sustenance of Earth can travel to His realm only through the Mother. No Space 2001 Odyssey will take the future to the non-physical realms of Jupiter or Saturn. We may penetrate a small shade, return their HD images in realtime (quantum entanglement or something), but never pierce that reality we are all destined to meet. There is a Male Being, who is ancient beyond Time. Perhaps he greets all souls human with a sense of stringing hot hate. He has the ability to pierce every cell of One’s Being… and convene a Test under the auspices of all the other Arch-Angels. The Test may be different for Human to Human, but mine involved 7 years, and a supplementary All-Of-It. One’s body may breathe-in and breathe-out, but there you are a piece of clay directly molded by those closest emanations of the Godhead. Perhaps the stringing hot hate might be because that realm is normally for those who paid the one-way ferry fee and left our world behind. They will, as the True Guardians of Reality, take your mind and soul up a Mountain… all the time you feeling the loneliest you’ve ever been. You may wake up because the Shamaness is touching your Penis in the guise of Healing (Gloria and Horatio), but realize that, you are still in that same world, but on a different floor… all the floors dancing together. If you make it, you may hear a cryptic message like ‘Humanity Is Saved’ (meaning: no This is Not The End), and experience a strange state of Being… you may speak out “This is All Bullshit”, ‘This’ referring to your sense of Reality and your brainwashed narratives. But this experience shapes up the core of your Being so much that the thought of ‘Let me get back to my comfortable life because that is the Sane thing to do’ may pop up more than once; organically and inorganically. The next morning you may see an Image of Christ Crucified in the forehead on your Television that was Switched Off. At this point, the Energy Change that manifests in you will attract the attention of the Pyramid. This is how the Game Begins. If you’re out playing that movie we are going to watch tonight, then you are f_____. People may accost you with Baptisms, A Thread, or a [Change HeteroSexuality]Spell, among a variety of impressively sub-human range of HumptyDumptySatOnAWall.

If you bought into the bullshit makuti that the Titans are fighting the Gods, or that this is a rope-pulling game (good metaphor- but it’s not a Game), or a Racial Superiority Olympics of The OverSeers, then you are very likely to compete (ping-pong). Alchemy 101: I’m sure every Tribe of Man has access to the metaphysics of what I’m talking about. No there are no Twins who compete with the Gods, or Prometheus-es who steal fire from the Heavens.

I’m not responsible for what happened to the Druids of Golden Gate Park. Their Heart-Chakra stabbing was another Intervention.

You who picked up “Malayalam” and psychically asked me “Evarokke Aara” must remember The Guy who didn’t smile as much, but presented his many shades.

I think it might be him. I can’t place him as anyone else. They don’t give you a Mooninites Manual or a Ask-Anything-BranStark-Brandon-The-Builder Hotline: what’s the Fun in that? We’re making Music, right? I’m sure there would be those who might ask that gift of know-It-All; you know why it doesn’t work? Only Blue (Charaka Samhita Child Creation Ritual) can wield that… No one is Blue here, yet. So the Revolution is Over when it’s Blue. I’m not picking a Monty Python Bridge Colour for you. That Child creation ritual is a metaphor, and a Horsedung when literally interpreted.

I have mentioned before: I play a lot of games and pick a lot of names. A Japanese Game introduced to the name ‘GodEater’. At that point, I believed in nothing like the most of you; i even watched Dawkins and Hitchins, and reveled in their Rationality. When I reached that place where the Boots of Intellect must be placed in submissive-openness (not because they want you to submit-They are your Parents), the Mother asked me, “Why GodEater?”. She knew a thing I called myself only-in-my-mind as a kid. I became a Kitten. They know everything. The last of the Pagan Egyptians were wrong to think that they could cheat at the weighing-of-the-heart ritual.

They intervene to protect. They Are, We Are… I think I’m being very redundant now, but it’s hard to get to you at the same level to discuss these things as Friends. Sure, I may not float or turn lead into gold, but the things I’ve seen make me one with all.

I wonder what awaits Max Leyf when he has to answer for his ‘Bitch’ spells. After all, a True Seeker interrupting another Seeker’s prayers with insults to the Goddess is a Blasphemy of the Highest Order. Look out not just to the Stars, but to Earth, and the faces and leaves of those that live together. I was trained as a hacker and I know that all things can be broken, but_. Patterns come and go… nations, names, species, sub-species, Patterns…(don’t forget the spoiler). That we know even without a bit of thinking.

What of those who feed on the Children for their Shine? Their future orgy compatriots. Ask Bill Clinton. Thank you for taking me fishing, but I enjoyed catching the Crab-that-had-a-CleanUpFIsh-attached-to-its-mandibles with my dad. Nothing Personal, at all.

[Feeling Justice Minded: What about Bomto Kamdak? ] Investigate{

Investigate what I told that actor’s son (c/o Mohan Vaaal), and his response. Told you to GTFO fast, but your Warrior Tribe just had to chest-beat [Rishikesh Days]

Stay Safe! Don’t Tribe hard… lose the last name and the label

What happened to Pranav Mohanlal’s Friend’s Shine. He got a New GirlFriend [Hidef]

Investigate the Legendary Auswitch : Ask the Gelugpa Team of her fate.

Investigate Norbert of Germania: The Poherized Lot. Love me, Love me, Say that you Love me.

Investigate the Ladakhi dream that broke my Hematite-Energy-Maala. Investigate the Thirsty Female Spirit that lurks in the area

Investigate the Succubus attacks in Green Peace Lodge

Investigate John(?) Ogway Ascends, the Mustard. Anti-VietCong. Showed up after my Full Moon ritual in Dharamkot, and then this year in Pokhara.

If i’m Mister. Beaning hard, that’s because I don’t care about these quests. If you are going to construct an Origin Story, do it right. Leave the relatives and focus on the real meat and bloodbath; Oh, don’t touch your mustache… oh, let’s go paragliding:weeee, oh you were in Kathmandu Jail for 8 months, Roman? Cute (Cat Face)

Investigate Roman’s Knife and Achtum’s Mobile Phone (Lighthearted Quest) just for the Lols

You have no idea what it’s like to be circled by the Pyramid’s worst day and night for 365*7 days. It’s actually fun. I’m kind of used to it. I may have seen a lot, but there are still a lot more higher level bosses in the game. Fortunately I just have to balance myself, which is guaranteed in Time.

Imagine Hunger of the Pine where the Man runs toward Mordor and the archers. I’m not talking about my violence, don’t get me wrong. 6th Grade was a real thing. Are we in the Animaal Notsokrishnan zone? I might sound this way, but it’s your perception. I’m actually quite cool inside (not outside) now. I’m going to watch a Comedy film tonight; because as you know, if my ass gets kicked, it is meant to be, and I know what the road ahead will bring 🙂

But I don’t know anything about the rest of you… surely we’ll not all be wiped out by a comet, that’s for sure. This is that point where you need to ask yourselves: What kind of world do you want to build for your children? and what the fuck do we do with these fucking Vampires plaguing our beings for thousands of years like a P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.

Sure, an Old Brahmin telepathically blamed me for the Kerala Floods. Why did it really happen?

It’s not a religious thing either: Sure… but that applies to all people. It’s not Race too. If we get stuck in this notion of [Grouping by x,y,z,skinColour etc.] versus [Grouping by x,y,z,skinColour etc.], we are bound to keep going down the Downward Spiral.

The Safest Path Is Through Water: So let’s take the Ultra-Violence there if you feel it is necessary.

This is better than the Comic Book amusement, right? This feeling is just a trailer for what it feels like to climb up. SOOOOO EASSSSY! How naive can you be? That car race vision was for you to realize what your actions were mirroring. Your Pride (racial, national or family-ancient-name) and your silly Game has led to this. Unlike Greta, that dear child :), Nature doesn’t need saving. You’ve watched the first episode of Cosmos.. 15 seconds is a lot of time, huh? For us to claim that we will ride up Olympus and call the All-Father’s Wife your Mother.

Those posts about gore movies are in there for a reason. We cannot help but go to the same places in time, resonating with each other’s music and cacophony.

So no weapons training, thank you. I’m covered. I don’t need to spill blood when I have that game Manhunt available for Download.

It’s ironic that it is the Devil who writes the Incomplete Rational Guide to God… or does the good work. The Ancient Chinese were right. You put the ‘devil’ card on anything that challenges The Vampire League.

I know you want to sit down and listen to some music, like this simulation. Spy, what? Oh, the fucking Bene Gesserit.

One can get a small chunk of prejudice for the day/dream and just see and not place it in a narrative unknown by fuzzing and fading.

We’re trying to build a bridge for everyone to find their Subjective Truths. It’s not a Destruction Makuti.

So rather than quibbling about some perceived defects like a turd-eating netherporcupine, try to steer things to the Rising Sun.

It’s not about personalities, and hence the veil. We are too caught up by puppet shows, pseudo-democracy, veils of religion/politics/race etc. that we forget about Principles and Values; the things that are higher up the steps in that Alchemy Book screenshot. The Alchemist is the Universe: This is no place for developing superpowers so you impress the Dog.

Oh, I forgot: The Sacrifice was for a Nice Person. I don’t think if it had been Gloria or Amanda Dunham, I would have agreed.

Just to be clear, Vampire Department: Death Count:0

[ You should be afraid of Them, not Me… as I mentioned, I find all of this kind of unappealing. Leave me to my Healing Spring… I’m Fucking Off Because I’m Not Your Janitor:)]

More Comics Tomorrow!

[Spring Clean Up: Not a Janitor] Clean up your own fucking mess. Saving your asses Once is good enough, now you want a Show. We’ll give you a show 🙂

Tonight’s Movie: Mystery Men [For the Fans to learn]

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