Intrusion Detection Systems: The Eye

If you want to know if you’re being watched over your selfie-devices, create an energy distraction field and sense changes
Increase probability cloud with more tests.

For example: cover your camera with your hand and notice the chitta changes.

Don’t white hat/gray hat/black hat/AssHat(etym) things without investigation. I still have a painfully hard time getting LSD. No direct Reports, for sure. Ask Pokherized.

Thank you for maintaining the Healing Well.

Heal your Teddy Bears together. On your local hardcopy of to the tangible vision place your Heart or Objects close to your heart.

Well Guardians: just as they may 9/11+1666 on this Well, contribute Objects of healing power. Also detect and defend against alternating currents that sink. Happy Sailing!

“The well marks the end of the Antares Revolution”, a voice from the top of the pyramid. No, ya old geezer.

Wasn’t 9/11 a well of generate pain? Wasn’t 1666 a simulation. Isn’t Coronation Virus aka The Dung Virus another ritual in Burning Care?

The Solution to the Well Challenge:

Create Defensive Perimeter around The Well
Go Donatellos!! Go


Don’t get the wrong message. I don’t like the version of Upanishads in the fort defense because they are not __(Joseph Campbell said)__ (Not a Book Salesman)

Lvl 2 Upgrade: purify!

Hi Bill

Head bend time

Investigate Disney and Oney Dickinson for that ‘Trust In Me’ song. Batty Bat is much more catchy!

My Recommended Reading Page:

[[[ The Disney Makuti Fairy Tale!

Sound OFF
I LOVE THIS SONG NOW{new bindings].. but the fusion [Let’s see]


{I’m going to split the day’s content into more posts because of RAM issues… }


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