Let’s Go To the Moon Image

Are the pages getting too long?—- My upload is frozen in Time.

Let’s go to the Moon Image-> (The Light revealed Image will be uploaded later) (Techboy added a line to mark where the second Image rests His head… so romantic, YippeYayiyeh; you are sure to impress her, Mr.Gates, with that frolicking hop at [What Time in the Video: Memory Test])

Upload Again?[Yes/No]

Dungeon Master says “(Feels like a Pond now… not a Spring)” (D&D Interpretation)

FreeMan says “This is just delta t… gravity crushed Icarus in the Waters; what Force? What burned the Wings”

Switch to Allahu Akhbar or Chandrika_ or __ (root connection or essence connection)
This Simulation failed, big time; because everyone watched AWESOMO on Southpark

[Added more Objects Of Power (Control:PS4)]

Checking how good we’re cooking:

Focus (not on the Japanese lower-section of the shelf: Samurai Executioner was a little too [ ] even for me… you know where I quit reading (Much Heart-Chakra Loss: Yoda Voice)

Time for the Light Reveal Upload: [Don’t Content-Fuzz, Techboy… I am familiar with the Content Domain shenanigans of Performance Engineers]

Let us define Hypnosis… Ever seen the label ‘hypno**’ in Stranger Things. If you’re sucked into anything, it is what it is, including people (pick nose spell ew), music, art, news, Facebook Poison Mental-Download etc. Not all Suck-Ins are bad:

Investigate how they took away Heath Ledger’s Shine with the shitty movie Joker (and…? Investigate)|and how they cut short that scene where The Real Best Damn Joker givesNaziss Batman the Choice that changes the Universe of D.C Comics

How tame all the other Jokers are…

Investigate the Shed Lords who cried to Romeo+Juliet (the 90s movie before The Titanic Sank)

I’m going to not specify the quest requirements from now on, because everyone is a golden builder ready to risk dying in horribly unimaginable circumstances and fight uber hard level vampire overlords while Breath IN. {Purified… Edit History)

I have the blue ray… Monty Python: I never pirated you [Pirate Veil among the Tech Boys: yep, a lotta torrents but no dark net]

This is not how it will be like; you’re so used to Video Games, you might not perceive the possible Gameplay Options or the possible NotMePEESEE character abilities (In Divinity, Jahan is probably the hardest Boss Battle unplayable)

You versus the COVID CORDON (client is the Fox, yes)

This is some serious makuti below. Anti-Semitism of the Highest Order.

Because they gave made One of the Tree-Alchemists of Kether(One With)Malkuth the bad guy (I only know Kuja from FF9: Kuja is Mars and not the rest of the branches of the Tree[.])
You might see an Opera, Amith, a Game or a Cricket Match where Mammooty’s Son weds a BollywoodSubhashGhaiSlave: Focus on the Music and the character attributes will automatically LVL up in an accelerated fashion.
Not an Elder Scrolls Online, but a 1/0 Online and Offline… all players winning in the end, because in-the-end is there any destination other than the Ever-Present Origin (Did not finish the Book because it was too hard… and my Mind was elsewhere… but 8 is not Night, they said; A Tome!)

Investigate the case of the Grace Cathedral Priestess and The Dinner Invitation; also the spit on central flower DND is not Kether, a bit too much fire expression… LVL-UP does not mean just an increase in [One-Element]Bias. Sorry, I was just learning.

Back to the Moon and Eternity

You win, Mooninites! The Fountain is brimming with water for you. Guard the Waters.


FIN … Jeela Jayum… Podai… Enjoy the Fountain while I analyze their messages in Control PS4. My only Memoria:FF9 issue is ADD: limited focus when things are boring (refering to High School Math classes and History lessons, and where did I get the damn key? don’t project. Look at the Moon)…fly!

Let’s explore the Loot ….. ARRRRRRR

[Golden Players: Journey Onward]

[Others: You are the Storyteller]

(if your focus went to Masters of Deception, that was a gift from the ThunderCats Love Story Simulation during LVL 1. Investigate)

There is Infinite Content when you look back. See ya Later.
I SEE YOU! [ what a Jolly Good show at the end]
Now to play Control where they control all my narratives including mine. Meditate? Father taught me the dot technique (pixel technique) in 1993? While he’s still fighting the Goblins and WillNotAttack<LVL10 Munchkin Game of [My Custom Board: Investigate]. I tried the dot better while UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN-H.P.H.PH.P.H.PH.P.H.PH.P.H.PH.P.H.PH.P.H.P(Prana… all the way to all the fingers technique: never used with [Impact Force:Tree(Arjuna), Bees(TheHornetOfShango),.. Damien is Makuti, surprise, surprise! Just feel from now on, not that it’s easy. They still don’t see because they don’t have the definition of Sanity figured out yet. That’s me encoring.

Techboy’s Encore is the forced Version 1.09(or something) to 1.12 being in the 1.0% (10% literally speaking) [i used literally, in the correct sense, n of m times].

Yeah, super-active thanks to nonce-Diagnosed-careerTrajectory-SuccessIThink squirrel nuts

Investigate their Facebook CSRF (i didn’t like that Mario Lolly) Quest. TechBuilder-Grade-Quest

Skipping the auto-not[Manual] escape and play… Retain that Chitta.

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