Drink Up

If you Doctor Zoidberging Very Hard, then you’re a Disney/PooterCraft Puppet

To the Well [Not U.N Approved list of Supes]
Nice One Hazanko! Be the center

[Investigate the Ladakh Tsetan Lodge (Names of Lodges are supposed to be Unique in Leh few years ago). Investigate the French Couple, the guy who brought the Cthulu Dream(Devwork by BrahminLodge).

Investigate the Dream before the Second Tisseru Stupa Moon Synchronization Celebration. It almost turned to a Snuff Film,,, but the Indian Army continued to PopCornMunchMunch

I respect Lawyers who are like the Father Archetype in To Kill A Mocking BIrd? Atticus Finch mode now… Kamsan Mode occulted to prevent backlash. [SOLO HUMAN PLAYER ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED]

Okay! Breathe In – Breathe Out. Breath In, Kumbhaka. Zoidberg Time!

I’ve never seen the below video before, but the Song (Flac…320kbps…420Mhz)

I can vocalize Arabic… but not internalize the meaning. What did the sign say?

He freaked out in Delhi International Airport (many many years ago when I was trying to make my first trip to TIbet)

Aasu for you.



Meanwhile, in the Sacred Halls of the Translation Makuti Department[


Heart is the Key (just for the ‘slowpokes'(etym) )

Not [Makuti]… Everyone is Building the Spring, right? And some deliberately contaminating? [Investigate the Rope-Pull Competition: FireThought]

Yep… Gattaca is all time favorite Movie: Pirate Rips, A DVD, A Blueray [Support those poor homeless Hollywooders: Makuti is the price for ARRRRRRRRRRRR]

So Meta, Poombatta…

Unfortunately this is not a cure for Assberger’s Syndrome, Greta’s Grandad was in the Swedish Jungle Book.

When left alone, however, all the people quickly drop their act, and the false doctor reveals that not only do none of those present have the condition, they do not even believe that it exists. Stan learns that the center is actually a front for cynical self-perceived freedom fighters who believe that the world really has turned into feces, and that some kind of supernatural force is preventing the rest of the world from noticing. The leader, who is a parody of Morpheus from The Matrix, gives Stan a glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey as a “serum” so he can interact with the “illusion world”, and charges him with convincing others to see the world as they do. While drunk, he cheerfully embraces the world intoxicated and enjoys a screen of Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill.

Thamel:Round 1, the month-long? limp I got from Kalinchowk. Investigate what happened to the Puppy.

The Forest Initiation : Third Eye SandalWood Hissssss!

Investigate Amanda Dunham’s, “You’re pulling a Kumare!” Simulation. The Kumara guy is DERPEDERPEDERPESIMULASELLOUTRaCIST

When Metaphorically, a million Crosses sing{

Thank you for not Idling

} “In the Recorder?”

Overloaded with Meaning ? Watch out for Inorganic Ether of TechBoy, Forensics Team 🙂

Meanwhile, In San Francisco (C/O Colorado Green)

The Root-BadGuys are out in the Woods, places you’ve never heard about (What happened in Alaska? OOPS)


To the Music Of

To the Music Of


My 1st time listening to Frank Sinatra consciously


Honey in Both Voices, not so much in the background singing [WTF: i don’t remember this?]

Don’t get me wrong:

Digg Founder Steals Pizza! Social Engineering Douchebaggery on that lame hacking show that used this song

Because when you Label hard, it’s hard to distinguish the Good from the Meh from the COOKIEEEE!!!!!!!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM
dsgjou;haeorlfpdo’ghisfjioisajd [Surrealistic Automatic Writing Begins: Chimp Mode On: Switches On Gas Stove]











[Moving Music Station to [player just arrived] / Less Tabs / Sindarin gets to play Frooty Loops Reloaded]

Let’s Generate a New Quest:

Digitize The Contents of All Libraries (including the Vatican Secret Archives <indexed/non-indexed>) and Upload to KA (== All)

For You

[The Guardian Appears:

Real Card: When they pick you, without your consent, for the Game, they will make sure that you will only think of, see, and interact with the worst side of Humanity.


Yoga/Alchemy/Label == Bits included too (What’s the name of that silly Graphic Novel)

I only know the English version…. He said something Bad 🙂 Muhahahaha (Harry Potter Mordeeeeee!) Muhahahaha

[when actually:


At 0:55, we study Dena’s response to my Patrick Wilson post.

Recover the Downward Spiral Social Commentary (that turned out to be True, for society, I gave up in Round 2)
EMP Museum, I remember that display screen…
Cometh the Black Hole in Your
Project Yourselves…

Examine the nature of the San Francisco Earthquake and the Four Horses on Geary Street Dream (during LVL2 in Astral Defenses Self-Study during the Antares Rev.)

[Examine the Kidney Robbing Datura (3 Flower Tea: First Time-LastTime3X…SHIT) African-American Shaman of San Francisco, My First Death Bolt came as an act of Asthral Telekinesis.

[Hint: He was misled by [Why?:RaceCard] ] : Ask him and his mute assistant(stare and hate but don’t investigate)]

singhala was involved. Next time you pass judgement, get a fucking confession first

[Investigate the Hare Krishna Krishna Witch 🙂 *Naughtius Maximum possessed*]

[It’s all cool… if you’re building the Origin story, it might help. I’m Good. I did that scene from]

Crystals are stone purified… feel the energy, not the fuzzed/faded history (no poop or pee or [detect remnant energy] ): rather hard to find good ones here:

Investigate the Amazon.Com purchases of pre–charged Stones: A week of purification didn’t help: dafuq lvl80+ vampire_pindari_lords (Selenite and Kynite: ButohThanks-NeverOpiumEdu.orGed)

“Are we good”… they said Yep after a long Pause: POKHERIZED

Investigate the Turbo Tesla Coil Lightning Attack (dafuq Science?) in the Forest of Rishikesh and the Rahul Dravid Ritual.

Interview the Brahmin who saw the Fall “Woooooo HOOOOOOOOO”
Replace the [Name] with ___ (eg. Kujli)

[Reading of Sections from Various Holy Books( my favorite version of the Upanishads…Other Sources including Ones from the Well Fort (the Nails: EclipseNPunchCard) and the Ones from the Healing Spring)]


[Graphic Novel]?

<Psychic Poll>

[Focus on Soundtrack for Fusion of Options: You’re thinking without rules! Good]

_Graphic Novel is Brimming… I’ll include some from Option 1 too (Democracy but All)

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